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20 Creative and Inspiring Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement party ideas: simple engagement party invitation with a flower

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Whether or not you’ve shared the news yet, it’s time to start planning your engagement celebration. If you’re looking for fun, creative themes and activities, these engagement party ideas are sure to inspire you.
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How To Plan the Perfect Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding rehearsal: Aisle with white flowers and chairs

Most performers don’t jump straight into a live show. They practice and get their bearings at a rehearsal. The same is true for weddings. A wedding rehearsal can help prepare you for the real ceremony while giving you an exciting glimpse at what’s to come. To help you prep like a pro, here’s everything you need to know for your wedding rehearsal. 
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How To Plan the Perfect Backyard Wedding

Backyard wedding: Mint green leaves wedding invitation

If you want to get married in a place that truly feels like home, a backyard wedding could be the perfect choice. In this guide, you’ll learn why backyard weddings are a wonderful idea and how to map out your big day must-haves. Plus, we’ll share some ideas (including themes and activities) to help you create the most memorable celebration ever. 
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How To Plan the Micro Wedding of Your Dreams

Micro Wedding: married couple standing

Much like the tiny home trend, micro weddings are here to stay. These small-scale celebrations include only your closest loved ones, creating an intimate atmosphere that brings together those who matter most to you. It’s no surprise that they’re becoming increasingly popular — especially for couples who don’t want to postpone their wedding. 

Whether you’ve always wanted a micro wedding or you’re considering it due to the pandemic, here’s our ultimate guide on how to have an unforgettable day on a smaller scale. 
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Wedding Thank You Card Wording Ideas to Inspire You

wedding thank you card wording: A rose gold card with brown envelope thank you card

Your wedding day is filled with love, joy, and the company of your closest friends and family who help transform it into a magical day. So, it’s only natural to want to send them a thank you note for everything they’ve done. Here’s how to perfect your wedding thank you card wording for sweet, heartfelt, and personalized messages of gratitude. 
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17 Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Genuinely Love

Bridal shower games: Girls having fun at bridal shower

Planning a bridal shower is a special time. You’re in charge of an event that celebrates the bride-to-be, brings her loved ones together, and creates a sense of excitement ahead of the big day. Keep your party guests entertained and raving about your celebration with these 17 fun and memorable bridal shower games.
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50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations: Wording Ideas and Designs

50th wedding anniversary invitations: White and gold

So, you have a 50th wedding anniversary coming up? Congratulations! There’s no better reason to celebrate with the people closest to you. Whether you make it a big glitzy bash or a small family get-together, your special anniversary is a milestone well worth celebrating.

Before you can gather friends and family, you’ll need to select and send the perfect 50th wedding anniversary invitations. Here’s our simple guide to help you get started, including delightful wording ideas and beautiful invitation designs that will inspire you.

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13 Bachelorette Party Decor That Will Surprise and Delight Your Guests

13 Bachelorette Party Decor That Will Surprise and Delight Your Guests

Bachelorette parties are so much fun to host. It’s a key moment leading up to the bride-to-be’s wedding and a time to gather loved ones to celebrate the joyous occasion. It’s also one of those celebrations where you can truly get creative and go wild. To help you create the perfect party atmosphere, we’ve compiled some of our best bachelorette party decor ideas. Once you’ve sent out your digital invitations, it’s time to get the party started in style.
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12 Engagement Party Games That’ll Make Your Guests Smile

Engagement Party Games: Couple with a wacky smile

Engagement parties are among the most exciting celebrations before the wedding day. You’re gathering to mark the occasion when two people have said “yes” to bringing their lives together in a beautiful way. Throwing an engagement party (and having hilarious engagement party games) gives the guests of honor a lovely way to remember the moment forever.

With everyone in such good spirits and excited about the couple’s new journey, it’s the perfect atmosphere for fun and laughter. To add lots of sparkle and fun to your celebration, check out this list of top engagement party games.
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15 Bachelor Party Ideas for the Perfect Pre-Wedding Celebration

Bachelor party ideas: Three guy friends in an industrial pub

Bachelor parties are the perfect way to bring the groom’s closest friends and family together ahead of the wedding. And with the right bachelor party ideas, you can create new memories and treasure old ones before the groom-to-be embarks on his next journey with his partner. It’s an ideal excuse for a party, a once-in-a-lifetime trip, or a thrilling new experience.

If you’re planning a bachelor party for a very special guest of honor, it can be tough to know where to start — especially if you want to plan something out of the ordinary. You can plan a wild night out to celebrate, but you don’t have to if that’s not the groom’s style. We’ve got plenty of bachelor party ideas for every preference.
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