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Bat Mitzvah Invitations: Etiquette, Wording, and Guest Lists

Torah for a Bat Mitzvah (Bat Mitzvah Invitations Article)

Mazel tov! Your little girl is all grown up, and you’re picking out Bat Mitzvah invitations. Chances are, you’ve spent the last six months to a year planning for this milestone.

After Shabbat morning services, you may be hosting a kiddush reception, or a light meal in the synagogue’s hall or at another venue outside of the sanctuary. Or like many families, perhaps you’ll host a separate reception after the service or later that evening. Like weddings, these receptions vary widely — from intimate dinners to bashes of My Super Sweet 16 proportions.

Because there are many elements to Bat Mitzvah tradition, it’s important your Bat Mitzvah invite covers all the bases. This is especially important for your non-Jewish guests who may not be familiar with Bar and Bat Mitzvah customs. Read on for Bat Mitzvah etiquette, invitation wording, and of course, beautiful designs.
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Mazel Tov! 12 Bar Mitzvah Invitations Worth Celebrating

A child's hand points to the Torah

A bar (or bat) mitzvah is a special day in any young person’s life. At the age of thirteen (or twelve for girls), your teen becomes fully enveloped in the Jewish community.

And while a bar/bat mitzvah is a significant affair, it’s also a time for celebration. According to Jewish tradition, becoming a bar mitzvah symbolizes the child is now responsible for their own actions. As they become more accountable in Jewish law, tradition, and ethics (or “mitzvot”), they take a significant step into adulthood.

How you choose to celebrate a bar/bat mitzvah is completely up to your family. The festivities might include an intimate setting with just a few close friends and family, or you might go all-out, renting out a local banquet hall or your favorite restaurant. Whether you choose to have a large group or a small one, with live music or just your favorite Spotify playlist in the background, and with a few appetizers or a full buffet, one thing is certain: your celebration should be representative of the child who is coming of age.

So before you finalize the guest list, food, or location, why not take one simple step forward and select your invitations? And hey, since this day is supposed to represent a young person taking on more responsibility, why not get them involved? You know they’re always looking for a way to share their opinion.
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15 Baptism Invitations to Bless Your Bundle of Joy

Two baptism invitations surrounded by sprigs of greenery

For practicing Christians, baptisms are a momentous occasion. Once you’ve decided you want to baptize your child, contact your church to get the ball rolling. They’ll ask for details like the baby’s name and date of birth, names of parents, and names of godparents or sponsors. When you’ve set a date, it’s time to select baptism invitations.

While a friendly phone call may suffice, sending online invitations is a great way to emphasize the importance of this event for your family. Plus, you can provide all of the details guests need to know. Choose from an array of designs across current baptism invitation trends, like embellished scripts, letterpress, and die-cut edges.

Once you’ve chosen an invitation design, be sure to familiarize yourself with baptism and Christening etiquette. For example, if your church has a formal dress code, you may want to include this in the invitation. Be mindful of guests who have never been to your place of worship. They may have questions about customs to observe during the ceremony.

You’ll also want to include basic details like the address of your church and service time. If you’re hosting an after-party, include the time and location of this as well. If your church or venue needs a head count, be sure to include an RSVP date so you can get a final tally.

Now for the fun part! Select an invitation design that is in step with your family’s style. If you’re very religious, consider a cross motif. For those who prefer to emphasize family and community, consider a simple greenery invitation. You can also pick a gender-specific invitation that’s reflective of your bouncing baby boy or girl. These 15 stylish designs are a great start to find what speaks to you.
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Your Complete Guide to First Communion Invitations and Etiquette 

A robed person holds communion wafers

For those who follow the Catholic faith, the First Holy Communion is an important rite of passage for 7- and 8-year-old children. It is one of the three Sacraments of Initiation into the Catholic Church, which also include Baptism and Confirmation. More than just a day to wear white and receive gifts, the child will receive Jesus for the first time in what is called the Blessed Sacrament.

Since a First Communion is an intensely religious event, it can be more daunting to plan than other milestones like a birth announcement, baby shower, or first birthday. You’ll want your First Communion invitations to let guests know what to expect from the ceremony and communion party, if there is one. Above all, this is a special day for your little one, and they should be front and center along with, of course, the church. Follow this complete First Holy Communion invitation guide for everything you’ll need to know about your child’s big milestone.
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6 Amazingly Fun Fourth of July Party Ideas

Fourth of July Party Ideas

From frosty brews and barbecue classics to midnight stars and twinkling sparklers, there are many reasons to love a Fourth of July party. It’s that perfect time of year when sunshine is almost guaranteed and memories are just waiting to be made. Don’t miss out on your chance to properly celebrate with friends and family. This year is the perfect opportunity to organize your own party (and we can help!) Below are some party ideas guaranteed to create a memorable Fourth of July party  in the sun. read more…

Last-Minute Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

Known as the official start of summer, Memorial Day weekend is often celebrated with grilled veggies, amped-up burgers, and a side dish of classic macaroni salad. But more importantly, it represents a day of remembrance for those who have served our country. Whether you’re honoring a friend or family member with an intimate gathering, or hoping to kick off the warmer months ahead with a backyard bash, we’ve compiled some last-minute ideas to help inspire your Memorial Day weekend celebration. read more…

The Best All-in-One Mitzvah Invitation Designs

Make your child’s mitzvah ceremony special and memorable—starting with the invitation! Greenvelope has a variety of stylish and popular invitations, perfect for any coming-of-age celebration. From classic and traditional to chic and modern, keep scrolling for 12 of our most popular bar and bat mitzvah invitations. read more…

Tips for Hosting a Memorable and Modern Birthday Party

The key to pulling off a successful birthday party? A little cake and a lot of fun. Whether it’s a celebration in honor of a child or an adult, you can make this year’s occasion truly special with a party full of family and friends. Along with candles and cake, there are several other factors to finalize before the party can start. To help ease you into the planning process, we’re excited to share some expert insights that break down everything you need to know for hosting a memorable and modern birthday party. read more…

How to Host an Oscar Party

How to Host an Oscar Party

The night of all things glittery and golden is quickly approaching (and we couldn’t be more excited!) There’s no reason to not host your own red carpet evening—inspired by everything Hollywood does best (awards, movies, and glamour!) It’s the most anticipated award show for a reason, so invite your friends to curl up, get cozy, and watch all the festivities in the comfort of your home. Here are our recommendations for pulling off the perfect Oscar Sunday celebration.

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Graduation Announcements and Graduation Party Invitation Ideas

graduation invite and announcement inspiration

With finals looming in the not-so-far future (and already swooping down upon some), that triumphant moment of putting on your cap and gown will be here before you know it. Whether you’re a high school grad planning a last hurrah with your closest friends, or graduating from med school and just want to share the big news in style, we’ve got a plethora of graduation invitation and graduation announcement design options to customize and make your own. Scroll down to see the top design styles trending right now, or visit our design explorer to browse.

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