Neutral baby shower theme: bee themed candies on a stick

With an endless number of ideas for your baby shower celebration, it can be hard to decide between a glamorous gathering or a casual backyard bash, let alone how you’re going to theme the whole event. To help you narrow it down, here are some of our most loved gender neutral baby shower themes. There’s something here for everyone — whether you want bright, rustic, or calming. 

12 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Any baby shower theme can work for your new arrival, but there are a few that really stand out. Take a look at these gender neutral baby shower ideas and find some inspiration to host an impressive bash for your loved ones. 

1. Rustic Boho

Neutral baby shower theme: Delicate Greenery Invitation

Design: Robinson Creative House

Invitation Inspiration: Delicate Greenery Invitation

Rustic boho is a classic party theme, whether you’re hosting a baby shower or bridal shower. You can truly immerse yourself in this aesthetic yet it doesn’t take much to transform a space into a rustic paradise. 

What’s great about a rustic boho theme is you can DIY a lot of it. Use fresh or artificial greenery, leaves, and twigs to create centerpieces, table decorations, garlands, wreaths, and placecards. Hang string lighting indoors (or outdoors) for a cozy glow or place battery-operated versions inside clear jars for luminescent centerpieces. Add in some rustic twine and beautiful ribbon to tie the look together for your baby shower brunch or afternoon event. 

2. Teddy Bear

Balloon Bear Invitation

Design: Melissa Egan Design

Invitation Inspiration: Balloon Bear Invitation

We love the idea of using teddy bears as inspiration for your gender neutral baby shower theme. These adorable plush toys are often the first things a baby snuggles up to, which gives them a special place in our hearts.

Embracing a teddy bear party theme means filling your space with these sweet creatures. Use them as centerpieces or find themed balloons and banners. Use mini teddy bears as party favors, and host a fun teddy bear tea party or diaper race. For more ideas, see our guide on teddy bear themed baby showers, which features ideas for food, decor, and baby shower favors. 

3. Little Ducky

Neutral baby shower theme: Bubble Bath Invitation

Design: Snow + Ivy

Invitation Inspiration: Bubble Bath Invitation

For a theme that’s just as sweet as teddy bears but makes more of a splash, try a ducky themed baby shower. The classic rubber duck has long been tied to the celebration of a new arrival, so it’s a theme you can use for nostalgic or contemporary decor. 

Buy a giant inflatable ducky to greet your guests as they arrive. If it’s summertime, consider a fun pool party baby shower, or turn your home into a bathtime wonderland with an inflatable tub and mini rubber ducks as decor. Cupcakes with a sweet rubber duck topper are always a hit, and the ducks themselves make ideal party favors for your guests to take home. 

4. Baby Animals

Animal Friends Invitation

Design: Milk and Marrow

Invitation Inspiration: Animal Friends Invitation

There’s nothing sweeter than baby animals, which makes this one of the best gender neutral baby shower themes. We love pairing pastels with a baby animal themed event, as the soft nature of them goes so well with fresh little paws, bellies, and snouts. 

You can narrow down the theme and explore farmyard animals, jungle animals, or household pets, or keep it broader and fill your space with a variety of baby animal toys, designs, and prints as decor. For a lovely baby shower gift idea, encourage your guests to bring children’s books that feature their favorite animal as a keepsake for the soon-to-arrive little one. 

5. Woodland Adventure

Neutral baby shower theme: Woodland Charm Invitation

Design: frau brandt

Invitation Inspiration: Woodland Charm Invitation

You can’t go wrong with a woodland themed baby shower. This is a lovely gender neutral baby shower theme if you love the idea of rustic greenery and cute animals all in one.

Use your favorite woodland animals to inspire a show-stopping centerpiece and mix them with artificial leaves, mini trees, and warm tea lights for atmosphere. Use a balloon arch or faux plants to create the look of a woodland or forest around you, or take the party outside if possible. Set a feast on beautiful tableware with candles surrounding you, and have a beautiful rustic cake custom made with woodland animals on top. 

6. Tropical Getaway

Tropical Palms Invitation

Design: Anna K Design

Invitation Inspiration: Tropical Palms Invitation

Transport your guests to an exotic destination with this ultra-fun themed baby shower. Fill your party venue with tropical themed decor, a bright balloon garland, and giant inflatables to create a refreshing experience for your loved ones. 

