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Whether you’re the parent-to-be or a friend, family, or coworker planning a baby shower, there’s nothing like welcoming a new little bundle of joy into the world. 

Naturally, your guests will be showering the guest of honor with baby shower gifts. And chances are, you’ll want to express your gratitude by sending guests home with baby shower favors. To that end, take a look at our list of creative baby shower favors, from easy DIY options to personalized and practical tokens of appreciation.

17 Baby Shower Favors That Work For Every Theme

Baby shower favors: boxes of sweets on a table

A little one is about to arrive and you need baby shower favor ideas that are perfect for a variety of celebrations. Whether you’re hosting a gender-neutral baby shower or a traditional boy or girl celebration, these party favors will be the perfect finish for your event. From personalized baby shower favors to easy DIY ideas, there’s something for every theme and style.

1. Bottle Openers

Send guests home with a practical favor by ordering custom bottle openers. Get them engraved with the date of your baby shower or a motif that matches your baby shower theme. 

For instance, you could order a bottle opener engraved with a bee for a bee-themed baby shower or a tropical leaf, monkey, or other animal for a jungle-themed shower.

2. Coasters

She's A Gem Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Invitation Inspiration: She’s a Gem Invitation

Show guests how much you appreciate them taking the time to attend your shower by giving them a set of coasters. Choose coasters that look like agates and gems or opt for a rustic look with personalized laser-engraved wood coasters.

3. Mini succulents

Mini succulents make excellent baby shower favors. DIY this gift by filling miniature ceramic pots with potting soil and succulents from a local nursery. If you don’t have time (or a green thumb), simply opt for faux succulents. Either way, your guests will enjoy this low-maintenance gift.

4. Baby Feet Magnets

Your guests will smile every time they open their refrigerator thanks to baby feet magnets like these wooden ones on Etsy. Engrave the magnet with a sweet thank you message and the name of your child. If wood doesn’t go with your theme, consider marble, metal, or cloth magnets instead.

5. Shaped Soap

Bubble Bath Invitation

Design: Snow and Ivy

Invitation Inspiration: Bubble Bath Invitation

Give the gift of relaxation with a gift bag of custom-made soap. Order soap bars in different shapes like a baby bottle, pacifier, or baby foot. Choose colors to match your baby shower theme. Alternatively, you can choose pink for a girl’s baby shower or blue for a boy’s baby shower, which is ideal for a gender reveal party. 

6. Lip Balm

Thank guests for celebrating your new baby with nourishing, natural lip balm from brands like EOS and Burt’s Bees. Make it feel special by ordering lip balm labels from sites like Amazon or Etsy to personalize the gift. For something extra special, fill party favor gift bags with lip balm and lip scrub for soothing pre-balm prep.

7. Themed Stickers

If your baby shower includes young children, you can show how much you enjoyed sharing the day with them by giving them stickers. Choose stickers that match your theme, whether it’s a ducky theme baby shower or a boho-inspired celebration.

8. Mini Self-Care Kits

An easy yet thoughtful baby shower party favor idea is to create DIY self-care kits. Grab mini burlap sacks or favor boxes and line them with colorful crinkle paper. Add in personal care items like miniature lotion, bath bombs, hair ties, and face masks. Select items in colors that match your theme or choose a neutral hue for a subtle approach.

9. Keychains

Boho Baby Animals Invitation

Design: ChristyHyLee

Invitation Inspiration: Boho Baby Animals Invitation

Show your appreciation by giving each guest a keychain to take home. Choose a keychain in the shape of a pacifier, baby feet, or a baby bottle. You can also find keychains that match your theme, like jungle animals, woodland creatures, or space objects. Make it extra special by engraving a sweet thank you message on it.

10. Decorative Tins

Decorative tins make for fun DIY baby shower favors. Fill them with goodies like candies, mini brownies, or crackers. If you’re feeling punny, add a label that reads “Ready to pop” and fill the tin with popcorn. Or choose a heart-shaped tin and write “Bursting with love” on it. 

11. Candles

Candle favors are always a big hit, whether it’s for a bridal shower, baby shower, or wedding. Choose from dozens of styles depending on your baby shower theme. If you’re hosting a summer baby shower with rustic vibes, order candles in wood containers or with burlap accents. For winter baby showers, candles in frosted glass containers make lovely keepsakes.

12. Mini Honey Jars

Sweet Honeycomb Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Invitation inspiration: Sweet Honeycomb Invitation

For a bee-themed baby shower, send guests home with a sweet jar of honey (and a tin of tea if you like). Choose from ceramic or glass jars of honey and select one that comes with a decorative dipper for something extra. Personalize the jars with custom labels featuring the baby shower date and the baby’s name.

13. Goodie-Filled Mason Jars

Ditch the paper favor bags and give an extra special baby shower favor by filling glass mason jars with goodies. If you’re hosting a winter-themed shower for the mom-to-be, fill the jar with hot chocolate ingredients. For a rainbow baby shower, add colorful candies, marshmallows in various hues, or lip balms in vibrant colors.

14. Seed Packets

Baby shower favors: Elegant Wildflowers Invitation

Design: Jen Montgomery

Invitation inspiration: Elegant Wildflowers Invitation

Give the gift of nature with wildflower seed packets. Guests will love watching the seeds grow into vibrant blooms and fondly remember your baby shower. This idea is perfect for woodland baby showers and other outdoor-themed celebrations.

15. Tea Favors

If you’re hosting a tea party baby shower, you can’t go wrong with tea-inspired party favors. Fill organza pouches with tea bags in different flavors or order custom tins and add loose-leaf tea. Wrap a ribbon around the tin and tie a tea infuser to it. 

If you want to buy tea favors instead of making them, choose glass tubes filled with tea leaves for a stunning visual presentation.

16. Fresh Cookies

Baby shower favors: Sweet Stork Invitation

Design: Peetie Design

Invitation inspiration: Sweet Stork Invitation

Share sweet sentiments of appreciation with cookies shaped like a teddy bear for a “We can bearly wait” baby shower or bees for a honey-themed celebration. The best part about this favor is it’s easy to match to any party theme.

17. Measuring Spoons

This trending gift is the perfect keepsake for guests who took the time to attend your baby shower. Look for heart-shaped measuring spoons in wood or metal materials. Make them extra special by engraving a sweet message.

Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

With this list of ideas for unique baby shower favors, your guests are sure to feel the love. Mix and match gifts to create larger baskets or choose one unique item to express your gratitude.

Do you still need to invite guests to your baby shower? Well, you’re in the right place. Browse our selection of baby shower invitations to find a design that matches your theme. Each design is customizable so you can have fun playing with the color palette, font, and message until it’s exactly as you want it. 

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