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How to Plan an Elegant, Harry Potter-Inspired Wedding

J.K. Rowling captured the hearts of pretty much everyone with her beloved Harry Potter series. Her fans are the real deal and some are taking things to a whole new level. Couples are channeling their shared adoration for the books into their wedding plans and we’re totally in awe. A themed wedding is one of the best ways for a couple to showcase their personality or highlight a shared interest. Best of all, they offer a fun experience for guests too! We’re thrilled to share some Harry Potter inspiration that’s captured our attention (and hearts!) If a thematic, Harry Potter wedding is in your future, check out our tips below!
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And Along Came a Box

Along Came A Box

Yesterday, our mail was a little more exciting than usualthanks to Along Came a Box! This company is so fun (and so are their gorgeous gift boxes!) You can send these beauties to just about anyone for special occasions, for everything from birthdays to bridesmaids gifts. The best part? They just added two new wedding boxesfor brides and couples!

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Why Digital Invitations are the Best Thing to Happen to Wedding Planning

Today we are featuring a guest post from our friend’s over at Modernize, who are sharing their insights on why digital invitations are the best thing to happen to wedding planning.

Sending invitations for your wedding is one of the most exciting tasks throughout the wedding planning process. But the cost of paper invitations adds up quickly, and the process of designing and sending them out can be timely—so why not consider going digital instead? We at Modernize believe that every new bride can benefit from using e-invitations, and here’s why:

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Wedding Advice from Colin Cowie: Stationery Inspiration and Insights

colin cowie wedding advice blog 2

World-renowned event and wedding planner, Colin Cowie, joins us for the second installment of our blog series to share his style and insights for wedding stationery selection. Once your theme and style has been set (or even before, if you are looking for inspiration!) stationery selection can be on of the earliest steps in your wedding planning. Whether the first news your guests receive is an engagement announcement, a save the date, or a formal invitation, having it match your style is key to alluding to what to expect on your big day. Here are Colin’s top tips for trends, styles, and how to choose a stationer:

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Wedding Advice from Colin Cowie: The Role of Personal Expression in Your Wedding Day


With engagement season upon us, we are elated to be able to share the expert advice of world-renowned event and wedding planner, Colin Cowie. Colin helps couples on any budget create a wedding fit for the stars, with huge amounts of glamour, confidence and ease. Colin is the party planner of choice for celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey and Kim Kardashian.

In the first of a three-part blog series, Colin answers the questions many couples face upon beginning wedding planning: how to host a wedding that truly represents you, and how to best use personal expression to create an experience that embodies your style and taste.

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Trending Now: 2015 Wedding Designs

2015 wedding design header

photo by Gideon Photography

We are well on our way into the new year: a year overflowing with the promise of new wonders, experiences, and inspirations. As  we welcome all of our newly engaged couples to the Greenvelope family, we are completely inspired by our couples’  styles and all the love that comes with this time of year. Our designer community has created and reimagined so many majestic new templates, designs, and styles to make sure your digital save the dates, invitations, and thank yous flawlessly match your personal style, and the newest wedding trends, seasons, and colors. Here is just a peak at some of our favorite styles of the season.

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Did You Know…7 Unusual Wedding Traditions

wedding traditions blog header

Kelly Stonelake Photography

Every society has their own wedding traditions. Here are Greenvelope‘s top seven unusual wedding traditions from around the world:

1. A Test of True Love: In Fiji, men are expected to bring their future father-in-law a whale tooth. Good luck diving!

2. The Kissing Game: In Sweden, whenever the bride or groom leaves the table, the other gets kissed by everyone of the opposite sex. read more…

Saving Money with Off Season Dates and Times

With the average New York wedding costing more than $80,000, there is plenty of opportunity to save money. One way that requires little sacrifice is simply by changing the date and time of your wedding and reception. For most of the country, June and September are the most popular months for weddings.  You can expect prices to rise during those months due to the high demand.  Avoid holiday months as well such as December and February when you will be competing with holiday parties that may use the same venue. Also plan your wedding and reception around local high school and college graduations, school vacation days, and large city conferences.

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Why Hire an Event Planner?

Just a year ago if I was asked whether I would hire an event planner or plan my own wedding, I would say, “Of course I would plan it!” Now after working in the wedding industry and learning all the intricate details that go into planning the perfect wedding, my answer has changed. Event planners are lifesavers.

Here are the 3 top benefits of hiring an event planner:

1. Save Money!  Initially it may seem expensive to hire an event planner, but having an event planner can actually work in your favor by keeping you on or under budget.  Think of it this way, most event planners have developed relationships with multiple vendors, which means they  know where to go and who to talk to, and how to negotiate for the best deals. read more…

Choosing Your Wedding Colors

One of the most important steps in planning your wedding is deciding on your wedding colors.  Your wedding colors represent your style and personality and also sets the tone for both the ceremony and reception.  We’ve listed below some of the most popular wedding colors, their vibes, and the seasons they are best suited for.


As an accent color, gold creates warmth and elegance. When used as the main color, it creates an upscale and old world vibe.
Seasons: Winter and Fall


Classic, simple, and pure, the color white embraces both tradition and modernity.
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