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Dinner party at home

From intimate, mix-and-mingle cocktail soirées to lavish, over-the-top dining experiences, home parties are in and we’re feeling inspired.  

Join the movement to skip crowded restaurants, overpriced wine, and rushing through your meal. Instead, invite your guests to enjoy a hearty global tasting spreadcatered or homemade to perfection. The first step is replacing those restaurant reservations with a stylized paperless invitation, suited to your dinner theme.

The key to pulling off the perfect party? It’s all in the details (and a generously-stocked bar cart). But first, we recommend finding a theme that inspires you. Notable trends this season have sparked with rose quartz, air plants and succulents, geometric shapes, and loose, garden-style floral arrangements. If you’re looking for that perfect theme, try starting with your invitation. Here are some ideas to help get you started!

Wine Pairing

Wine pairing dinners are so enticing, but it can be challenging to know where to start. Luckily, The Kitchn has some fantastic tips, like this Italian Wine Dinner Menu (yum!) If a whole menu is too much to take on, don’t be afraid to break it down to the basics. You know, the things that really matter, like chocolate and cheese.

Planning a wine pairing dinner party at home

Summer Luau

Whether you are currently enjoying the long days of summer or need to infuse that sunny feeling into the middle of winter, a Summer Luau theme is welcome all year round. All you need is vibrant colors, plenty of citrus and pineapple dishes, and summery decor (tiki torches and tropical prints!) Your guests will be ready to soak in those summer vibes all night long.

Planning a summer luau dinner party at home

Midnight Breakfast

Breakfast food is the best kind of food. So it would be a serious shame if you only enjoyed it in the morning. From pancakes and waffles to bacon and eggs, breakfast dishes are easy to whip up, which means they’re the perfect party food. Invite your friends over for a late-night, breakfast-inspired dinner and no one will go home disappointed (or hungry).

Planning a breakfast dinner party at home

Speakeasy Formal

There’s something intriguing about reliving the roaring twenties. Ask your guests to dress up in their best 1920s attire for entry to your dinner party—but only after they learn the secret password. Whip up some prohibition bites (like wasabi deviled eggs or candied bacon) and make sure everyone “speaks easy” to avoid suspicion when ordering a drink at the bar. Cocktail code words are a must.

Planning a speakeasy dinner party at home

Need some more inspiration? Here are some blogs we love with tips and recipes to start planning your own dinner party. Happy planning!

Pull off the Perfect Engagement Party

Planning Tips for Engagement Party

Pop a bottle (or two) because you’re engaged! These days, good news travels fairly quickly (we’re looking at you, Facebook). But that doesn’t mean your engagement shouldn’t be properly celebrated. Below are some tips to plan a perfect, pre-wedding soirée that truly represents you as a couple.

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DIY Gift Wrap Essentials

Today’s post is brought to us by Brynn of Dandy & Fine Parties

DIY Gift Wrapping Tips

I am a big time believer in pretty gift wrap. I’ve never been one that can just use store bought paper, stick a bow on it and call it good. No judgment here if that is your cup of tea, I totally get the efficiency factor of it! I personally just like to make my gifts a little extra special for the recipients 🙂 Today I thought I would share a few of my essential tips and supplies to inspire you this holiday season!

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Ashleigh & Matt – A Summer Camp Inspired Love Story

Summer Camp Wedding

Summer camp sparked the adventurous love story of Ashleigh and Matt. Both employed within the industry, Ashleigh and Matt share a fierce passion for the outdoors, so it was no suprise when they decided to have their wedding at a charming summer camp venue. Complete with a thematic blend of rustic elegance, their special day quickly turned into a fun-filled weekend full of group activities at Camp Echo Lake in Warrensburg, New York.

In the words of the bride, “Building a sense of community amongst our family and friends over the course of the weekend was the most meaningful part. People arrived throughout the weekend and participated in any of the activities they wanted.”

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4 Holiday Parties You Should be Having This Season

‘Tis the season for lots of candy canes, eggnog, and the perfect excuse to host a festive, out-of-the-box holiday party. If you’re in need of some inspiration to spark that perfect theme, try starting with your invitation. Around here, we have no shortage of festive holiday designs. Here are four of our favorites to get you started:

Cozy Ski Chalet Weekend

The perfect winter weekend: crackling fires, glowing candles, a cascade of snowflakes, and the rush of cold air on your cheeks. Invite friends and family to cozy up for the weekend with a digital invite that is a true representation of winter’s soft elegance. Complete with rustic charm and teal accents, you can set the scene for a relaxing hideaway weekend.

Cozy Ski Chalet Holiday Party

1. Cozy Ski Chalet 2. Teal Coaster Set 3. Etta James – At Last! 4. Blue & Teal Throw Pillow 5. Geometric Flakes 6. Fortnum & Mason’s Assorted Napolitains 7. Writers Tears Irish Whiskey 8. Teal Pouf 9. Hurricane Candleholder

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3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules

3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I can’t believe the day is nearly here! If you are anything like me, you have been a busy bee and are now scrambling to finalize your menu and pull together your table setting. Welcome procrastinators, I’m hoping that I can give you some assistance today!

I am excited to be here today to share my 3 favorite table settings that are perfect for your Thanksgiving festivities. If you are feeling a little over pumpkins and fall harvest colors, come feast your eyes on a few fresh ideas that might just inspire you to try something a little different this year…

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Wedding Ceremony Timing

Megan Clark Clutch Events Owner

Wedding planning is all about the details, so we’re thrilled to share some expert advice from Megan Clark, the owner of Clutch Events here in Seattle! One of her top tips is all about timing. While it certainly won’t be the most fun aspect of wedding planning (hello, cake tasting!), it very well could be the most important. According to Megan, “Your ceremony start time is a key decision that will impact timing for the rest your wedding.”

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4 Halloween Parties You Should Be Having

It’s time to hit the thrift, craft, and costume stores – Halloween parties are right around the corner. If you are feeling in a rut and looking for a little out-of-the-box inspiration, we are here for you. Particularly if you are looking for something more stylish than spooky (or at least a little bit of both), these four themes are for you:

Gothic Dinner Party

To set the scene for an equally elegant and eerie dinner party, combine Victorian Gothic Period style with lots of dark colors, dim lighting, and some subtle scares. Some of our favorite sinister details include: play menacing sound effects in the hallways, limit as much lighting as possible to candlelight, and place skulls, bats, and spiders in apothecary jars or on tables throughout the house.

Gothic Dinner Party
1. Candelabra 2. Sleepy Hollow invitation 3. Black Skull Candle with Crystal Eyes 4. Williams-Sonoma Halloween Moon Plates 5. [DIY] Black candy apples 6. West Elm X-Ray Glassware 7. Feather Wreath 8. LED Orange Light Twig Tree 9. Table runner 10. Inky Skies invitation

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Introducing the New Colin Cowie Holiday Collection


Set the scene for your winter soiree with the latest Colin Cowie collection. From lavish foils to opulent detailing, this exclusive holiday collection boasts a modern twist on seasonal classics that will take your winter celebrations to the next level.   read more…

Kristin and Dakota’s Engagement – A Disney Dream Come True

The first time they saw each other, Kristin and Dakota were too nervous to say hello. “We met at a party 5 years ago. We were both shy and although we noticed each other, we didn’t say a word,” explains Kristin. Fast forward five years later, and they’re in the process of planning what will be a truly timeless and romantic wedding. (If the proposal is any indication, we’re willing to bet on this!) Kristin and Dakota have also selected a gorgeous save-the-date from that ties in perfectly with the theme of their wedding.

Kristin and Dakota Disneyland Engagement Story

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