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12 DIY Baby Shower Gifts for the Precious New Arrival

DIY baby shower gifts: pregnant woman receiving gifts

The stroller and car seat are all taken care of, and you want something extra special for the new parent(s). What better way to make that happen than with DIY baby shower gifts?

If you’re looking for DIY baby shower gift ideas, you’re in the right place! Explore some of our all-time favorite ideas and inspiration to help you DIY and craft your way to the perfect gift.
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Middle School Graduation: 14 Tween-tastic Ways to Celebrate

Middle school graduation invitations and a slice of cake on a plate

Your kid is growing up, and with each passing year, their achievements grow. With 8th grade graduation around the corner, this year is extra special. Your grad has put in lots of hard work, learned new subjects, and conquered more challenges. So it’s no wonder you want to host a middle school graduation party they’ll remember for years to come!

With this guide, we’ll show you how to celebrate your middle school graduate in style. Each middle school graduation party idea here acknowledges their achievements, honors their hard work, and sends them off to high school with pride.
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10 of the Best Baking Birthday Party Ideas for Food Lovers

Baking birthday party: baker piping frosting onto some cupcakes

It’s time to introduce your favorite people to your skills as a top baker or share some laughter over how you’ve never quite been able to decorate a cupcake. Whether you’re young or old, a baking birthday party is a wonderful idea.

If you’re planning a baking birthday party for yourself or a loved one, read on to discover all our favorite ideas, tips, and matching party invitations.
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18th Birthday Invitations: 15 Designs for Any Type of B-Day Bash

18th birthday invitations

Turning 18 is worth celebrating! Whether you’re entering adulthood and planning a big bash with your friends or you’re a parent throwing a special celebration for this milestone, finding birthday invitations is at the top of your list. 

With this list of 18th birthday invitations, you’ll find designs for any party style. Choose an invitation that matches your party theme — from a masquerade ball or boho birthday to a beach party or game night. There’s a style for every personality including sophisticated templates and light-hearted designs.
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12 of the Best Ever Bollywood Theme Party Ideas

Bollywood theme party decorations

For fans of Indian culture and all things Bollywood, there’s nothing better than celebrating a big lifetime moment with a Bollywood theme party. It has everything you could want — bold colors, an incredible playlist, and all the glitz and glam of a Hollywood-style party.

If you’re ready to plan and host an out-of-this-world Bollywood theme party for a special celebration, keep reading. We’ll share all our favorite ideas to help you party in style, from how to decorate to how to keep your guests entertained.
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20 Unique Dinner Party Themes for Your Next Get-Together

Dinner party themes for a fabulous event

Any time is a good time for a dinner party. Whether you’re planning a big celebration in honor of a birthday or simply want to gather your friends for a delicious meal, it’s the perfect way to spend time together, especially with fun dinner party themes.

Take your next dinner party up a notch and add a theme to make it feel extra special. From fantasy-inspired dinners to bring-your-own potlucks, we have all the ideas and inspiration you could need — plus a few of our favorite matching party invites for any aesthetic you land on.
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Anniversary Themes By Year: Gifts and Ideas for Celebrating

Anniversary themes by year: man surprising his partner

Marriage is a special union that takes time and effort to nurture. With each year, your love grows stronger and your bond becomes more unbreakable. As time passes, it’s important to celebrate your commitment to one another and honor how far you’ve come. From your first anniversary to your 60th, discover traditional gifts and modern anniversary themes by year to mark these special milestones.
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18 Fun and Silly Coed Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

Coed baby shower games: pregnant woman and her friends taking a groufie

Baby showers are all about fun and celebrating the arrival of a new bundle of joy. And what’s more fun than baby shower games? Whether you enjoy games like trivia that help you learn more about the parents-to-be or over-the-top activities to make you laugh, coed baby showers can be a blast.

With these 18 coed baby shower games and activities, you’ll plan the perfect party entertainment for everyone on your list.
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Masquerade Party Ideas for the Perfect Masked Bash

Masquerade party ideas: gold masks on a pink background

You could throw a costume party, but you’re looking for something classier. You want something a little less “bobbing for apples” and a little more “drinking champagne with pinkies in the air.” You’re looking for a masquerade ball — and you need all the best masquerade party ideas to bring your glam event to life.

A masquerade party is the precursor to the modern-day costume party, but this elegant affair isn’t just for Halloween or Mardi Gras. Dressing up while donning masks makes an excellent party theme for bat mitzvahs, New Year’s Eve, fundraising galas, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and sweet 16s.

Whatever the occasion, we want to help you celebrate. To create a masked ball that’s better than you imagined, use this guide to find the best masquerade party themes, decorations, food, and invitations. 
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15 Sympathy Messages for the Loss of a Husband to Support a Loved One

Sympathy messages for loss of husband: various white flowers

Kind and heartfelt words in a moment of grief can bring so much warmth and support. If you’re looking for a way to express care for someone who’s lost their husband, we’re here to help you find the words.

Keep reading for our best advice on writing a condolence card. We’ve also included examples of thoughtful sympathy messages for the loss of a husband that you can use and adapt to add your personal touch.
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