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For both new hosts and seasoned party planners, planning a bridal shower presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate someone you care about as they embark on a new journey. But even though this is an exciting time, it can feel a little daunting to bring such an important event to life. That’s where these fabulous bridal shower ideas come in.

From food ideas and party games to decor ideas and activities, we’re sharing top tips and bridal shower ideas to help you plan an unforgettable celebration for the bride-to-be.

Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

Bridal shower ideas: bridesmaids happily having a toast

Before you begin the shower planning, you’ll want to first determine if you’re hosting a traditional bridal shower or a more modern wedding shower. While the former typically involves the bridal party and other female guests, the latter is a more inclusive celebration with co-ed guests. Here are a few more key areas to pin down when planning your bash.

Set Your Bridal Shower Guest List

One of the first things to consider is your guest list. For a bridal shower, that typically includes the maid of honor, bridesmaids, close friends, and family members. While your budget and venue will help determine the number of guests you invite, you’ll also want to consider the needs of your guests. 

For instance, if grandparents or elderly guests are attending, you may want to reconsider highly active or challenging activities. On the other hand, if everyone in the group loves health and wellness, perhaps you can plan a spa day. Or if they’re creative and crafty, you could host a painting or pottery workshop as part of the big day

Consider Your Bridal Shower Theme

Bridal shower ideas: Papel Picado Banner Invitation

Design: Lisa Travis

While you don’t need a bridal shower theme, it can make planning everything around it so much easier. There are so many wonderful bridal shower themes to consider — from a casual and colorful fiesta to a whimsical, dress-up garden party. You don’t have to stick specifically with bridal shower themes either — you could explore bachelorette party ideas or birthday party themes too.

Your party theme can be anything you like, but choose one with the guest(s) of honor in mind. Once you have a theme planned out, you can be more selective with your activities, ideas, and decor to create a cohesive event that feels like everything fits perfectly. You can also choose matching invites like this papel picado banner invite that’s ideal for a fiesta.

Find Inspiration Online

A great way to narrow down your bridal shower ideas is to approach them visually. Look around for inspiration online from real weddings, photoshoots, and industry magazines to get a feel for what your chosen theme or activity could look like.

Create your own inspiration boards using Pinterest and save your favorite party ideas and decoration ideas in one place. Step back and take a look at what you’ve saved, and use this to guide you through the decision making process when it comes to choosing decor, activities, food, drink, and party favors

17 of the Best Bridal Shower Ideas

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Excited to start planning? We’ve gathered together some of our favorite ideas for everything from bridal shower decorations to what to include on your dessert menu. Use them to create a shortlist of ideas to help you plan a brilliant bridal shower. 

1. Personalized Banner or Sign

Shout from the rooftops about who’s getting married by ordering or crafting a custom banner or sign. Match your banner to your bridal shower theme and colors, add the guest of honor’s name, and proudly display it where everyone can see.

2. Mini Desserts

For an adorable twist on everyone’s favorite desserts, serve up mini versions. Create a fun display with mini cupcakes, mini donuts, mini pancakes, and other bite-size sweet treats. This is a fun idea for a retro or pastel themed party, but it also works well if you want to serve up treats for a garden party or movie-themed event too. 

3. Vintage China

Bridal shower ideas: Dainty Teapot Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

If you’re hosting a tea party bridal shower, vintage china is a must-have. The gorgeous pastel tones and delicate details help you bring your theme to life — not only as practical tableware but also as fun centerpieces or quirky vases. Continue the theme across your bridal shower invites, with this adorable dainty teapot invitation.

4. Plenty of Florals

When we think of bridal showers, we often picture lots of beautiful blooms and greenery. Introduce plenty of floral elements to your party to instantly add color, interest, and atmosphere. Choose flowers that work well with your theme, and feature them in centerpieces, and throughout your tablescape. You could even use petals as confetti as a more eco-friendly (and pretty!) alternative to paper or plastic options. 

5. DIY Crafts

Person making a flower crown

Having a DIY craft station at a bridal shower is a lovely way to bring everyone together. You don’t have to be an artist to have fun with this bridal shower idea. In fact, the most memorable (and funny) creations are often those that are not-so-expertly done. 

Think of an activity that’ll work well with your chosen theme, or the time you have, and set up a table with all the necessary supplies. For instance, you could have a crafting station for making flower crowns, small plant pots, festive wreaths, or personalized photo frames. 

