Bachelorette party ideas: 2 bachelorette invitation cards

From a fancy fête to a low-key bash, there are so many different ways to celebrate a bride’s last days of singlehood. If you’re planning your best friend’s bachelorette party and looking for options, we have (more than) a few ideas!

Whether the bride-to-be prefers to party on, get pampered, make a splash, or chill out, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. Discover the best bachelorette party ideas for the final fling before the ring along with stunning party invitations for the big event.

The 21 Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette party ideas: group of women at a party

Show the bride how much you adore her with a fun bachelorette party. This list has options for every personality, so you can make things as lively or mellow as the bride wants. Here are a few ways you can celebrate the last night (or weekend!) before she ties the knot. Best of all, you can find bachelorette party invitations to suit whatever type of celebration you choose.

1. Take a Cooking Class

For the bride-to-be who wants to keep it low-key before the big day, a cooking class from a private chef is a delicious way to celebrate. Invite guests for a night of culinary creativity and learn how to make the bride’s favorite dishes from Greek delicacies to Italian staples to fresh Japanese fare.

2. Host a Brunch

Host a brunch to celebrate the guest of honor’s upcoming nuptials with sustenance and style. Choose a small boutique bistro or head out for a bottomless brunch with a yard-long mimosa stand and fishbowl bloody marys. Whether you’re looking for something chill or more upbeat, brunch is a great way to fill the day with great food, friends, and fun.

3. Get Away Before the Big Day

Invite the bridesmaids and besties on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to celebrate the lucky lady. Rent an Airbnb or book a swanky hotel room for a fun vacation before the big day. You can plan a tropical trip or European escape, or stay closer to home with cool locales nearby.

Plan a Las Vegas bachelorette party with a few nights out on the Strip, or jet to New York City to enjoy a weekend in the Big Apple. Miami is the perfect spot for a beach party, or you can cruise down to Nashville to indulge in Tennessee whiskey and live music at all hours of the day and night.

4. Indulge in a Spa Day

Bachelorette party ideas: women drinking champagne

Unwind and relax before the big event with a spa day party or wellness retreat. Get massages and facials, and lounge in stunning settings to melt away the stress from all those months of wedding planning.

5. Get Silly with a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun way to bond and add a burst of energy to a bachelorette party. You can plan an extravagant scavenger hunt as the main event or add this activity to a weekend getaway schedule. Make it kid-friendly or hilariously inappropriate depending on the vibe you’re going for and who’s participating.

6. Raise Your Pinkies at a Tea Party

Be prim and proper with a traditional afternoon bridal tea party. Decorate an outdoor table with fresh floral bouquets, glittering vases, and a few candles. Offer a variety of teas and serve them in dainty porcelain cups while you snack on finger sandwiches and Parisian-inspired desserts like macarons, madeleines, and tartelettes.

7. Enjoy the Open Seas

Bachelorette party ideas: group of women on a yacht

Get out on the water for a sail before the veil! Take in a gorgeous sunset, go out on a fishing charter, or soak up the sun’s rays on a catamaran. For a wild boat party, go anchors down and bottoms up on a booze cruise.

8. Play Bachelorette Party Games

Half the fun at bachelorette parties is the party games. Order a few fake rings, hide them around the event venue, and reward guests who find them. Ask the bride silly questions about her future spouse or try to guess things like who said “I love you” first. With these bachelorette party games, everyone is sure to have a great time.

9. Have Fun with a Sleepover

Maybe all the bride wants after all that planning is a fun, laid-back girls’ night at home with her besties. A slumber party is a great way to get everyone together for a night of laughter without spending a ton of money. Order matching PJs or adorable lingerie for the attendees, or ask everyone to dress up as part of a themed party

For an extra special bach party, create gift baskets for each guest filled with face masks and other glam goodies. For bachelorette party activities, bring some board games, watch rom-coms, and have the bride’s favorite drinks and snacks on hand.

10. Renew at a Yoga Retreat

Bachelorette party ideas: group of people working out

For a wellness-focused bride, a yoga retreat is an excellent way to celebrate the transition from one stage of life to the next. Relax with a yoga class or center your mind with an afternoon of meditation and mindful activities. For something extra special, plan a bachelorette weekend at a full-service yoga retreat.

11. Rough It (a Little) on a Glamping Trip

Does the bride love nature? Glamping is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors — without having to rough it too much. Depending on the size of your group, you can book one or several upscale yurts, cabins, or spacious tents for some fresh air and time telling stories around a campfire and roasting s’mores.

12. Enjoy Chill Vibes (and Good Vino) at a Wine Tasting

Bachelorette party ideas: group of people having a toast

Wine tastings and booze tours are a bachelorette party favorite for good reason. Wine tasting allows you to enjoy the beauty of sprawling vineyards while sipping on incredible vintages. If wine tasting isn’t your thing, try a distillery tour or brewery bash instead. And if you can’t make it to a winery, not to worry — you can plan a wine tasting party at home!

