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Virtual Baby Shower Invitation Wording: Celebrate With Fun Phrasing

virtual baby shower invitation wording: blue and pink cupcakes

There’s a bundle of joy on the way and it’s time to celebrate! Whether you’re throwing your own baby shower at home or hosting one virtually for your expectant loved one, the first step in planning the special day is making a guest list and sending out invites. 

Baby shower invites are more than just telling guests about a time and place, they also include details on what the parents need — like books, gift cards, and diapers — and sometimes they double as a gender reveal announcement. That means choosing your words wisely is even more important when crafting these invites.

If you’re feeling stuck on what to say or a little overwhelmed planning the virtual big day, we’re here to help. Use our virtual baby shower invitation wording tips, plus discover gorgeous invitation inspiration.
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Step Right Up For a Day of Fun With These Carnival Theme Party Ideas

carnival theme party: Child in clown costume against a yellow background with confetti floating around

Hosting an event is all about having fun. What’s more fun than throwing the most magical and spectacular circus affair in town? It’ll be a day under the big tent filled to the brim with fair food, carnival games, and stuffed animal prizes. If you’re thinking of hosting a circus or carnival theme party, we’re here to help.

Come one, come all for a day filled with magic, wonder, and laughter at a carnival theme party. Whether you’re hosting a kid’s first birthday party or going all out for a bridal shower bash, you’ll find tips on everything from circus party decor to carnival-themed games and tasty treats. With these ideas, your circus party is sure to be a roaring success.

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15 Magical Mermaid Theme Party Ideas for Any Celebration

mermaid theme party: Mermaid Magic Invitation against a white, wooden background

Mermaid-themed parties are so much fun to plan. You can really get creative with your color choices, room decor, and party games. Plus, you can add an underwater twist to so many delicious snacks and treats! 

To help you plan the perfect mermaid theme party, here are a few of our favorite tips to inspire you. We’ve included decor ideas, party food inspiration, and some of our top mermaid theme party invitations too.
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60th Birthday Party Ideas: Top Tips for Celebrating This Milestone

60th birthday party ideas: Daughters kissing their mother on the cheek while holding number 60 balloons

Turning 60 is a big deal. That’s 60 years of laughter, wisdom, and moments with loved ones you’ll never forget. It’s also the start of a new decade where you can look forward to enjoying new hobbies, retirement, jet setting to foreign lands, and spending time with grandkids or furry friends. Your 60th birthday party should be a reflection of how special your life story has been.

Whether you’re the guest of honor or someone looking for fun ways to celebrate your loved one’s milestone birthday, we’ve got you covered. This list of 60th birthday party ideas includes themes, activities, and stunning invitation options.
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15 Ideas for Thoughtful Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

birthday gifts during quarantine: Woman holding a gift against a pink background with polka dots

It probably isn’t the birthday party or day your friends or loved ones had planned, but birthdays during quarantine can feel just as special with a few thoughtful touches. Like birthday cards, birthday gifts during quarantine can create some celebratory magic with small, simple tweaks. 

To that end, here are some of our ideas for birthday gifts during quarantine to help inspire you. Plus, we’re sharing a few of our most-loved digital birthday cards that are perfect for pairing with a digital gift card.
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Create a Buzz With These Virtual Happy Hour Ideas

Woman having a virtual happy hour with her friends

Time to get happy! OK, we’ll admit that at the beginning of the pandemic, we all went a little overboard with virtual happy hours and online dinner parties. Between staying in touch with our loved ones and trying online team building activities for our newly remote jobs, it seemed like everyone had three virtual happy hours a week. 

If you didn’t have virtual event fatigue by month two of COVID quarantine, then you are a social superstar. But, as coronavirus has carried on, many people have gotten pickier about which virtual events they’re willing to attend. 

If you want your guests to get excited about your online happy hour, you need to stand out from the crowd. (This is especially important for companies that want their team members to have real fun, not just mandatory fun.) 

So, we’ve gathered up our favorite virtual happy hour ideas to help you knock the virtual socks off your guests. Even if your guests have been to a dozen virtual happy hours, they’ve never experienced a happy hour like this before. 
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50th Birthday Party Ideas: 25 Ways to Celebrate the Big Five-Oh

50th birthday party ideas: Number 50 gold candles with gold confetti and baubles on the side against a pink background

Whether someone is turning the big five-oh, celebrating a half-century, or feeling 50 and fabulous, they deserve a big birthday bash. No matter how you say it, 50 is a big deal. In fact, we can only think of one milestone birthday that’s bigger — and you’ll have to wait another half-century to get there!

Over the years, the birthday boy or girl has probably had a lot of unique experiences, which can make it hard to plan a birthday celebration that doesn’t make them roll their eyes and go, “Been there, done that.” But with these 50th birthday party ideas, you’ll find one-of-a-kind suggestions that your guest of honor will love — even if that’s you!
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Backyard Picnic Ideas That Go Way Beyond Gingham

backyard picnic ideas: A group of friends raising their glasses in a toast

A backyard picnic is an adventure waiting just outside your backdoor. And with a little bit of preparation (and these backyard picnic ideas), picnicking in your own backyard can be just as fun as picnicking in a park or at the beach. In fact, it can be even better because if you forget anything — guess what! — you only have to walk to the kitchen to get it.

Backyard picnics are also a great way to stay social and safe during the pandemic. The outdoor setting means germs will spread less and guests can spread out more. We’ve rounded up our favorite backyard picnic ideas from planning to decorating to picking out your picnic menu. Your backyard will be gingham-clad and ready to go in no time.
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How To Host a Wild and Fun Jungle Theme Party

Jungle theme party decoration

If you’re a party animal with an urge to host a jungle theme party, we’re with you. Visions of palm fronds, exotic birds, and tropical flowers dance across our imaginations, inspiring party ideas for a host of different events.

Whether you’re planning a jungle-inspired or safari-themed birthday party, baby shower, graduation, or other fun event, this guide will help you set the scene. You’ll also get some digital invitation inspiration that will have your guests going wild with excitement.
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Quarantine Birthday Ideas for Kids, Plus Invites To Match

Quarantine birthday ideas for kids: Toddler celebrating her birthday online

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live — from where and how we work to how we celebrate milestones that don’t wait just because the world has been turned upside down. For our kids, the coronavirus pandemic has made it hard or even impossible to enjoy sports and time in the classroom with friends. So when a birthday rolls around, it can be hard to figure out the best way to celebrate.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to giving in to the birthday blues. While we have to celebrate a little differently right now, there are quarantine birthday ideas for kids that still maximize fun and make the day special and memorable. Discover creative ways to make the birthday boy or birthday girl feel extra special in the midst of a difficult time.
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