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Throw an Epic Great Gatsby Party With These Top Tips

Great Gatsby party sign on top of table

There’s nothing quite as fun as hosting a themed party. Setting the stage with stunning decor, arranging delicious treats, stuffing party favors, and getting dressed up is just half the fun. One idea that never goes out of style is a Great Gatsby party or Roaring Twenties soiree.

With flapper fashion, Art Deco design, and epic dance moves, it’s no surprise that Great Gatsby-inspired celebrations are having a moment. But knowing how to create your own takes a bit of party planning. Read on to find tips on how to decorate, what to wear, and how to choose spectacular invitations that will wow your guests for an evening of fun and glamour.
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18 Party Theme Ideas for Whatever You’re Celebrating

Party theme ideas: Ice creams and lollipops

Everyone loves a themed party! From a Bookworm Bash to a Jewel Heist Happy Hour, themed events allow our imaginations to run wild. We can don on-theme attire and imagine ourselves in a whole new world.

Plus, a theme can make party planning easier. You just have to make one decision: What is your theme going to be? Then, everything from your menu to your outfit to your party decorations will fall into place. 

To help you make that one decision, we’ve rounded up our favorite party theme ideas. Let this list inspire your next celebration. 
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Online Christmas Cards: 4 Reasons to Send Them, Plus 6 Designs

Online Christmas Cards: 4 Reasons to Send Them, Plus 6 Gorgeous Designs

When the holiday season is near, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas decor and how you want to make things merry and bright. One of the season’s first tasks is sending out holiday greeting cards and yearly updates to loved ones sprinkled around the globe. From glittering stars and funny Grinch designs, Christmas cards make it easy to get into the holiday spirit.

While writing Christmas cards used to take a lot of time, virtual holiday cards make it easier than ever to create custom designs and send them in minutes, not hours. Online Christmas cards make it easy to personalize your holiday card designs and send them off without stamps and visits to the post office. Discover the benefits of online Christmas cards and find stunning designs to share good tidings all season long.
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16 Funny Birthday Cards That’ll Make Your Loved One Laugh Out Loud

Funny Birthday Cards: Pink and yellow theme

If your friend or relative has a great sense of humor, indulge them with plenty of laughter on their special day. Here’s our guide to funny birthday cards, including some fantastic designs that will put a smile on your loved one’s face. But first, take a look at some wording ideas to help you create a show-stopping birthday greeting card.
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Happy Birthday Ecard: Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Greeting

Happy birthday ecard: Happy birthday cake

Someone special has a birthday coming up, and you want to pick the perfect card. Avoid the chaos of heading to the store or making a rushed purchase by sending a happy birthday ecard.

To help you create and send the perfect birthday wishes, we’ve brought together some fun wording ideas and our favorite designs. But first, let’s review some of the top reasons why ecards are such a great choice.
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Eagle Scout Invitations: 8 Design Ideas to Celebrate Your New Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout Invitations: Uniform with badges

Congratulations! Your child has achieved the highest honor in the Scouts BSA (formerly known as Boy Scouts of America) and has become an Eagle Scout. This special achievement is commemorated by what’s known as “Scouting’s greatest moment,” the Eagle Scout Court of Honor (COH). This celebration typically includes a number of special guests, speeches, and other presentations that celebrate the honoree’s accomplishments during their Scouting career.

Surely, an invitation to your son or daughter’s Eagle Court of Honor should be as memorable as their Eagle Court of Honor program itself. But how can you make the event announcement stand out? In this guide, we’ll share eight inspiring designs that are well-suited for Eagle Scout invitations, plus other customization ideas to make your invite as unique as your brand-new Eagle Scout.
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College Graduation Invitations: Best Designs, Wording Ideas, and More

College Graduation Invitations: Best Designs, Wording Ideas, and More

College graduation is a time to celebrate. It may be the end of an era, but it’s also the start of something even bigger as your grad goes on to do great things. Celebrate this milestone achievement with a graduation party filled with friends and family. To help you plan the perfect celebration, we’ve brought together everything you need to create the perfect college graduation invitations — plus plenty of wording and design inspiration.

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90th Birthday Invitations to Toast a Lifetime of Laughs, Love, and Memories

90th birthday invitations: Blue and white design

Ninety years on this earth is nothing to scoff at. As you think about what the birthday honoree has seen in their lifetime, you can’t help but marvel. That’s 90 years of family holidays, love stories, new friends, and countless lessons learned, all squeezed into one heart-tugging, tear-jerking celebration. And you’re on the hunt for a beautiful 90th birthday invitation to kick off that celebration.

Below, we share a few of our favorite 90th birthday invitations to celebrate this incredible milestone. Get ready to call the bakery, gather the guest list, and turn up the music, because this is about to be the birthday of the (almost) century.

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Throw the Perfect Event With These 10 Super Bowl Party Games

Super bowl party games: Football, nachos and drinks

Are you ready to start planning your Super Bowl party? Watching the Big Game (and halftime show) is the highlight of the celebration. But the food, drinks, company, and party activities make it an event not to miss. To help you plan an amazing football party this year, here are 10 Super Bowl party games — some are perfect for before the Big Game starts, while others are ideal to play during or after the action on the field.

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11 Graduation Invitations Plus Wording Tips to Announce the New Grad

Graduation invitations: Pretty girl in an invitation

With graduation day, feelings of accomplishment fill the air along with decorated caps and tassels to celebrate the momentous occasion. Whether you’re celebrating the successful completion of high school or college, this day is all about recognizing the hard work put in and welcoming a new world of opportunities.

One of the best ways to recognize the new grad is to host a party. To do that, you’ll need to secure a venue, choose the food and decor, and send out stunning graduation invitations to family and friends. Here, we’ll show you how to create graduation invitations and demonstrate why online graduation invitations are better than paper alternatives. Plus, you’ll discover 11 graduation invitation designs you can customize to fit your event.
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