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Retirement Invitation Wording: Tips to Mark This Milestone

Retirement invitation wording: retirement invitation card

If you or someone you know is retiring, there’s cause for celebration. After years of hard work and dedication, a retirement party is a great way to honor your legacy, success, and accomplishments throughout the years. At this event, you can pay homage to your career and share your excitement for what the future holds.

Before you start planning the retirement bash, you’ll need to send out invitations. That includes choosing the right retirement invitation wording to suit the mood of the occasion. Retirement parties can be tricky since they are sometimes filled with mixed emotions — excitement for the adventure ahead yet reflective of the time that has passed. 

Here, we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the retirement invitation wording process. From black-tie dinner parties to casual BBQ farewell parties, you’ll find wording tips to match the moment.
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Have a Blast: 15 Fun 4th of July Traditions to Try This Year

4th of July traditions: group of people celebrating Independence Day

Fourth of July is almost here, and with it comes the desire to make plans, get together with friends, and do something memorable. If you’re thinking of starting or continuing some 4th of July traditions, you’re in the right place. 

We have gathered 15 of the best ways to celebrate Independence Day so you can create your own fantastic 4th of July traditions that would make our Founding Fathers proud. 
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Bring on the Fireworks: 15 Fun 4th of July Activities for Adults

4th of July activities for adults: group of friends having a party

Fourth of July is a full day of fun, but the fireworks show doesn’t start until the sun goes down. So, how are you and your friends going to entertain yourselves in the meantime? We have a few ideas.

Since your guests are all grown-up (even if they don’t act like it), we’ve rounded up our favorite 4th of July activities for adults. If a few of your friends have kids, they can bring along the little ones. Many of these ideas are fun for the whole family — just make sure to label the adults-only beverages appropriately.

Speaking of adults-only beverages, we have America-inspired activities to test your knowledge of this nation’s favorite drinks, food, games, and beyond. Get ready to party like it’s 1776 — it’s America’s birthday, y’all!
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Summer Baby Shower Themes: 11 Ideas to Celebrate the New Arrival

Summer baby shower themes: baby shower invitations

The warm summer months are perfect for celebrating parents-to-be and the arrival of a new bundle of joy. The sun is shining, the mood is upbeat, and there’s ample opportunity to host your celebration in locations that aren’t ideal in wintertime. Whether you’re planning on hosting a summer baby shower indoors or outside in a gorgeous natural locale, the key to throwing the perfect baby shower is choosing a theme.

From outdoor parties like BBQs and pool parties to romantic summer tea parties and luaus, there’s no shortage of summer baby shower themes to try. Once you’ve picked a theme, it’s easy to coordinate matching baby shower games and baby shower decorations to complete the experience. 

Here, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite summer-inspired baby shower ideas. And to help make the party planning process even easier, we’ve paired each theme with a matching baby shower invitation. Let’s get started!
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Our Best Father’s Day Wording Ideas to Honor a Wonderful Father Figure

Fathers day wording: Father's Day card

Father’s Day is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what you’ll say and send to someone special. Get creative and seek out the best Father’s Day wording ideas to help you share the love. 

Discover our best tips, wording ideas, and the perfect Father’s Day greeting card inspiration. Here’s how to write and send a winning Father’s Day card to someone special this year.
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21 Fun Anniversary Ideas to Celebrate Your Special Day

Anniversary ideas: happy couple hugging each other

A special day is coming up, and you want to make it memorable. Your love for each other exists every day, but there’s something about an anniversary that makes you want to plan something fun — even if it’s a comfy night in.

To help you out, we’re sharing some of our all-time favorite anniversary ideas — from cozy and affordable to wild and extravagant. Whether you want to plan that once-in-a-lifetime vacation or get nostalgic over old photos, we have just what you need to plan your anniversary your way. 
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Unleash the Fun: Dog Birthday Invitations and Party Ideas

Dog birthday invitations: birthday party invitation card for dogs

Hosting a dog birthday party is a lot like hosting a party for humans. First, you need to figure out a venue, choose a theme, and think about the decor. You also need to decide who you’re inviting before sending out your dog birthday invitations. Whether you’re hosting a puppy’s first birthday party or a shindig for an older pooch, these dog birthday party ideas are sure to be a hit.
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Make a Splash With These 14 Pool Party Ideas for Adults

Pool party ideas for adults: group of friends having a pool party

Don your favorite swimsuit and get ready for a quintessential summer soirée — it’s time for a pool party. We’re not talking about a kid’s pool party full of fruit punch and ring toss. This is a grown-up affair. And we’ve got some grown-up ideas to match.

Whether you’re ready to splash out on an epic milestone birthday party, or you’re planning a casual get-together with your favorite merfriends, these pool party ideas for adults will have everyone sitting pretty poolside. We’ve rounded up our favorite pool party decor, food, activities, and more. Let’s dive in!
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46 Thoughtful Ways to Say “Congratulations on Your Achievement”

Congratulations on your achievement: round of applause congratulations card

There are so many moments in life worth celebrating. When someone does an amazing job or reaches a long-awaited goal, a heartfelt “congratulations on your achievement” message is a wonderful way to highlight their efforts and celebrate the outcome. 

Whether a loved one is heading to college or a close friend has scored their dream job, here’s how to recognize a special someone’s achievement through a sincere message.
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Host a Whimsical Woodland Baby Shower with These Enchanting Ideas

Different kinds of Woodland baby shower invitation cards

Looking for a baby shower theme that’s sure to make your party a hoot? Look no further than a woodland baby shower. 

Woodland parties are perfect for welcoming a new baby to the family. With this party theme, you can get creative with curious critters — think adorable foxes and owls, raccoons and squirrels, rabbits and deer. Natural elements like colorful mushrooms, forests, and earthy florals complete the magical backdrop. Here are some of our favorite woodland baby shower ideas and invitations that guarantee a lovely (and lively) celebration.
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