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Send a Holiday Card and Help Plant a Tree

America is home to a stunning diversity of forests. Whether you live in the rural outdoors or a more urban setting in the city, we’re all connected to these breathtaking landscapes. It’s up to everyone to preserve these forests for generations to come, and the truth is, our help is needed now more than ever.

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6 Ways to Upcycle Around the Office

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In this new day and age, more and more companies are seeking to be eco-conscious. While not everybody can install solar power and other expensive gadgets, there are earth-friendly (and often money-saving) things we can all do! Upcycling is the act of reusing discarded or recycled material, and it’s a great way to not only stay green, but also save money and show your creative side! Without further ado, here are some practical and decorative ways you and your team can upcycle in the office.

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Spotlight on Barnes & Noble College: Scholars in Sustainability


There are so many communities of socially and environmentally responsible businesses that constantly inspire us, from our 1% for the Planet community and beyond. We are thrilled to be able to advocate for other businesses focused on introducing eco-friendly thinking and sustainable practices to their respective industries. One business in particular that has been remarkable in transforming it’s industry in a sustainable manner is Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Inc.

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Save the Planet and Save Your Wallet: 7 Ways to Save by Going Green

One of the most common excuses we hear people give for not utilizing the plethora of “green” alternatives available to them is that being eco-friendly is too expensive. Well here at Greenvelope, we think otherwise.

Whether you’re a college student cutting coupons or a 20-something just starting your first job, going green on a budget is not just possible, it’s profitable. Check out these ways that choosing green alternatives can actually help to save you money: read more…

7 Tips on Saving Paper

Did you know that we, as a human race, use one million tons of paper everyday? This astonishing statistic is a scary reflection of how we choose to treat our environment. Here at Greenvelope, our very mission is to help make this world more eco-friendly. This following post will dissect 7, everyday “hacks” that we can use to save paper.

1. Pay your bills, do your taxes, etc. online!

Remember when that time of the year came in the household when you were a kid? Stacks of envelopes with bills and taxes to file strewn all over the kitchen table, with your parents hard at work? Not only is that sight depressing, but now it’s also antiquated. Your phone bills can be paid online, turbotax will help you file your taxes, etc. So next time when you have to pay your bills, remember to save paper and pay online!

2. Forget Faxing!

If you asked a child nowadays what “faxing” is, chances are they’ll have no idea. In truth, faxing is just an antiquated form of email. As long as you have internet, you can always attach a file and send it over. Nowadays, there are even programs for creating digital signatures! read more…

Alt Transportation: Look Cool While Saving the Planet

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Congratulations on the success of your under-sink composting ventures! Your color-coded recycling bins mark you as a real 21st century environmentalist. But what else could you be doing?

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Up-cycling your Glass Mason Jars

Everyone loves almond butter. After you’ve finished scraping the edges of the jar for your wheat toast and blueberry jam, you just toss the jar in the recycling bin and call it a day, right? Wrong. Glass jars are the perfect repurposed solution to home organizing!

We like things that are utilitarian and cute (not to mention environmentally-friendly). Go get a jar of almond butter and get started! There are about a million other ideas that we missed, so feel free to get creative!

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Homegrown: Company Lunch for the Sustainably Conscious


Every now and again the Greenvelope team enjoys a company lunch together. One of our favorite Seattle spots is the newest downtown location of  Homegrown. Homegrown is a specialty sandwich shop started by a native Seattle duo, Brad and Ben (big time sammie guys). They’ve created a brand dedicated to bringing their customers the best ingredients that Washington has to offer. Homegrown sources local,  organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible, and are always keen on creating the best seasonal faire. One of our favorite aspects of Homegrown’s commitment to sustainable food systems is their transparency. Not only do they show customers that they mean what they say, but they provide people with the resources and thought-provoking ideas to help people apply these concepts to the way they look about food all the time. Clearly, we’re in love. Congratulations to this awesome Seattle company who just opened their fifth location today!

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