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All Grown Up: 10 Dinner Party Games for Adults

dinner party games for adults: Man serving food while hosting a dinner party for his friends

You’ve chosen your menu, decided on your guest list, and even picked out your dinner party invitations. Now comes the fun part. OK, we actually think all of it is the fun part, but this part is literally all fun and games — it’s time to choose your dinner party games!

If you’re hosting a grown-up soirĂ©e, these dinner party games for adults will get everyone talking (and might elicit some very adult conversations). Play a game as an icebreaker while everyone nibbles on appetizers, or save the fun until after dessert when everyone has dined and is feeling fine.

Here are our favorite dinner party games for adults — each guaranteed to make the conversation flow like wine.
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10 Virtual Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

virtual baby shower games: White baby onesie surrounded by gifts and bunting

Baby showers are some of the most delightful events to plan. They’re all about celebrating a soon-to-be new arrival and showering the guest of honor with love and well wishes. And that doesn’t have to stop just because of social distancing — virtual baby showers can be plenty of fun! 

Plan a baby shower that everyone will love with these fun virtual baby shower games. Take inspiration from our list that features virtual games, printables, and some tips on planning the perfect shower. 
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48 Valentine’s Day Quotes to Send to All Your Loved Ones

Valentines Day quotes: Close up shot of Sweethearts candies

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re in love with love, in love with that special someone, or in love with the single life, these Valentine’s Day quotes will make your holiday (and your greeting cards) complete. 

We’ve rounded up our favorite funny, sweet, and romantic quotes. These little bits of wisdom will help you celebrate your significant other, your single friends, your galentines — in short, all your loved ones. Find the Valentine’s Day message to match each of your relationships, and add it to your Valentine’s Day cards. 
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Create New Memories With These 16 Family Reunion Ideas

family reunion ideas: Woman taking a photo of her entire family at the dinner table

Tasked with planning a family reunion, but don’t know where to start? Look no further. We’re here to help you plan an incredible event with some of our best family reunion ideas. You’ll find activities, planning tips, and ways to get together even throughout the pandemic. 
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Create a Buzz With These Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

Woman having a virtual happy hour with her friends

Time to get happy! OK, we’ll admit that at the beginning of the pandemic, we all went a little overboard with virtual happy hours and online dinner parties. Between staying in touch with our loved ones and trying online team building activities for our newly remote jobs, it seemed like everyone had three virtual happy hours a week. 

If you didn’t have virtual event fatigue by month two of COVID quarantine, then you are a social superstar. But, as coronavirus has carried on, many people have gotten pickier about which virtual events they’re willing to attend. 

If you want your guests to get excited about your online happy hour, you need to stand out from the crowd. (This is especially important for companies that want their team members to have real fun, not just mandatory fun.) 

So, we’ve gathered up our favorite virtual happy hour ideas to help you knock the virtual socks off your guests. Even if your guests have been to a dozen virtual happy hours, they’ve never experienced a happy hour like this before. 
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12 Virtual Family Games To Play With Loved Ones

Virtual family games: Happy family and waving during a video call

Ready to bring everyone together to play games, get competitive, and have fun? A night of virtual family games is the perfect way to spend time together in spite of distance.

But how do you arrange such an event? And what games should you play? Our guide to hosting a virtual family game night gives you all the details you need to plan a virtual event, plus our top picks for family-friendly games.
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Sweet 16 Themes for Every Personality and Budget

Sweet 16 themes

It’s finally here — the birthday you’ve been waiting for since you started high school. Sixteen can come with a lot of new privileges. Maybe your parents have finally agreed to stop calling you their “little baby” and start treating you like an adult. Or maybe you’re so ready to borrow the car and cruise with your friends. Whatever changes lie ahead of you, a 16th birthday is a great reason to throw a big bash!

But your sweet 16 can also come with a lot of pressure to throw the perfect party — especially if your friends had over-the-top 16th birthday parties. Just remember that it’s more important for your celebration to be perfectly you than perfect.

A themed party is a great way to express your personality and create an event to remember — whether you host it at a fancy party venue or in your own backyard. Plus, once you pick a party theme, everything from your party decorations to your birthday invitations will fall into place.

We’ve rounded up our favorite sweet 16 themes to make your party planning easier. We’ve got ideas for every personality and every budget so you can pick your favorite and start planning.
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50th Birthday Party Ideas: 25 Ways to Celebrate the Big Five-Oh

50th birthday party ideas: Number 50 gold candles with gold confetti and baubles on the side against a pink background

Whether someone is turning the big five-oh, celebrating a half-century, or feeling 50 and fabulous, they deserve a big birthday bash. No matter how you say it, 50 is a big deal. In fact, we can only think of one milestone birthday that’s bigger — and you’ll have to wait another half-century to get there!

Over the years, the birthday boy or girl has probably had a lot of unique experiences, which can make it hard to plan a birthday celebration that doesn’t make them roll their eyes and go, “Been there, done that.” But with these 50th birthday party ideas, you’ll find one-of-a-kind suggestions that your guest of honor will love — even if that’s you!
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Backyard Picnic Ideas That Go Way Beyond Gingham

backyard picnic ideas: A group of friends raising their glasses in a toast

A backyard picnic is an adventure waiting just outside your backdoor. And with a little bit of preparation (and these backyard picnic ideas), picnicking in your own backyard can be just as fun as picnicking in a park or at the beach. In fact, it can be even better because if you forget anything — guess what! — you only have to walk to the kitchen to get it.

Backyard picnics are also a great way to stay social and safe during the pandemic. The outdoor setting means germs will spread less and guests can spread out more. We’ve rounded up our favorite backyard picnic ideas from planning to decorating to picking out your picnic menu. Your backyard will be gingham-clad and ready to go in no time.
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Social Distancing Events: 3 Ways To Celebrate and Stay Safe

Social distancing events: Women with masks waving to each other

If there’s one term we’d like to erase from our vocabulary, it’s the “new normal.” The coronavirus has brought a lot of new elements into our lives — new surges, new lockdowns, new social distancing guidelines — but there’s nothing normal about living through a pandemic.

In fact, COVID-19 has made a lot of normal life events — from grabbing coffee with a friend to celebrating the birth of a new baby — increasingly abnormal. And yet, we persevere, finding new ways to celebrate with social distancing events. 

Hosting a social distancing event isn’t just about revelry. It’s about spreading joy (not germs), spending time with our loved ones and our community, and helping to raise spirits when we all need it most. 

With this guide, you can plan a safe, socially distanced event. We’ve put together tips for protecting your guests and for hosting three different kinds of events, ranked from safe to safest. 
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