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A Stunning New York Wedding with Woodland-Inspired Details

New York Wedding with Woodland-Inspired Details

Sara and Andy took their two favorite cities—their hometown of Rochester, New York and their current city of Portland, Oregon—and incorporated both locations into one incredible theme. And why not? There’s no better time than a wedding to celebrate the places that have our hearts. Sara told us, “We called the style of our wedding ‘bringing Oregon to New York.’ We wanted a woodsy, outdoorsy feeling, but nothing too rustic or country.”

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Kelsey and Erik’s Stunning St. Patrick’s Day Wedding

St. Patrick's Day Wedding

A shared Irish heritage, a first date on St. Patrick’s Day, an Ireland proposal, and an absolutely stunning St. Patrick’s Day wedding, it’s easy to see why this holiday holds a special place in the hearts of Kelsey and Erik. Complete with hanging twinkle lights and dancing leapfrog fountains, this gorgeous couple tied the knot at Crystal Gardens on Navy Pier in Chicago, a beautifully lush botanical garden. With help from a stellar team of vendors, their special day quickly turned into a fun-filled celebration surrounded by friends and family. Keep scrolling to see more from this incredible wedding!

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Real Wedding: Betsaida & Daniel

Real Wedding - Betsaida Luna and Daniel Polanco

It was a shared passion for dance that first sparked the love story of Betsaida and Daniel. Both talented performers, it was no surprise when they decided to incorporate a personalized salsa-inspired routine into their reception. And that wasn’t all. Complete with a stunning wardrobe change and over an hour of live entertainment with captivating dancers and merengue music, their special day quickly turned into a fun-filled celebration at the Pearl Beach Club in Punta Cana of the Dominican Republic. Keep scrolling to see more from this incredible wedding!

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5 Tips from a Real-Life Bride-To-Be

Today’s post is brought to us by real-life, bride-to-be Ayn Bernos

I’ve always been in love with weddings. My family runs a small catering business, and so in the past few years I’ve been heavily involved in helping our customers plan their weddings. I am also an emcee on the side, and a lot of the events I’ve hosted are actually — surprise, surprise — weddings as well. Currently, I work as the Content Manager for Wedding Favy, an online haven for themed and personalized wedding favors.

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Ashleigh & Matt – A Summer Camp Inspired Love Story

Summer Camp Wedding

Summer camp sparked the adventurous love story of Ashleigh and Matt. Both employed within the industry, Ashleigh and Matt share a fierce passion for the outdoors, so it was no surprise when they decided to have their wedding at a charming summer camp venue. Complete with a thematic blend of rustic elegance, their special day quickly turned into a fun-filled weekend full of group activities at Camp Echo Lake in Warrensburg, New York.

In the words of the bride, “Building a sense of community amongst our family and friends over the course of the weekend was the most meaningful part. People arrived throughout the weekend and participated in any of the activities they wanted.”

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Kristin and Dakota’s Engagement – A Disney Dream Come True

The first time they saw each other, Kristin and Dakota were too nervous to say hello. “We met at a party 5 years ago. We were both shy and although we noticed each other, we didn’t say a word,” explains Kristin. Fast forward five years later, and they’re in the process of planning what will be a truly timeless and romantic wedding. (If the proposal is any indication, we’re willing to bet on this!) Kristin and Dakota have also selected a gorgeous save-the-date from that ties in perfectly with the theme of their wedding.

Kristin and Dakota Disneyland Engagement Story

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Custom Wedding Inspiration: Lynette Cenée

Lynette Cenee Wedding Invitation

If you’re anything like Lynette CenĂ©e (YouTube star and makeup extraordinaire!) chances are, you might have a specific vision in mind when it comes to setting the tone for your wedding celebration.

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Romantic Chicago Wedding: Linda & Brian

Linda_Tran___Brian_Healey_Wedding 11

Today we are so excited to share a serendipitous love story from Linda and Brian – a story that had it’s first spark at a tennis club in Minnesota, and finally ignited upon a fateful reunion in Chicago. 

“We both grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, played tennis at the same club, and even had the same tennis coach (who years later was the reader at our wedding). A five year age difference kept us at a distance even though I had a crush on Brian. College and life took us in separate directions. Years later, I moved to Chicago. Brian was already living here. I was new to the city, so I reached out to him to tell him I moved here. He asked where in the city I was living and told him. He said my apartment was literally the building next door to him! We couldn’t believe it! We started hanging out and setting each other up with our friends. Told all my single friends I had the perfect guy for them. He did the same. Little did we know that we were perfect for each other.” read more…

Intimate & Stylish Wedding: Emilia and Socrates

It all began with what Emilia describes as “love at first site,” and 6 years later, Emilia and Socrates tied the knot in a stunning and intimate ceremony at Campbell Point House in Australia. Together, they were able to create a wedding celebration that was distinctively them and that they truly loved. Keep reading to see all the beauty and insights from Emilia & Socrates’ special day.

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Simply Stunning Zion National Park Wedding: Kate and Ryan

“Our wedding was about being with our absolute favorite people in a beautiful place.” The simplicity and earnestness of that single quote really sums up the loveliness that was Kate and Ryan’s Zion National Park wedding. A celebration of love with only the couple’s closest family and friends, with a simple mantra: love, fun, family and friends, and Zion. All captured flawlessly by the talented Tyler Rye Photography. Keep scrolling for all the stunning scenery, thoughtful details, and love-filled photos!


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