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Feature: Scheduled Reminders

Scheduled reminder

We all have busy lives. Your guests have busy lives. When we are juggling our work and social calendars, sometimes just remembering where you put your keys last night is a victory.  Luckily Greenvelope invitations come with automated reminders!

There are two types of reminders. You can schedule RSVP Reminders to be sent to guests that have not yet responded and/or send Event Reminders to attending guests to remind them of your event.  The best part is that you can schedule these reminders ahead of time!


Mountains to Sound: Preserving Seattle’s Forests


As some of you may know, Greenvelope donates a percentage of every sale to Mountains to Sound, a nonprofit organization near Seattle. The organization maintains the 1.5 million acres of forest surrounding I-90, also known as the Greenway. Their mission is to “lead and inspire action to conserve and enhance the landscape from Seattle across the Cascade Mountains to Central Washington, ensuring a long-term balance between people and nature.”  The Greenway, inspired by the idea of weaving together the urban and the wild, has been designated as the country’s National Scenic Byway.

Currently the organization is working to designate the Greenway as a National Heritage Area. Official recognition of the Greenway will demonstrate the national significance of this landscape, empower partners to work together more efficiently, enhance funding opportunities and formalize the Greenway coalition’s cooperative management style across this broad landscape. Over 1,000 people have signed their petition to make this happen.  Voice your support



A Digital Welcome to the World



We are delighted to be expanding our birth announcement collection! The birth of a child is a busy, emotional and sleep-less moment in life. There’s already so much to be done that birth announcements frequently travel by word of mouth or text message. We think there is another announcement option. Here are a few really lovely ways to announce the birth of a baby in a digital card without having to break the bank or break stride in your routine. We offer square, landscape and portrait sized templates so you can include the best glamour shot of the bunch, since some new parents are new to portrait photography.

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Lauren Fennell, Production Design Manager

Lauren is a Seattle native with a knack for design and aesthetic. She is responsible for discovering new designers for Greenvelope’s ever-growing collection. Lauren has a degree in Art History and Non-profit Management from Seattle University, and has a long-standing history of philanthropic work with a variety of organizations in the Pacific Northwest. In her spare time Lauren is a concert enthusiast and music blogger.

Wedding Spotlight: A Rustic Handcrafted Church Wedding


Bethany and Bryan had a charming wedding in a beautiful old church in Washington Park, Denver, Colorado. They described their wedding theme as vintage meets modern with rich, rustic colors of dark blue, green and brown, and accents of ivory and metallic gold. read more…

5 Wedding Themes We Love

Wedding themes board

Themed weddings awaken our imagination. It’s like playing dress up except all the smiles, laughter, and tears are real.    This year, 1920′s “Gatsby” themed weddings with art deco decor and pearl necklaces are all the rage. If you are not jumping on that bandwagon, here are our five of our favorite wedding themes. read more…

Jelly Beans and Paris: What’s in your Gift Basket?

gift basket

When you are wandering aisle after aisle in search of the perfect gift, choose a few of your friend’s favorite items and create a gift basket instead!  They are the perfect way to show just how much you know and care about your friend. Today we rounded up the Greenvelope team to find out what’s inside their dream gift basket. read more…

Launched! Event Planner Partnership Program

Event planner

We just launched our new Event Planner Partnership Program! With more and more clients asking their event planner for elegant alternatives to expensive paper invitations, we created a program that will benefit both event planners and their clients.

Keeping in mind that event planners have numerous clients, one benefit in becoming a partner is having one central login to manage all your client events.  You will gain visibility and control of your clients’ RSVP and Invitation activities. You will also have your own customized website url and landing page and you will be added to our list of certified event planners. read more…

Designer Spotlight: Shari Margolin

Shari Margolin


What first inspired you to pursue graphic design?
I’ve always loved combining type and imagery. When I was a kid, I would spend hours making collages and cutting letters from words in magazines ransom-note style. In fifth grade, my snowy mountain scene illustration was chosen as the cover of our school winter concert program, and I was hooked. But I honestly didn’t know about graphic design as a field – or a career option – until I was almost finished college, so I was a little late to the game in that respect. read more…

5 Money Saving Tips for Weddings

money saving tips for weddings

Did you know the average wedding costs $28,000! Here are five money saving tips to help you stay under budget:

1. Engraved invitations can cost over $700. Save 85% by sending digital invitations. (See our wedding invitations)

2. Save at least 30% on reception costs by serving lunch or brunch instead of dinner.

3. Save over $1000 by hiring a DJ instead of a band.

4. Save over $700 by making homemade gifts and favors

5. Save over $2000 by serving family-styled meals

Here’s a bonus tip: Dress casual and drive to flower shop in an old car. Florists seem to charge you less when you’re not looking like a million bucks.

Local Business Spotlight: My Sweet Lil Cakes


Food is love. Love is food. When combined together they create My Sweet Lil Cakes.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, Jesse found love in the city of Seattle when he first set his eyes on Sheena in early 2011. They spent the first few months of their relationship trying to figure out a way quit their jobs to work beside each other forever.

“It didn’t take very long staring at Sheena’s assets in the kitchen to come up with the inspiration for these deliciously plump hotcakes on a stick!” Jesse Lee, Founder

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