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How to Significantly Reduce Waste at Your Wedding

How to Significantly Reduce Waste at Your Wedding

As you envision your wedding day, your mind probably races from stylish white dresses and matching floral robes to three-tiered cakes and endless bottles of bubbly. What might not cross your mind is the surprising amount of waste that results from large-scale events like weddings. If you want to lessen your impact, there are small changes you can make to significantly reduce waste. Keep scrolling to see all of our trash-cutting tips!

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How to Plan an Eco Chic Wedding

What’s most important to you about your wedding day? If it’s sustainability and your impact on the local community, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up a few ideas and tips to reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing quality or style on your big day. From seasonal flowers, to paperless stationery, you’ll be on your way to sustainability in no time. These are our 12 tips for pulling off a fabulous and sustainable wedding!

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Tips for Planning a National Park Wedding

National parks are filled with some of nature’s most spectacular and inspiring locales. With both cultural symbolism and breathtaking scenic beauty, it’s no wonder that they’re becoming increasingly desirable wedding venues.

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7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Green

TIps for a Green Wedding via Greenvelope | Gideon Photography

Gideon Photography


Wedding planning brings with it a never-ending flood of little details and big decisions and oftentimes, amidst all the chaos, being environmentally friendly gets lost in the mix. So we’ve compiled 7 easy (and affordable!) tips that you can use to make your big day green and join us in helping to preserve our world for future generations.

1. Choose a Green Venue: This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get married in a forest or on the beach (although those weddings are always cool), but when you’re choosing a venue, be sure to ask about the building’s sustainability commitment. The way your venue utilizes its energy for lighting, heating, cooking..etc has a huge impact on the environmental cost of your event. read more…