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Online Invitations: Practical Benefits for Businesses

Online Invitations: Practical Benefits for Businesses

As the average consumer becomes more tech savvy and spends more of their time online, many companies are moving away from paper invitations for events. While this trend may have started due to the convenience of sending electronically, we are now at a point that going paperless has become instrumental in effectively organizing an event. More than just a time saver, this new breed of digital invitation site offers a complex array of features that give companies the ability to manage their event in a way they never have before. Keep scrolling for some practical reasons why your company should be sending digital invites.

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Get the Most out of Going Digital

get the most out of going digital

With Greenvelope, you get more than chic designs (a lot more). In fact, our ever-growing list of event management tools offer functionality that streamlines your whole event-planning process—right into contemporary bliss. Below are some tools to help you get those most out of going digital with your invitations.

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Simple Tips to Increase Your Open Rate

Tips to Get a Better Open Rate

Effective marketing requires inspiration, creativity, and a great deal of time (especially when it comes to email!) When strong content is achieved, you want it to be seen. A common question we receive from business owners and event professionals is how to increase open rates. Below are some simple tips you can incorporate into your emails to ensure your event marketing efforts get the best results through Greenvelope.

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Branding Your Mailings: Make Your Logo into a Stamp

It sneaks up on you. That moment when summer has passed and the days seem abruptly shorter. Mornings become still and quiet and you realize your commute to work will soon be cold and frosty. But with that change comes the cheer of the holiday season and a perfect opportunity to stay connected to clients, customers, employees, and business prospects.

In the rush of holiday card and holiday party madness, we have a simple solution to help your brand stand out and be easily recognized. All of our cards and invitations are fully customizable and come complete with a stylish, matching digital envelope. One of our favorite features is the customizable stamp, which offers an easy solution to ensuring consistency within your brand. Easily upload your company logo as the stamp and you’re on your way to sending festive and branded holiday greetings. Here’s how! (Bonus: You can add your logo to the invitation too!)

Logo Stamp Logo Stamp

We hope this feature provides you with some inspiration. Check out our Holiday Collection here and get started on this year’s holiday cheer!

Professional New Year’s Greetings and Wishes for Businesses

Friendly touch-points with clients and prospects are key parts of the sales lifecycle. If every interaction a customer has with your organization is related to sales, eventually you are going burn them out. For example, constantly being emailed about a “Limited Time Sale” or “One-time Offer” will leave a negative association with emails from your domain.

To counteract this constant selling approach, it might be time to mix it up with a simple “Happy New Year’s” card or greeting. With innovations in digital greeting delivery to replicate the feel of getting a card through the traditional post, these cards can go a long way to make sure your contacts are building positive associations with your brand and more personal relationships with your sales team. 

If you are looking for inspiration of exactly what to say, here are some examples of professional copy you can use with our 2015 New Year’s cards:

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Best Practices for Promoting Events

business desk event planning

Events come in all shapes and sizes, from intimate client banquets to extravagant ticketed galas, but the tools and timeline of how you promote those still follows the same path. By promoting your event in a designed, curated way you can build a brand for your event at each touchpoint, which in turn allows and empowers your network to spread the word with consistency and confidence. From the save the date to the final tweet, here are some tips on how to make the most of your event promotion.

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Increase your Open Rate clients obtain highest open rate in the industry, receiving a 68% average for announcements and invitation mailings across industries.

Greenvelope designer invitations offer a 68 percent open rate

Does your company send invitations? How about announcements? Do you know how many of those are being opened, engaged with, or responded to? With Greenvelope Business Memberships, it has never been easier to send and track event invitations, announcements, and outreach that actually get opened.

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With Email Marketing, a Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

tipsy elves small round 2

Especially during the holiday season, getting your message in front of your audience is an uphill battle. With the onslaught of seasonal advertisements and promotions that bombard consumers from October through December, it isn’t surprising that seasonal email marketing often translates into white noise and wasted marketing dollars.

But what does that mean? That you should give up on seasonal promotions? Quite the opposite, actually. Instead of falling into a slump or getting lost in the crowd, take a page out of the Tipsy Elves playbook and implement a little bit of creativity to truly stand out in the inbox.

When designing their holiday email campaign, this one hits the mark in three important ways:      1. Surprising      2. Funny      3. Valuable

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4 Event Planning and Management Problems Solved

event management solved blog header was founded in 2008 as a weddings-only product dedicated to providing couples with a premium digital stationery experience. Since then, we have steadily been adding new features, improving existing features on our website, and tailoring our offerings to match our clients’ needs. What we soon realized was that while customers were coming to for the beautiful designs, they were staying for the premium event management functionality. Thus began the fruitful  journey of  evolving from a wedding-specific website to becoming a premier international digital correspondence and event management solution for you, your next door neighbor, that local business down the street, as well as multinational corporations all over the globe. While this journey is never over, with the launch of our new ticketing, donation collection, and integrated event management services, we are thrilled to take this time to solve 4 event planning and management problems for both the professional and everyday event planner.

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Founder Tip: Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Unfortunately, Internet consumers have become accustomed to waiting a full day (or more) to get an email from customer support. And when they do receive an email the email the response is often hastily written without a full understanding of the request. Our initial target was electronic wedding invitations, so I knew this this customer service status quo “would not fly” for couples planning their special day.

“I want to give a huge shout out to Greenvelope today! What amazing customer service, What a GREAT service. THANK you Sam, your company rocks – I look forward to introducing Greenvelope to all my fabulous clientele.”


One of the most important concepts I learned while studying at WashU, was in an entry level marketing class: A business should strive to receive a positive answer to the “Ultimate Question” – Would you recommend this product to a friend? The viral effect caused by word of mouth referral has been our biggest driving force of growth. Positive company interaction and speedy support play a significant importance in creating an experience that a customer will recommend to their friends.


Growth Chart

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