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13 Remote Team-Building Activities to Boost Morale and Have Fun

remote team building activities: Colleagues engaging in a video conference call

Working as part of a remote team can give you more freedom, but it also means you see your colleagues in person less often (if at all). That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to eternal isolation or have to resign yourself to only knowing coworkers on a surface level. If you put in a little effort, team building can be just as easy and fun virtually as it is in-person.

Taking the time to plan remote team-building activities can increase team bonding and build a better company culture. These activities are also a great way to onboard new employees and welcome them to your remote workspace. They can help you build connections and enable remote team members to get to know one another on a deeper level. This guide offers some of our favorite team building ideas to increase productivity, develop relationships, and boost employee satisfaction. 
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How to Plan Team Building Retreats Your Employees Will Love

team building retreats: Computer monitor on a table with an open invitation showing on the screen

Company retreats can be an incredibly effective way to connect people and solve challenges together, but they’re not always easy to plan. To help you out, this guide will show you how to plan and host fantastic team building retreats your employees will love. You’ll find planning tips, activity ideas, and our best advice on how to make your retreat more effective than ever.

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How to Use Business Holiday Cards to Boost Your Brand

Business holiday cards on a rustic background

It’s the most wonderful busy, hectic, and stressful time of the year. For business owners, Q4 can be a frenzied time as you try to tick all of those end-of-year boxes. Retailers, especially, feel the holiday crunch. But making time to send business holiday cards can pay dividends.

However, deciding what messaging and card design to send can be difficult. You need to keep in mind your overall branding while toeing the line between sounding friendly and professional. We’ve outlined all the ways online holiday greetings can boost your business and what to include on your corporate holiday cards.
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A Moment to Give Thanks


We hope you are able to enjoy some turkey or spend time with loved ones this Thanksgiving. In honor of the season here at Greenvelope we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all those we work with, day in and day out, and share a few big “Thank You!”s

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How to Get More Out of Your Day: Productivity Tips from Entrepreneur + Greenvelope Founder Sam Franklin

Especially for startups and entrepreneurs, it can feel like there are never enough hours in the day to finish the work that needs to be done. For new businesses starting out, or for anyone trying to get more out of their day, achieving efficiency is key. Here are a couple of unsung productivity tips as told by founder, Sam Franklin.

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Greenvelope’s First Team Retreat to Whidbey Island

Green collage

It was a rare scene indeed.  Kyle and Preston, our tech geniuses, had just flown in the night before from the Midwest and were now gathering around the office sofa with the rest of the Greenvelope team to play a round of “so what do you do at Greenvelope?”  The Greenvelope Retreat officially started with a Friday Mariners game where Cliff  disappeared to woo a girl and Lauren sipped from an elegant glass of chilled white wine as the crowd cheered when the Mariners beat the Oakland A’s.

Saturday morning the team divided into two cars and drove through Deception Pass on the way to a cabin on Whidbey Island. It was one of the hottest days in Seattle, but the team barely felt the heat thanks to the breeze from Penn Cove. As Michelle, Sam, and Lauren prepared some fresh fruit, smoked salmon, and cheese, Olivia and the tech guys took in the magnificent view, while Cliff led Noni in a meditation session. At some point Sam brought out the bait cages and fish heads for crabbing.  Lauren and Preston volunteered to be his first crew for setting the bait. They soon discovered that Sam was the only one strong enough to row the boat against the current. As Lauren said to Sam, “We would have been lost at sea without you!” read more…

Three exciting announcements at Greenvelope!


1. Greenvelope Unveils New Guest Experience and Event Page

For the last six months the Greenvelope team has been working hard to transform the event page and improve the overall guest experience based on your feedback. We strive to revolutionize the digital invitation industry by integrating stationery design and data management. Here is what’s new:

  • Matching header
  • Customizable background image
  • Slim mobile friendly layout
  • Customizable sections and icons (for hotel, attire, parking information etc.)
  • Default colors selected by our design manager

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Welcome to Our New Office!

open house

What better way to announce our new address than to host an open house party!  Our new address was not the only milestone we’ve reached recently. For the first time, we used Greenvelope to send our invitations and collect RSVPs. Until this point we’ve used Greenvelope for personal events like birthdays and dinner parties, but we’ve never had the opportunity as a business.  We had a great response and nearly everyone showed up!

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Teeny Tiny Square Footage, Big Dreams

Small space design

We read an article about a professional Portland, OR couple building a teeny tiny house in the city. While we like Earthships and Tumbleweeds, we like living in the city too. We wondered: is there a way to take the practical elements of these itty bitty homes and incorporate them into apartment life? read more…

Super Bowl Weekend


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