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4 Halloween Parties You Should Be Having

It’s time to hit the thrift, craft, and costume stores – Halloween parties are right around the corner. If you are feeling in a rut and looking for a little out-of-the-box inspiration, we are here for you. Particularly if you are looking for something more stylish than spooky (or at least a little bit of both), these four themes are for you:

Gothic Dinner Party

To set the scene for an equally elegant and eerie dinner party, combine Victorian Gothic Period style with lots of dark colors, dim lighting, and some subtle scares. Some of our favorite sinister details include: play menacing sound effects in the hallways, limit as much lighting as possible to candlelight, and place skulls, bats, and spiders in apothecary jars or on tables throughout the house.

Gothic Dinner Party
1. Candelabra 2. Sleepy Hollow invitation 3. Black Skull Candle with Crystal Eyes 4. Williams-Sonoma Halloween Moon Plates 5. [DIY] Black candy apples 6. West Elm X-Ray Glassware 7. Feather Wreath 8. LED Orange Light Twig Tree 9. Table runner 10. Inky Skies invitation

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Introducing the New Colin Cowie Holiday Collection


Set the scene for your winter soiree with the latest Colin Cowie collection. From lavish foils to opulent detailing, this exclusive holiday collection boasts a modern twist on seasonal classics that will take your winter celebrations to the next level.   read more…

Kristin and Dakota’s Engagement – A Disney Dream Come True

The first time they saw each other, Kristin and Dakota were too nervous to say hello. “We met at a party 5 years ago. We were both shy and although we noticed each other, we didn’t say a word,” explains Kristin. Fast forward five years later, and they’re in the process of planning what will be a truly timeless and romantic wedding. (If the proposal is any indication, we’re willing to bet on this!) Kristin and Dakota have also selected a gorgeous save-the-date from that ties in perfectly with the theme of their wedding.

Kristin and Dakota Disneyland Engagement Story

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Branding Your Mailings: Make Your Logo into a Stamp

It sneaks up on you. That moment when summer has passed and the days seem abruptly shorter. Mornings become still and quiet and you realize your commute to work will soon be cold and frosty. But with that change comes the cheer of the holiday season and a perfect opportunity to stay connected to clients, customers, employees, and business prospects.

In the rush of holiday card and holiday party madness, we have a simple solution to help your brand stand out and be easily recognized. All of our cards and invitations are fully customizable and come complete with a stylish, matching digital envelope. One of our favorite features is the customizable stamp, which offers an easy solution to ensuring consistency within your brand. Easily upload your company logo as the stamp and you’re on your way to sending festive and branded holiday greetings. Here’s how! (Bonus: You can add your logo to the invitation too!)

Logo Stamp Logo Stamp

We hope this feature provides you with some inspiration. Check out our Holiday Collection here and get started on this year’s holiday cheer!

Custom Wedding Inspiration: Lynette Cenée

Lynette Cenee Wedding Invitation

If you’re anything like Lynette Cenée (YouTube star and makeup extraordinaire!) chances are, you might have a specific vision in mind when it comes to setting the tone for your wedding celebration.

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Feature Friday: Ashley Ottinger

Ashley Ottinger stationery designer for

With roots in the deep south, Ashley Ottinger is a designer who finds inspiration in porch swings, patios and a cold glass of sweet tea. Corporate designer by day and stationery nerd by night, Ashley uses her stationery designs as an excuse to explore bold colors, classy serif fonts and unusual layouts. Today she shares a bit more about her journey, her style, and of course a few of her favorite things.

Could you share with us the favorite design of yours currently on and what the creation process was like?

I think my favorite design is currently Forty Years Young. It’s a little bit different from what I normally do, but I love the bold, type-driven aesthetic. When I was working on this invitation, I wanted it to feel mature, yet young and fun. I think the offset angles of “FORTY YEARS YOUNG” really accomplish that youthful feel. The bold color choices aid in that as well. read more…

Feature Friday: Elizabeth Silver

Elizabeth Silver Design on

The best day of the week: Feature Friday! Today we are so excited to have a chat with Elizabeth Silver, an endlessly talented designer from Raleigh, North Carolina, who brings her fresh, colorful aesthetic to life with dozens of birthday, entertaining, and wedding-related templates for For us, it is an incredible honor to work with such talented designers from all over the world and we’re excited to share a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the people behind the art.

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Wedding Design Inspiration Exclusively by Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie Deconstructed Damask

With a long list of satisfied clients—including Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Lopez—renowned experience creator, Colin Cowie has made his name planning everything from intimate celebrations to iconic, large-scale weddings. Inspired by today’s modern couples and fueled by the latest design trends, Colin recently took a fresh leap into further mastering the world of weddings through his stunning collection of digital invitations.

These exclusive designs mimic traditional paper with details that include elegant embossing, edge painting, letterpressing, and delicate gold foiling. With guaranteed style, modern couples also benefit from an added digital feature of built-in RSVP tracking and survey question capability.

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So Long, Summer: White Party Inspiration

Today’s post is brought to us by Brynn Renee of Dandy & Fine Parties


Not that I even want to go there, but the end of summer is nearing all too soon, friends. It’s a sad reality, but so it goes. There is a silver lining though… or in this case, a white lining! The end of summer is a perfect excuse for a celebration to see summer off properly with a party dressed all in white! The setting will be covered in white, with guests in their finest cream linens, and white peaches and champagne will be served (no red wine, please!)

White-Party-2A White-Party-2B

semi-custom invitation design on the Watercolor Emblem design by Stacey Meacham
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Romantic Chicago Wedding: Linda & Brian

Linda_Tran___Brian_Healey_Wedding 11

Today we are so excited to share a serendipitous love story from Linda and Brian – a story that had it’s first spark at a tennis club in Minnesota, and finally ignited upon a fateful reunion in Chicago. 

“We both grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, played tennis at the same club, and even had the same tennis coach (who years later was the reader at our wedding). A five year age difference kept us at a distance even though I had a crush on Brian. College and life took us in separate directions. Years later, I moved to Chicago. Brian was already living here. I was new to the city, so I reached out to him to tell him I moved here. He asked where in the city I was living and told him. He said my apartment was literally the building next door to him! We couldn’t believe it! We started hanging out and setting each other up with our friends. Told all my single friends I had the perfect guy for them. He did the same. Little did we know that we were perfect for each other.” read more…