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Tips for Customizing Your Invitation Design

Customizing digital invitation

So you find the perfect invitation design for your event. Now you can start personalizing it! Keep in mind, you don’t have to totally delete the template to start fresh with your event information. The existing text layouts have been thoughtfully placed by our experienced design team. You can follow their existing format and maintain the overall aesthetic of your design by simply updating and replacing the text (not deleting it!)

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Using One Template for Multiple Events

Invitation Templates

One of the best things about our designs is that they’re fully customizable (and seriously gorgeous). Whether you want to upload your own design or tailor one of ours, every invitation can transform to match both your personal style and your particular event. Most of our designs are versatile enough to work for more than one type of event, so don’t shy away from exploring multiple design categories. In fact, most of our designs contain header text that can be easily customized with verbiage that reflects your event. So whether you’re planning a dinner party, bridal shower, or corporate event, keep in mind that many of our designs can be used beyond their listed categories.

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How to Add a Digital Paper Texture

Adding a paper texture digitally

Paper isn’t usually completely smoothso why should digital versions be any different? With the right steps, you can add realistic paper textures to your digital designs (think grain, structure, and dimension!) We’ve listed some simple steps to help you pull off this look digitally in Photoshop.

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How to Create a Letterpress Effect Digitally

How to create a letterpress effect digitally

Letterpressing—known for being both luxurious and timeless—is having a moment. This printing option continues to grow in popularity (and it’s easy to see why!) Traditionally, you see this technique a lot in paper invitations or stationery. But letterpressing isn’t exclusive to paper—with the right steps you can add a realistic letterpress effect to your digital designs in Photoshop. We’ve listed some simple steps to help you pull off this look digitally. (You’ll find that this technique is easiest to master on designs that feature a light-colored background!) Happy designing!

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Designer Chat: How Do You Spark Your Creativity?


What does creativity feel like?

The most notable feeling associated with creativity is the “Aha!” moment, but creativity is much more than that. It is a process of exploration, understanding, progression, inspiration, and allowing one’s mind to rest, daydream, search, synthesize, and evolve.  

It is this process that we were interested in hearing about from our designers. In such an artistic and creative profession, we wanted to know: How do you spark your creativity when you aren’t feeling creative?

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Gift Idea For Your Artistic Friend

Each December Pantone releases a color of the year that has had influence in fashion, beauty, interiors and the like. This year on December 5 they announced their 2013 color to be….(Drumroll please!!): Radiant Orchid!

photo courtesy of Pantone


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