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Halloween Party Invite Wording: Tips for a Frightfully Fun Event

Halloween party invite wording: Halloween party invitation cards

Hosting a Halloween party is the perfect way to show off your best costume and get creative with creepy-fun foods and decor. From trick-or-treat events and Dia de Los Muertos celebrations to haunted houses and witchy cocktail parties, there are all kinds of ways to celebrate All Hallows Eve. Once you know what kind of Halloween party you’re hosting, you can pick out an invitation to invite guests to the big event.

When it comes to Halloween party invite wording, choosing the perfect phrasing doesn’t have to be a spine-chilling chore. With this guide to Halloween party invites, you’ll find clever wording ideas from hair-raising and sinister phrases to cute and spooktacular messages.
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Second Wedding Ideas: How to Create Your Best Day Ever

Second wedding ideas: bride happily embracing her groom

Planning a second wedding can get a bit confusing as there are lots of questions related to traditions, rules, and etiquette. At the same time, there’s a certain beauty and freedom of not feeling tied to first wedding expectations. 

Let’s explore second wedding etiquette and what the “rules”are. Plus, we’ll share all of our favorite second wedding ideas, so you can plan a beautiful day that you’ll always remember. 
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What to Write on Cat Birthday Invitations, Plus 8 Purrfect Designs

Cat birthday invitations: cat's paws beside the Time To Pawty Invitation card

Hey, cool cats! If you want to go all out on your birthday — or your cat’s birthday — then a theme party would be the cat’s pajamas. (And now that we think of it, a “cat’s pajamas” theme would be purrfect for a slumber party.)

Cats should be every birthday girl and boy’s inspiration. After all, cats do what they want all day, every day. If that’s not birthday energy, then we don’t know what is. So for your special day, embrace your inner feline with a fierce party theme.

A cat birthday party theme has so much paw-tential. You can fill your space with kitty cat party decorations, serve up some sushi (what else would a cat eat?!), and wear cat ears instead of party hats. But before you get your claws into all the party details, the best place to start is with your birthday party invitations.

Your invitation cards are your guests’ first introduction to your birthday party. Make a big Maine Coon-sized impression by sending out invitations that are the cat’s meow. We’ll help you choose the purrfect cat birthday invitations for your party, plus we’ll share some of our favorite messages to get the party started.
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9 Fun Divorce Party Ideas for This New Chapter in Your Life

Divorce party ideas: divorce party invitation card

The divorce papers are finalized and you’re ready to embrace this new chapter in your life. While this can feel like a sad experience at times, it’s also an opportunity to celebrate a fresh start. And what better way to do that than with a divorce party?

In this guide, we’ll explore how to throw an unforgettable celebration in honor of your new journey, plus some of our favorite themes and activity ideas. Here’s to the next chapter
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Twin Baby Shower Ideas: 7 Ideas to Celebrate the Perfect Pair

Twin baby shower ideas: Dive With Two twin baby shower invitation

Whether you’re the parent-to-be or the host with the most, throwing a baby shower for twins is bound to be twice as nice. But while double the babies means double the fun, it doesn’t have to mean double the stress. With these twin baby shower ideas, you’ll find fun themes to celebrate the joyful new arrivals. From tea for two to nautical motifs, here are some of our favorite twin baby shower ideas.
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Twice as Nice: 30+ Ideas for Sending Twins Birthday Wishes

Twins birthday wishes: twins blowing their birthday cake candles

Did you know that there are more twins than ever before? As it turns out, about 1.6 million twins are born every year around the world, which translates to one in every 42 children. So it’s not surprising that you’re looking for fun twins birthday wishes.

Whether you’re the parent of twins, celebrating a birthday for beloved twins of any age, or are a twin yourself, we have plenty of creative birthday greetings. Consider this your guide to sending the best twins birthday wishes, including wording ideas and where to share your message. 
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10 Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Kids and Adults

Outdoor birthday party ideas: group of friends happily celebrating and throwing some confetti

There’s no better way to let loose than with an outdoor birthday party. There are so many fun ways to celebrate another trip around the sun while enjoying the great outdoors. From entertaining little tykes at a bubble-themed bash to roughing it at a camping-themed event or lounging in luxury at a poolside soiree, we have outdoor birthday party ideas that are suitable for all ages. Here are some of our favorite party themes you can use year after year.
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How to Ask For Honeymoon Money Instead of Gifts: Tips on Etiquette

How to ask for honeymoon money instead of gifts: couple holding a map while walking

Whether you’re off on a road trip around the USA or to an exotic tropical island, planning your honeymoon is always an exciting moment. While you might have big ideas about where to stay and what to do, perhaps you could use a little help with your budget. 

As such, consider asking loved ones to contribute towards a honeymoon fund. If you want to wave goodbye to physical items and say hello to extra funds for your big getaway, here’s how to ask for honeymoon money instead of gifts
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7 Whimsical Wedding Themes for the Quirky Couple

Whimsical wedding themes: bride and groom riding a bike

Traditional weddings are great … for other people. Your wedding should be a reflection of your and your partner’s personalities. If the two of you have always loved the offbeat, the eclectic, and the quaint, then you won‘t be happy to simply follow the latest wedding trends. Instead, you’ll want to add a little one-of-a-kind whimsy to your big day.

A whimsical wedding theme can help you bring yourselves and your story into your ceremony. To help you tell your love story, we‘ve rounded up seven whimsical wedding themes to inspire your special day. Find one that’s a perfect fit for your offbeat love affair and start dreaming up all the details that will make it come to life.
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Gay Wedding Invitations: What to Include, Plus 4 Designs You’ll Love

Gay wedding invitations: two different wedding invitations

Wedding planning can be full of challenges but it’s also brimming with excitement. One of the most enjoyable aspects is choosing your wedding stationery so you can start sharing your joy with others. With your main details confirmed, it’s time to create your gay wedding invitations and send them to your loved ones. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to plan, structure, and write your LGBTQ wedding invitations. Plus, we’ll share some of our favorite invitation designs to complement your style. 
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