Tea party baby shower invitation and food on a table

Looking for a festive and elegant way to celebrate a special mom-to-be? A tea party baby shower delivers sophistication and offers a sweet way to celebrate the big moment. From whimsical garden settings to tea spreads in your dining room, this celebration lets you go all out or keep it casual. Here, we’ll show you how to plan a tea party shower with ideas for food, decor, and fun.

Tea Party Baby Shower Planning Tips

Tea party baby shower: person pouring tea from a small teapot

With these tea party baby shower ideas, you’ll be the host with the most. Best of all, planning a tea party doesn’t involve much legwork — it looks stunning on its own. Read on for fun ideas for your tea party decorations, tips on what to serve, and advice on small gifts for guests to take home.

1. Choose a Venue

The first thing to do is determine where you’ll be hosting the tea party. You can set up a large table in your backyard, rent a local park’s picnic area, or have a catered brunch at a country club, lakeside venue, or local restaurant.

If you choose an outdoor venue, have a backup plan if the weather changes. A large tent can protect guests from wind and rain, or you can plan on using an alternate indoor space. 

For backyard parties, you can start planning a few weeks out from the event. With more elaborate parties involving vendors, give yourself six to eight weeks to coordinate with a party planner and food suppliers.

2. Set the Scene with Baby Shower Decorations

Transport guests to a whimsical afternoon with your tea party decorations. As the focus here is the afternoon tea party itself, much of the decor involves tableware. Choose lace tablecloths for an elegant look. Serve tea in a stunning teapot like a long-stemmed silver teapot.

While paper plates and napkins work for casual celebrations, use fine china if you want an upscale tea-time celebration. Don’t forget to include saucers for guests to rest their tea bags on. You can even use fine china with pink detail for a girl baby shower or a set with blue designs to celebrate a baby boy

Order floral arrangements for a stunning centerpiece and sprinkle glitter confetti along the tablecloth for a glam look. You can also use traditional party decor like balloons and streamers to dress up the space.

3. Decide What Food to Serve

The beauty of tea time is the food doesn’t require complicated recipes. Stick to classic fares like tea sandwiches filled with cucumber and dill, and French viennoiseries like croissants and brioches. Don’t forget the scones, macarons, and eclairs. 

You can also choose to serve more substantial tea party food as part of a brunch. Include French toast, omelets, and creamy potato dishes to fill guests up.

And remember the sweets! A three-tiered tray filled with mini cupcakes or a large cake on a glimmering gold cake stand incorporate the food into the decor.

You’ll also want to make sure you serve a varied tea selection. Choose tea bags or loose-leaf tea in a variety of flavors. Make sure to offer herbal and decaf options for guests who may not want to drink caffeine.

4. Celebrate with Baby Shower Games

Tea party celebrations tend to be refined and elegant. Instead of playing silly games like the baby bottle chug, stick to options that fit the mood of this party theme. One idea is to go around and share the origins of your name or your kids’ names.

You can also play “Guess the Baby.” Before the party, ask guests to bring their own baby photos. Mix them up and then have the parent-to-be guess which picture belongs to whom. 

5. Send Guests Home with Baby Shower Favors

Party favors will show your appreciation for guests taking the time and effort to celebrate with you. Send folks home with a token of appreciation with baby shower gifts. Some tea-related ideas include a fancy teacup filled with a few tea bags, candies, or a specialty tea steeper. You can also give your guests a small box of macarons or a candle set featuring classic scents like lavender and rose.

Tea Party Baby Shower Invitations

Tea party baby shower: snack stand on a table

A tea party is one of our favorite baby shower themes. Invite friends and family to join the fun with a festive invite. At Greenvelope, you’ll find invitation designs for all types of celebrations — whether it’s a gender reveal, gender-neutral baby shower, or celebration for a little boy or girl. Here are some of our favorite tea party baby shower invitations.

1. High Tea Invitation

Tea party baby shower: High Tea Invitation

Design: Kid Collective

This colorful design features bold tea-time elements for a modern vibe. Use it to celebrate a baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday party.

2. Dainty Teapot Invitation

Dainty Teapot Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

This formal invitation features hand-drawn floral illustrations and a delicate feel that’s perfect for tea party baby showers. It’s available in six different colorways so you can use it for a gender-based celebration or keep things neutral.

3. Dainty Garland Invitation

Dainty Garland Invitation

Design: Ashley DeMeyere Design

Tell guests a baby is brewing with this festive invite. Featuring a whimsical garland made of cascading floral buds, it’s elegant and romantic — perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new baby at an afternoon tea party.

4. Romantic Ornament Invitation

Romantic Ornament Invitation

Design: Jen Montgomery

This vintage tea party invite features a letterpress floral-engraved frame that will add style and class to your party. Use it for a baby sprinkle or a tea partythemed baby shower.

5. Time for Tea Invitation

Time for Tea Invitation

Design: Lisa Travis

This watercolor invite features a lovely display of teaware and finger foods for a preview of the special day. It’s formal and sweet, making it ideal for bridal and baby showers with a tea party theme.

6. Vintage Balloon Invitation

Vintage Balloon Invitation

Design: Becky Nimoy Stationery

This magical invitation features a vintage hot air balloon with a big-eared bunny at the helm. Large flowers and soft pastel hues add to the sweet design. Use it for a young child’s birthday party or to invite guests to a whimsical baby shower.

Celebrate with These Tea Party Baby Shower Ideas

With these baby shower tea party ideas, you will surely pull off a memorable celebration. Be sure to check out our baby shower planning checklist to make sure you’ve covered all your bases. If you need more inspiration, continue browsing our Stationers blog, where you’ll find other baby shower themes and baby shower ideas to plan the perfect event.

With Greenvelope, inviting guests to your tea party baby shower takes just a few clicks. Start by browsing our large selection of baby shower invitations. Customize the design, changing the color and font to match the theme of your party. Add fun elements like music and wax seals, then just import your guest list and send off the invites with the click of a button. Easy and fun to use, our invite system makes it straightforward to track RSVPs so you know what to expect on party day.