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Your Easy Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding Invitation Wording: bride and groom happily hugging each other

You found your forever person and figured out where and when the big day is. Now comes the challenge: Finding the perfect words to express the joy, excitement, and overall tone of your wedding day.

Even if you’re sending save the date cards, your wedding invitation is a chance to make an impression on your guests and excite them about your upcoming wedding celebration. But before you start putting too much pressure on yourself, we’re here to help.

If learning the ins-and-outs of wedding invitation etiquette rules and wording doesn’t fit into your wedding planning to-do list, use our wedding invitation wording tool for a fast and simple fix. Or if you’d like to personalize your invite even more, use this guide filled with plenty of tips for finding the right words. You’ll also find examples of different approaches to wedding invitation wording so you not only know what to say, but exactly how to say it.
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All Black Wedding: 11 Dreamily Dark Ideas for a Memorable Wedding

All black wedding: black themed wedding invitation cards

White has long been associated with weddings — soft creams, beiges, and bright whites are often at the forefront when it comes to matrimonial decor. But the color black can lend to equally gorgeous decor, even if it doesn’t have the same popularity. Whether you’re looking for an edgy alternative or simply love the glamorous and classic look of a darker hue, an all black wedding is one way to achieve the look of your dream day.

Looking for tips on how to plan an all black wedding or advice on including some black elements in a more colorful affair? Here, you’ll find 11 stunning ideas for all black wedding decor — with gorgeous invitations to match.
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10 Stunning Rehearsal Dinner Decorations for Every Theme

Rehearsal dinner decorations: table setting with glasses, plates, candles, and flowers

Rehearsal dinners often look best when they’re minimally styled, which means you don’t need to invest heavily in rehearsal dinner decorations. But you can still add your personal touch to create a special pre-wedding event

To get the ideas flowing, look no further than this list of rehearsal dinner decorations that will work whether you’re hosting a colorful backyard BBQ or a sophisticated repast the night before your big day. 
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17 Ideas to Help You Plan the Gothic Wedding of Your Dreams

Gothic wedding: gothic themed table setting

There’s something beautiful and magical about a gothic wedding. There’s a sense of mystery, atmosphere, and romance — and striking contrast between delicate details and dark hues. To help you plan your dreamy gothic nuptials, we’ve brought together some of our favorite gothic wedding ideas. It’s time to create an event you and your loved ones will remember forever. 
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Will You Be My Bridesmaid? 12 Delightful Ways to Pop the Question

Will you be my bridesmaid: bride and bridesmaid happily hugging

You’re happily engaged and eager to get started with wedding planning. But first, there’s a big question you need to ask a few special people — “Will you be my bridesmaid?” No matter how excited you are to ask them, it’s not always easy to know the best way to do it. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help you find the perfect way to pop the question. We’ll explain when to ask, how to ask, and what to include in your bridesmaid proposal card. Plus, we’ll share some of our favorite designs — so all you need to do is add your own personal touch. 
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Pop Your Own Question with These Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

Bridesmaid proposal cards: woman happily reading an invitation card

As a bride, your bridesmaids and maid of honor are often your biggest cheerleaders leading up to the big moment and on the wedding day itself. So it’s only fitting to find a way to ask them to be part of your wedding day in a fun, heartwarming way. That’s where bridesmaid proposal cards come in. 

Consider this your go-to guide for bridesmaid proposal cards. We’ll talk about what they are and when to send them, plus share some fun themes and ideas on how to actually pop the question. 
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18 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas for Hosting the Best Bash Ever

Bridal shower theme ideas: group of women having a toast

Hosting a bridal shower is an exciting moment. It’s a fun opportunity to celebrate the bride-to-be with a soiree she’ll remember and cherish forever. 

Whether you’re planning a traditional bridal shower or a contemporary co-ed wedding shower, these bridal shower theme ideas will help you create a brilliant bash for someone special. 
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12 of the Most Magical Wedding Themes for Summer

Wedding Themes: summer themed table setting

With gorgeous weather and a feel-good atmosphere, it’s no surprise that summer is such a popular time of year for weddings. Mirror these good vibes with a fun theme for your summer wedding. If you’re searching for the best wedding themes for summer, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered together 12 of our favorites, plus decor and styling tips to help you pull off the look. 
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50th Wedding Anniversary: 15 Party Ideas to Honor the Happy Couple

50th wedding anniversary: senior couple happily hugging each other

Whether you and your spouse are celebrating your golden wedding anniversary or you’d like to host a celebration for the special couple, it’s time to mark the moment with a 50th wedding anniversary party. Here’s how to plan an unforgettable anniversary party, including themes to consider, decor ideas, activities, food, drinks, and gifts. 
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Second Wedding Ideas: How to Create Your Best Day Ever

Second wedding ideas: bride happily embracing her groom

Planning a second wedding can get a bit confusing as there are lots of questions related to traditions, rules, and etiquette. At the same time, there’s a certain beauty and freedom of not feeling tied to first wedding expectations. 

Let’s explore second wedding etiquette and what the “rules”are. Plus, we’ll share all of our favorite second wedding ideas, so you can plan a beautiful day that you’ll always remember. 
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