50 and fabulous: women happily smiling at the camera

Congratulations on reaching “50 and fabulous” status! While some might bemoan this milestone age, it’s truly a moment to revel in. You have a half-century of wisdom and experience — and you know how to have a great time. That’s why we love the idea of celebrating this incredible occasion with a “50 and fabulous” party

Discover ideas for 50th birthday party themes, decor, activities, gifts, and invitations. From elegant soirees to silly shindigs, there’s a party style to help you mark this momentous occasion.

50 and Fabulous: Themes, Decor, and More

50 and fabulous: the number 50 with light bulbs

Whether you’re planning the event for your best friend, a work colleague, or yourself, there are plenty of ways to celebrate being 50 and fabulous. These 50th birthday party ideas ensure you’ll have fantastic memories to last the next 50 years.

50th Birthday Party Themes

50 and fabulous: person wearing a pair of beige elbow gloves

While “50 and fabulous” could be a birthday theme itself, feel free to tie in other creative party themes. For instance, you could go with a vintage birthday party or a retro decade-themed party — like a groovy 70s theme party, a totally awesome 80s party, or rad 90s theme party.

If you want to throw it back even further, choose a decade like the 1920s for a Great Gatsby-themed event

Remember that your party theme could be just about anything you choose. Maybe you want to focus the theme around the birthday honoree’s favorite food(s), artwork, musical genre, movie, TV show, pastime, vacation spot, or fashion accessory. 

For instance, if you love seafood, host a seafood boil party. If you love Downton Abbey or all things British, host a fabulous tea party.

50th Birthday Party Decorations

50 and fabulous: golden number 50 balloons

When it comes to birthday party decorations, you can’t go wrong with balloons and streamers. Rose gold, silver, and gold accents add elegance and drama to any party backdrop. Match the colors to the party theme and be sure to get balloons that spell out the word “fifty” or the number “50.”

You don’t need much to transform a space. Place framed photos of the birthday honoree on tabletops (or at the gift table) and add fresh flowers for a touch of elegance. 

The beauty of turning this age is that you know how important it is to care for yourself, others, and the planet. Consider DIY and eco-friendly party decorations for a low-impact (yet no-less-fun) celebration — and opt for paperless digital invitations!

Be sure to set up a photo booth where guests can take pictures and capture the moment. Include fun prop signs with birthday quotes and sayings like “Older But Wiser,” “Fifty and Fabulous,” “Fifty is Nifty,” “Fab Bday Vibes,” Fifty AF,” “It’s the Big Five Uh-Oh,” “50 is the new 40,” and “What the F? Yes, Fifty!”

50 and Fabulous Food and Drink Ideas

50 and fabulous: friends having a toast

Keep the theme going with food ideas that make your party memorable. Serve platters featuring 50 of every item to reflect the milestone moment. You can also arrange foods to spell out the number 50 or add festive signs to reflect the 50 and fabulous party theme.

Alternatively, serve foods that match the party theme. For a Great Gatsby soiree, Oysters Rockefeller and Duchess potatoes are a perfect choice. For an 80s-era birthday celebration, try 80s party food ideas like pizza rolls, prawn cocktails, Jell-O shots.

Offer a beverage bar with birthday cocktails and mocktails. Whether it’s birthday cake martinis (replete with sprinkles on the glass rim) or alcohol-free twists on classic drinks, you’ll certainly want to raise a glass for the birthday honoree. 

50th Birthday Activities

50 and fabulous: group of friends talking to each other

Turning 50 usually means you’re done playing games. (In real life, anyway.) But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan some fun activities for this special occasion. For a fabulous meal with your best friends, you can’t go wrong with our list of dinner party games for adults

Play a round of trivia with questions focused on the past five decades or the birthday honoree’s birth year. Go down memory lane and create a large board of photos of the birthday honoree at various ages. Ask guests to guess how old the guest of honor was when the photo was taken. The person who gets closest without going over wins a prize. 

You could also plan a Comedy Central-style roast for the guest of honor. Let guests know ahead of time if they’ll be roasting the honoree and tell them which subjects are OK and which are off limits. Remind them to keep it fun and good-natured and ask them to end with a positive memory. 

