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Simplified Seating: 5 Steps to Create a Wedding Seating Chart

Wedding seating chart: table setting with flowers

Roll up your sleeves, pour yourself a glass of wine, and unfurl those eyebrows — it’s time to create a wedding seating chart. Picture a chic acrylic wedding sign written in gorgeous calligraphy or a boho, greenery-inspired poster on a rustic easel. A wedding seating chart is one piece of wedding stationery that’s typically essential but poses many couples with a challenge.

Even those who love the wedding planning process take a few shallow breaths at the mention of a seating chart. Those two words pose a laundry list of follow-up questions and concerns about the best way to arrange your friends and family members at the wedding reception. But don’t worry. We’ve simplified the process with this step-by-step guide on planning your wedding seating chart.
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Black Tie Optional Wedding: Dress Code, Etiquette, and More

Black tie optional wedding: bride and groom kissing in front of their guests

You open a beautiful invitation and are filled with joy at the thought of attending the nuptials of someone you love. As you continue reading the invite, you see the words “black tie optional,” and like many others, you’re a little confused. The words “black tie” suggest highly formal attire, but “optional” is a bit vague.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you navigate the nuances of a black tie optional wedding dress code with ideas for the perfect outfit. Plus, if you’re planning your wedding as a black tie optional event, we’re also sharing etiquette and decor tips to ensure your dream day goes off without a hitch.
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16 Essential Tips for Wedding Guest Etiquette

Wedding guest etiquette: bride hugging a woman

Weddings are full of unwritten rules and traditions that guests are expected to know about, which is why wedding guest etiquette can be a little stressful — it’s assumed even though it isn’t always explained. 

Thankfully, we’ve written it all down to help you navigate the challenges of wedding guest etiquette. With this expert guide, you’ll discover must-know rules and popular etiquette suggestions so you can enjoy the wedding experience with thoughtfulness and confidence.
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The Most Common (and Some Uncommon) Wedding Dress Codes Explained

Different wedding dress codes

Are you a guest who was recently invited to a wedding and wondering what “festive attire” means? Or perhaps you’re a couple wondering what invitation verbiage will best indicate that your venue is more of a “suit jacket” affair? Well, you came to the right place.

A common question we get from couples putting together their wedding invitations is about attire, so we’ve outlined a list of the most common (and some less common) wedding dress codes. That said, as with every detail of your wedding, do what feels right to you as a couple and don’t get too hung up on tradition.
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Wedding Attire Black Tie: Do’s and Don’ts of This Formal Dress Code

Wedding attire black tie: bride and groom standing outside

A black tie wedding is a golden opportunity to dress like royalty while celebrating a loved one’s nuptials. It’s not often you get to dress to the nines and don your most sophisticated attire — especially in the era of athleisure and casual get-ups. But even though getting ready for a black tie wedding can be exciting, it can also feel daunting. Here, we’ll show you the do’s and don’ts of wedding attire for black tie and give you fun ways to make the outfit all your own.
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Announcing an Elopement: Must-Know Etiquette, Plus 5 Card Designs

Announcing elopement: elopement announcement card, candle, and some leaves

There’s nothing more romantic than running off together to elope. Forget the storybook wedding. You and the person you love alone in a remote locale — that’s the stuff storybooks are really made of.

Eloping can save you time, money, and stress, and it can provide the intimate wedding ceremony you both want. But there’s one advantage that traditional weddings have over elopements — after it’s over, all of your nearest and dearest know you got married. With an elopement, nobody knows so you have to share the news.

While planning elopements is usually less stressful than the traditional wedding planning process, announcing an elopement can also be stressful — especially if your loved ones are going to be disappointed that they weren’t part of your big day (or that they weren’t invited to an open bar party). But remember, it was your big day. You did it your way. And the people who love you will be excited for you — even without an open bar.

Your elopement announcement will help you share your excitement. And with a few etiquette tips and the right announcement card, you can make sure announcing your elopement doesn’t cause any hard feelings. Here’s how to do it.
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Wedding Gift Etiquette Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Wedding gift etiquette: person opening a gift

So you have a date, a dress-code-approved outfit, and a fierce craving for bubbly. The last thing left on your wedding guest to-do list is probably figuring out a wedding gift. If you find yourself struggling, we have some answers!

Explore our wedding gift etiquette guide below where we’ve answered all of your questions. From how much to spend to what to buy, we’ve got your etiquette puzzles solved.
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Who Goes to the Rehearsal Dinner: Planning, Etiquette, and Tips

Who goes to the rehearsal dinner: group of people having a toast

A rehearsal dinner is typically the last official gathering before your wedding day. After all of your efforts rehearsing the events of the big day, you get to sit down with your loved ones and enjoy a delicious meal. If you’re wondering who to invite to the rehearsal dinner, you’re not alone. Figuring out which guests to invite can be tricky when trying to abide by etiquette and also adhere to a budget.

Here, we’ll highlight some considerations when creating your rehearsal dinner guest list and share what you need to know about who goes to the rehearsal dinner. We’ll also share a variety of stunning rehearsal dinner invitations to excite your guests about the special event.
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Engagement Party Etiquette: 12 Tips to Host with Confidence

Engagement party etiquette: friends having a toast

Planning an engagement party isn’t something that happens every day. It’s an exciting moment to celebrate, but it’s also an event you likely have no experience in planning. As such, there are lots of questions about planning, etiquette, and best practices. Fortunately, we have answers to your engagement party etiquette questions. Consider this your guide to everything you need to know about engagement party etiquette.
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Wedding Invitation Etiquette: Tips for Wording and What to Include

Wedding invitation etiquette: wedding invitations with flowers beside it

Sending a wedding invitation involves more than choosing a gorgeous design, writing the date and time of the event, and sending it off to guests. There are some important considerations that go into a wedding invitation, including etiquette. Choosing the right wording for the moment, making clear who’s invited, and ensuring essential details make it into the invite all require attention. 

Since it’s your big day, you can choose how much you want to follow traditional wedding invitation etiquette, but however you choose to celebrate, there are a few things to keep in mind when crafting your invite. Whether you’re hosting a traditional wedding or throwing a more modern event, this guide will help you create the perfect wedding invitation.
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