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Most Popular Halloween Invitations in 2018

Whether your style leans toward spooky or stylish (or a little of both), Greenvelope can help you get in the spirit of the holiday with a full collection of Halloween invitations. Halloween parties are right around the corner and now is the perfect time to invite friends to come out and play. From themed children parties to spooky soirées for adults, keep scrolling to see our most popular halloween party invitations for 2018.

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Give Your Dad the Gift of a Father’s Day Barbecue

Give Your Dad the Gift of a Father's Day Barbecue

Is it just us, or is finding a worthwhile Father’s Day gift pretty rough? Your dad can only wear so many ties, right? And maybe he doesn’t require quite as many power tools as those Father’s Day advertisements want you to think. We can do better. This year, celebrate your dad in a special way with the ultimate gift: a gathering of his closest friends and family. We can help! Keep scrolling for tips on how to pull off the perfect Father’s Day party.

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How to Plan a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Picnic

How to Plan an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Picnic

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than in the beautiful outdoors? It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and remind yourself why it’s worth protecting. We can all try harder to incorporate “greener” lifestyle habits into our daily lives. Everything from eliminating single-use plastic to recycling unexpected items are impactful steps toward preserving the planet.

How will you celebrate Earth Day? Whether it’s a day trip to a state park or a scenic group hike, we love the idea of organizing an outdoor activity. And what goes great with outdoor adventures? An organized picnic to refuel, relax, and socialize. Keep scrolling for tips on how to plan a picnic that’s both fun and sustainable!

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St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails That are Festive and Easy

St. Patrick's Day Cocktails That are Festive and Easy

We love any excuse for a party and the month of March is no exception. St. Patrick’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to invite your friends over for some leprechaun-approved fun. In fact, the best part of planning a festive St. Patrick’s Day party is nailing down all of the fun details (like those green cocktails!) We’re getting in the spirit with three of our very favorite recipes, which we’re happy to share with you! Cheers!

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Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Holiday Party

Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Holiday Party

It’s not too late to plan a fabulous holiday party. The key is to organize all your party-planning details into manageable steps (without forgetting anything!) No pressure, right? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Whether you’re having the whole extended family over for a large-scale holiday celebration or planning a night out with a small group of friends, here are some tips for throwing a festive (and organized!) shindig.

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5 Food Stations that Make Holiday Entertaining Effortless

DIY Food Bars

Each and every holiday calls for a fun, festive meal to celebrate (along with a bottle of bubbly—or two!) With a touch of creativity, your menu can look as good as it tastes. We recommend opting for an eye-catching, no-fuss food station that adds a little personality to your menu. Turns out, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to food and beverage bars. Scroll down for our five favorite ideas for holiday gatherings!

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3 Fun and Festive Cookie Parties You’ll Love for the Holidays

Holiday Cookie Parties and Party Invitations

The best things about the holidays: parties, festive décor, friends, family, and cookies. Mix all those things together (and add a generously stocked bar cart) and you’ll have yourself a Santa-worthy soirée. We don’t blame you if you want to surround yourself with cookies all season. We’re right there with you! Turns out, there are multiple ways to achieve this (in the form of a party!) Keep scrolling to see our suggestions. read more…

Thanksgiving Theme Inspiration Made Easy With Paperless Invites

Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation Inspiration

Whether it’s your first time hosting or your fifteenth, Thanksgiving can be stressful—unless you’re one of those people who can magically have each dish ready at the same time and pull off a flawless display of festive décor. If so, cheers to you. For the rest of us, let’s take comfort in knowing there’s a wealth of inspiration to help spark that perfect Thanksgiving theme (and you can start with the invitation!) Below, we’ve put together a few of our favorite party pieces and designer invites to get you started.

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Personal Holiday and New Year’s Greetings

personalized holiday greeting messages

Whether you’re sending out your first holiday card as a married couple or spreading cheer with the newest member of your family, we have a collection of festive, fully-customizable designs to choose from. Once you find that perfect design, you can begin personalizing your message (and we can help with that too!)

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8 Uncommon Halloween Party Themes

Halloween Party themes and invites

Just because you’re too old to trick-or-treat doesn’t mean the party has to end. Get fully into the spirit and invite your adult friends to come out and play. Below, we have 8 Halloween party theme ideas (with matching invitations!) that are perfect for your spooky soirée.

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