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How to Add a Digital Paper Texture

Adding a paper texture digitally

Paper isn’t usually completely smoothso why should digital versions be any different? With the right steps, you can add realistic paper textures to your digital designs (think grain, structure, and dimension!) We’ve listed some simple steps to help you pull off this look digitally in Photoshop.

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Tips for Planning a National Park Wedding

National parks are filled with some of nature’s most spectacular and inspiring locales. With both cultural symbolism and breathtaking scenic beauty, it’s no wonder that they’re becoming increasingly desirable wedding venues.

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And Along Came a Box

Along Came A Box

Yesterday, our mail was a little more exciting than usualthanks to Along Came a Box! This company is so fun (and so are their gorgeous gift boxes!) You can send these beauties to just about anyone for special occasions, for everything from birthdays to bridesmaids gifts. The best part? They just added two new wedding boxesfor brides and couples!

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How to Create a Letterpress Effect Digitally

How to create a letterpress effect digitally

Letterpressing—known for being both luxurious and timeless—is having a moment. This printing option continues to grow in popularity (and it’s easy to see why!) Traditionally, you see this technique a lot in paper invitations or stationery. But letterpressing isn’t exclusive to paper—with the right steps you can add a realistic letterpress effect to your digital designs in Photoshop. We’ve listed some simple steps to help you pull off this look digitally. (You’ll find that this technique is easiest to master on designs that feature a light-colored background!) Happy designing!

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Announcing the National Park Collection


National parks are amazing places—places that you can never quite get enough of. Vast, strikingly beautiful, and rich with history and culture, each of America’s more than 400 national parks is a gift to be enjoyed from generation to generation. The Greenvelope team is honored to announce a partnership with the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, that will help to preserve these precious lands we all love so much.

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Simple Tips to Increase Your Open Rate

Tips to Get a Better Open Rate

Effective marketing requires inspiration, creativity, and a great deal of time (especially when it comes to email!) When strong content is achieved, you want it to be seen. A common question we receive from business owners and event professionals is how to increase open rates. Below are some simple tips you can incorporate into your emails to ensure your event marketing efforts get the best results through Greenvelope.

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How to Host an Oscar Party

How to Host an Oscar Party

The night of all things glittery and golden is quickly approaching (and we couldn’t be more excited!) There’s no reason to not host your own red carpet evening—inspired by everything Hollywood does best (awards, movies, and glamour!) It’s the most anticipated award show for a reason, so invite your friends to curl up, get cozy, and watch all the festivities in the comfort of your home. Here are our recommendations for pulling off the perfect Oscar Sunday celebration.

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When Should I Send my Wedding Invitations?

They asked; you said “yes!”—and once you’ve called loved ones and spread the news on social media, the planning process can officially begin! Communicating wedding information can be intimidating, especially when you consider all of the different stationery components. From engagement party invitations to save-the-dates, we’ve compiled a recommended timeline to help make the wedding invitation process a little easier. Here’s where to start when considering a timeline for your wedding mailings:

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Galentine’s Day Party Ideas for the Crafty at Heart

Today’s post is brought to us by Brynn of Dandy & Fine Parties

Galentine's Day Party Ideas

Gal pals are the absolute best (and I have a feeling you would agree!) Who else can you hang out with in your pjs—gabbing about anything and everything that’s on your mind? I appreciate my girlfriends more than they know, which is why I want to throw them a little extra love this Valentine’s errr, Galentine’s Day! This official holiday takes place on February 13 (and it’s way more fun than Valentine’s Day!) So, in honor of my lovely lady friends, I am hosting a little shindig where we will eat, drink, be merry, and craft together! Continue reading to learn more about my festive tips on throwing your very own Galentine’s Craft Party!

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Planning a Family-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Family Friendly Super Bowl Party

It’s not an official holiday (but it should be). In fact, the Super Bowl is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the U.S., and is watched by football fans and sports newbies alike. So there’s no reason not to go big—especially if you’re hosting. Here are some helpful tips to plan a memorable celebration that’s both fun and family-friendly.

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