Baby shower games: friends talking to each other

Baby showers are joyous occasions. Whether you’re planning a coed baby shower for the parents-to-be or something more traditional, you can’t go wrong with baby shower games. 

From trivia and bingo to diaper-themed activities, there are plenty of silly and fun baby shower games to make your event more memorable. Here, we’ve made a list of our favorite lol-worthy activities you (and your guests) won’t soon forget!

19 Fun Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Love

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There’s something for everyone on this list of baby shower games. Some of them will also work as virtual baby shower games if you’re hosting a separate event for those who can’t be there in person. Without further ado, here are the best baby shower game ideas to play at your celebration. 

1. Baby Shower Bingo

Opening presents is a key part of a baby shower. Make the process more fun by getting guests in on the action with bingo. Print out a unique bingo card for each guest featuring common baby shower gifts like baby bottles, onesies, pacifiers, gift cards, and strollers. The first guest to check off a row, column, or diagonal wins!

2. Blind Diaper Change

What’s harder than changing a diaper? Doing it blindfolded and as fast as you can. Divide guests up into small teams and have them line up next to each other in front of a table. 

Give each participant a blindfold. Set out diapers and a baby doll wearing a diaper for each team. Ask the first person on the team to take off the baby’s diaper and put a new one on. When they finish, the next team member hops in to take over. The first team to finish and properly put on the doll’s diaper wins.

3. Don’t Say Baby

Baby shower games: Bubble Bath Invitation

Design: Snow and Ivy

Invitation Inspiration: Bubble Bath Invitation

This baby shower game is easy to pull together because it doesn’t involve any prep work or supplies. The idea of the game is that guests can’t say the word “baby.” Give guests a clothespin at the beginning of the party and tell them not to say the word. If they do, another guest can steal their clothespin. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the party wins a prize.

4. Who Knows Mommy Best?

This competitive game pits friends and family against each other as they show off how much they know about the mom-to-be. It’s an easy game to play since all you need is a pen and paper for each guest. 

Ask questions from a prepared list — think of things like: “What hospital was the mom-to-be born at?” and “What was the mom-to-be’s college major?” Whoever guesses the most questions correctly takes home a prize.

5. My Water Broke

If you’re looking for classic baby shower games, this one can’t be missed. Before the baby shower, buy small plastic baby dolls and freeze them into large ice cubes. On the day of the party, give each guest an ice cube and ask them to break it open as fast as they can. The first person to free the plastic babies and yell “My water broke” takes home a prize.

6. Guess the Disney Babies

Once Upon A Time Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Invitation Inspiration: Once Upon a Time Invitation

This guessing game is great for Disney-themed showers or parents who love Disney. Print out a list of Disney character moms (Sarabi, Lady Elinor, Perdita, and Nani) and leave a blank space next to each character. During the party, have the guests write down the kid’s name for each mom. The person with the most correct answers wins. 

7. Find the Guest

This interactive trivia game is an excellent icebreaker if there are groups of people at your party who don’t know each other well. Write down a list of fun facts focusing on things guests have in common. For instance, “went to so-and-so high school” or “works with the mom-to-be.” 

Make copies of the list and give one to each guest as they arrive. Ask them to interview each other and find someone who fits the description. This way, guests can start to mingle and meet each other while playing a fun game.

8. Guess the Candy Bar

This game is not for the faint-hearted and definitely not for formal baby showers. But it sure is fun if you have guests who aren’t afraid to be silly! Grab a few different kinds of chocolate candy bars, melt them down, and pour them into a diaper. The idea is to make it look like a dirty diaper. Ask guests to sniff or taste the chocolate in each diaper and guess what kind of candy it is. 

9. Name That Baby Tune

Rose Gold Wreath Invitation

Design: Hooray Creative

Invitation Inspiration: Rose Gold Wreath Invitation

A baby-themed take on the classic Name That Tune game, this activity is fun to play and sure to bring back fond memories of your own childhood. Create or download a playlist of baby songs and nursery rhymes. During the party, play each one and ask guests to shout out the name of the song. Not every game needs a winner, and this could be one of those baby shower games that’s more of an icebreaker or fun activity to do while eating.