A tropical themed party is ideal if the weather is gorgeous and you can head outside, but it works just as well as a quirky alternative for a winter baby shower idea. Make sure there’s plenty of bright colors, palm trees, beautiful blooms, and fresh fruit to enjoy. 

7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Neutral baby shower theme: Playful Clouds Invitation

Design: Soulmade Studio

Invitation Inspiration: Playful Clouds Invitation

There’s something so sweet about tiny little stars and that classic nursery rhyme. It makes a “twinkle twinkle” themed baby shower always on trend, and always a joy to be invited to — especially if you can combine a star and musical theme together. 

Look for baby shower decorations with stars, and choose a color scheme that feels calm and as beautiful as the night sky. If you can, create a canopy overhead and add string lighting or starry lights to make it extra special. Create a playlist inspired by the nursery rhyme, and serve up a fun menu with star-shaped sandwiches, snacks, fruit, and desserts.

8. Buzzy Bee

Bee Our Guest Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Invitation Inspiration: Bee Our Guest Invitation

If you want something a little more upbeat and bright, a honey bee baby shower could be the perfect idea. You get to feature lots of beautifully sunny yellows, plus plenty of cute honey bees throughout your decor too. 

Create balloon garlands with bright and pastel yellows, frame some artwork featuring bees for your dessert table, and create a menu that features honey-infused dishes. For a delicious and on-theme party favor, send your guests home with locally made honey complete with a personalized label. 

9. Super Safari

Neutral baby shower theme:

Design: Clementine Creative

Invitation Inspiration: Safari Mama Invitation

If baby animals aren’t your preference but you still want to include some four (or more) legged friends, a safari or jungle themed baby shower is a wonderful idea. You get to play around with lots of faux leaves, bright colors, and exciting animals like giraffes and elephants.

Take inspiration from a safari adventure for your decor and use plenty of natural tones mixed with rich, vibrant greens. Hang tropical leaf and flower garlands, and use toy jungle animals to create a fun centerpiece for your table. Add in a few themed games like jungle animal bingo or elephant ring toss and you have a winning gender neutral baby shower theme. 

10. Nautical Adventure

Golden Anchor Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Invitation Inspiration: Golden Anchor Invitation

Take your guests on a magical adventure out to sea with a nautical themed baby shower. This is ideal if the guest of honor loves sea creatures, or you fancy hosting a whimsical event inspired by pirates, treasure, or creatures of the deep.

Ocean blues are always a firm favorite for a nautical themed event, with rich reds, navy blue, white, and gold adding visual interest through your party decorations. Throw in some rustic touches with rope ties and hessian bunting to decorate the walls. Send your guests on a treasure hunt around your home or yard before you dig into a delicious cake that features an anchor or boat cake topper.

11. Space and Stars

Neutral baby shower theme: Moon Child Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Invitation Inspiration: Moon Child Invitation

There’s a whole galaxy out there to explore, and a baby shower seems like a great opportunity to do just that. With so much possibility and excitement, it feels a fitting way to draw on the joy and anticipation that comes with expecting a new baby. 

Deck out your party venue with galaxy-inspired backdrops with glow-in-the-dark lighting for a fun, immersive experience. Sprinkle star confetti across your table and invest in some quirky glassware. See who knows the most about space with a quiz before playing some more space themed baby shower games together. 

12. Scandi Monochrome

Welcome Sweet Baby Invitation

Design: Eve Schultz

Invitation Inspiration: Welcome Sweet Baby Invitation

For a super contemporary take on a baby shower theme, try a Scandinavian-inspired monochrome crossover. Think of a bold black-and-white color scheme mixed with natural woods, playful accents, and tons of style. 

The pared-down Scandi look still reigns supreme when it comes to home decor, so it’s a fitting choice if you love the look. Use high-quality, natural wooden toys as centerpieces and decor items, and serve a Scandi-inspired feast for this unique baby shower theme.

Host the Ultimate Party with These Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

You can have so much fun when planning a gender neutral baby shower. Look through these themes to find inspiration for your decor, food, and games, then seek out the perfect baby shower invitation to match.