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Vintage Birthday Ideas: Retro Themes and Invitations to Wow the Crowd

Vintage birthday: friends at a party with confetti and a disco ball

When it comes to planning a birthday party, one of the first steps is choosing a theme. And what better way to celebrate than by hosting a vintage birthday party? Vintage style is all about making something old new again, whether you choose a specific era like the disco ‘80s or concepts like Old Hollywood glamour.

Read on to discover our favorite vintage birthday party ideas including retro themes and decor tips. Plus, you’ll find a handful of vintage birthday party invitations you can send to guests that match the mood of your event.
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Fun 30th Birthday Ideas and Invites to Help You Celebrate a Milestone

30th birthday ideas: number 30 balloons surrounded by confetti

Turning 30 is a big milestone. It’s that time in your life where you really become an adult (or have to pretend to) and grow into who you are as a person. It makes sense to use this moment to throw an epic 30th birthday party. 

Plan your way to success with these 30th birthday ideas. We’ll share how to prep your event, some fun theme ideas, plus plenty of wonderful 30th birthday invitations you can customize and send. 
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Plan a Whimsical Wedding With These Magical Decor & Invite Ideas

Whimsical wedding: bride and groom kissing under a tree with lights

Have you been dreaming of a magical wedding day your whole life? Planning a whimsical wedding is one way to bring your dreams to life. After all, a whimsical wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate your dreamy love story with friends and family. Whether you’re planning an elopement or an elaborate wedding with hundreds of special friends, a whimsical wedding is sure to make it a memorable day. 

Here, we’ve gathered some of our favorite whimsical wedding ideas from themes and decor to venues and invitations. You’ll find tips and tricks to plan a magical day to celebrate love and unity.
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Wow Your Guests with These Virtual New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Virtual New Years Eve party: happy family celebrating New Year's Eve

Can you believe it’s almost time to start thinking about New Year’s celebrations already? It’s such an exciting time of year — the promise of what the future holds, mixed with all that festive joy of the season. It’s the perfect time to bring your loved ones together for a virtual celebration.

Whether you’re hosting your annual New Year’s bash online this year or taking charge for the first time ever, here’s all you need to help you pull off a spectacular virtual New Year’s Eve party. 
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Birth Announcements to Make Your Loved Ones Smile

Examples of cute birth announcements

If your loved ones heard all about your “we’re expecting!” or pregnancy announcement or came to your baby shower, they’ll be eagerly awaiting your birth announcement. 

When that moment finally happens, you’ll want to let everyone know the amazing news in a lovely way. To help you share your excitement, here are some of our favorite ways to make a birth announcement — plus some wording ideas and birth announcement card designs we love. 
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Make a Splash with These Baby Shower Ducky Theme Ideas

Baby shower ducky theme: person wrapping a baby shower gift

When it comes to planning a celebration event, you can’t go wrong with a baby shower ducky theme party. These sweet little pals often keep new babies company for their very first baths, so it’s only fitting to make them part of your baby shower event too. 

To help you put together an unforgettable celebration in honor of a new arrival, here are some of our favorite rubber ducky baby shower ideas. You’ll find inspiration for decor, activities, food, favors, and more. 
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Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for Work: 9 Ways to Have a Jolly Good Time

Virtual holiday party ideas for work: person attending a virtual party

Virtual holiday parties are a great way to bring the team together for some fun and laughter during the happiest season of all. Office holiday party activities can help bring remote employees together and give everyone a chance to get to know each other better outside of the formal office setting. 

Plus, what’s better than having a jolly good time? 

From virtual Secret Santa events to holiday-inspired happy hour and gingerbread decorating contests, you’ll find a great way to celebrate the holiday season with this list of virtual holiday party ideas for work.
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Celebrate the Best News Ever With These Joyful Adoption Announcements

Example of adoption announcements

The time has come to let the world know that you’re about to be an adoptive parent. Congratulations! It’s such an exciting moment and your loved ones can’t wait to celebrate with you. Let them know all the details with captivating adoption announcements. Get ready to discover a variety of delightful ways to share the joyful news, as well as wording and design inspiration for your adoption announcement cards. 
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Adoption Party Ideas: 6 Ways to Celebrate Your Growing Family

Adoption party ideas: family having a picnic party

The adoption process is different for everyone. For some, it can take years while for others it can seem to go by in a flash. Whatever your experience has been with adoption, welcoming home a new child to your family is one of the most special moments in your lifetime. 

Whether you’re adopting a newborn or a teenager (or even a fur baby), these adoption party ideas — including party theme ideas, DIY party decorations, and foods will help you celebrate this momentous occasion. 
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12 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes to Inspire Your Celebration

Neutral baby shower theme: bee themed candies on a stick

With an endless number of ideas for your baby shower celebration, it can be hard to decide between a glamorous gathering or a casual backyard bash, let alone how you’re going to theme the whole event. To help you narrow it down, here are some of our most loved gender neutral baby shower themes. There’s something here for everyone — whether you want bright, rustic, or calming. 
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