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13 Remote Team-Building Activities to Boost Morale and Have Fun

remote team building activities: Colleagues engaging in a video conference call

Working as part of a remote team can give you more freedom, but it also means you see your colleagues in person less often (if at all). That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to eternal isolation or have to resign yourself to only knowing coworkers on a surface level. If you put in a little effort, team building can be just as easy and fun virtually as it is in-person.

Taking the time to plan remote team-building activities can increase team bonding and build a better company culture. These activities are also a great way to onboard new employees and welcome them to your remote workspace. They can help you build connections and enable remote team members to get to know one another on a deeper level. This guide offers some of our favorite team building ideas to increase productivity, develop relationships, and boost employee satisfaction. 
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How to Plan Team Building Retreats Your Employees Will Love

team building retreats: Computer monitor on a table with an open invitation showing on the screen

Company retreats can be an incredibly effective way to connect people and solve challenges together, but they’re not always easy to plan. To help you out, this guide will show you how to plan and host fantastic team building retreats your employees will love. You’ll find planning tips, activity ideas, and our best advice on how to make your retreat more effective than ever.

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Creative Company Christmas Party Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Company Christmas party ideas: A group of coworkers hold champagne glasses at an office holiday party

The year is flying by. Before you know it, it’s December and the company Christmas party is just around the corner. Forget last-minute event-planning panic and lackluster party games — make this the year your work celebration leaves a lasting impression. When it’s time to start planning your company’s holiday get-together, here are our best company Christmas party ideas to help you make it an unmissable event.
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The 17 Top Corporate Event Ideas For Building Team Unity

Corporate event invitations laid out on a table with a dinner plate and greenery

Feeling like morale at the office is a little lackluster lately? Or maybe you’ve just hit a huge milestone or sealed a lucrative new account and want to celebrate. Either way, it’s a great time to plan a company outing. All you need are a few inspiring corporate event ideas.

Getting the whole team together outside of the normal office environment for an event is a great way to build camaraderie, bond, reduce stress, and turn a group of individuals into a group of teammates and even friends. Best of all, corporate events can be loads of fun.

Whether your employees could use a morale boost, need help breaking the ice with new team members, or you simply want to reward their hard work, hosting a team event can help you get the job done.

From outdoor excursions and team-building opportunities to silly activities and ways to give back, here are some of the best corporate event ideas. Plus, we’ll show you some beautiful online invitation ideas to get guests excited about the upcoming event.
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Corporate Event Planning: How to Throw an Event Like a Boss

Corporate event planning: Team members cheers at a corporate dinner

When organizing a corporate event, figuring out where to start can be a challenge. Even if you’re working with an event planning company, the responsibility is on you to nail down the basics, sign off on specific aspects of the event production, and oversee the process. You also might feel added pressure when coordinating a corporate event compared to other social events, like planning a birthday party or baby shower because it’s related to your job.

But, no matter what type of corporate event you’re tasked with planning, there are some common steps you can take to keep calm and plan on. Consider this your guide to corporate event planning with easy-to-follow tips on how to run a successful event.
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Expert Tips for Turning Your Business Event Virtual

For events industry professionals and organizations that consistently plan or host events, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a question many may have thought they’d never face: can my in-person event transition into a virtual event?

“Right now we have to take it on an event by event basis,” Heidi Hiller of Innovative Party Planners said, of what goes into making such a decision. “There is no one size fits all answer.”

And Hiller is right–there isn’t a one size fits all answer. But, by presenting tips and insights from industry professionals executing successful virtual events right now, our aim is to make the decision to go virtual less difficult for you to make. 

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Organize Your Golf Tournament Using Greenvelope

digital invite for planning a golf tournament

Whether you’re planning a major fundraiser or a client retreat, hosting a golf tournament is a great opportunity to promote your company and brand. Strategic planning and thoughtful organization can help you focus on the areas that matter most—like networking with key customers or prospective donors. Keep in mind, it’s also important not to overlook the guest experience, which begins the moment your first communication is distributed and received. We recommend a digital invitation and ticketing service (like Greenvelope!) to ease your planning process and make a positive impression on your guests. Keep scrolling for helpful tips on how to get the most out of going digital.

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Be Unforgettable: How to Turn an Average Event into an Epic Experience

Turn your event into an unforgettable experience | via

Throughout history, the greatest and most memorable brands have successfully utilized imagery, advertising, and product design to create a detailed brand image in the minds of consumers. Harley Davidson, Apple, Disney… they all have very distinct emotions and personalities attached to them. In the same way, event planners are expected to create an image, a brand, and an idea around an event that goes beyond one night: an experience that builds on all the senses and resonates with guests before, during, and after the event itself. More than just a passing fad, experiential marketing and creating full guest experiences is at the core of the current event industry. It isn’t just a “thing”… it is everything.

With businesses in every industry utilizing events to connect and build relationships with their clients and networks, how do you make your event stand out? Industry experts weigh in on their top tips for turning an average event into an epic experience.

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Announcing New Ticketing and Event Management Tools

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From humble beginnings as a weddings-only product in a university dorm room to becoming an international digital correspondence and event marketing solution, is, and always has been, dedicated to giving back to our local and global communities. Through the integration of ticketing, registration, and donations alongside our trademark elegant experience, we aim to make it easy for local businesses and nonprofits to standout and get results.

Local businesses and nonprofits are the heart and soul of our communities: helping create opportunities, fueling growth and stimulating economic improvement. This is made possible by being able to connect with advocates, customers, donors, and community members in a meaningful way to build relationships and create value. Greenvelope is here to provide an elegant and eco-friendly way to achieve these goals with ease.

Through our brand new fully-integrated service, you can manage all aspects of your event in one easy-to-use, streamlined system offering:

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Greenvelope for Corporate Events

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We talk a lot about weddings, but did you know Greenvelope is also great for corporate events? With our custom uploads to match your company’s brand, auto reminders, and easy membership pricing, more and more businesses are choosing Greenvelope to save time, money, and trees!  Allscripts, one of our largest clients, said our professional email invitations enabled them to “more easily connect with a hard to reach community in a warm inviting format”. read more…