We’re approaching the middle of summer, and needless to say, it’s been scorching hot outside! So naturally, what do you do when the sun’s rays blind away your inhibitions? Peel off your shirt and host a boat party of course! The Greenvelope team would like to share five game-changing tips to hosting the perfect summer boat party:

  1. It’s not a party if you’re by yourself: It’s important to have a guest list, or at least an estimate of how many are coming. This way, you can start looking at different boat sizes to find the perfect fit! Remember, invite people who don’t give you the urge to jump ship!
  2. It’s a boat, not the Oscars…: Okay, so you’ve rented a boat. The planning is far from over! To make this party super fun, set a theme! Some fun ones include: 80’s Prom Night, Clue, and 1920’s Great Gatsby! After all, everything’s better when you’re dressed to the nines!
  3. Plan Some Activities: Is this a day-time party? How about hosting some remote-controlled boat races, or a fishing competition? Taking the party into the darkness? Host a sultry swimsuit competition, or a spirited disco-karaoke type sing-along.
  4. Safety is key: Remember, you’re on a boat! Make sure you keep the deck well lit, after all, the last thing you want is a guest overboard! Also check to make sure the weather is good before you set off, and get to know your skipper (but wait til after the party to buy him a beer.)
  5. Follow Up: Make sure your guests made it home safe, and had a good time. A good option is to send them a Thank You Note, which you can tastefully, and digitally do so online.

Hopefully this post taught you a thing or two about boat parties! We wish you a great summer, and happy sailing!