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5 Virtual Party Ideas to Have the Time of Your Life in Your Living Room

Virtual parties: A woman watches a concert on her laptop

You pick up the phone and FaceTime your mom, then hang up and do the same with your grandmother. You toast your former college roommates with your respective glasses of wine over Zoom. And in between the multiple group texts that vehemently picked up over the past few days, you send a free, online yoga video to your coworkers over Slack.

Social distancing may try to keep us apart, but the internet offers new ways to come together. Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, the emergence of the “virtual party” allows people the freedom to come together from the comfort of their own, respective living rooms. From online cocktail parties to cook-offs to “group” fitness classes, people’s Google calendars are filling up with virtual events.

And we are here for it.

As a 100% digital platform, we love using online technology to bringing people together. We wholeheartedly believe these virtual parties can keep us connected — even while keeping us (a safe distance) apart.
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Cancelling Events Because of Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Canceling events because of coronavirus: A woman with her phone, laptop, and a cup of coffee

From South by Southwest, to Coachella, to the Kentucky Derby, people around the world are cancelling events because of coronavirus. And while your personal guest list might not span hundreds of thousands of people, cancelling memorials, weddings, and college graduations can feel, well …

Honestly, we’re struggling to find the words to describe it. Shocking. Mournful. And maybe a little frustrating that this sudden outbreak cancelled one of your greatest life events.

With flights cancelled around the globe, college students told to pack up and leave campus, and the Governor of California telling all residents to stay home, many people are uncertain when, or even if, these major milestones will be rescheduled.

At Greenvelope, we empathize. We may have a 100% digital product, but at the end of the day we love bringing people together. With everyone currently staying home and focusing on health and safety — a move we support — you’ll need to modify or cancel your plans. We understand the disappointment you must be feeling, but we remain hopeful. We’ll get through this.

We don’t know how or when our “normal lives” will resume. In the meantime, this guide is meant to help you reschedule events you’ve had to cancel due to the coronavirus. In addition, we’re offering a few ideas to help you digitally gather with friends and loved ones — ensuring a safe, six-foot distance apart.
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Postponing a Wedding: What to Do and How to Stay Positive

Postponing a wedding: Calendars, a to-do list, wedding rings, a cup of tea, and wrapped wedding presents

Whether it’s because of a family illness, natural disaster, or global pandemic, making the decision to postpone your wedding is difficult. We hope to make the moment easier with this guide to how to postpone a wedding and our tips for staying positive during this tough time.
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7 Fun Ways to Socialize While Social Distancing

First and foremost, we here at Greenvelope hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. That is the number one priority right now as we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Secondly, we wanted to acknowledge that COVID-19 is altering not just how we all celebrate, but how we all socialize. The bright side is that we in the 21st century are, more than at any other time in human history, equipped to deal with the lifestyle adjustments for which this pandemic is calling. Video chat, text, email – the technology of today enables us to quickly and easily socialize with one another from afar. 

That in mind, we brainstormed seven fun and creative ways for you to keep socializing while practicing social distancing. And if it feels strange at first to socialize in this way, don’t sweat it. You’re not alone. Go easy on yourself, and just have some fun with it!   read more…

10 Wedding Guest Book Ideas That Are More Creative Than Paper

Wedding guest book ideas: a traditional guest book and pen

“I don’t want wedding planning to end!”

Over the past several weeks, you found yourself thinking this sentence on repeat. With each RSVP that rolls in, and each wedding to-do crossed off your list, you find yourself clinging to the planning process. Of course you’re excited to finally be married to your forever wedding date — you are.  But you love selecting every detail of your wedding day, from the wedding guest book ideas to the reception menu, and you don’t want the experience to end.

You are so, so not alone.

Your wedding date will be one of the most magical days of your life — and it’s only natural to want to relive it. That’s why couples produce wedding photos and videos, assign wedding hashtags, and find other ways to hold tight to their wedding memories.

