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Wording Examples for Graduation Announcements and Invitations

School is out—perhaps for good. And once you find that perfect announcement or invitation design, you can begin customizing it with your graduate’s special details. Whether you’re planning a party befitting all their hard work or simply spreading the word, make sure your friends and family are in the know. We’ve got examples on how to best word your graduation announcements and invitations below! read more…

How to Get Share-worthy Photos of Yourself for Invitations and Announcements

Do you love photo-insert designs but don’t always like photos of yourself? You’re not alone. And you don’t have to give up on that perfect invitation template either (trust us!) We’ve rounded up expert opinions from the best of the best for capturing photos. Keep scrolling to learn how you can snap share-worthy photos that you’ll be excited to share on an invitation (and everywhere else)! read more…

11 Unforgettable Birthday Party Themes (for Kids and Adults)

Whether honoring a birthday milestone or just looking for a new way to celebrate another trip around the sun, finding a unique birthday party theme can help you create a truly unforgettable event. While birthday party themes were previously relegated to kid’s parties exclusively, more and more people are realizing that themes are just as fun at age 35 as they were at age 5. Without further ado, we rounded up some of the best birthday party themes (for kids or adults) from some of the world’s top event experts. read more…

6 Winter Baby Shower Themes Perfect for Indoor Celebrating

Winter baby shower ideas

Is it just us, or is deciding on a baby shower theme in the winter tricky? Between days of overcast gray and icy showers of sleet, the choice isn’t always easy. To help inspire your winter baby shower theme, we’ve rounded several seasonally-appropriate ideas, perfect for celebrating the mom-to-be in your life. From woodland-inspired adventure to sparkling snowflakes, here are six winter baby shower themes perfect for the cooler months.

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The 5 Most Popular Summer Party Templates

The 6 Most Popular Summer Party Templates

Boats are on the water, the beaches are filling up, and the days are getting longer—it’s almost summer. And what better way to celebrate brighter days than with a party? Whether you’re envisioning a laid-back barbecue by the pool or an elegant midsummer night’s soirée, be sure to kick off your party with a festive invitation. As you begin to brainstorm that perfect design, we’re excited to share what’s trending this season. Keep scrolling to see our five most popular summer entertaining templates!

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How to Plan a Nontraditional Baby Shower

baby shower nontraditional planning

Having a baby shower is a great way to celebrate the pending arrival of a new family member. But what happens if you’re not traditional? Maybe you hate the oohs and aahs of gifts being slowly unwrapped, or the anticipation of cheesy, overplayed games. As Ashley Laskowski discovered, it’s possible to have a nontraditional baby shower that’s as much fun as it is meaningful. She and her mother, Jane, pulled off a fabulous mom-to-be bash that was full of colorful décor, margaritas, and good times all around. You’ll see what we mean soon enough—keep scrolling!

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Summer Tablescapes Perfect for Any Occasion

Summer Tablescapes Perfect for Any Occasion

As the warmer weather rolls in, so do countless reasons to celebrate. Summer means barbecues, outdoor movies, pool parties, and hours spent lounging with friends and family. It’s a time when those special year-round celebrations—like weddings and baby showers—can finally transition to beautiful outdoor spaces.

If you’re playing party host this summer, consider sprucing up your outdoor space (starting with the tables!) We’ve rounded up our favorite tablescapes—ones that are perfect for any type of summer occasion. Keep scrolling to see more!

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6 Most Popular Birthday Party Templates for Kids

Birthday Party Invite Templates for Kids

The key to pulling off a successful birthday party for your child? A little cake and a lot of fun! Make this year truly special with a party full of family and friends. Once you finalize a date, be sure to keep all your loved ones in the loop with a festive invitation. As you begin to brainstorm that perfect design, we’re excited to share what’s trending this season. Keep scrolling to see our 6 most popular birthday templates for kids!

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The Perfect Welcome Cocktails for Your Special Event

welcome cocktail ideas

We love cocktails that make a statement—an immediate statement. If you ask us, a beverage display is the perfect way to properly welcome all of the spirit enthusiasts on your guest list. From birthday parties and bridal showers to family reunions and wedding celebrations, here are six versatile cocktail displays to help inspire your next soirée. Cheers!

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What to Buy for the Perfect Host or Hostess Gift

What to Buy for the Perfect Host or Hostess Gift

Offering a host or hostess gift is the perfect way to show appreciation for your friend or family member’s hospitality. So whether you’re attending a festive housewarming party or an upscale dinner soirée, make sure you don’t arrive empty-handed! As we know, gift giving is often easier said than done. So if you need a little inspiration, here are some ideas (both practical and fun!) that we love:

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