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10 Housewarming Party Invitations to Make a House Feel Like Home

A woman looks around her new kitchen

You’ve waited your whole life to decorate your home. You thought about painting the walls your favorite shade of gray, picking out a new backsplash for the kitchen, and decorating the new mantel. And now, it’s real — keys in your hand, lease or mortgage signed, name printed on the mailbox — you can’t wait to break in the place. The next step? Sending out those housewarming party invitations and getting your family, friends, and new neighbors over to scope out the new digs.

There are so many reasons to celebrate a new home. You can hang up photographs of your loved ones to turn that plain, white wall into a montage of all the things that make you happy. You can buy that gorgeous velvet ottoman you’ve been eyeing. And you can keep your favorite, fancy beer stocked in the fridge because you’re an adult like that — and have the freshly signed lease or mortgage to prove it.

To make your house (or apartment, condo, or townhouse — you get our drift) feel like home, fill it with the people you love most. Here are 10 fun housewarming party invitations to help you do just that.
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21 Funny Happy New Year Messages to Start the Year Right

Two funny happy New Year cards surrounded by confetti and stars

The countdown to the New Year is officially on. And with it, you’re promising new beginnings, new resolutions, and new positive habits. And the first item on your list? Keeping things light.

This year, you’re setting out to bring more joy and humor into your life (and in turn, into the lives of those around you). And sending your loved ones a funny happy New Year card is going to be your first step toward making good on your resolution.

To start your year on a light note, keep reading for several funny messages to write inside a New Year’s cards and send to those you love. From playing jokes on New Year’s eve, making a keep it light New Year’s resolution, and bringing a little humor into new beginnings, here are 21 different messages to include on a New Year’s card.
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Getting in the Holiday Spirit with Shelby Vert

Photo by Ashlyn Moreno

This week we were thrilled to catch-up with our favorite Las Vegas-based beauty & lifestyle blogger, Shelby Vert. Shelby founded her blog Shelby Tristin in 2017 where she has been a reliable source for clean beauty products, affordable fashion recommendations, and travel tips. But today we are so excited to be chatting about all things seasonal, holiday, and apple cider donuts!

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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Valentine’s Day Cards Funny

A Valentine's Day card with a funny letter board message

There are two types of people on Valentine’s Day. On the one hand, there are Cupid’s loyal devotees who can’t wait to wear pink and red, craft heart-shaped cards, and watch Hallmark  movies. The other camp is full of those who don’t take the holiday too seriously. Instead, they prefer to order pizza and binge on chocolate while trash-talking the latest celeb couples (rooting for you Justin and Hailey).

If you fall in the latter group, these hilarious Valentine’s Day card ideas are for you. Follow our easy steps to creating a gut-busting ecard to send to your significant other, bestie, or even your coworkers — after all, you’re known for bringing comedic relief to your office. Just follow this guide to make this year’s Valentine’s Day cards funny like never before.
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40 Holiday Card Messages for Everyone on Your Nice List

Holiday card messages: Christmas gift bags

It’s that time of year again. You’re busy wrapping presents, doing some last minute holiday shopping, and booking tickets to see friends and family on the opposite side of the country. And for those loved ones you can’t quite get to this year, you’re trying to craft the perfect holiday card messages.

But what do you write to every last person on your list? You want to keep it personal but brief. You want to let people know that no matter how many miles are between you, you still think about them. And of course, you want something a bit more unique than the standard, “Happy holidays!”

Below, we’re sharing heartfelt messages for everyone you love. From friendly messages to share with family, appropriate notes to send to your team at work, and a few jokes for friends, you’ll find the perfect way to share the holiday spirit with those you care about.

Add your own custom greeting, or feel free to copy these directly. Either way, be sure to let everyone know you’re so thankful for another year spent with them.
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15 Valentine’s Day Ecards that Are Better than Chocolates

Valentine's Day cards with envelopes, surrounded by a champagne bottle and cupcake

Remember the school days of delivering Valentine’s Day cards to tissue-box mailboxes? Bring that feeling into adulthood with Valentine’s Day ecards that are sweeter than your third-grade crush. Whether you want to say happy Valentine’s Day with a family photo or punny message, or you’re hosting a Galentine’s bash, endless options are a click away. Here’s a look at some of our favorites.
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Baby Sprinkle Invitations to Celebrate Your Newest Arrival

A digital baby sprinkle invitation on a tablet next to baby toys

Who says the first baby has to get all the celebrations? Chances are for baby number one, you had a gender reveal, baby shower, and maybe even a sip-and-see. A sprinkle shower is a wonderful way to welcome your second (third, fourth, or fifth) baby and celebrate your growing family with your loved ones.

But unlike your first all-out shower, a baby sprinkle is a bit more laid back. You’ll want to communicate that through your baby sprinkle invitations so guests know they aren’t expected to spend big on a gift or show up dressed to the nines. We’ve outlined exactly how to do that and suggested some pretty dang cute invitations to celebrate your new baby.
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10 Happy Holidays Card Messages for Friends and Family Near and Far

A digital happy holidays card displayed on a tablet, surrounded by ornaments and gifts

You wrapped the presents, baked Santa’s cookies, and scraped the frosty ice off your windshield. The holiday season is just around the corner, and this year you are prepared. The only thing left to do? Wish those you love a happy holiday with the cutest happy holidays card you can find.

But how do you say “happy holidays” without actually writing “happy holidays 50 times over? If you’re struggling to fill your holiday greeting card with a memorable message, we have a few ideas for you.

With so many loved ones coming from different parts of your life and corners of the world, there are many greetings you can extend. It’s a time to reminisce about friendly jokes, swap old family photos, or enjoy a hot beverage by the fire.

Below, we’re sharing 10 things you could write in your happy holidays card — all of which are more personalized than happy holidays, season’s greetings, or merry Christmas.
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14 Family Reunion Invitations to Get the Gang Back Together

An online family reunion invitation on a tablet, surrounded by greenery

Busy schedules, life changes, and geographic challenges can make getting together with family particularly difficult. There are a few occasions that can draw everyone together in the same place: baby showers, graduation parties, bridal showers, and above all, the family reunion. Planning one can take a lot of time and logistics. Online family reunion invitations can do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to tracking RSVPs and coordinating follow-up questions.

Thankfully, there are a ton of adorable invitation designs for every occasion — from a casual picnic in the park to a casino game night or an out-of-town trip. Our favorite reunion invites will ensure all your family members clear their calendars for the occasion.
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10 New Years Cards that Are Worth Toasting

A variety of New Year's Eve cards sprinkled with confetti

It’s true what they say: The days are long, but the years are short. It seems that just when you start signing the right date on cards and checks, suddenly another year comes and goes. To celebrate the past year — and what the coming year has in store — it’s time to send out happy New Year’s cards to those you care about.

Whether you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party or just couldn’t get your annual holiday card out on time, New Year’s cards are the perfect way to ring in the new year. And with beautiful, champagne-popping eCards that take just a few minutes to customize, you’ll have your cards out before the ball drops.

Below, you’ll find 10 cards that will help you countdown into next year — and of course, remember your favorite moments from the year past. Whether you’re ringing in the New Year at home cozied up with your family or at a dive bar with your besties, hopefully these cards and invitations will help you dance, shimmy, and toast your way into the new year.
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