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19 Stunning Non-White Wedding Dress Ideas

Non white wedding dresses: colorful wedding dresses hanging on a rack

There’s no rule that says you have to wear a big white dress on your big day. In fact, opting for a non-white wedding dress could be the perfect touch to your big celebration.

If you’re looking for inspiration for non-traditional wedding dresses, you’re in the right place. Explore some of our favorite alternatives to the standard white wedding gown and find visual inspiration for your own wedding day look.
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14 Beautiful 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts to Honor a Love Story

50th wedding anniversary gifts: senior couple clinking their glasses

Whether it’s your own special union or you’re celebrating a friend or family member’s golden anniversary, this special milestone deserves recognition with a thoughtful 50th wedding anniversary gift. There are plenty of ways to share the love — from finding a small sentimental keepsake to splurging on an over-the-top gift. 

Here, you’ll find a curated selection of thoughtful and meaningful 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas. From personalized keepsakes to memorable experiences, each one honors the enduring love and commitment of five decades of marriage.
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Engagement Decorations: 10 Ways to Celebrate in Style

Engagement decorations: man kissing his fiancé on the forehead

You’re engaged! And we’re so happy for you. Now it’s time to share your love story — and the happy news! Whether you want to shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone you know or share the news with just close friends and family, having an engagement party is the perfect way to celebrate.

Traditionally, the engagement party is hosted by the happy couple’s parents, but you can choose to plan your own celebration as well. Whether you’re planning an engagement party for a family member or yourself, the first thing you need to do is figure out where and when the party should take place.

Once you know where you’re having the party, you can start thinking about engagement decorations to set the tone for a magical evening. To help out, we curated this list of creative and romantic engagement decoration ideas to celebrate the special moment. You’ll find suggestions for venue decor, table settings, floral arrangements, and signage that reflect your style and personality. 
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Tropical Wedding Invitations: Designs You Can Customize Now

3 tropical wedding invitations and a pair of sunglasses on a table

Whether you’re hosting a tropical wedding in a far-flung locale, on a nearby beach, or in a lush botanical garden, one of the first (and most important) items on your to-do list is designing your wedding invitations. 

To make the process a whole lot easier, we’re sharing a variety of tropical wedding invitations that you can easily customize. From palm leaves and vibrant florals to sophisticated seaside motifs and subdued hues, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your own design.
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14 Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Ideas You Need to Know About

Wedding bouquet ideas: close-up shot of a bouquet

While invitations are obviously our favorite wedding detail, bouquets and florals might be our second. Whether you like a big and bold moment or something more understated, wedding florals tie the day together. From lush, cascading bouquets to minimalist greenery, these stunning wedding bouquets are sure to get you inspired and excited for your own wedding flowers.

Without further ado, keep scrolling for some seriously breathtaking bouquet inspiration as we share our favorite wedding bouquet ideas, trends, and flower pairings.
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15 Tropical Wedding Ideas to Create Your Own Island Getaway

Tropical wedding: table setting outdoors

Beachy vibes, bright colors, and plenty of palm trees — there’s just something extra special about a tropical wedding. If this is your wedding style of choice, you have endless options to make the day unforgettable.

In this guide, we’ll share our best tropical wedding ideas. Discover some of our all-time favorite tropical wedding decor ideas, menu inspiration, and fun ways you can create a lush vacation vibe for your special day.
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21 Bachelorette Party Ideas for a Fun Fling Before the Ring

Bachelorette party ideas: 2 bachelorette invitation cards

From a fancy fête to a low-key bash, there are so many different ways to celebrate a bride’s last days of singlehood. If you’re planning your best friend’s bachelorette party and looking for options, we have (more than) a few ideas!

Whether the bride-to-be prefers to party on, get pampered, make a splash, or chill out, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. Discover the best bachelorette party ideas for the final fling before the ring along with stunning party invitations for the big event.
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Simplified Seating: 5 Steps to Create a Wedding Seating Chart

Wedding seating chart: table setting with flowers

Roll up your sleeves, pour yourself a glass of wine, and unfurl those eyebrows — it’s time to create a wedding seating chart. Picture a chic acrylic wedding sign written in gorgeous calligraphy or a boho, greenery-inspired poster on a rustic easel. A wedding seating chart is one piece of wedding stationery that’s typically essential but poses many couples with a challenge.

Even those who love the wedding planning process take a few shallow breaths at the mention of a seating chart. Those two words pose a laundry list of follow-up questions and concerns about the best way to arrange your friends and family members at the wedding reception. But don’t worry. We’ve simplified the process with this step-by-step guide on planning your wedding seating chart.
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The Best Wedding Colors: 18 Ideas for All Seasons, Venues, and Styles

Best wedding colors: bride looking at fabric swatches

One of the biggest decisions in wedding planning is choosing a color scheme. Typically, these colors are used in everything from the decor and floral arrangements to the bridesmaids’ dresses and groom’s boutonniere. But the “best wedding colors” are different for everyone. Some couples may want several contrasting colors for a cheerful look, while others may prefer monochromatic hues for understated elegance. 

Whatever your preferences, there’s a perfect wedding color for your love story. Discover the best wedding colors for all seasons, venues, and styles, plus matching wedding invitations to complete your wedding color palette.
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Black Tie Optional Wedding: Dress Code, Etiquette, and More

Black tie optional wedding: bride and groom kissing in front of their guests

You open a beautiful invitation and are filled with joy at the thought of attending the nuptials of someone you love. As you continue reading the invite, you see the words “black tie optional,” and like many others, you’re a little confused. The words “black tie” suggest highly formal attire, but “optional” is a bit vague.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you navigate the nuances of a black tie optional wedding dress code with ideas for the perfect outfit. Plus, if you’re planning your wedding as a black tie optional event, we’re also sharing etiquette and decor tips to ensure your dream day goes off without a hitch.
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