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Congratulations, you’re engaged! Whether or not you’ve shared the news yet, it’s time to start planning your engagement celebration. If you’re looking for fun, creative themes and activities, these engagement party ideas are sure to inspire you.

How To Throw a Great Engagement Party

Before we jump into the fun, here are the basics on how to throw an engagement party. It’s not an event you plan every day, but it shares many of the same party planning steps as other events. Here’s how to get started:.

  • Decide who will host the event: Traditionally it’s the bride’s parents, but these days a lot of engagement parties are hosted by the couple or a close friend.
  • Set a date: This might be the weekend after you get engaged or a few months down the line. Decide what works best for you (or your host).
  • Choose a venue: Head to your favorite restaurant, book a venue, or host at home — there are so many great options.
  • Create your guest list: You can keep the celebration small or large, it’s up to you. Consider inviting members of both families, plus anyone you’d love to have in your wedding party.
  • Send your engagement party invitations: It’s best to give your guests a few weeks’ notice. Greenvelope’s digital invitations are a great way to spread the word quickly (and keep track easily).
  • Plan your menu: Whether you’re hosting a grand dinner, serving appetizers, or choosing a set menu at a restaurant, firm up these details sooner than later.
  • Choose your theme and decor: Not every engagement party has a theme, but you’ll still want to figure out any colors and decor items you want.
  • Plan party games and activities: Depending on what type of celebration you’re having, get the games and activities squared away early so you have time to rent supplies or DIY your own.
  • Assign duties: Need someone on hand to help you stay organized? Ask them early and work out which tasks they can support you with.
  • Plan your outfit: It’s your engagement party, so all eyes will be on you and your partner. Have fun picking out the perfect ensemble for your special celebration.

When the engagement party day arrives, savor the moment with your guests. After the party, take some time to send thank you notes to let them know how much you appreciate them.

20 Ways To Throw an Unforgettable Engagement Party

Engagement party ideas: Group of friends toasting wine during a party

The time between getting engaged and getting married is so exciting. Sure, it can be a little stressful, but this list can make the process a whole lot easier by giving you some unique, can’t-miss ideas to kick off your engagement. Here are some fantastic themes and activities to get your creative wheels turning.

1. Super Glam Brunch

Engagement party ideas: Super Glam Brunch invitation style

Design: Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop

Bring your closest friends and family together for a glamorous brunch to celebrate your engagement. Offer plenty of brunch favorites like bacon, bagels, and pancakes for guests to enjoy, or host the event at your favorite restaurant. Don’t forget the mimosas!

2. Relaxing Garden Party

If you’re going for more of a relaxed vibe, your backyard could be the perfect place for your engagement party. Decorate your yard (or a friend’s) and create areas for people to sit down, chat, relax, and dine. Serve up a potluck buffet or BBQ at your backyard engagement party, and lay out plenty of lawn games and party games for your guests to enjoy.

3. Casino Night

Feeling lucky? Bring the excitement of Vegas closer to home by hosting a fun casino night. Set up your own tables at home or invite the pros to come along and stage an evening of fun and games. You could even ask your guests to dress the part and come in their most sophisticated attire.

4. Movie Night

Engagement party ideas: Movie Night invitation style

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Create a movie night for your engagement party by gathering your guests to watch your favorite romantic classic or funny new rom-com Set up a popcorn and candy stand, then go all out with cozy seating, blankets, and mood lighting. Kick it up a notch and turn this into a themed event by matching your decor, food, drinks, and dress code to your favorite movie, franchise, or genre.

5. Beachside Soiree

Engagement parties are all about celebrating you and your partner, but a gorgeous backdrop doesn’t hurt. Invite your guests to join you for a get-together on the beach — complete with beachy decor, refreshing drinks, and atmospheric music. If you’re planning a sunny destination wedding, this is a fun way to introduce the idea to everyone ahead of the big day. Can’t make it to the beach? Recreate the experience in your backyard with sand, beach party games, and plenty of seafood.

6. Arcade Party

Calling all gamers and retro fans! This engagement party theme is perfect for you. Assemble at your local arcade for an evening of video games, drinks, and nostalgia. Add in some friendly competition and you’ve got a fun, action-packed event. No arcade close by? Recreate a similar feel at home with retro game consoles — find a bargain on an online auction site or ask friends to bring their own.

7. Murder Mystery

Escape the ordinary and surprise your guests with an unexpected twist they’ll never see coming: an engaging murder mystery! DIY the event at home or book an experience at a dedicated venue for an evening of frights, mystery, and puzzle solving. This one’s great if you’re looking for something a little (OK, a lot) different than the usual engagement party ideas.

