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Wedding After-Party: How to Wrap up the Biggest Day of Your Life

Wedding after party: group of people singing together

You’ve planned every detail of your big day, and all that’s left is to figure out how you’ll end the night of your nuptials. One popular final celebration is the after-wedding party. A wedding after-party is a celebration that follows the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. It’s a final chance to celebrate with the ones you love and let your hair down. 

Here’s everything you need to know about planning the ultimate wedding after-party.
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How to Plan an Elopement Party: Your Guide to Celebrating Your Way

Elopement party: couple hugging while looking at each other

If a traditional wedding isn’t for you but you still want to celebrate with loved ones, an elopement party is a perfect solution. It gives you the space to keep the big day private while allowing you to plan a party with your nearest and dearest. Here, we’ll show you how to plan an elopement party in five easy steps. Plus, you’ll discover gorgeous invitation designs and advice on what to say.
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Las Vegas Bachelorette Party: 17 Ideas for the Ultimate Celebration

Vegas bachelorette party: friends having a toast

If you love being the life of the party, Las Vegas is the perfect place to whoop it up before you say “I do.” Famous as a party destination, Sin City has everything you need to pull off a memorable bachelorette party. From non-stop nightlife to fine dining and nature excursions, there’s no shortage of things to do. Here, you’ll find Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas, plus invitations to get guests excited for the big trip!
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Wedding Shower Invitations: Top Planning Tips, Plus 9 Dazzling Designs

Wedding shower invitations on a table

Before the big day there’s another exciting event to plan — the wedding shower. It’s the perfect opportunity for gathering with loved ones and celebrating what’s to come. Whether you’re hosting your own event or taking on the wedding shower planning role for someone else, here you’ll find top tips for creating custom wedding shower invitations — along with some stunning designs — that will get your festivities off to a wonderful start.
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23 Inspiring Wedding Theme Ideas for Your Big Day

Wedding theme ideas: table setting with flowers and candles

One of the most exciting aspects of wedding planning is choosing your wedding theme. It ties your whole event together, uniting everything from your wedding decor ideas to your food and drink menu. With endless wedding theme ideas out there, it can be difficult to know what to choose for your big day.

That’s where our list of the best wedding theme ideas comes in. Here, you’ll find a mix of popular wedding themes along with some more unusual offerings so you can plan how you want your special day to look and feel. Plus, we’ve included digital wedding invitation designs to match each theme for even better planning. 
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Fresh and Fun: 14 Lemon-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

Lemon themed bridal shower invitation and some lemons in a bowl

For a fun, fresh twist on celebrating the bride-to-be, you can’t go wrong with a lemon-themed bridal shower. Perfect for springtime and summertime nuptials, a lemon wedding shower or bridal shower is sure to be bright and joyful. To help you out, we’ve gathered our favorite lemon-themed bridal shower ideas — including decor suggestions, menu options, bridal shower invites, and party favors — that won’t hit a sour note no matter how many lemons are involved. Ready, set, squeeze!
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17 Brilliant Bridal Shower Ideas to Help You Create a Dreamy Event

Bridal shower ideas: various bridal shower invitation cards

For both new hosts and seasoned party planners, planning a bridal shower presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate someone you care about as they embark on a new journey. But even though this is an exciting time, it can feel a little daunting to bring such an important event to life. That’s where these fabulous bridal shower ideas come in.

From food ideas and party games to decor ideas and activities, we’re sharing top tips and bridal shower ideas to help you plan an unforgettable celebration for the bride-to-be.
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Lingerie Party Bridal Shower: Fun Planning Tips and Invitation Ideas

Lingerie party invitation cards

There are so many ways to celebrate the happy couple leading up to the big day. From whimsical engagement parties to delightful bridal showers, the outpouring of love is endless. But if you’re looking for a more intimate event to celebrate the bride-to-be, you can’t go wrong with a lingerie party. It’s the perfect way to embrace the giddiness and joy one feels before tying the knot and sharing that moment with your closest friends. Use these tips to plan the perfect lingerie party, plus find flirty invitations to send your besties.
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Winter Bridal Shower: 15 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate

Winter bridal shower: winter themed bridal shower invitation

Whether you’re planning a winter wedding or simply love the look and feel of the season, a winter bridal shower is a wonderful way to celebrate this special moment with your bridal party and other loved ones. 

To help you dream up an incredible winter bridal shower, we’re sharing top tips and planning ideas to create an unforgettable event. You’ll also find some of our favorite winter bridal shower invites to keep your celebration on-theme from beginning to end.
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25 Creative and Inspiring Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement party ideas: engagement party invitation card

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to start planning your engagement celebration. Get ready to nail down the basics of throwing the best event possible and find engagement party ideas that span everything from fun and creative themes to crowd-pleasing activities and entertainment.
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