6. Photo Memory Display

Give your bridal shower guests something sweet to look at, and make the guest of honor smile, by creating a memory display. Source your favorite photos of the bride-to-be and display them in photo frames or on a digital display. For bonus points, turn some of these photos into a slideshow or video that the guest of honor can keep after the celebration. 

7. Signature Drinks

We’ve all heard of having a signature drink for weddings, but it’s also a sweet idea for bridal showers and wedding showers. Swap the mimosa bar and bubbly for a bar cart that proudly displays your own cocktail creations, complete with coordinating straws and signage. For extra fun, host a cocktail making competition for your guests to see who can create the best drink. 

8. Photo Booth

Create a fun place where your guests can snap photos and create memories with the help of a photo booth. If you’re going for a retro theme, rent a vintage style photo booth from an events company. You could also create your own DIY photo booth with a beautiful backdrop and themed props. 

9. Seasonal Menu

Group of friends happily eating outside

The menu at a bridal shower doesn’t have to be fancy or complex. For a refreshing bridal shower food idea, why not make it seasonal? Get ingredients from local farms or ask your caterers to create an exciting menu of canapes that showcase the best of what’s in season. This makes a great wedding idea too — especially for a farm wedding

10. Themed Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games are a great way to get people talking and laughing. Classic party games including Mad Libs and Would She Rather. You could create your own party games if you’re great at design, or find printable party games to match your theme. 

11. Wine Tasting Experience

That Sweet Berry Wine Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

If you want to treat your guests to a luxury experience, ask a sommelier to come in and host a wine tasting event. Sample delicious wines from a specific region or around the world, learn something new, and find a new favorite drink. For a matching party favor idea, hand out mini bottles of one the wines you sampled. Use a themed invite too, like this berry wine invite.

12. Flower Wall

Create a beautiful backdrop for photos or to showcase a gorgeous bridal shower cake with the help of a flower wall. Go luxe and use fresh flowers to create a stunning display or opt for faux flowers so the guest of honor can reuse the decor for when they say “I do” on their wedding day.

13. Throne for the Bride-to-Be

It’s become a popular tradition for moms-to-be to sit on a cozy throne while they open gifts at a baby shower, and this is something that also works well for bridal showers. Choose a rattan throne for a boho-themed party, or a see-through ghost chair for a contemporary event. Ask the guest of honor to enjoy the throne while they open bridal shower gifts.

14. Themed Bridal Shower Favors

If you have a defined bridal shower theme, look for party favors that complement it. For a garden party or boho party, a hand-tied packet of wildflowers is beautiful and eco-friendly. Handmade soaps and candles are also popular. You also can’t go wrong with colorful candy and personalized cookies. 

15. Pretty Place Settings

Table setting with flowers on a table

Whether you’re serving a quick brunch or a sit-down dinner, your place settings and tablescapes will make the event feel more special and cohesive. Stick to your theme and colors as you choose plates, linens, napkins, charger plates, and glassware. Try to use items you already have, rent them from a party supplies company, or invest in pieces that you or the guest-of-honor can reuse in the future. 

16. Karaoke Experience

Many bridal showers are quiet and relaxed, which is perfect if that’s what the guest-of-honor wants. For others, they might prefer a bridal shower party that’s more loud and exciting — like a karaoke experience. Head to a local karaoke bar and sing your hearts out, or host a karaoke party at home with a playlist of instrumental songs, a microphone, and some colorful lighting. 

17. Themed Personalized Invites

Palm Leaves Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

One of our favorite bridal shower ideas is to let your guests know all about the celebration with some beautifully themed invites. With Greenvelope’s collection of bridal shower invitations you’ll find something to suit every theme and individual — including this fun palm leaves invitation

Choose a design that catches your eye and customize it to suit your celebration. When you’re ready, you can send your digital invitations by email or text and manage RSVPs with ease from a single dashboard. 

Create the Best Bash with These Bridal Shower Ideas

There are so many incredible bridal shower ideas out there to choose from. Use this guide to help you narrow your focus so you can plan an event the bride-to-be will always remember.

When it’s time to spread the word about the big party, use our digital bridal shower invitations. You can customize the invite so it matches your event, then send it to your guests so they can open it, smile, and RSVP in just a few clicks. Enjoy!