One way to relive your wedding day — and remember all who shared in the experience — is to place a wedding book at your reception. Below, we’re sharing unique wedding guest book ideas to commemorate your wonderful day.
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Wedding Wordsmithery: Send the Happy Couple These Wedding Wishes

Wedding wishes: Wedding gifts, flowers, and a blank note and pen next to an envelope

You grab your wallet, phone, and keys and rush out the door, crossing your fingers you won’t be late to your friends’ wedding ceremony. In the back of the Uber you pull out the card you carefully selected — only to find yourself completely stumped on what wedding wishes to write.

Knowing what to write in a wedding card can be a tricky process. You want it to be heartfelt and personal, yet you don’t want your wedding wishes to be too over the top. You want to sound natural, friendly, sincere — most of all, you want to sound like you.

Don’t worry one bit, because crafting genuine messages is sorta our sweet spot.

In fact, rumor has it we switched to online greeting cards because of all the tear stains we caused in print. (Ok, that might not be true — but you have to admit it would make for one heck of a startup story.) Below, we’re working our wedding wordsmith magic to your benefit, giving you a few pass-the-tissues-messages to use as your own.
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Brilliant Bridal Shower Ideas to Help You Host the Perfect Party

Bridal shower ideas: six different themed shower invitations

For both new hosts and seasoned party planners, planning a bridal shower presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate someone you care about as they embark on a beautiful new journey. Planning this might feel overwhelming, but don’t panic — we’ve got you covered.

The key to a memorable bridal shower is making it heartfelt, special, and unique to the bride’s personality. You don’t need to go all out with a huge party and impressive games — sometimes, the simplest bridal shower ideas work best.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of our favorite themed bridal shower ideas, plus activities and favors to help you bring your bash to life.
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Seating, Simplified: 5 Steps to Create a Wedding Seating Chart

Wedding seating chart: Place settings at a wedding reception

Roll up your sleeves, pour yourself a glass of wine, and unfurl those eyebrows — it’s time to create a wedding seating chart.

Even couples who positively love the wedding planning process — those who wish they could get married 23 times over just to relive it — take a few shallow breaths at the mention of the seating chart. Those two words pose a laundry list of follow-up questions, from the standard, “Do the bride’s and groom’s parents sit together?” to the more family-specific, “Did Uncle Harry ever get over his beef with cousin Laura?”

So pull out the spreadsheets (we prefer digital over paper sticky notes) and call in reinforcements (your wedding planner, mom, or mother-in-law-to-be for starters), because you have a wedding reception to plan.

And since we love wedding planning at every stage — from sending your save-the-dates and wedding invitations to your cocktail hour — we’ll do our best to guide you through the process. Below, we’ll dive into a step-by-step guide on how to plan your wedding seating chart.
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Writing Your Wedding Program Wording: A Step-By-Step Guide

Wedding program wording: A bride and groom hold their programs

You’re halfway through your wedding day checklist, and it’s time to write your wedding day cheatsheet: a simple one-page on the wedding party and the day’s events. What is this Rosetta stone of your wedding day, you ask? It’s your wedding program.

A wedding program serves a dual purpose: It benefits you, the happy couple, as well as your guests. For you, a wedding program creates a keepsake for your ceremony. For your guests — particularly guests traveling from out of town — your program tells them the order of events and individuals involved in the wedding ceremony.

This leads to the next question: What should you include in the wedding program wording?

When writing your wedding program, you’ll want to follow a few guidelines. But, just like many items on your wedding to-do list, there are many ways to customize the program to your personality. Below, you’ll learn what to include in your wedding program and different approaches to wedding program wording.
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Perfect Your Ring Exchange Wording With These Examples

Ring exchange wording: A groom puts a ring on a bride's finger

The ring exchange: It’s the moment in your wedding ceremony where all those promises and dedications you make are symbolized in a physical form. For many couples this is one of the most special moments of the ceremony.

You might be familiar with the “With this ring, I thee wed” or “Take this ring as a symbol of my love” script and think that’s all there is to it. But, like with almost every aspect of your wedding including your wedding invitations, you’re free to choose your own words for this magical part of the proceedings.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional to say as you exchange rings or you want to make a modern statement, we’ve got plenty of ring exchange wording samples to inspire you.
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