10. What’s Mommy Craving?

Another trivia-style game, this one is all about guessing the new mom’s pregnancy cravings. Give each party guest a sheet of paper or a note card. Get everyone together and have the mom-to-be describe the types of foods she’s craving, without saying the name. Guests write down their answers and whoever guesses the most correctly, wins a special shower gift.

11. The Price Is Right

Having a baby can be expensive, but do you know how pricey raising a child can be? This baby shower activity aims to find out by putting a baby-focused theme on the classic The Price is Right game. Print out a list of baby items and quantities — think: 50 baby wipes, 15 bibs, or 100 diapers. During the party, have guests guess how much each one costs and ask them to write down their answers. The person who comes closest to the right answer without going over the correct amount wins.

12. Guess the Celebrity Baby

Night Sky Mobile Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Invitation Inspiration: Night Sky Mobile Invitation

If the mom-to-be or dad-to-be loves pop culture, consider playing this celebrity-themed guessing game. Before the party, download images of celebrities as babies. During the event, ask guests to guess who the celebrity is in each baby photo

13. Charades

Charades is a go-to party game for a reason: it’s easy to plan and fun to play. Divide guests into teams and have one person from each team come up front. Ask them to pick a baby-related word and have them act it out for their teams. The team that guesses first, wins a point. The next person on the team comes up and acts out a new word. Play a few rounds before declaring a winner. 

14. Diaper Raffle

A diaper raffle not only gives the parents-to-be what they need but it also gives guests a chance to win a prize. On your digital invitations, ask guests to bring along at least one package of diapers. Let them know that for each package they bring, they’ll get a raffle ticket. On the day of the event, hand out raffle tickets to each guest. At the end of the shower, draw a raffle ticket from a jar and award the winner with a small gift.

15. The Mommy or Daddy Game

Little Sunshine On The Way Invitation

Design: Creo Study

Invitation Inspiration: Little Sunshine On the Way Invitation

If you’re planning a coed baby shower, play this game that’s all about getting to know the parents. Print out a list of questions before the party, such as: Who gets to sleep through the night? Who changes diapers the fastest? Who prepares the baby’s breakfast?

During the party, have everyone write down their answers to the questions. Then, bring the new parents up to the front and have them read through each one, giving the correct answers. The person with the most correct guesses gets a prize.

16. Baby Animal Names

This game is a fun way to incorporate cute critters into the big day. Print out a list of all the names of baby animals

Here are some fun “zooborns” to include:

  • Bear (cub)
  • Goat (kid)
  • Fox (kit)
  • Kangaroo (joey)
  • Alligator (hatchling)
  • Llama (cria)
  • Butterfly (caterpillar)

You can pick animals that match the baby shower theme or choose an array of different creatures. Have guests answer each one and then ask the parents to read out the correct answers. 

17. Are You That Baby?

For moms-to-be who want to share the spotlight, play this game that invites guests to bring along a copy of their own baby pictures. Set them out on a table and ask baby shower guests to guess who’s who. Best of all, the guest of honor can keep the photos as a keepsake of all the special people who attended her baby shower.

18. Emoji Anagrams

Looking for a modern take on a classic baby shower game? Play emoji anagrams! All you need to get started is a list of emoji anagrams and a pencil for each attendee. Ask guests to guess what the emoji anagrams are saying. The person with the most correct guesses wins.

19. Guess the Baby Food

When it comes to baby shower games, it doesn’t get more classic than this. Set up a variety of baby food jars and cover each label so it only has a number, shape, or letter on it. Give guests a sheet of paper and pen, then have them smell (or taste) each item and write down what they think it is. The person with the most correct answers wins!

It’s All Fun and Games Before the New Baby Arrives!

Whether you’re guessing a baby-related word or learning more about the parents-to-be while playing trivia, these party games are sure to liven up your baby shower. 

But before you can jump into all the fun and games, you’ll need to send out invites. At Greenvelope, you can select from our selection of great baby shower invitations that you can customize in just a few clicks to suit your theme — and excite your guests for what’s to come.