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10 Stunning Rehearsal Dinner Decorations for Every Theme

Rehearsal dinner decorations: table setting with glasses, plates, candles, and flowers

Rehearsal dinners often look best when they’re minimally styled, which means you don’t need to invest heavily in rehearsal dinner decorations. But you can still add your personal touch to create a special pre-wedding event

To get the ideas flowing, look no further than this list of rehearsal dinner decorations that will work whether you’re hosting a colorful backyard BBQ or a sophisticated repast the night before your big day. 
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18 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas for Hosting the Best Bash Ever

Bridal shower theme ideas: group of women having a toast

Hosting a bridal shower is an exciting moment. It’s a fun opportunity to celebrate the bride-to-be with a soiree she’ll remember and cherish forever. 

Whether you’re planning a traditional bridal shower or a contemporary co-ed wedding shower, these bridal shower theme ideas will help you create a brilliant bash for someone special. 
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50th Wedding Anniversary: 15 Party Ideas to Honor the Happy Couple

50th wedding anniversary: senior couple happily hugging each other

Whether you and your spouse are celebrating your golden wedding anniversary or you’d like to host a celebration for the special couple, it’s time to mark the moment with a 50th wedding anniversary party. Here’s how to plan an unforgettable anniversary party, including themes to consider, decor ideas, activities, food, drinks, and gifts. 
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How to Ask For Honeymoon Money Instead of Gifts: Tips on Etiquette

How to ask for honeymoon money instead of gifts: couple holding a map while walking

Whether you’re off on a road trip around the USA or to an exotic tropical island, planning your honeymoon is always an exciting moment. While you might have big ideas about where to stay and what to do, perhaps you could use a little help with your budget. 

As such, consider asking loved ones to contribute towards a honeymoon fund. If you want to wave goodbye to physical items and say hello to extra funds for your big getaway, here’s how to ask for honeymoon money instead of gifts
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Modern Themes and Ideas for Your Wedding Shower

Wedding shower: table with drinks and food

Wedding showers aren’t just for your grandma and your great aunt anymore. This sometimes-stuffy affair has gotten a modern makeover — starting with its name. Formerly known as the bridal shower, wedding showers are a more inclusive interpretation.

Just by changing one word, you’ve opened the door for a co-ed guest list. You can make it a couple’s shower and invite your entire “I do“ crew, or you can keep your guest list limited to the bridal party while hosting a more casual event.

Unlike the pastel and doily bridal shower themes of days gone by, modern wedding showers allow you to incorporate more spunky, funky, and fun themes — like a BBQ, pool party, or brewery bash. (The days of teetotaling showers have also gone by the wayside, so you’re free to sip mimosas all morning if you want to.)

We’ll cover some of our favorite new wedding shower trends and walk you through the planning process, from coming up with your theme to sending out invites and planning activities. Here’s your complete guide to throwing a modern wedding shower.
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Vow Renewal Checklist: How to Plan the Perfect Day

Vow renewal checklist: senior couple with their family at a restaurant

Every couple who’s been married for years knows what a beautiful accomplishment it is to stay together and in love. Marriage requires daily dedication, and unions that stand the test of time deserve to be celebrated. One way you can pay tribute to your marriage and reaffirm your commitment is with a vow renewal ceremony.

To help with the planning process, we’ve put together this vow renewal checklist. Whether you choose to host a small soiree or a large bash, this guide will help you tie together all the different planning strings. It makes for an easy, stress-free way of hosting a vow renewal event.
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15 Bridal Shower Themes to Celebrate Any Bride 

Bridal shower themes: bridal shower invitations

If you have the honor of throwing a bridal shower, you’ve probably been thinking about what theme would make this a memorable and personal event. After all, this party is something the bride will cherish forever, so you want to make it stand out. For better or worse, there’s almost an endless amount of bridal shower themes to build your event around.

Here, we’ve gathered some of our favorite bridal shower themes to help narrow your search. From boho and Western fun to glamorous locale-inspired themes, there’s something for every bride. Plus, we’ve paired each of our themes with a gorgeous invite to match.
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22 Engagement Gift Ideas to Congratulate the Happy Couple

Engagement gift ideas: engaged couple welcoming a guest

When a loved one gets engaged, it’s cause for celebration. But before you head to the party or send a congratulations card, it’s time to pick out the perfect engagement gift to express your love and joy. 

Whether you’re attending an engagement party or sending a thoughtful gift by mail, here are some of our best engagement gift ideas for the special couple. 
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How to Create the Perfect Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

Bridal shower thank you cards

Your bridal shower was an incredible moment and you’re thrilled that your loved ones could make it. Now it’s time to share that joy and appreciation by sending bridal shower thank you cards to your guests. 

But before you do, this guide will show you how to craft the perfect cards, including helpful tips on etiquette, thoughtful messages to express your gratitude, and customizable designs you can use. 
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15 Creative Bachelor Party Decorations for the Ultimate Event

Bachelor party decorations: groomsmen wearing bunny ears

Being in charge of the party planning for the bachelor bash is definitely an honor. You get to help plan an epic event that brings people together to celebrate someone special. It’s the kind of moment that needs a theme, atmosphere, and bachelor party decorations to match.

Let’s help you plan and host the best bachelor or stag party ever. Explore our theme suggestions, bachelor party decoration ideas, and invitation inspiration — then bring it all together to create an adventure your guests will remember forever. 
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