8. Pizza Party

Engagement party ideas: Pizza Party invitation style

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Who doesn’t love pizza? Bring everyone together for a timeless tradition by hosting a fun pizza party. Keep it simple and order your favorite takeout pizza, or rent a pizza oven and lay out plenty of toppings for guests to create their own. Complete the event with a great playlist, lots of drinks, and engagement party games to keep everyone entertained.

9. Summer Festival

Hang up the bunting and bring in your favorite local band to create your own summer festival to celebrate your engagement. Stage the ultimate summer fete in your backyard or book an outdoor venue that will rival any local festival. Set up a bar area and book your favorite food truck to serve up tacos, burgers, or other cuisine.

10. Vintage Roller Disco

Take your guests back in time with a lively vintage roller disco. Book a local venue and create that feel-good vibe with a shining disco ball, bold decor, and a photo booth. If you’re booking the entire venue for your event, fill your playlist with party classics or have a DJ on hand to keep everyone smiling as they skate.

11. Decadent Cocktail Party

Find a lavish venue and invite your guests to a decadent cocktail party, replete with delicious food and drinks. Bring in a team of bartenders and ask them to create a signature cocktail to celebrate your engagement. Or for a more immersive experience, offer a masterclass from a mixologist where your friends and family can have a go at making their own drinks.

12. Fairytale Forest

Fairytale Forest simple invitation

Design: Molly My

Take your wildest dreams and make them reality with a fairytale-inspired engagement party dinner. Under trees twinkling with warm string lights and ribbon, set a long table where guests will dine amid beautiful centerpieces and confetti. You can add a layer of whimsy by introducing unicorns, dragons, or other mythical creatures to your decor.

13. Dessert Party

Skip the main course and head straight to the finale with a super sweet dessert party. This is one of those themed engagement party ideas that couples love because it’s easy to put together and creates a fun-loving atmosphere. Pair your dessert table, donut walls, and ice cream buffet with pastel decor, personalized cupcake toppers, and even a candy-inspired dress code.

14. Rooftop Party

Celebrate your engagement high above your hometown or a city you love with a chill rooftop party. Book the rooftop at your favorite venue, or host the soiree at a friend’s city-view apartment. Depending on the space, you can rent chairs for extra seating, and order plenty of beer and pizza for a relaxed get-together. Want something more luxe? Swap the pizza and beer for appetizers and bubbly, and encourage a sophisticated dress code.

15. Glamping

Glamping invitation style

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Who said your engagement party can only last a few hours? Transform your event into an overnighter and go glamping with your family and close friends. Swap flimsy tents and uncomfortable sleeping bags for luxury bell tents and real beds — but keep the bonfire and s’mores. This is one of those engagement party ideas that’s perfect for treating your small guest list to an unforgettable weekend.

16. Vineyard Tour

Celebrate your engagement in a gorgeous setting with a vineyard tour at a winery. You can follow up the tour with a wine tasting session and delicious small bites. Who knows? You might also discover the perfect reception venue or an amazing wine to serve on your wedding day. If a winery isn’t an option, book a wine tasting session at your favorite local wine bar and raise a glass (or two) to your pending nuptials.

17. Pool Party

For a splashy engagement party, you can’t go wrong with a pool party. If you want to keep it simple, invite your best friends over for a relaxing swim and BBQ. If you want to go all out, bring in a DJ to liven up the party. Be sure to have plenty of fresh summer drinks, bring in some weird and wonderful pool floats, and enjoy the sunshine as your guests have a great time.

18. Wonderland Tea Party

Wonderland Tea Party invitation style

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Ready for a whole lot of whimsy and mystery? Host an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party. This is one of those themed engagement party ideas that everyone loves as it’s so visual and exciting. DIY this themed party by taking inspiration from the book and movie, or bring in the professionals to style it so you can focus on perfecting your costume.

19. Costume Party

Speaking of costumes, there’s nothing wrong with an old-fashioned costume party. You don’t need to wait for Halloween to roll around — this is a great way to throw a bash that’s lively and full of laughter. Ask your guests to come dressed up as superheroes or movie characters, or leave the costume options open for them to get creative.

20. Surprise Engagement Party

Last but not least, if you haven’t broken the news about your engagement party yet, a surprise party is the way to go. Invite loved ones over for a get-together and share the news by flashing your engagement ring. Keep your online invitations mysterious and leave them guessing right up until the last moment.

Engagement Party Ideas You’ll Love

Everyone loves celebrating an engagement — it’s time to toast your wonderful news as you embark on this new lifelong adventure. With these creative, fun-filled engagement party ideas, you can make this joyous event all the more memorable for you and those you love.