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Ashleigh & Matt – A Summer Camp Inspired Love Story

Summer Camp Wedding

Summer camp sparked the adventurous love story of Ashleigh and Matt. Both employed within the industry, Ashleigh and Matt share a fierce passion for the outdoors, so it was no suprise when they decided to have their wedding at a charming summer camp venue. Complete with a thematic blend of rustic elegance, their special day quickly turned into a fun-filled weekend full of group activities at Camp Echo Lake in Warrensburg, New York.

In the words of the bride, “Building a sense of community amongst our family and friends over the course of the weekend was the most meaningful part. People arrived throughout the weekend and participated in any of the activities they wanted.”

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4 Holiday Parties You Should be Having This Season

‘Tis the season for lots of candy canes, eggnog, and the perfect excuse to host a festive, out-of-the-box holiday party. If you’re in need of some inspiration to spark that perfect theme, try starting with your invitation. Around here, we have no shortage of festive holiday designs. Here are four of our favorites to get you started:

Cozy Ski Chalet Weekend

The perfect winter weekend: crackling fires, glowing candles, a cascade of snowflakes, and the rush of cold air on your cheeks. Invite friends and family to cozy up for the weekend with a digital invite that is a true representation of winter’s soft elegance. Complete with rustic charm and teal accents, you can set the scene for a relaxing hideaway weekend.

Cozy Ski Chalet Holiday Party

1. Cozy Ski Chalet 2. Teal Coaster Set 3. Etta James – At Last! 4. Blue & Teal Throw Pillow 5. Geometric Flakes 6. Fortnum & Mason’s Assorted Napolitains 7. Writers Tears Irish Whiskey 8. Teal Pouf 9. Hurricane Candleholder

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3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules

3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I can’t believe the day is nearly here! If you are anything like me, you have been a busy bee and are now scrambling to finalize your menu and pull together your table setting. Welcome procrastinators, I’m hoping that I can give you some assistance today!

I am excited to be here today to share my 3 favorite table settings that are perfect for your Thanksgiving festivities. If you are feeling a little over pumpkins and fall harvest colors, come feast your eyes on a few fresh ideas that might just inspire you to try something a little different this year…

3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules 3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules

This first table breaks all of the rules of the traditional ideas of a Thanksgiving table, but to be honest it is my number one contender for this year. I wanted to create something soft and light with pops of color. A whimsical table is always a favorite in my home!

3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules

While there are a few more DIY elements to this table, they are very easy and can be completed within two hours at the most. The yarn runner is simply several strands of yarn strung loosely across the table. The glass bottles are wrapped in yarn and secured with small ball head straight pins, then filled with table salt that hits just below the top yarn line. Because the taper candlesticks would not fit into each bottle top, I secured with a brass rod. I heated an 1/8” thick brass rod and fed it through the bottom of each table candle, cut the rod down to size (depending on the bottle depth), and stuck into the salt filled bottles. I also gold-leafed and stamped little cards with the word “merci.” Each of these cards sit atop the place settings and will be used to write notes of gratitude for neighboring dinner mates. I love to do a version of this activity each year for my birthday, which always falls near Thanksgiving, as it is a great way to make your dinner party interactive for your guests.

3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules

Table number two is one I created last year and is of my absolute favorites. I partnered with glassybaby, Simple & Crisp, and Keita of Smashing Petals to bring it to life.

3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules 3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules

There is nothing quite like the glow of a glassybaby. Or several for that matter! And you can actually rent these little votives for your party, how sweet is that?! To create this centerpiece, you will just need lots of dried oranges (no time? keep it easy and just buy a handful of boxes of Simple & Crisp!), simple florals, green garland (if you don’t have a green thumb, you may need to call on a floral loving friend), cut tree slices, and a couple handfuls of glassybaby votives (or any other pretty votives will do!) This lovely setting is warm and will surely make your guests feel welcomed.

3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules 3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules

This final favorite table setting is a collaboration of many talents – Sam of Handmade SamMade is the himmeli artist, Kate of The Cobra Lily is the magic behind the paper flowers, and Brady Rushing captured it all with his lens.

We wanted to create a fall setting that captured the dark moodiness of the season. This centerpiece does exactly that. Because fresh flowers are not always bountiful this time of year, paper varieties are a perfect substitute. And, they pair so well with Sam’s gilded himmeli structures! Lots of candles are also key to this dark and moody setting, so make sure you stock up! I imagine that your guests will surely feel transported to another world while sitting around this table.

