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21 Beautiful Celebration of Life Invitations to Honor Your Loved One

bouquet of flowers

Hosting a celebration of life event is a touching way to remember a loved one who has recently passed. Often held weeks after a funeral, a celebration or memorial event is an opportunity for friends and family to come together and reflect on the joy you shared with someone special.

There’s no denying that planning a celebration of life service can be incredibly emotional. Even if you have lots of celebration of life ideas, it’s a big task to bring everything together. Being surrounded by so many people who were part of your loved one’s life is often very healing, but it also involves a lot of preparation.

To help make it easier, all the designs featured here are digital invitations that offer plenty of personalization. This means you avoid the hassle of compiling addresses, writing and posting invitations, and chasing down RSVPs. It’s all taken care of for you so you can focus your energy on planning a beautiful event.
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12 Surprise Party Invitations to Send to Your Co-Conspirators

A digital surprise party invitation on a tablet

Not to toot our own, but — toot! toot! — we’re sort of professional surprise party planners. Detectives envy our secrecy, our lips are always sealed, and our surprise party invitations — they don’t leave a trace of evidence.

That’s right. Your guest of honor can dust for fingerprints and search our (snail)mailboxes with a magnifying glass, but our surprise invites will go undetected. Why? Here’s a bit of not-so-classified information for you: Our paperless invites don’t use RSVP cards, address labels, or stamps. No paper, no evidence.

So put us under the microscope all you want. These surprise party invitations won’t be found.
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10 50th Birthday Invitations to Celebrate the Big Five-Oh

Two 50th birthday invitations surrounded by gold ribbon and star-shaped confetti

Cheers to 50 years! Whether you or a loved one is counting down to the big five-oh, it’s a big reason to celebrate. And below, we’re diving into ten of our favorite 50th birthday invitations to kick off the party.

Five decades is certainly nothing to scoff at, so you’ll want to start brainstorming tons of fun 50th birthday party ideas to weave in to the festivities. Practice your mixology skills and create a custom cocktail, share old photos from decades prior, or use the year you were born as a party theme.

However you choose to celebrate, we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time. But first, let’s make sure everyone knows about the birthday bash — on to the invitations.
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She’s Almost Here! 10 Baby Shower Invitations for Girls

Cake pops and cupcakes laid out for a girl's baby shower

You waited your whole life to be a parent. After years of waiting, you’re in a giddy daze picking out adorable baby shower invitations for girls and preparing for her arrival.

You keep imagining what your baby girl’s future will be like. What college will she go to? Will she play an instrument or be the star of the basketball team? Will she be shy, curious, or the life of the party?

You have an entire lifetime to discover the answers to these questions. And all you can do as a parent is shower her with love and affection, setting her up for the best chance of success. Your first opportunity is to throw her a wonderful baby shower, gathering clothes, diapers, and other necessities for when she comes home.
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12 Retirement Party Invitations to Toast an Accomplished Career

A retirement party invitation laid out with an envelope, champagne cork, and champagne foil

How do you celebrate years of hard work, loyalty, and dedication? Throw a wonderful retirement party, of course! Below, we’re sharing our favorite retirement party invitations to send out in honor of your favorite colleagues.

More often than not, it’s not the work itself that keeps us motivated from nine to five — it’s the people. Being surrounded by people who motivate us, challenge us, and make us better is what a positive work life is all about.

And now, you’re throwing a retirement party to honor a special person who set a great example all these years.
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Gender Reveal Invitations That Will Have You Seeing Blue and Pink

Baby feet coming out of a white blanket

Who knows why the little one in your belly is wiggling, but you’re squirming from excitement because you’re about to discover your baby’s gender. You want everyone you know and love to be with you when you hear the news, so you’re sending gender reveal invitations to your family and friends.

Let’s be real — ever since you found out you’re pregnant, you’ve been waiting to hear the last word of the phrase, “It’s a …(fill in baby gender here)!” You’ve dreamt of pink balloons and blue slices of cake, leaving your subconscious a bit confused.

