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36 Diwali Wishes That Will Light Up the Holiday

Diwali wishes: Diwali invitation cards

From good food to good fortune, there’s plenty we’re wishing for this Diwali. But before we light the oil lamps or firecrackers, we’ve got some Diwali wishes to send out. 

Our days would be very dark, indeed, without our friends and family members to light up our lives. So, we’ve put together our best wishes for a happy Diwali — from good tidings to get the party started to sentiments that are as sweet as the mithai. Use these messages in your Diwali greeting cards (and yes, we’ve included some of our favorite Diwali cards, too), then send them to loved ones around the world
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Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Real (Spooky) Fun

Virtual Halloween Party

Boo! Halloween is here and that means it’s time for planning a wickedly good celebration. We realize it’s not always easy to gather with your loved ones in real life — but that’s where a virtual Halloween party comes in.

While it’s great to greet friends and family with a warm hug (or fist bump), the great thing about a virtual party is that you can gather folks both near and far — no planes, trains, or automobiles needed! With that in mind, we’re sharing our top tips on planning an unmissable virtual Halloween party, including fun Halloween activities and our favorite digital Halloween invitations. 
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2nd Birthday Party Ideas: 16 Ways to Enjoy Twice the Fun

2nd birthday party ideas: kid wearing a tiara

Your baby’s second birthday is fast approaching and it’s time to start figuring out how to celebrate. You’ve made it through the transition of welcoming a new joy to the family and your little one is starting to develop their own unique personality. 

While precious toddlers aren’t quite old enough to choose their second birthday theme, you can incorporate some of their favorite characters into the big event. Not sure what theme is best suited for a second-year celebration? Check out our list of 2nd birthday party ideas to get you started.
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Host an Unmissable Bash With These Oktoberfest Party Ideas

Oktoberfest party ideas: group of friends in Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a big hit with guests looking to enjoy delicious beer, toast with friends, and relax to a backdrop of lively sounds. Throwing an event to celebrate this traditional Bavarian moment is one of the most memorable ways to spend your time together. 

The best Oktoberfest parties are those that mix great food, drink, company, and entertainment. Get inspired by some of our most-loved Oktoberfest party ideas — including party decor, activities, and, of course, food and drink. 
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Birthday Invitations Templates: Creating the Perfect Party Invites

Birthday invitations templates

Planning someone’s birthday party is an exciting chance to create a magical day when they’re the center of attention and everyone’s gathered round to celebrate them. 

But before that memorable moment happens, you first need to let people know there’s a party happening. This mini guide to birthday invitations templates will help you do just that. You’ll find tips on what to include in your party invites, great wording ideas, and take a look at some of our most loved birthday templates that you can customize. 
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15 Fabulous Fall Birthday Party Ideas: Decor, Invitations, and More

Fall birthday party ideas: people clinking wine glasses

Fall is a magical time of year. The leaves begin to turn vibrant shades of red and orange, creating a dramatic backdrop for all types of events. It also signals sweater weather, so parties can focus on creating cozy atmospheres. Yes, it’s time to leave the hot summer months behind and bring in the sweet, aromatic months of autumn.

To help you celebrate the season, we’ve compiled a list of our top fall birthday party ideas. Whether you need a party theme for your child’s party or want something to celebrate your own birthday, you’ll find an idea to fall in love with here.
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Share the Love With These “Wishing You the Best” Wording Ideas

Wishing you the best: friends hugging each other

There are plenty of moments in life where it makes sense to send your well wishes or messages of good luck to someone — whether they’re a coworker, friend, or family member. Here, you’ll find a list of big life moments where a sweet “wishing you the best” message works perfectly. We’ll also share some of our favorite greetings you can use inside a card, letter, or guest book for each occasion. 
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Paw-ty Time! How to Throw the Ultimate Dog Birthday Party

dog birthday party: German Shepherd wearing a party hat

What better way to celebrate the best dog ever than with the ultimate dog birthday party? Whether your beloved puppers is turning one or 10, we’ll take you through all the necessary steps for hosting a paw-some celebration, plus we’ll share some super cute invitations that are sure to bark up some fun.
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Ooh la La: Celebrate in Style With These Parisian Party Theme Ideas

Parisian party theme: Parisian themed decorations

There’s nothing more sophisticated than a Parisian-themed party. It’s a lovely theme for a variety of celebrations, from a baby shower and bridal shower to a bachelorette party or birthday party. You can take inspiration from the City of Romance and create a stylish flower-filled get-together, or go all out with a pink-and-white affair for a quinceanera

If someone special in your life is considering a Parisian party theme for their upcoming milestone moment, we have all the ideas you’ll need. From creative Paris party decorations to delicious food and fun games, we’ll help you throw the perfect Parisian-style soiree. 
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Pinkies Up: 16 Fabulous Tea Party Ideas

tea party ideas: several pastries on display

There’s something so warm and welcoming about a tea party. It’s the perfect reason to get together and celebrate a special moment in life, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, or baby shower. To help you throw the perfect get-together, we’re sharing some of our favorite tea party ideas, including fun themes, games, activities, and — of course — delicious food and drink inspiration. 
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