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5 Virtual Party Ideas to Have the Time of Your Life in Your Living Room

Virtual parties: A woman watches a concert on her laptop

You pick up the phone and FaceTime your mom, then hang up and do the same with your grandmother. You toast your former college roommates with your respective glasses of wine over Zoom. And in between the multiple group texts that vehemently picked up over the past few days, you send a free, online yoga video to your coworkers over Slack.

Social distancing may try to keep us apart, but the internet offers new ways to come together. Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, the emergence of the “virtual party” allows people the freedom to come together from the comfort of their own, respective living rooms. From online cocktail parties to cook-offs to “group” fitness classes, people’s Google calendars are filling up with virtual events.

And we are here for it.

As a 100% digital platform, we love using online technology to bringing people together. We wholeheartedly believe these virtual parties can keep us connected — even while keeping us (a safe distance) apart.
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Cancelling Events Because of Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Canceling events because of coronavirus: A woman with her phone, laptop, and a cup of coffee

From South by Southwest, to Coachella, to the Kentucky Derby, people around the world are cancelling events because of coronavirus. And while your personal guest list might not span hundreds of thousands of people, cancelling memorials, weddings, and college graduations can feel, well …

Honestly, we’re struggling to find the words to describe it. Shocking. Mournful. And maybe a little frustrating that this sudden outbreak cancelled one of your greatest life events.

With flights cancelled around the globe, college students told to pack up and leave campus, and the Governor of California telling all residents to stay home, many people are uncertain when, or even if, these major milestones will be rescheduled.

At Greenvelope, we empathize. We may have a 100% digital product, but at the end of the day we love bringing people together. With everyone currently staying home and focusing on health and safety — a move we support — you’ll need to modify or cancel your plans. We understand the disappointment you must be feeling, but we remain hopeful. We’ll get through this.

We don’t know how or when our “normal lives” will resume. In the meantime, this guide is meant to help you reschedule events you’ve had to cancel due to the coronavirus. In addition, we’re offering a few ideas to help you digitally gather with friends and loved ones — ensuring a safe, six-foot distance apart.
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7 Fun Ways to Socialize While Social Distancing

First and foremost, we here at Greenvelope hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. That is the number one priority right now as we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Secondly, we wanted to acknowledge that COVID-19 is altering not just how we all celebrate, but how we all socialize. The bright side is that we in the 21st century are, more than at any other time in human history, equipped to deal with the lifestyle adjustments for which this pandemic is calling. Video chat, text, email – the technology of today enables us to quickly and easily socialize with one another from afar. 

That in mind, we brainstormed seven fun and creative ways for you to keep socializing while practicing social distancing. And if it feels strange at first to socialize in this way, don’t sweat it. You’re not alone. Go easy on yourself, and just have some fun with it!   read more…

4 Funny Mother’s Day Cards for All the Cool Moms Out There

Mom holds tulips as daughter covers mom's eyes

Not all superheroes wear capes — in fact, some wear baby wipes and spit-up. But each of these she-heroes has the same, magical and never-wavering superpower: Being a mom.

To thank the number one woman in your life, the one who’s had your back since day one, you’re looking for the perfect funny Mother’s Day cards.

Because let’s face facts: Being a mom can be a thankless job. A mom is there for us even when we don’t deserve it. She comforts us even when it’s our fault. And boy, has she put up with our antics over the years!

A lot of us were well into our twenties (or even thirties … forties … oof) before we realized just how much our mothers have done for us. You might never be able to pay your mom back, but you can express your never-ending gratitude going forward. And you’re going to start by finding a funny greeting card to send on Mother’s Day and the best Happy Mother’s Day quotes to write inside.
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Honor Our Heroes With These Memorial Day Messages and Quotes

American flag on flagpole

Memorial Day is one of the United States’ most poignant federal holidays. It’s a day to remember and honor those who have lost their lives in military service.

The national holiday reflects on those lost in service through many historic battles, including the Civil War, World War II, and more recent conflicts. Many of us come together as a community to watch parades, visit memorials, or host barbecues or picnics with friends and family. This theme of remembrance is shared with other similar holidays, like Veterans Day which honors those who have served in the Armed Forces.

Whether you’re planning an event to remember our fallen heroes on Memorial Day or you’re looking for something to share with loved ones, the right words can help create a moment. Here are some of our favorite Memorial Day message options and greetings for your invitations, greeting cards, and decor.
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The Best St. Patrick’s Day Sayings for Your Party Invitations

St. Patrick's Day Sayings: shamrocks and four-leaf clovers

March 17th marks a special holiday all over the world — Saint Patrick’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate togetherness, luck, gratitude, and Irish heritage with friends and family. This holiday lends itself to parties and celebrations with everything from family gatherings to large-scale events that feature good food and drink. If you’re planning a party, you’ll be looking for the best St. Patrick’s Day sayings, quotes, or blessings to feature throughout.

Party banners, printed posters, and party invitations can all benefit from some festive fun. We’ve collected our favorite sayings and greetings together, along with invitation design inspiration, to help you plan your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.
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Celebrate Your Mom with These Mother’s Day Sayings

Example of digital Mother's Day card

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll mark the occasion this year. Whether you’re looking for a famous quote to feature on a party invitation or a thoughtful saying for your Mother’s Day card, we’ve got you covered.

These Mother’s Day quotes, sayings, and messages are the perfect starting place for creating your own memorable greeting. In this article we feature some of our favorite Mother’s Day card designs too, so you can pair your saying and your card together effortlessly.
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40+ Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas for Every Milestone

Birthday invitation wording: A sprinkled donut with a birthday candle

Here we are, with another year passed — it’s time to put together a birthday bash! Whether you’re planning a birthday party for yourself or hosting one for your little one, a family member, or a friend, you’ll want everyone you know and love to gather in the celebration. To garner excitement for the special day (and ensure everyone RSVPs “Yes!”) we’re sharing some fun birthday invitation wording ideas to include.

Below we wrote our favorite, snappy one-liners and spunky invitation verbiage. While we’re sure you can wordsmith your way to a wonderfully crafted message, hopefully these offer a starting point. Be sure to include important details such as the time, date, and location of the party, and whether there’s a party theme (if you’re cool like that).
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21 Beautiful 50th Anniversary Invitations to Celebrate Your Love

A 50th anniversary photo invitation with a gold envelope, surrounded by magnolias

Your golden wedding anniversary is an exciting moment. You and your partner are celebrating 50 years of marriage together and your ongoing commitment to and love for each other. It’s something to smile about as you write your 50th anniversary invitations.

For such a momentous occasion, it’s no surprise that so many who achieve this milestone host a party to celebrate. Whether you’re planning an elegant dinner or a casual get-together with loved ones, you’ll need a way to invite them.
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10 Open House Invitations Reminding You to Leave the Door Open

Two open house invitations with a spring of greenery and a wood trivet

Leave your arms and doors wide open, because you have an open house to plan. An open house isn’t limited to any one event or milestone. In fact, it can be for personal or business purposes and hosted at your home address, place of employment, or even on your neighborhood block. Whatever the occasion, you’ll need to send out an open house invitation to welcome friends, neighbors, vendors, and colleagues to the event.

So, what’s the difference between an open house and a more traditional party? An open house implies guests can come and go as they please within a specified window of time. No one arrives “fashionably late” at an open house (great news to your typically-tardy friends), and there is no set agenda. Friends and neighbors can arrive whatever time suits them, enjoy snacks or a beverage, and mingle with other guests.

You can throw an open house for your business’s grand opening and holiday party or for a relative’s high school graduation. Below, you’ll find 10 of our favorite open house invitations fit for a number of celebrations.
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