3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules 3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules3 Thanksgiving Tablescapes That Break All The Rules

Happy turkey eating, stuffed stuffing, pumpkin pie indulging week to you all!

XO Brynn | dandy & fine parties

p.s. Thank you so much to my Greenvelope friends for having me over today!

Wedding Ceremony Timing

Megan Clark Clutch Events Owner

Wedding planning is all about the details, so we’re thrilled to share some expert advice from Megan Clark, the owner of Clutch Events here in Seattle! One of her top tips is all about timing. While it certainly won’t be the most fun aspect of wedding planning (hello, cake tasting!), it very well could be the most important. According to Megan, “Your ceremony start time is a key decision that will impact timing for the rest your wedding.”

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4 Halloween Parties You Should Be Having

It’s time to hit the thrift, craft, and costume stores – Halloween parties are right around the corner. If you are feeling in a rut and looking for a little out-of-the-box inspiration, we are here for you. Particularly if you are looking for something more stylish than spooky (or at least a little bit of both), these four themes are for you:

Gothic Dinner Party

To set the scene for an equally elegant and eerie dinner party, combine Victorian Gothic Period style with lots of dark colors, dim lighting, and some subtle scares. Some of our favorite sinister details include: play menacing sound effects in the hallways, limit as much lighting as possible to candlelight, and place skulls, bats, and spiders in apothecary jars or on tables throughout the house.

Gothic Dinner Party
1. Candelabra 2. Sleepy Hollow invitation 3. Black Skull Candle with Crystal Eyes 4. Williams-Sonoma Halloween Moon Plates 5. [DIY] Black candy apples 6. West Elm X-Ray Glassware 7. Feather Wreath 8. LED Orange Light Twig Tree 9. Table runner 10. Inky Skies invitation

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Introducing the New Colin Cowie Holiday Collection


Set the scene for your winter soiree with the latest Colin Cowie collection. From lavish foils to opulent detailing, this exclusive holiday collection boasts a modern twist on seasonal classics that will take your winter celebrations to the next level.   read more…

Kristin and Dakota’s Engagement – A Disney Dream Come True

The first time they saw each other, Kristin and Dakota were too nervous to say hello. “We met at a party 5 years ago. We were both shy and although we noticed each other, we didn’t say a word,” explains Kristin. Fast forward five years later, and they’re in the process of planning what will be a truly timeless and romantic wedding. (If the proposal is any indication, we’re willing to bet on this!) Kristin and Dakota have also selected a gorgeous save-the-date from that ties in perfectly with the theme of their wedding.

Kristin and Dakota Disneyland Engagement Story

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Branding Your Mailings: Make Your Logo into a Stamp

It sneaks up on you. That moment when summer has passed and the days seem abruptly shorter. Mornings become still and quiet and you realize your commute to work will soon be cold and frosty. But with that change comes the cheer of the holiday season and a perfect opportunity to stay connected to clients, customers, employees, and business prospects.

In the rush of holiday card and holiday party madness, we have a simple solution to help your brand stand out and be easily recognized. All of our cards and invitations are fully customizable and come complete with a stylish, matching digital envelope. One of our favorite features is the customizable stamp, which offers an easy solution to ensuring consistency within your brand. Easily upload your company logo as the stamp and you’re on your way to sending festive and branded holiday greetings. Here’s how! (Bonus: You can add your logo to the invitation too!)

Logo Stamp Logo Stamp

We hope this feature provides you with some inspiration. Check out our Holiday Collection here and get started on this year’s holiday cheer!

Custom Wedding Inspiration: Lynette Cenée

Lynette Cenee Wedding Invitation

If you’re anything like Lynette Cenée (YouTube star and makeup extraordinaire!) chances are, you might have a specific vision in mind when it comes to setting the tone for your wedding celebration.

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Feature Friday: Ashley Ottinger

Ashley Ottinger stationery designer for

With roots in the deep south, Ashley Ottinger is a designer who finds inspiration in porch swings, patios and a cold glass of sweet tea. Corporate designer by day and stationery nerd by night, Ashley uses her stationery designs as an excuse to explore bold colors, classy serif fonts and unusual layouts. Today she shares a bit more about her journey, her style, and of course a few of her favorite things.

Could you share with us the favorite design of yours currently on and what the creation process was like?

I think my favorite design is currently Forty Years Young. It’s a little bit different from what I normally do, but I love the bold, type-driven aesthetic. When I was working on this invitation, I wanted it to feel mature, yet young and fun. I think the offset angles of “FORTY YEARS YOUNG” really accomplish that youthful feel. The bold color choices aid in that as well. read more…