Gender neutral gifts: couple giving gifts to each other

There’s no need to gate-keep the best gifts behind traditional gender roles or preferences. Any gift can be a gender-neutral gift. We’ve brought together some of our favorite ideas for gender-neutral gifts to suit any moment, celebration, or interest. With this fun gift guide, you’ll find ideas on what to give your partner, friend, or another loved one, whatever the occasion.

18 Gender-Neutral Gifts They’ll Love

Gender neutral gifts: people holding a gift

In search of the perfect gift for a birthday, life moment, or just to say thank you? Discover some of our best unisex gift ideas for friends and family members and get fresh inspiration for a fun gift they’ll always treasure.

There’s something here that works for almost any kind of celebration — whether you’re looking for a baby shower present, bar or bat mitzvah gift, a milestone birthday present for your best friend, or a white elephant gift for your holiday season office party. Take a look at these gender-neutral gifts that range from budget-friendly to more expensive options.

1. Bluetooth Speaker

If your gift recipient loves music, a bluetooth speaker is an excellent choice. Do they like to sing in the shower? Get them a waterproof shower speaker. Do they like to travel or host outdoor parties? Consider a compact bluetooth speaker they can use to amplify their playlist. Whatever the case, this thoughtful gift will help them enjoy music wherever they are.

2. Book

Author and humorist Garrison Keillor famously said, “A book is a gift you can open again and again.” With a book, you can give someone a gift that keeps on giving. There’s the perfect book out there for everyone — whether they love romance novels, comic books, photo books, or self-development books.

3. Spa Gift Set

Treat someone to a relaxing experience with a spa gift set they can enjoy at home. Buy a premade spa gift basket or create your own with a face mask, organic lotion, bath soak, and other spa supplies. It’s the perfect gift for someone who deserves a break or loves a pampering experience.

4. Notebook and Pen

If your friend or family member likes to journal, a new notebook and pen gift set is always a good choice. This also works well as a gift if you don’t know the recipient that well — for example, if you’re taking part in a holiday gift exchange at work.

5. Delicious Treats

Box of chocolates

For chocolate lovers, there’s nothing better than unwrapping a box of chocolates — or an artisanal bar. If your gift recipient has a sweet tooth, consider giving them a box of chocolates, cookies, or another tasty treat. Just make sure you know their dietary needs and preferences to make this a truly sweet gift idea.

6. Water Bottle

Water bottles are a highly practical gift, but they’re also fun because they come in so many different colors and designs. They’re the perfect gift idea if your recipient enjoys fitness or simply could use a new bottle to sip out of while they work. Choose a water bottle with a fun print (or get one monogrammed) that you know your gift recipient will love.

7. Travel Charger

If your loved one is a gadget lover, they have plenty of devices that always need charging. Give them a travel charger as a practical gift that means they’ll never be out of power on their favorite devices. Not only is this ideal for someone who’s planning a trip, but it also works well as a game night party favor or a holiday exchange gift.

8. Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner

Many of us have a favorite shampoo or conditioner that feels a bit luxurious, but we don’t often splurge on such pricey items. Now is the perfect moment to treat someone to a luxurious self-care experience they wouldn’t normally indulge in for themselves.

9. Board Game

Friends playing cards

Surprise your friend with a new board game the next time you show up to game night. Opt for a special edition of a classic board game like Barbie Monopoly or Scrabble Luxury Edition to make it unique. The bonus about this gift idea: It’s both a tangible gift and an experiential gift rolled into one.

10. Gender-Neutral Clothing Items

Clothing can be tough to buy for someone else, but certain pieces can make great gender-neutral gift ideas — especially if you opt for classic, neutral hues like gray, taupe, cream, or black. 

For instance, you could buy your best friend a new hoodie featuring their favorite band. Or you could give a family member a new beanie to keep their head warm this winter. Baby clothes in colors like mint, yellow, gray, or ivory are also a lovely gender-neutral baby shower gift idea.

11. Soft Blanket

If the cold season is approaching, a warm and cozy blanket can be a wonderful gift idea. Choose one in a pattern or color your recipient will enjoy, or invest in one to match the colors or vibe of the season. Like clothing, baby blankets are an ideal gender-neutral baby gift. Look for one that’s super-soft, washable, and a joy to snuggle with.

12. Bedding or Towels

Towels and bedding are popular wedding gifts but they’re also ideal as birthday, housewarming, or engagement gifts. Invest in a set of high-quality, breathable sheets or luxurious towels as a thoughtful gift for someone special.

13. Mug or Stainless Steel Flask

Like water bottles, mugs or flasks make great gender-neutral gifts. There are so many fun choices, making it easy to find one to match your recipient’s interests, hobbies, or favorite color. Present the mug as part of a gift box with biscotti and coffee packs or tea for a sweet seasonal gift or birthday gift.

14. Gift Card

Round of Applause Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

A gift card makes the perfect last–minute present but it’s also thoughtful as the recipient can use it at their favorite place. It’s also incredibly versatile for any budget —pick up a gift card as a small thank you gift or a larger wedding present. 

Better still, you can send someone a gift card along with a gorgeous digital greeting card wherever they are in the world. With Greenvelope, simply add a gift card to a design of your choice (like this Round of Applause card) and you can instantly send a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

15. Phone or Device Case

Most people use a case for their phone, tablet, or portable gaming device — even if it’s just a practical one to prevent damage. Treat someone to a fun phone or device case based on their interests or hobbies as a simple yet thoughtful gender-neutral gift idea.

16. Vase

Flowers remain a popular choice for birthday and Valentine’s Day gifts, but many people don’t have a special vase to put them in. Choose a beautiful vase that matches your recipient’s home decor. While the vase itself is a lovely gift, you could also fil it with a bouquet of beautiful blooms to celebrate any occasion.

17. Cookware

Cookware makes a great unisex gift idea, especially if your recipient loves to cook or has invited you to a housewarming party. If your budget allows, invest a few high-quality pieces to step up their kitchen collection. You can also limit it to one item that’s still special — for instance, a set of teak utensils or a gorgeous salad bowl.

18. Travel Accessories

If your recipient loves to travel or has a big trip coming up like a honeymoon, travel accessories make great gender-neutral gifts. Packing accessories, passport covers, wallets, and items that make travel comfortable are all great gift ideas.

Get Them Something Special with These Gender-Neutral Gift Ideas

Gender-neutral gifts work for family members, close friends, and coworkers alike. Whether you’re celebrating someone’s retirement, new job, marriage, birthday, or other special moment, this gift guide can help you find the perfect gift to suit the occasion.

Along with a thoughtful gift, send your friend or loved one a digital greeting card to match. Once you find a design you love, customize it to send a personalized birthday, congratulations, or thank you card to someone special.