13. Laugh Out Loud at a Comedy Club

For a truly lol-worthy celebration, consider getting tickets for a comedy club show. Contact the club or comedian beforehand to find out if they can work in some material about the bride-to-be for an extra special touch.

14. Get Playful with a Paint Party

Get crafty and bond with the wedding party at a paint party where you can create your own inventions or follow along with an instructor to learn the basics. You can also book a paint-and-sip party if you’d like to enjoy a glass of vino while creating. For something more entertaining, head to a nude art class where you can paint a live model and giggle with your girlfriends.

15. Go on a Road Trip Adventure

Put the pedal to the metal and enjoy the freedom of the open road with a bachelorette party road trip. Make a playlist of the bride’s favorite songs and don’t forget to pack a few munchies. You can go for a short jaunt a few hours away or turn it into a tour of National Parks or other landmarks.

16. Rock Out with Karaoke 

Women dancing at a party

Sing your heart out with a night of karaoke. Hit the bride-to-be’s favorite karaoke bar or download an app like Smule to sing at home. Alternatively, you can play Garage Band or Dance Dance Revolution to really get the party started.

17. Choose a Theme for Your Celebration

When it comes to bachelorette parties, you can’t go wrong with choosing a fun theme. From a Beyonce bash with “Feyonce and Flawless” shirts to Harry Potter themes for those who never got their Hogwarts letter, there are so many ways to incorporate a theme into your festivities. For instance, host a Hawaiian theme party and decorate with giant engagement ring floaties and “vitamin sea” decor. Or throw a boho bachelorette soiree with flower crowns and a yoga sesh.

18. Have Fun with Decor and Favors

Party decor and favors are an essential part of any bachelorette party. From balloons and streamers to personalized favors like tank tops and compact mirrors, there are plenty of ways to make the event pop. Offer fanny packs with the words “Team Bride” or stock up on hangover kits. Other party favor ideas include mini champagne bottles, themed shirts and sunglasses, and confetti poppers. Want more decor ideas? Try these easy DIY party decorations.

19. Try Something New

Before she says “I do,” try something new with the bride! Take an exercise class like pole dancing or attend a mixology session to discover a new favorite drink. For a full night of fun, hire a party bus and hit up a few different classes — like pairing a wine tasting with a cooking lesson right after.

20. Host a Splashy Pool Party

Bathrobes hanging on a rack

Have some fun in the sun with an adult pool party to honor the bride. Order festive pool floaties in the shape of diamond rings and swans. Get on your A-game and play drinking games like Pool Pong or Slip and Flip — a slip-and-slide version of Flip Cup. Turn the day into your own music festival by hiring a DJ to keep tunes spinning all day long. 

21. Go Paintballing

Paintball isn’t just for bachelor parties, they’re also a great way to celebrate an adventurous bride-to-be! Get everyone together for a colorful, competitive day. Split up into teams and have fun getting splattered with paint. Once you’re done, sit down for a few drinks and snacks to wrap up the party.

Get the Word Out with Stunning Invitations

Once you know how you want to celebrate, it’s time to invite the bridal party. Do it in style with digital invitations that reflect your event’s theme or destination. Here are five bachelorette party invitation ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Put a Ring on It Invitation

Put A Ring On It Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

This eye-popping engagement ring invitation is a surefire way to get the bridal party excited about a swanky soiree. You’re sure to hit the mark with this bachelorette invitation. It’s a great choice for fancier fêtes and elaborate getaways. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

2. Chromatic Palms Invitations

Chromatic Palms Invitation

Design: Manu Torres

This splashy invitation features vibrant colors and retro vibes for a fun and tropical feel. Use it to invite guests to a beach party or tropical bachelorette celebration. It’s also perfect for announcing a bachelorette tea party or mimosa brunch.

3. Ride or Die Bride Invitation

Ride or Die Bride Invitation

Design: Nicole Winn

This spunky invitation is a fun way to celebrate the bride before she gets hitched. Whether you’re inviting guests to a dance hall party or a raucous last night out, this one is all about having a blast.

4. Swanky Shades Invitation

Swanky Shades Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

It’s party time! When your guests receive this rad party invitation, they’ll be counting down the days until it’s time to let loose and celebrate with the bride. It’s a great invitation for nautical boat bachelorettes or a weekend getaway.

5. Paint Night Invitation

Paint Night Invitation

Design: Lisa Travis

Invite the bridal party and besties to a paint-and-sip soiree with this artful invitation. Featuring a painter’s palette and wine-colored hues, it’s exactly what you need to celebrate an artsy bride-to-be.

Enjoy the Final Fling Before the Ring

Whether the focus of the bachelorette party is pampering the bride-to-be or having one last wild night on the town, this list is sure to give you ideas for the perfect celebration. From laid-back get-togethers to elaborate vacations, there’s something for everyone on this list of bachelorette party ideas.

Browse our online invitations to find the perfect way to ask your friends to join in on the fun at the bachelorette party. With simple designs to eye-catching templates, each one is customizable to fit the bride-to-be’s style.

For more wedding planning tips, don’t miss our bridal shower and engagement party ideas. You’ll find everything you need to continue celebrating up until the big day.