You could also plan a few outdoor party games for an al fresco fiesta. If you want to go big, order squad shirts, tank tops, hoodies, or sweatshirts in different colors to divide guests into teams. Bonus: Getting everyone together with matching 50th birthday T-shirts or swag makes for a fantastic photo shoot.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

50 and fabulous: wife giving a gift to her husband

Whether you’re turning 50 years old or someone else is, this milestone birthday deserves a gift or two.

For something classic, order fabulous wine glasses, whiskey snifters, or water tumblers customized with their name or monogram. Think about what the birthday honoree enjoys and get them something they can use. 

If they love golf, a personalized golf bag would be a thoughtful yet practical birthday gift. If they’re into biking, a designer helmet can help keep them safe and stylish. If they love getting creative in the kitchen, consider gifting a cooking class, new cookware, or artisanal olive oil, herbs, and spices. 

When in doubt, traditional and timeless birthday gifts like fine jewelry, a designer tote, or a gorgeous bouquet of flowers are sure to please. 

50 and Fabulous Invitation Inspiration: 9 Gorgeous Designs

50 and fabulous: woman happily celebrating her birthday

You’ve planned the perfect event from theme to games and decor. Now it’s time to pick out the perfect invitation to spread the word. 

Fortunately, Greenvelope offers hundreds of artist-curated online invitations that can be personalized for your occasion. Browse our selection of fiftieth birthday invitations and pick one that matches your theme. 

From sassy and funny 50th birthday party invites to elegant and glamorous designs, there’s something for everyone. Here, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite “50 and fabulous” invitations.

1. Fifty and Fab Invitation

Fifty and Fab Invitation

Design: Luckybug Designs

Invite guests to a fabulous 50th birthday party with this fab invitation. Featuring bold, metallic font and bursting fireworks, it’s the perfect way to ring in this special moment.

2. 50th Celebration Invitation

50th Celebration Invitation

Design: Jessica Williams

This fifty and fabulous invite boasts a chic foil frame surrounding the party details where you can include info including the party theme, date, and time. Choose from six unique color schemes or make one that’s all your own.

3. Birthday Festoons Invitation

Birthday Festoons Invitation

Design: Carmia Jordaan

For an elegant 50th celebration, choose this sophisticated design with luxe lettering. Featuring gold foil polka dots draped like string lights, it’s sure to lend a magical feel when the recipient opens it. Choose from four rich color palettes for a polished look. 

4. Fifty! Invitation

Fifty! Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Announce a happy 50th birthday party with this shimmery invitation. The design comes in five gorgeous color schemes or you can create your own using the designer color wheel.

5. Brushed Edges Invitation

Brushed Edges Invitation

Design: Shari Margolin Design

Let guests know you’re planning the 50-year-old birthday party of the century with this photo invite. Upload your favorite snap of the birthday honoree and let them take center stage while adorned by a gold foil frame. 

6. Bold and Fabulous Invitation

Bold And Fabulous Invitation

Design: Diasty Hardhikaputri

Nothing says 50 and fabulous like a cascade of color. Announce your milestone birthday celebration with this vintage-inspired card featuring bold text and your choice of five background colors.

7. Golden 50 Invitation

Golden 50 Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Celebrate a golden life and turning the big 5-0 with this shiny invitation. With a big 50 graphic and muted color scheme, it’s a bold yet elegant and simple way to announce your celebration.

8. Sophisticated Milestone Invitation

Sophisticated Milestone Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

Crafted by a professional painter and letterer from South Carolina, this stunning invite exudes class and sophistication. A gold glitter frame accents the event details while a supported backside lets you add a special memory, quote, or party instructions.

9. Script Fifty Invitation

Script Fifty Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

Plan a 50th birthday celebration you won’t soon forget with this chic invitation. Featuring gender-neutral color schemes, it’s ideal for any 50-year-old. The simple and classic design is sure to have guests saying yes when they RSVP.

Plan a Memorable “50 and Fabulous” Party

You might be fabulous forever, but you’re only 50 for 365 days. Kick off your 50th trip around the sun in style with these fabulous party ideas. From themes and decor to food and games, there’s an easy way to put together a celebration whether you want something formal or casual.

Browse our collection of birthday party invitations to find a design that perfectly suits your 50th celebration. And be sure to continue looking through our Stationers blog for more trending ideas on how to celebrate life’s special moments.