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13 Hauntingly Gorgeous (and Surprising) Halloween Wedding Ideas 

Halloween wedding ideas: couple with skull face paint

There’s something incredibly magical and mysterious about a Halloween wedding. While the traditional “wedding season” is summer, having a fall wedding with a Halloween theme will instantly set your nuptials apart from the rest. If you’re looking to brew up some great Halloween wedding ideas, we’ve got you covered. Find wedding inspiration here for spellbinding venues, decor, invitations, and more. 
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6 Brilliant Ideas For A Surprise Wedding Proposal You Can Steal

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letter board reading "will you marry me"?

Oh, yes! The magic moment so many people dream about—a surprise wedding proposal. 

There is no doubt that this is a HUGE moment in both of your lives, which means the pressure is on to make your marriage proposal unforgettable. And we know that when it comes time to pop the big question, there’s absolutely nothing like a genuine surprise. I mean, who doesn’t love surprises? 

But planning and executing an epic surprise proposal takes some creative thinking, scheming, and intense planning, especially if you’re going to hire a professional photographer to capture it all. 

If creativity doesn’t run through your veins, have no fear! We put together 6 brilliant ideas for a perfect surprise proposal that will leave your Boo screaming nothing but YASSS! So, now that you have the perfect wedding ring, you are ready to pledge your undying love and propose! Here’s how to sweep them off their feet.

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Bring Your Dreams to Life With These Destination Wedding Ideas

destination wedding ideas: wedding arch on the beach

With a destination wedding, you can truly create something magical for you, your partner, and your beloved guests. It’s an opportunity to experience a new culture, take in new sights, and say “I do” in a special location. If you’re planning your wedding somewhere far away or exotic, we have the perfect destination wedding ideas for you. We’re sharing top tips for planning a destination wedding, plus revealing some gorgeous destination wedding locations to consider. 
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A Complete Guide to Art Deco Wedding Invitation and Design Inspiration

Art Deco wedding invitation: sample wedding invitations from Greenvelope

Nothing says glam like Art Deco design. The bold lines, geometric designs, and metallic accents elevate any event. Plus, this iconic style is romantic and whimsical — a perfect combination for sharing your love story.

Here, we’ll show you how to design the ultimate Art Deco wedding. You’ll discover decor ideas and learn more about the style. Plus, you’ll find incredible Art Deco wedding invitations to set the scene for your special day.
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19 Fall Wedding Decorations and Ideas to Design Your Dream Day

fall wedding decorations: couple kissing at an outdoor night wedding ceremony

Fall is a magical time of year. As the long days of summer come to a close, green trees turn into a veritable fireworks show with an array of red, gold, and orange. Plump pumpkins and scented spices fill the air, beckoning loved ones to cozy up together. With magic in the air, it’s no surprise that fall weddings are incredibly popular.

Discover the best fall wedding decorations with this handy guide. From rustic accents like cowboy boots and antlers to seasonal treats like pumpkins and sunflowers, these options will have you falling in love all over again.
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Celebrate the Season With These 18 Fall Wedding Ideas

fall wedding ideas: couple in outdoor wedding setting

Planning a beautiful fall wedding? There’s so much wedding inspiration you can take from the warm scenes and cozy atmosphere that comes with this dazzling season. To help you plan a memorable and joy-filled experience for your big day, here are some of our favorite fall wedding ideas, including suggestions for your venue, decor, food, and more. 
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Fall Wedding Invitations: Ideas to Fall in Love With, Plus Wording Advice

fall wedding invitations from Greenvelope

A wedding is full of romance any time of year, but there’s something especially enchanting about fall weddings. It’s a season of change with rich colors in nature, delicately falling leaves, and the dreamy cool air, all of which lend beautiful significance to the big day.

If you’re hosting a fall wedding, you may be wondering what kind of wedding invitation to choose and how to word it. Consider this your guide to fall wedding invitations including traditional color schemes. You’ll also learn tips on how to include warm autumn wording in your invite and browse some of our favorite designs that are sure to inspire you.
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How to Plan Your Brunch Wedding With Confidence

brunch wedding: person checking an invitation on her phone

There’s something magical about a brunch wedding. Even though there’s an early start, you have more of the day to enjoy with your loved ones before the evening draws in. There’s that gorgeous early light that helps you create jaw-dropping photos, plus the practical benefits of being more affordable and giving you more casual decor and dining options.

To help you make the most of your big day, here’s our mini-guide on how to plan and style a beautiful brunch wedding. We’ll take you through why they’re a lovely option for a relaxed, cozy get-together — plus share our favorite brunch wedding ideas. 
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Wording Ideas for the Best Wedding Congratulations Message

wedding congratulations card example

Weddings are one of life’s most joyous occasions, so it’s only natural to want to celebrate this milestone moment by sharing or writing down a thoughtful wedding congratulations message. To help you craft some sweet and timeless notes, we’ve brought together our best tips on writing wedding congratulations, including wording ideas that range from heartfelt to humorous.
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Our Best Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas for Your Big Day

backyard wedding reception entrance decoration

Backyard wedding receptions are some of the most fun celebrations around. You get to spend time with your closest friends and family members in a space that couldn’t feel more like home. 

But how do you plan the perfect backyard reception? In this guide, we’ll give you our best ideas and advice on planning a backyard wedding reception that you and your guests will love. 
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