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Customer Feature Friday: Smile Train

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As a company that was founded on the values and promise of giving back, we are truly honored when we are able to bring awareness and help foster the success of the noble causes of our incredible nonprofit and business partners. Today’s #FeatureFriday is about an amazing charity that provides empowerment, hope, and health, and the ways that they connect with their advocates, donors, and supporters.

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Event Planner Spotlight: Bee the Buzz


Bee the Buzz is an award-winning event planning and design company in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area that is obsessed with love…life…and the environment. The company invests in technology that uses less paper, such as emails, phone calls, and Google docs. They say “It is in our DNA to produce an event that leaves the least amount of carbon foot-print without sacrificing style.” To further show their dedication to the environment, they donate a portion of their income from each event to Green Futures by Tree Trust, a non-profit organization that turns charitable donations into trees planted in parks and neighborhoods throughout Twin Cities area.

Bea, the owner and lead planner, shares tidbits about her company and being an event planner.

When and how did you know that you wanted to be an event planner?
I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit within me and I am a people pleaser. My husband and I love to host get-togethers at our house and I love all aspects of making guests happy and comfortable. After I quit my corporate job, I wanted to do something that I love and event planning is one love that I can’t put off. I think we should love what we do, otherwise, life is not going to be as fulfilling as we want it to be. To me, a fulfilled life is to help others and by my vocation, planning parties! The look of happiness and satisfaction in a client’s face says it all. I take pride in what I do and I bend myself backwards for my clients if I have to. read more…

Local Business Spotlight: My Sweet Lil Cakes


Food is love. Love is food. When combined together they create My Sweet Lil Cakes.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, Jesse found love in the city of Seattle when he first set his eyes on Sheena in early 2011. They spent the first few months of their relationship trying to figure out a way quit their jobs to work beside each other forever.

“It didn’t take very long staring at Sheena’s assets in the kitchen to come up with the inspiration for these deliciously plump hotcakes on a stick!” Jesse Lee, Founder

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Local Business Spotlight: Snoqualmie Vineyards

Snoqualmie Local Green Business Collage

We work in the party business. Sometimes party culture isn’t very green-friendly (think Solo cups at house parties–eek!).

Lucky for us, Snoqualmie Vineyards, located just 2.5 hours outside of Seattle, takes sustainability really seriously. Here at Greenvelope, we’re always looking to support local businesses, especially ones that consider the Earth and our beautiful state.

Snoqualmie has been green since way before it was cool (since 1983!). They use recycled bottles, earth-friendly corks, a gray-water recycling system, and agricultural practices that protect native plants. Even their grapes are certified organic!

Snoqualmie Local Business

“Great wines are about understanding when to relinquish control to Mother Nature; we can do little to improve her bounty. I think trying to let the fruit come through in the wine without doing extra magic or processing is the best way to showcase each varietal.”
Joy Andersen, Winemaker

So next time you Seattleites are looking for local drinks for a party, consider Snoqualmie’s many wine varietals. Don’t fret, non-Seattleites! You can buy their wines online.

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