But now, someone knows the answer to your baby’s gender. The test results have been stamped, sealed, and sent to your trusted confidant (or the baker down the street). Very soon, you’ll pick out baby names and envision the face of your baby girl (or baby boy), what extracurriculars he (or she) will pick up, and the first adorable outfits you’ll dress her (or him) up in.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Before you pick out paint colors, outfits, or baby blankets, you have to actually know the gender. So let’s get those invites out stat.
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Elephant Baby Shower Invitations Guests Will Never Forget

An elephant baby shower invitation on a wood table with envelope and baby toys

It’s no wonder elephants are one of the top animals to feature on baby shower invitations. They’re adorable and have the sweetest expressions — much like babies. If you’re searching for elephant baby shower invitations, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite designs. From traditional and adorable to modern and bold, there’s something here for everyone.
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Toast the (Still) Happy Couple With These 9 Anniversary Invitations

Two anniversary invitations with greenery, a glass of champagne, and a champagne cork

All these years later, and your love is still going strong. Sometimes, you’re not quite sure how you do it, but with a little patience, a pinch of tough love, and years’ worth of compromise, you fall deeper in love every year. And here you are, ready to send out your wedding anniversary invitations to celebrate another year of marriage.

Whether you’re celebrating one year of marriage or 60, you want your friends and loved ones by your side. Some of them have been with you since the beginning — popping bottles at your bachelorette party, tearing up at your bridal shower, and holding your bouquet at the altar. But now, your family and group of friends have expanded, and you want all these new faces to gather with you at your anniversary party too.

Because that’s what a marriage is, isn’t it? There comes a point when it’s no longer just about the two of you. Your two lives have merged into one, bringing all your friends, family, children, and loved ones into it.

And these invites make sure they’re right there with you, toasting to your marriage and lives together. We’ve recommended invitations for different milestones, but each of these anniversary invites can be customized to match your stage of marriage.
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6 Confirmation Invitations to Celebrate a First Communion

Bread and a chalice from a confirmation

In the Christian faith, first communion, or confirmation, is an exciting time in a young person’s life. It’s the first time they receive the Eucharist, or the body (bread) and blood (wine) of their savior Jesus Christ. Considered a highlight of their faith, it’s fairly common to send out confirmation invitations, inviting friends and family to share in the experience.

Confirmation traditions vary between denominations, so how you celebrate will depend on your church and your version of Christianity. Young boys and girls celebrate their first communion as early as eight years old in the Catholic Church, while those within the Lutheran and Anglican churches usually receive theirs in middle school.

A first communion service is usually preluded by some sort of class where the child learns the meaning of the Eucharist, various prayers (including the Lord’s prayer), and the history of the church. At the actual church service, they receive communion with the rest of the congregation, and the pastor or priest may say a few words about the children during the sermon. Afterwards, a reception usually follows with cake, punch, coffee, or light snacks with the rest of the congregation.

If you’re planning a first communion, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions for planning a reception after the service. You’ll find six confirmation invitations to bring together family, friends, and your fellow congregation on this special day.
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8 Going Away Party Invitations to Help You Reminisce

A digital going away party invitation on a tablet, surrounded by a toy plane, lock, and sunglasses

Pardon us while we get a little sentimental here, but there is no greater emotional conflict than sending — or receiving — a going away party invitation.

If a family member, former roommate, or bestie is moving away, you can’t help but be selfishly, lovingly sad for their departure. And yet, you’re completely torn because, whether they’re moving away for a career opportunity, significant other, or to be closer to their family, you ultimately want what’s best for them.

Honestly, it’s one of the hardest things you have to do as an adult, watching your friends move to different cities and start different chapters of their lives. And while it’s hard to imagine your daily life without them, unable to walk over to their apartment, crack open a bottle of wine on a Tuesday, or grab happy hour together when you miraculously get off work at 5 p.m., you’re still grateful for each of those moments.

Goodbyes are so, so hard. We’re not going to sit here and try to tell you otherwise. But what we will say is this: Saying farewell to friends and family should be a time of celebration. You should toast to the great memories you’ve made together, and wish them the absolute best on their new endeavors. So send out these going away party invitations to throw one last bash, and raise your glasses to all the good times spent together.
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