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Oh, Snap! Host a 90s Theme Party With These Fun Ideas

90s theme party: Wired retro gamepad, anaglyph 3D glasses, audio and video cassette, CD's on colored background

You’re ready to throw a retro party, but the idea of being seen in 1980s shoulder pads and leg warmers — ugh, as if! Instead, celebrate the decade that gave us grunge meets boy bands meets bright colors meets butterfly clips. (The outfit ideas alone are endless!) 

Even if you’re only throwing it back a few decades, it still counts as a throwback party. So get ready to kick it old school — with these 90s theme party ideas, your bash will be all that and a bag of chips.
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Party in Style With the Best Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Baby shower ideas for boys: Newborn baby boy accessories and festive decoration

Baby showers are such a dream to plan. There are so many wonderful themes, decor ideas, food options, games, and stationery to choose from. To help you get started, we’ve curated a collection of our most-loved baby shower ideas for boys to help you create the perfect celebration. 
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Sweet and Thoughtful Baby Shower Thank You Card Wording Ideas

Baby shower thank you card wording: Invitation and baby rattles

Everyone came together to celebrate and shower you with love at your baby shower or baby sprinkle. Now it’s time to return that joy and gratitude with thoughtful thank you cards. But where do you start? And how should you word them? Here’s our sweet and simple guide to baby shower thank you card wording, etiquette, and planning. 
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Host a Paparazzi-Worthy Red Carpet Event With These Top Tips

Lady attending a red carpet event

We can just picture it: The limo pulls up, the door opens, the paparazzi cameras flash, and you step out onto the red carpet. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a milestone birthday party, or even just a movie buff’s special occasion, a red carpet event can add instant glamor. 

You don’t need to own a Valentino gown or have a guest list full of celebs to throw a red carpet soirée (although, if you do, can we come?). Rolling out the red carpet works for any big occasion and any small occasion that’s a big deal to you. You can host a formal event at a venue or have a just-for-fun red carpet party in your own home. 

Here’s a look at a few of our favorite reasons to throw a red carpet event, plus event planning tips for formal affairs and fun theme parties. 
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15 Ideas for a Totally Awesome 80s Theme Party

80s theme party invitation

You’ve decided to throw a super awesome 80s theme party. Well, it’s time to get stoked ‘cause your guests are in for a rad time! Create the ultimate party atmosphere and give them a shindig to remember with these totally tubular 80s-inspired ideas for decor, food, activities, and more. 
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Mardi Gras Decorations: DIY and Low-Cost Ideas, Plus Invites

Mardi Gras decorations: Woman in carnival mask and stylish masquerade costume

Mardi Gras evokes visions of laughter, joyous celebrations, and colorful events replete with Cajun food, jazz, and exuberant dancing. So it’s no surprise that this party theme is among the most popular for birthday parties and pre-wedding celebrations. To celebrate your special occasion, use this guide for fun ideas on Mardi Gras decorations that range from low-key to over-the-top. You’ll also find festive invitation inspiration so you can invite guests to your bash in style.
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15 Creative Adult Party Ideas for a Memorable Bash

Adult party ideas: Spiral confetti on pink background

Growing up doesn’t mean that fun party themes have to stop. If anything, you now have even more freedom to plan and stage the kind of celebration you’ve always dreamed about. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a birthday bash, bachelorette party, or engagement soiree, there’s no end to the amazing birthday party themes or event ideas you could try. Here’s a collection of our most-loved adult party ideas to get the party started. 
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How To Host a Hollywood Theme Party: Fashion, Food, Decor, and More

Hollywood theme party: Gold and black champagne, glasses and invitation

When hosting a party, you want your guests to feel special and create a memorable evening they won’t soon forget. Steal the spotlight and make your guests feel like movie stars with a Hollywood theme party. Not only is this theme an opportunity to enjoy a lavish affair, but it’s also a great way to share your love for movies and relive the glory of early Hollywood. 

Whether it’s a Great Gatsby-style soiree or an Oscar watch party, there are dozens of ways to make your Hollywood theme party a success. From glitzy decor and glamorous attire to sophisticated treats and invitation inspiration, it’s time to start planning your A-list extravaganza.
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Host a Magical Bash With These Unicorn Party Ideas

Unicorn party ideas: Unicorn and star invitation

Unicorn parties are some of the most magical events around. Whether you’re hosting for someone young or young at heart, they’re a great way to celebrate all things mystical and wonderful. To help you throw the best bash ever, we’ve created this list of 15 unicorn party ideas for birthday celebrations, baby showers, sleepovers, and more. 
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Our Best Pirate Theme Party Ideas for Your Little Explorers

Pirate theme party: Kids wearing pirate costume

Ahoy, matey! It’s time to start planning that thrilling pirate theme party your guest of honor has been asking for. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or throwing a themed Halloween party, we have all the details you need to plan a most memorable pirate theme party. Get ready for a swashbuckling good time with these ideas for decorations, games, food, party favors, and invitations.
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