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Simple Tips to Increase Your Open Rate

Tips to Get a Better Open Rate

Effective marketing requires inspiration, creativity, and a great deal of time (especially when it comes to email!) When strong content is achieved, you want it to be seen. A common question we receive from business owners and event professionals is how to increase open rates. Below are some simple tips you can incorporate into your emails to ensure your event marketing efforts get the best results through Greenvelope.

Subject Line

  • Avoid using all-caps text:
    • While there are some brands who have had success using all caps subject lines on a regular basis (Hello, REFORMATION) it is best to avoid if you’re worried about hitting inboxes. The word “Sale” in an inbox is more effective than “SALE” in a spam filter.
  • Avoid using symbols:
    • This relates to even basic symbols. Replace “&” with “and” for increased deliverability, and as always, avoid exclamation points (!!!).
  • Be concise and specific:
    • Many devices will cut off subject lines at 5 words or less, depending on character count and text size. Get to the point at the beginning of your subject line, not the end.
  • Offer information that is of value:
    • What is the benefit to opening your email? What is it about? This should be clear from your subject line.

Sender Name

When deciding between a company or personal sender name, consider which name will be most recognizable to your mailing list. You can always combine them (i.e. Sam, Greenvelope CEO) but keep in mind that the text may get cut off in different browsers or devices.

Whitelist the Greenvelope IP address

As a member of Return Path’s safe sender program, our domain and IP addresses are already whitelisted on major email providers. However, if you are sending to an in-company domain and are concerned with delivery issues, you can always contact your IT department to have them add and our IP to the domain safe list.


Add a personal touch to your email by utilizing personalization tag functionality. This can be especially useful for including the names of each, individual recipient. Your readers will see the customization in the teaser text and be more inclined to open the message. For example, to add first name personalization to your email message, you would use the ##firstname## mail merge tag.

Include Pre-header Text

Pre-header text, otherwise known as teaser text, is the short summary of text that follows the subject line in an inbox. This text is increasingly important with the shift to mobile. Often, preheader text is used as a prescreening tool, since it’s the first thing recipients view (along with the subject line).

Make sure your communications stand out in style. Greenvelope offers a full collection of sophisticated, sleek designs that allow professionals to effortlessly customize their company branding. Browse the full collection of corporate designs here.

How to Host an Oscar Party

How to Host an Oscar Party

The night of all things glittery and golden is quickly approaching (and we couldn’t be more excited!) There’s no reason to not host your own red carpet evening—inspired by everything Hollywood does best (awards, movies, and glamour!) It’s the most anticipated award show for a reason, so invite your friends to curl up, get cozy, and watch all the festivities in the comfort of your home. Here are our recommendations for pulling off the perfect Oscar Sunday celebration.

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When Should I Send my Wedding Invitations?

They asked; you said “yes!”—and once you’ve called loved ones and spread the news on social media, the planning process can officially begin! Communicating wedding information can be intimidating, especially when you consider all of the different stationery components. From engagement party invitations to save-the-dates, we’ve compiled a recommended timeline to help make the wedding invitation process a little easier. Here’s where to start when considering a timeline for your wedding mailings:

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Galentine’s Day Party Ideas for the Crafty at Heart

Today’s post is brought to us by Brynn of Dandy & Fine Parties

Galentine's Day Party Ideas

Gal pals are the absolute best (and I have a feeling you would agree!) Who else can you hang out with in your pjs—gabbing about anything and everything that’s on your mind? I appreciate my girlfriends more than they know, which is why I want to throw them a little extra love this Valentine’s errr, Galentine’s Day! This official holiday takes place on February 13 (and it’s way more fun than Valentine’s Day!) So, in honor of my lovely lady friends, I am hosting a little shindig where we will eat, drink, be merry, and craft together! Continue reading to learn more about my festive tips on throwing your very own Galentine’s Craft Party!

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Planning a Family-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Family Friendly Super Bowl Party

It’s not an official holiday (but it should be). In fact, the Super Bowl is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the U.S., and is watched by football fans and sports newbies alike. So there’s no reason not to go big—especially if you’re hosting. Here are some helpful tips to plan a memorable celebration that’s both fun and family-friendly.

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Sending Save The Dates

how to send save the dates

Newly engaged couples often have questions when it comes to their save the dates (and rightfully so—there’s a lot to it!) With digital save the dates, you can make life a little easier. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice style in the process!

Below are some common questions that we hear about sending wedding save the dates, that will hopefully make the process that much smoother.

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Trending: Dinner Parties

Dinner party at home

From intimate, mix-and-mingle cocktail soirées to lavish, over-the-top dining experiences, home parties are in and we’re feeling inspired.  

Join the movement to skip crowded restaurants, overpriced wine, and rushing through your meal. Instead, invite your guests to enjoy a hearty global tasting spreadcatered or homemade to perfection. The first step is replacing those restaurant reservations with a stylized paperless invitation, suited to your dinner theme.

The key to pulling off the perfect party? It’s all in the details (and a generously-stocked bar cart). But first, we recommend finding a theme that inspires you. Notable trends this season have sparked with rose quartz, air plants and succulents, geometric shapes, and loose, garden-style floral arrangements. If you’re looking for that perfect theme, try starting with your invitation. Here are some ideas to help get you started!  read more…

Pull off the Perfect Engagement Party

Planning Tips for Engagement Party

Pop a bottle (or two) because you’re engaged! These days, good news travels fairly quickly (we’re looking at you, Facebook). But that doesn’t mean your engagement shouldn’t be properly celebrated. Below are some tips to plan a perfect, pre-wedding soirée that truly represents you as a couple.

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DIY Gift Wrap Essentials

Today’s post is brought to us by Brynn of Dandy & Fine Parties

DIY Gift Wrapping Tips

I am a big time believer in pretty gift wrap. I’ve never been one that can just use store bought paper, stick a bow on it and call it good. No judgment here if that is your cup of tea, I totally get the efficiency factor of it! I personally just like to make my gifts a little extra special for the recipients 🙂 Today I thought I would share a few of my essential tips and supplies to inspire you this holiday season!

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Ashleigh & Matt – A Summer Camp Inspired Love Story

Summer Camp Wedding

Summer camp sparked the adventurous love story of Ashleigh and Matt. Both employed within the industry, Ashleigh and Matt share a fierce passion for the outdoors, so it was no suprise when they decided to have their wedding at a charming summer camp venue. Complete with a thematic blend of rustic elegance, their special day quickly turned into a fun-filled weekend full of group activities at Camp Echo Lake in Warrensburg, New York.

In the words of the bride, “Building a sense of community amongst our family and friends over the course of the weekend was the most meaningful part. People arrived throughout the weekend and participated in any of the activities they wanted.”

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