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Let Confetti Rain: 8 Wedding Reception Ideas to Start the Party

Wedding reception ideas: A bride and groom on the dance floor while confetti rains down around them

It’s your big day, your special moment, your once-in-a-lifetime evening. And while you’ll remember your wedding day for the rest of your life, you want it to be equally memorable for everyone on your guest list. You want all eyes on you at the wedding ceremony, but come the reception, you want each guest having the time of their life. You’re on the hunt for fun wedding reception ideas for all to enjoy, whether that means tweaking the cocktail hour, offering activities beyond the dance floor, or getting really creative with table settings.

Your wedding reception should be a blend of your and your soon-to-be-forever partner’s personalities. Now is the time to take a good hard look at your wedding reception venue, and find ways to put your unique touch on the decor, menu, and party favors.
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Raise Your Glass: 60 Marriage Quotes for Toasts, Vows, or Cards

Marriage quotes: A bride and groom stand in front of an officiant

Vows. Speeches. Toasts. And more toasts.

Come wedding day, there are plenty of people picking up the mic. And while we love to see the creative genius that comes out in a quality wedding toast, we understand if you need a few wise words to fill in the cracks. And, if you’re looking for a marriage quote that will inspire guests to clink champagne glasses, you came to the right place.

From classic authors to pop culture icons, men and women throughout history continue to share their marriage advice and anecdotes. Below, we’re sharing 60 beautiful wedding quotes on love and marriage.
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10 Wedding Guest Book Ideas That Are More Creative Than Paper

Wedding guest book ideas: a traditional guest book and pen

“I don’t want wedding planning to end!”

Over the past several weeks, you found yourself thinking this sentence on repeat. With each RSVP that rolls in, and each wedding to-do crossed off your list, you find yourself clinging to the planning process. Of course you’re excited to finally be married to your forever wedding date — you are.  But you love selecting every detail of your wedding day, from the wedding guest book ideas to the reception menu, and you don’t want the experience to end.

You are so, so not alone.

Your wedding date will be one of the most magical days of your life — and it’s only natural to want to relive it. That’s why couples produce wedding photos and videos, assign wedding hashtags, and find other ways to hold tight to their wedding memories.

One way to relive your wedding day — and remember all who shared in the experience — is to place a wedding book at your reception. Below, we’re sharing unique wedding guest book ideas to commemorate your wonderful day.
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Wedding Words to Know and Use in Your Invitations, Vows, or Cards

Wedding words: a reception table with block letters that spell "LOVE"

With so many different elements that make up the perfect celebration, weddings come with a language all of their own. In this guide, we’ll take you through the wedding words that matter most, along with some suggestions on wording to use inside a wedding card.
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10 Dream Letterpress Wedding Invitations at Your Dream Price

Three letterpress wedding invitations laid out on fabric with flowers, ribbons, and a wax seal

You’re in the midst of planning your dream wedding, ready to select your invitations. You browsed through fonts, stationery, and designs, and ultimately set your heart on custom letterpress wedding invitations.

That is, until you saw the price.

A letterpress wedding invitation, while luxurious in both appearance and texture, is one of the more expensive options out there. And this limits your design options, as the price typically increases depending on the weight of the paper, how many colors you include, and your other chosen design elements.

Luckily for you, Greenvelope offers an affordable alternative to letterpress invitations. You still get the same, three-dimensional design without the hefty price tag. Plus, unlike most letterpress wedding invitations, you’re not limited by colors or typefaces. Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite letterpress wedding invitations, and going over why Greenvelope offers an affordable alternative for your dream design.
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13 Vintage Wedding Invitations That Show Love Is Timeless

Six vintage wedding invitations laid out with their envelopes

You never liked the word “old.” To you, something only gains character, charm, or even wisdom with age. You utterly lose yourself in consignment shops, you decorated your home with antique finds, and you are currently in the midst of planning a vintage-chic wedding ceremony. To complete your what’s-old-is-new wedding decor, you need vintage a wedding invitation that ages like a fine glass of wine.

So bring out the lace and burlap, the bowties and suspenders, and the weathered mason jars and wine glasses. Your special day will be filled with vintage finds, pulling off that antique-chic look you love so much.

To help carry out your vision, we’ve pulled together 13 of our favorite vintage wedding invitations. Decorated in old world calligraphy, exquisite lace, and worn textures, you’re sure to find one that suits your refined tastes.
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10 Sunflower Wedding Invitations for Your Country Chic Vibe

Three sunflower wedding invitations with an envelope, ribbon, and flower sprigs

Some couples dream of show-stopping wedding receptions, ballgown wedding dresses, and glam decor, but not you. From the moment you discovered Pinterest, you pictured your dream rustic wedding — complete with woodgrain touches, a garden backdrop, and lively sunflower wedding invitations to send to each of your guests.

On any given day, you’ll take burlap over sparkles, flower petals over jewels, and lace over satin. You always wanted an outdoor, countryside wedding, and with a ring securely positioned on your left finger you’re deep into the wedding planning process.

And you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous rustic wedding invitation to carry out your vision.

Below, we’re sharing 10 of our favorite sunflower wedding invitations to carry out your country wedding theme. With a wonderful balance between rustic and chic, you’ll certainly fall in love with one of these designs.
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12 Watercolor Wedding Invitations That Are Actually Works of Art

WatercolorWedding BlogHeader

When it comes to picking out your wedding day decor, three words come to mind: dreamy, colorful, and elegant. While some couples choose to deck their receptions with florals or metallics, you’re going another route: watercolors. And to start your wedding canvas, you’re on the hunt for beautiful, watercolor wedding invitations to send to your guests.

Below you’ll find a mixture of watercolor invitations fit for any season, color palette, or wedding theme. Gorgeous enough to make you blush, we’re sure they’ll fit the romantic, timeless look you’re searching for. From brushstrokes matching a night sky to a sandy beach or a floral wreath, you’ll find one to complement your dream day wedding.
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10 Intricate Indian Wedding Invitations for Your Big Weekend

Three Indian wedding invitations laid out on a white table with fuchsia flowers

In Indian culture, a wedding isn’t just a special day — it’s a special series of events. A three-day affair sometimes including elephants or horses, bright colors and intricate details, and elaborate saris, it’s no wonder so much thought and planning is needed. Part of that planning is finding the perfect Indian wedding invitation to offer a glimpse into your dream ceremony.

Because that’s what a wedding invitation is — a peek into an upcoming weekend of parties, celebration, and rituals. It should speak to the vibe you want your guests to feel throughout your wedding weekend. Below, you’ll find 10 beautiful Indian wedding invitations with a variety of color palettes, florals, traditions, and designs.
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14 Modern Wedding Invitations That Prove Less Is More

Six modern wedding invitations laid out with their envelopes

Your wedding invitations are your guests’ first glimpse into your wedding style. Before they see you walk down the aisle, before they read your wedding program, and before they admire your center pieces at the reception, they’ll see your invitation. So we’ve collected 14 gorgeous, modern wedding invitations to fit your contemporary style.

If your Pinterest boards are overflowing with minimalist wedding ideas, these designs are both simple and sleek. Plus, they’re modern in their delivery as well as their aesthetic. By sending your wedding invitations through Greenvelope, you’ll skip the old snail-mail route and land your invitations directly in guests’ inboxes. You’ll not only spare the environment, but your own time and energy.
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