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How to Host an Oscar Party

How to Host an Oscar Party

The night of all things glittery and golden is quickly approaching (and we couldn’t be more excited!) There’s no reason to not host your own red carpet evening—inspired by everything Hollywood does best (awards, movies, and glamour!) It’s the most anticipated award show for a reason, so invite your friends to curl up, get cozy, and watch all the festivities in the comfort of your home. Here are our recommendations for pulling off the perfect Oscar Sunday celebration.

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Graduation Announcements and Graduation Party Invitation Ideas

graduation invite and announcement inspiration

With finals looming in the not-so-far future (and already swooping down upon some), that triumphant moment of putting on your cap and gown will be here before you know it. Whether you’re a high school grad planning a last hurrah with your closest friends, or graduating from med school and just want to share the big news in style, we’ve got a plethora of graduation invitation and graduation announcement design options to customize and make your own. Scroll down to see the top design styles trending right now, or visit our design explorer to browse.

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Oscar Party Essentials


It’s that time of year when the most buzzed about movies are hitting the box office and celebrities don their best and most edgy gowns for their numerous red carpet appearances. For the most anticipated awards show of the season, why not have a party to get your closest friends together, sit around in your comfiest clothes, and buzz about who wore it best and who will be talking home the prizes of the night. For the perfect Oscar Sunday celebration, here are our 5 Oscar Party Night essentials.

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Six Fun Summer Parties to Throw

We know everyone is talking about “back-to-school”, but summer’s not over yet. Here are six fun party themes to throw before the first leaf falls:

1. Camping: for real or just in your own backyard–is a great way to enjoy the warmer nights and starry skies.  Essential activities include roasting marshmallows and making S’Mores, sharing stories (both spooky and sentimental), playing flashlight tag, and snuggling under shared blankets. Surprise your guests with a farewell gift…a bag of homemade trail mix.

Must haves:

camping summer party

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8 Golden Rules of a Seahawks Superbowl

super bowl header2

Super Bowl XLIX is just around the corner, and the city of Seattle could not be more pumped! While you don’t necessarily have to reside in Seattle to be a Seahawks fan, there are definitely some cardinal rules you must obey. Without further ado, the 8 golden rules of a Seahawks Super Bowl:

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5 Tips to Hosting a Great Boat Party

We’re approaching the middle of summer, and needless to say, it’s been scorching hot outside! So naturally, what do you do when the sun’s rays blind away your inhibitions? Peel off your shirt and host a boat party of course! The Greenvelope team would like to share five game-changing tips to hosting the perfect summer boat party:

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Planning the Perfect Summer BBQ: Do this, not that!

summer bbq blog header

No matter the occasion, the crowd, or the cuisine, we can all agree that summertime is the perfect time for a BBQ. We’ve compiled some must-do tips to make your summer BBQ a blast, not a bust.

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Boys Night Out: 7 Essential Items for a Successful Poker Night

Finally! Your significant other is out of town visiting her parents or spending some time with her friends. This of course calls for a Poker night with you and your best buds! We have created a list of 7 essential items to hosting a successful poker night. For your convenience, we have split the 7 items into two time-frames: Pre-Festivities, Poker Night, and Post Party.


1. Invite your friends, set a date.

How often do your nights out go as planned? With conflicting schedules and busy work lives, it’s hard to get all of your boys out together! The first thing you need to do to host a successful poker night is to send out a clear, straightforward invitation. Try sending out electronic invitations a week or two in advance (see our designs). Make sure you get RSVP’s so you know how many people to expect!

2. Set the Ground Rules.

Make sure the ground rules for the night are clear. Commonly enforced protocol include the “No Wives” rule or the “ No Cashing out Early” rule. Feel free to inject laws personalized for your specific group of friends. When our intern, Cliff, hosts Poker Night, he sets a rule that participants have to bring candy to share. They are a bunch of sweet tooths. read more…

Plan the Perfect Housewarming Party

Compared to packing and hauling boxes into your new home, planning a housewarming party should be fun, fresh, and easy. The first step is creating a guest list. Do you want to keep it small and cozy with just a few friends and family or have an open party and invite all your new neighbors? Next, decide on a date and time. Once you’ve figured those out, this is when Greenvelope comes in and makes it easy to import your entire guest list, send reminders, and allow your guests to save the event to their calendar and get directions with our Google Maps integration.

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