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Your Complete Guide to First Communion Invitations and Etiquette 

A robed person holds communion wafers

For those who follow the Catholic faith, the First Holy Communion is an important rite of passage for 7- and 8-year-old children. It is one of the three Sacraments of Initiation into the Catholic Church, which also include Baptism and Confirmation. More than just a day to wear white and receive gifts, the child will receive Jesus for the first time in what is called the Blessed Sacrament.

Since a First Communion is an intensely religious event, it can be more daunting to plan than other milestones like a birth announcement, baby shower, or first birthday. You’ll want your First Communion invitations to let guests know what to expect from the ceremony and communion party, if there is one. Above all, this is a special day for your little one, and they should be front and center along with, of course, the church. Follow this complete First Holy Communion invitation guide for everything you’ll need to know about your child’s big milestone.
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8 Tea Party Invitations for Your Afternoon Tea

Tea party invitations: a cup of tea, flowers, and an invitation

Move over cocktails, because tea is the new party theme du jour. Maybe it’s our obsession with all things royal or just a desire to eat crumpets and be fancy, but tea parties are our new favorite way to celebrate all of life’s special moments. They’re a fun way to celebrate a whole number of events from baby showers and engagement parties to birthdays and Mother’s Day brunch.

You’ve probably heard “high tea” or “afternoon tea” in relation to tea parties, and we want to take a minute to explore the differences between the two. After all, if you’re going to throw a posh tea party à la The Queen, you want to do it right.

The mid-day affairs with lace tablecloths and dainty tea sandwiches that we typically associate with tea parties are what’s referred to as afternoon tea or low tea in the UK. High tea, on the other hand, is traditionally a larger meal eaten around 5 pm that more closely resembles dinner, so a high tea party wouldn’t be the same as an afternoon tea party. The more you know!

If all this talk of proper terminology has you stressed about throwing a tea party, don’t worry, because it’s actually easy to put together an elegant tea time soiree. A tea party is a wonderfully versatile way to celebrate everything from a rustic-chic wedding rehearsal dinner to a birthday princess tea party. Scroll through for eight tea party invitations to get you started and give you some inspiring tea party ideas.
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16 1st Birthday Invitations to Celebrate Your Little One

1st birthday invitations: a birthday evite on a tablet, surrounded by balloons and confetti

It seems like just yesterday you were sending the baby shower invitations and birth announcements. But believe it or not, a year has gone by and your little one is turning one! They may be small, but they’ve already developed a big personality. So honor your baby girl or baby boy with first birthday party invitations that match their developing character.

Host an animal-themed event for your barnyard-loving birthday boy. Or create an out-of-this world celebration for your future astronaut. Whatever you choose, the right invitation will place them center stage on the big day. We’ve rounded up 16 fun invitations for a cake-smash of a first birthday party.
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16 Sweet 16 Invitations Your Teen Will Love

Sweet 16 invitations: an invitation surrounded by ribbon, macaroons, and gifts

A sweet 16 birthday is an exciting milestone in a teen’s life and deserves to be honored in a fun and unique way. Turning 16 marks the shift from childhood to adulthood, and what better way to celebrate than with a sweet 16 birthday party that your teen will cherish forever.

The theme options are endless and what you choose should depend on the personality and interests of the birthday girl (or boy). After all, this party is all about them. From sweet and vintage to more modern and glam, we have all the sweet 16 invitations (and some party ideas) to make your sweet 16 party a success. Cherish the planning process and this time with your teen because before you know it, you’ll be planning their graduation party.
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Cute Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations for Boys

Baby shower invitations for boys: blue party favors at a baby shower

If you or a special family in your life are expecting a little boy, nothing celebrates the impending arrival like a thoughtful baby shower. You’ve sent the pregnancy announcement, threw a gender reveal, and now it’s time for the final bash before baby. Welcome guests to this sweet event by finding the right baby shower invitations for boys to represent your family. Read on for cute invitation ideas that will help you honor the parents-to-be before their little man’s arrival.
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Dive into Summer with Pool Party Invitations that Make a Splash

Pool party invitations: an inner tube floating in a pool

Summer is heating up, and you’ve decided to cool things off with a timeless classic: the pool party. But there’s nothing old hat about sending splashy online pool party invitations.

Instead of a Facebook event that will get lost in the shuffle of dog photos and hashtags, a creative evite tells guests your event is special. Greenvelope offers an array of unique designs, created by independent artists, with styles to align with your party’s theme or inspire a theme all on its own. To create the perfect summer party invitation, first finalize your guest list and determine the type of event you want to throw. This will set the tone for your recipients so they know what to expect and are enticed to come. read more…

A Summer Moment with Molly My

“Selfless” and “timeless” are two words that spring to mind when you spend a few moments with Los Angeles-based lifestyle expert Molly My. Molly founded My Magazine in 2015, after gaining experience in the fields of journalism, public relations and advertising while living in New York City and San Francisco. Initially, My Magazine started as a digital magazine, but today it’s published both digitally and in print. From the start, though, the “selfless” and “timeless” qualities were present, and it was clear that My Magazine was in a class of its own. 

To this day, top of mind for Molly and her staff are well-being and female advocacy, two ideas that have been dear to Molly since she was a teenager. But also, Molly’s aesthetic tastes have always leaned toward classic concepts, on traditions that can’t stop coming back around. 

My Magazine has over time gained a loyal following and has become a place where Molly can share her tastes, the tastes of the magazine’s contributors:

“My Magazine has allowed me to not only share my passions, but to share others’ as well… the true reason I created a magazine was to bring passionate people together and give readers something beautiful, compelling and informative to enjoy.” 

For some time now, we’ve been beyond impressed by Molly’s talents, tastes, and welcoming approach. Which is why we were so excited to chat with Molly and ask her about any summer event tastes and tips she may have, as well as about her journey to influencer status. 

Check out the interview below. But also, did you know that Molly My has her very own design collection on Greenvelope? You can browse all of her gorgeous designs here

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6 Amazingly Fun Fourth of July Party Ideas

Fourth of July Party Ideas

From frosty brews and barbecue classics to midnight stars and twinkling sparklers, there are many reasons to love a Fourth of July party. It’s that perfect time of year when sunshine is almost guaranteed and memories are just waiting to be made. Don’t miss out on your chance to properly celebrate with friends and family. This year is the perfect opportunity to organize your own party (and we can help!) Below are some party ideas guaranteed to create a memorable Fourth of July party  in the sun. read more…

Last-Minute Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

Known as the official start of summer, Memorial Day weekend is often celebrated with grilled veggies, amped-up burgers, and a side dish of classic macaroni salad. But more importantly, it represents a day of remembrance for those who have served our country. Whether you’re honoring a friend or family member with an intimate gathering, or hoping to kick off the warmer months ahead with a backyard bash, we’ve compiled some last-minute ideas to help inspire your Memorial Day weekend celebration. read more…

The Best All-in-One Mitzvah Invitation Designs

Make your child’s mitzvah ceremony special and memorable—starting with the invitation! Greenvelope has a variety of stylish and popular invitations, perfect for any coming-of-age celebration. From classic and traditional to chic and modern, keep scrolling for 12 of our most popular bar and bat mitzvah invitations. read more…