Fairy wedding: wedding invitations, flowers, and wedding rings

If you’re dreaming of a romantic wedding day, there’s no better theme than a fairy wedding. Wonderful woodland scenery, whimsical wedding attire, and a nod to all things fantasy and fairytales are all central to this exciting wedding theme. Plan the ultimate fairy wedding with these tips on selecting your venue, decor, menu, invitations, and more to create a magical day to remember. 

14 Magical Fairy Wedding Ideas for Your Whimsical Celebration

Fairy wedding: outdoor wedding setting

There’s no shortage of ideas and creativity when it comes to planning your own fairytale wedding day. Discover all the wonderful ways to bring your fairy wedding theme to life. 

1. Woodland Wedding Ceremony

To set the scene for your nuptials, consider hosting an enchanted forest wedding. You can head to your local national park or find a forest wedding venue that will provide the ultimate backdrop for your fairytale outdoor wedding. If a woodland area isn’t possible, translate this idea into a garden wedding or backyard wedding with the help of a beautiful rustic arch, string lighting, lush wedding centerpieces and garlands, and romantic wildflowers.

2. Fairytale Wedding Venue

Want to feel like Cinderella (without the whole midnight curse thing)? Consider a venue that feels like something out of a storybook for your wedding ceremony or wedding reception. Historic buildings, elegant castles, lakeside hideaways, and fields of wildflowers all make wonderful wedding venues for a fairy-themed day — plus, it’ll look incredible in your wedding photos

3. Pastel Color Scheme

A fairy wedding calls for a gorgeous color palette, and you can’t go wrong with pastels. Use delicate hues of pinks, purples, blues, and yellows mixed with white and plenty of greenery to create a magical color scheme. Use these hues throughout your wedding — from your wedding flowers and stationery to your cocktails and wedding favors

4. Whimsical Wedding Attire

Fairy wedding: portrait of a bride holding a bouquet

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional white wedding dress or a tuxedo, but you can also be daring with your wedding attire if you wish. Try an elegant tulle ball gown with floral embroidery, a pastel suit with shorts, or even dress as a woodland fairy for true fairy vibes. Choose outfits for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or wedding party that complement your theme.

5. Embroidered Shoes

If you want to keep your wedding gown or suit more traditional, one place where you can showcase a bit of whimsy is with your shoes. Choose a pair embroidered with delicate lace or woodland motifs (such as trees, mushrooms, butterflies, acorns, or leaves) for a quirky nod to the theme. 

6. Colorful Makeup

If you plan to wear makeup on your wedding day, this theme gives you plenty of room to get creative. Swap out those neutral tones for a pop of color. Soft greens, blushy pinks, and lavender hues draw attention to your eyes and honor the boldness and fun of a magical fairy wedding theme. 

7. Floral Crowns

Fairy wedding: bride wearing a floral crown

Flower crowns are often seen at boho weddings, but they’re also incredible for fairy weddings. Make your own DIY flower crowns, or ask your florist to create them using your wedding flowers. If a floral crown or headband isn’t for you, try an elegant tiara with bright gemstones or a hairstyle with wildflowers or on-theme hair accessories

8. Fairy Wings

A fairy-inspired wedding doesn’t necessarily mean dressing up as one, but it’s certainly an option. Instead of a veil, you could wear a handmade pair of fairy wings — or, if applicable, you could have your bridesmaids or flower girl don a pair of wings. You could also use fairy wings as party favors for the kids at your celebration or set up a table where guests can personalize their own. 

9. Rustic Wooden Signs


Whether your wedding is set in a whimsical woodland or your backyard, you’ll want some signage to let your guests know where the party is. Rustic wooden signs are a wonderful match for a whimsical wedding as they lean into that natural feeling. Plus, they’re easy to buy or rent if you don’t want to make your own. 

10. Delicate String Lighting

Lighting can help set the tone and atmosphere you want for your wedding day. For a fairy wedding, a cozy glow is a must — and string lighting can help you achieve it in an affordable way. Drape string lighting across a canopy over your dining table, in trees lining the way towards the altar, or around your garden fence if you’re celebrating in your backyard.

11. Foliage Table Decor

Bring out the fairy woodland theme with plenty of greenery, foliage, and fresh flowers on your tables. Create little scenes with moss, leaves, and delicate flowers, and add some small woodland creatures, fairies, and stumps of wood if you like. Keep this wedding decor simple and stylish, or go bold with your very own fairy-inspired centerpieces.

12. Vintage Tableware

Elegant, vintage tableware works perfectly with a fairy wedding theme. It’s the ideal time to showcase your own personal collection — or find a local company that you can rent from instead. Pastel tones, floral details, scalloped edges, and intricate designs all complement the theme well. 

13. Woodland Wedding Cake

Waiter serving a slice of cake with nuts on top

Make your wedding cake shine with a stunning multi-tier design featuring woodland animals, fairies, and plenty of details. For a more relaxed or sophisticated take, stick with a classic iced wedding cake and use edible flowers, faux foliage, and tree nuts for a touch of woodland-inspired whimsy. 

14. Themed Wedding Favors

Send your guests home after the big celebration with something to remember it by. Fill a jar with wildflower seeds with a thank you tag attached, or offer fairy-inspired coasters they can use at home. For younger guests, a pair of fairy wings, a magic wand, or an on-theme coloring book set make lovely wedding favor ideas. 

4 Fairy Wedding Invitations to Match Your Theme

Bride and groom happily smiling at the camera

A fairy wedding calls for invitations that are just as impressive. Greenvelope offers a stunning collection of romantic, boho, and floral invitations that work perfectly with a fairy wedding theme. From the colors and layout to the wedding invitation wording, you can easily customize any of our online invitations to suit your style and tastes. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Romantic Wonderland Wedding Invitation

Romantic Wonderland Invitation

Design: Robinson Creative House

This romantic wonderland wedding invitation evokes strong fairytale vibes. The tumbling vines and flowers paired with the vintage paper effect and subtle color options make this ideal for a romantic fairy wedding. 

Forever Florals Wedding Invitation

Forever Florals Invitation

Design: Plum Pretty Sugar®

Florals are always a good choice for wedding invites, especially for a fairytale-themed celebration. This floral wedding invitation features beautiful illustrations in a handful of sweet color options, so you can find one to match your wedding color scheme. 

Impressionist Meadow Wedding Invitation

Impressionist Meadow Invitation

Design: LNZart

If you’re planning on throwing your wedding ceremony or reception in a field of wildflowers, this impressionist meadow wedding invitation is a wonderful choice. The painterly effect and soft hues create an ideal backdrop for your fairy wedding invite. 

Mt. Rainier Wedding Invitation

Mt. Rainier Invitation

Design: National Park Foundation

Invite your guests to join you for a woodland wedding ceremony with this Mt. Rainier wedding invitation. It has woodland vibes plus a mysterious feel thanks to the dark and moody backdrop. You can choose from white, gold, or copper effect lettering for the title, making this invite perfect for either a casual woodland wedding or a more luxe affair. 

Plan Your Dream Fairy Wedding

Fairy weddings are some of the most romantic and magical around. You can play around with ideas of folklore and fairytales, as well as modern inspiration from classic films and boho aesthetics.

Once you have all the wedding inspiration you need, turn your attention to sending out gorgeous wedding invites. Browse our romantic wedding invitations to find a design you love, then customize it and invite your guests to your dream wedding day.