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The Perfect Welcome Cocktails for Your Special Event

welcome cocktail ideas

We love cocktails that make a statement—an immediate statement. If you ask us, a beverage display is the perfect way to properly welcome all of the spirit enthusiasts on your guest list. From birthday parties and bridal showers to family reunions and wedding celebrations, here are six versatile cocktail displays to help inspire your next soirée. Cheers!

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What to Buy for the Perfect Host or Hostess Gift

What to Buy for the Perfect Host or Hostess Gift

Offering a host or hostess gift is the perfect way to show appreciation for your friend or family member’s hospitality. So whether you’re attending a festive housewarming party or an upscale dinner soirée, make sure you don’t arrive empty-handed! As we know, gift giving is often easier said than done. So if you need a little inspiration, here are some ideas (both practical and fun!) that we love:

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7 out-of-the-box Baby Shower Themes

baby shower themes

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a traditional baby shower, especially if you know the mom-to-be would appreciate a go-to classic. But if you’re looking for a theme that’s a little more out-of-the-box, we’ve rounded up some inspiration from fellow party experts to help spark your creativity!

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4 Halloween Parties You Should Be Having

It’s time to hit the thrift, craft, and costume stores – Halloween parties are right around the corner. If you are feeling in a rut and looking for a little out-of-the-box inspiration, we are here for you. Particularly if you are looking for something more stylish than spooky (or at least a little bit of both), these four themes are for you:

Gothic Dinner Party

To set the scene for an equally elegant and eerie dinner party, combine Victorian Gothic Period style with lots of dark colors, dim lighting, and some subtle scares. Some of our favorite sinister details include: play menacing sound effects in the hallways, limit as much lighting as possible to candlelight, and place skulls, bats, and spiders in apothecary jars or on tables throughout the house.

Gothic Dinner Party
1. Candelabra 2. Sleepy Hollow invitation 3. Black Skull Candle with Crystal Eyes 4. Williams-Sonoma Halloween Moon Plates 5. [DIY] Black candy apples 6. West Elm X-Ray Glassware 7. Feather Wreath 8. LED Orange Light Twig Tree 9. Table runner 10. Inky Skies invitation

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So Long, Summer: White Party Inspiration

Today’s post is brought to us by Brynn Renee of Dandy & Fine Parties


Not that I even want to go there, but the end of summer is nearing all too soon, friends. It’s a sad reality, but so it goes. There is a silver lining though… or in this case, a white lining! The end of summer is a perfect excuse for a celebration to see summer off properly with a party dressed all in white! The setting will be covered in white, with guests in their finest cream linens, and white peaches and champagne will be served (no red wine, please!)

White-Party-2A White-Party-2B

semi-custom invitation design on the Watercolor Emblem design by Stacey Meacham
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How to Throw a Beautiful 4th of July Picnic on a Budget

4th of July beach picnic inspiration

Can you believe it?! Summer has officially arrived! And that means that one of the most iconic summer holidays, the 4th of July, is quickly approaching! Hooray! Do you have plans yet to kick off your summer festivities with this beloved American holiday? We are throwing a picnic on the beach and making it extra beautiful for the occasion… come and take a look and we’ll share how you can throw your own! read more…

Summer Parties: Outdoor Entertaining Essentials

Today’s post is brought to us by Brynn Renee of Dandy & Fine Parties

Outdoor Entertaining Essentials | Statement glassware and simple florals

Summer is coming, summer is coming! Hooray! Summer is so symbolic, isn’t it? There is such a nostalgia around it that spurs from childhood… Longer days, bicycle rides, pool parties, more sleepovers with your friends. One of my fondest childhood summer memories is of a party we threw for my friends in my backyard when I was in high school. My mom and I went all out! She sewed pillowcases for floor pillows and created a lounge on our upper deck area that was filled with lots of Moroccan style lanterns and tons of candles. It was my favorite area of the whole party! And may I remind you that this was WAY before boho chic was even a thing! Through the preparation and setup of the party, she taught me a lot about the importance of details and just how to create ambiance.

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6 Steps to an Elegant Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day Invitations

Invitations set the tone for every event, so be sure to select a design that speaks to your theme and personality. Peonies are one of the most sought after blooms of Spring, offering a heavenly mild scent perfect for tablescapes and entertaining. I was inspired to create a tablescape based on this Greenvelope design.

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Cinco De Mayo, Tequila, & Frida Kahlo

Today’s post is brought to us from event & party expert, Brynn Renee of Dandy & Fine Parties.

Cinco De Mayo party inspiration from Greenvelope + Dandy & Fine Parties Cinco De Mayo party inspiration from Greenvelope + Dandy & Fine Parties

A little birdie recently reminded me that Cinco de Mayo was quickly approaching. I sure do appreciate a delicious Mexican meal accompanied by tequila-based beverages! And when you grow up in Southern California, celebrating Cinco de Mayo is a given. So here I am, now a PNW gal, continuing the celebration!

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Super Bowl Party Must-Haves

In preparation for the Super Bowl this weekend, we have rounded up some of our favorite recipes, tricks, games and more from around the web. Whether you’re in it for the football, the commercials, or just the food, we’ve got everything you need for a killer Super Bowl party.

 Super Bowl Food

As we all know, the food and drinks provide at least 75% of the enjoyment on Super Bowl Sunday. Even as I write this, I’m having a hard time concentrating thinking of all the delicious, incredible, cheesy things I am going to eat, so let’s just get right into it.

Super Bowl Food Ideas

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