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Designer Feature Friday: PrettyMeJoy

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Nazia Hyder, the talented artist behind stationery, design, and illustration brand PrettyMeJoy, has been an incredible addition to the Greenvelope designer community since 2014. Her unique brand of illustration is instantly recognizable among our collections, with a distinctive playful elegance that follows her motto of “simplicity is beautiful“. Today we want to share a bit more about her journey as a designer, her inspirations, and what flavor is in her ice cream cone.

Could you share with us the favorite design of yours currently on and your inspiration?

Currently I love “Le Noeud”, because it’s sophisticated yet feminine. This design was inspired by the softness of the French language & chic Parisienne culture.

Where do you usually find your design inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere. Mostly I’m inspired by nature &  cooking/baking. Besides my love for the culinary arts, I love to travel & when I was younger I travelled quite a bit with my parents… the memories from my trips are an inspiration in itself.

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As a relatively new designer, what advice would you offer to other blossoming designers?

Perseverance is key. Just be patient and have faith in God & in your talent. Good things always come to those who wait. On the other hand, keep abreast with the new trends in the design world and keep on learning – one can educate themselves regardless of their age and it’s the best gift!

Can you share a bit more about your journey as an artist — how you got started to where you are now?

I’m originally from Pakistan & graduated with a BFA in Communication Design from Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture in 2004. While family kept me busy all this time, I went back to my love for graphic design only recently. I would say I’m still learning and this is just the beginning.

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What is your summer entertaining style?

Cozy and comfortable, chatting with friends with a good cup of tea & dessert of course!

What song is currently #1 on your music playlist?

Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

Nazia’s List of Faves

Blogger: Emily Henderson. Love her style & taste. She designs with a perfect balance of modern & vintage

Color: I’m a color lover, but I can’t resist anything from the blue & pink & peach families

Artist: Claude Monet or Edgar Degas

Ice-cream: Jamoca Almond Fudge or Caramel Cone

Fashion Staple: A comfy pair of jeans

Movie: The Sound of Music, The Devil Wears Prada, One Day

Add an extra dash of beauty to your next event with one of Nazia’s exclusive designs. View the full PrettyMeJoy collection here.

Summer Party Trends We Love

We brought together insight from both event industry experts and expert party-goers to bring you our top summer party trends right now. Share your faves with us in the comments section below!

Garland Detailing 

Simultaneously playful and utterly chic, if we saw garland chandeliers at every party, we wouldn’t complain. 

garland detailing

Jimmy Gideon Photography

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Pure and Simple DIY Wedding: Jeff and Shannon

Mr and Mrs Smith Greenvelope wedding and custom digital invitation

After 7 beautiful years, Jeff Smith finally proposed to his now-wife Shannon on July 11th 2014, and had their wedding a mere three months later (talk about making up for lost time)! In an effort to avoid pomp and circumstance, and to inject “a taste of Shannon and Jeff,” for family and friends, the couple strayed from tradition to create a wedding that was distinctively them. Captured beautifully by Anne McGrath Photography.

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Breathtaking Bohemian Wedding: Bianca & Tad

Boho chic farm wedding in Michigan | Greenvelope ecofriendly invites + photography by Caroline Ghetes

After being together for almost 10 years and living together for over 8 years, Bianca and Tad finally decided to tie the knot. By foregoing the typical wedding formalities and opting for a celebration that was a full representation of the things they loved and were important to them, their Eternal Connection wedding was certainly an occasion to remember. Held on their farm in Michigan, it was a weekend filled with love, shared seasonal fare, dancing, morning yoga, and too many beautiful details to list… all captured beautifully by the incredible Caroline Ghetes Photography

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Increase your Open Rate: Part 1 clients obtain highest open rate in the industry, receiving a 68% average for announcements and invitation mailings across industries.

Greenvelope designer invitations offer a 68 percent open rate

Does your company send invitations? How about announcements? Do you know how many of those are being opened, engaged with, or responded to? With Greenvelope Business Memberships, it has never been easier to send and track event invitations, announcements, and outreach that actually get opened.

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Romantic Brisbane Wedding: Jessica & Chris

JessChrisTheWedding-332 (1)

We love it when fans model their weddings after the latest craze, but it’s definitely easy to go overboard. Jessica and Chris were able to incorporate details from several of their favorite things, from Twilight to James Bond, into their own special day in a beautiful, unique, and elegantly understated way. Captured by the endlessly talented Vincent Lie Phtgrphy.

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5 Tips for Throwing a Gorgeous Graduation Party

Summer is coming, and for many of our readers this may be their last summer of freedom- it’s graduation season! Along with the season of course comes graduation parties, a chance for you to not only celebrate with your friends and family, but to mark the beginning of your transition into adulthood. Leave behind the solo cups and kegstands with these 5 tips for throwing a gorgeous graduation party.

1. Bye-Bye Beer Pong, Hello Horseshoes

Welcome you and your friends to the real world by ditching the freshman classics, and take your party activities to the next level. Really get into the spirit by decorating your horseshoes in your school colors, or have your guests take a swing at it themselves. See how with this chic DIY from


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Artistically Inspired India Wedding: Priyanka & Rahul

Traditional Indian wedding invitations

Although currently residing in California, Priyanka Shetty and Rahul Gupta knew from the beginning that their wedding would be held in their hometown of Mumbai, and could not wait to, in Priyanka’s words, “infuse elements that are traditionally vintage Indian and fun aspects of Bollywood” into their truly international wedding.

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Design Trends | Spring 2015

Aficionados. Fanatics. Devotees.

These are the words that could be used to describe our all-consuming love for all things stationery, stunning, and designer. From the expressive movement of typefaces to the nuanced sheen of gold foil, we simply can’t get enough. So today we are here to share with you some of our favorite spring trends and to hear what trends you are loving right now! So let’s jump right in, shall we?

Photo-based + Statement Text


Personalizing cards with photos is far from a new concept, but the stylistic concept of designs based entirely on photos and simple, statement text is one that has taken on a new, vibrant life in recent years. These photo-based designs are appealing for so many reasons, but we love them particularly because of the complete element of personalization. Even with the same design, no two will ever look the same.

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Meet the Team: Ashley Laskowski, Production Design Manager

meet ashley blog edit5

Today we are excited to introduce you to one of our amazing design team members, Ashley Laskowski. Her design career began at a young age, when in elementary school classmates would line up at her desk and request drawings of dinosaurs, spaceships, and kangaroos. As she got older she thought, “Hey, maybe I could get paid for this.

From designing beer and wine labels to illustrating snowboard artwork and now creating stunning paperless stationery, Ashley is a jack-of-all-trades that we are lucky to have as part of the team!

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