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How to Craft the Perfect Thank You Card for Teacher Appreciation

Thank You Card for Teacher with different examples of how to say Thank You

It’s time to start thinking about sending a thank you card for teacher appreciation. They do so much for your child throughout the year, and now’s the ideal moment to express just how important they are.

To help you write the perfect thank you card for teachers, we’ve brought together our best tips and wording ideas — plus some thoughtful teacher gift ideas too. 
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From Formal to Casual: Quince Invitations Wording Ideas

quince invitations wording: lavender with flowers themed quince invitation

Celebrating a quinceañera is a joyful moment — one that deserves an audience filled with those who are special to the birthday girl. But before you can spread the word about the big day, you’ll need to figure out your quince invitations wording. 

Discover the perfect way to invite friends and family members to celebrate your guest of honor with this guide to preparing quinceañera invitations. We’ll take you through the basic structure, share some phrasing ideas, and highlight a few of our favorite quince invitation designs. 
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Cook Out and Kick Back: 11 BBQ Invitations for Your Outdoor Event

two kinds of BBQ invitations

Dust off your outdoor table, grab the grill and get ready for some alfresco dining. It’s BBQ season! That means it’s time for barbecue-inspired baby shower picnics and backyard grill-offs to celebrate birthdays. Whatever reason you have for hosting an event, a BBQ is a great way to honor the special occasion and get everybody outdoors.

With this BBQ invitations guide, get the lowdown on what to include on the invite, fun wording ideas, and design inspiration so you can host the best barbecue bash ever.
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Congratulations on Your New Job: Message and Gift Ideas

congratulations on your new job: happy woman looking at her laptop

There’s so much to celebrate about landing a new job. A new role, new opportunities, and new people to get to know. It’s even more exciting if it’s a close friend and they’ve landed a promotion or scored their dream job at a company they’ve always loved. 

If you want to say “congratulations on your new job” to someone you care about, we can help. We’ve brought together our best congratulations wording ideas, plus some thoughtful gift options to make that congrats card feel even more special. 
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The Best Ways to Say “Congratulations on Your New Home”

congratulations on your new home: woman hugging a man

Nothing says “congratulations on your new home” quite like thoughtful cards, well wishes, and gifts from loved ones. It’s the perfect way to express your good will for someone who has just embarked on a fresh, fun adventure in a new place. If you’re wondering how to give someone that warm and fuzzy feeling, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best ways to congratulate the new homeowners along with some great gift ideas.
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Thank You Card Template: How to Say Thanks for Any Occasion

thank you card template: woman holding a tablet with a thank you card shown on the screen

Sometimes all you need to do is say “thank you” to someone you care about via text. Other times it feels right to send a thank you card to family members, friends, colleagues, or guests. To help you find the right words, we’ve created a simple thank you card template you can use to inspire your message for a variety of occasions. Plus, we’re sharing top thank you card designs that you can customize to your heart’s content. 
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12 Summertime Party Invitations + Theme and Wording Ideas

Three summertime party invitations with a checkered cloth beside them

It’s summer! That means it’s prime time for hosting a spectacular get-together for your friends and family members. To celebrate the season of warmer, longer days, we’re sharing top tips for designing your summertime party invitations, including a variety of fun themes and wording ideas. 
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Congratulations on Your Retirement: What to Say (and What to Give)

congratulations on your retirement card example

Retirement is such a wonderful moment in someone’s life. They’ve given so much to a company or career, and now it’s time for them to take things easy, relax, or embark on a new adventure. To share your excitement and joy for the retiree, here are some great ways to say “Congratulations on your retirement!” You’ll also find some thoughtful gift ideas they’ll love. 
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20 Memorial Day Decorations and Party Ideas for a Star-Spangled Weekend 

Memorial Day decorations: woman sitting outside with a watermelon on the table

Memorial Day is observed the last Monday in May, offering remembrance to soldiers who lost their lives defending our freedom. First celebrated in 1868, the holiday has spent the last 150+ years evolving as the ultimate celebration of American pride. Now, Memorial Day weekend is accompanied by fireworks displays, star-spangled parades, BBQs, patriotic-themed decorations, and pool parties to mark the unofficial start of summer.

In this guide, we’re sharing plenty of ideas to throw an epic party, including red, white, and blue Memorial Day decorations, family activities, fun food options, and how to ensure you’re surrounded by loved ones.
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Congratulations, Graduate: Fun, Heartfelt Greetings and Gift Ideas

congratulations graduate: congratulations card for graduates example

Someone special is about to take the next step on their journey — congratulations, graduate! This is a big moment for the grad and it’s a fun milestone for you to celebrate along with them. 

To help you share your joy and wishes for good luck, we’ve brought together our top ideas ranging from what to include in your card to great gift ideas. You’ll also find plenty of graduate congratulations messages to inspire your own greetings. (Hint: It’s not just “Congratulations, graduate!”)
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