Blue wedding: blue table setting

When it comes to choosing a color palette for your big day, it’s hard to miss with gorgeous blue hues! But once you’ve landed on your main color, how do you know which color combination to choose or how to style it?

Fortunately, we’re here to help you create the ultimate blue wedding. We’re sharing our favorite color combo ideas, styling tips, and inspiration to help you bring the look together. Feeling blue never felt so good.

10 Blue Wedding Color Palettes You’ll Love

Blue wedding: bouquet of flowers placed between a bride and a groom

Your wedding colors play a key role in the look and feel of your special day — in fact, color can be an entire wedding theme. From blue wedding invitations and bridesmaid dresses to blue wedding flowers, centerpieces, and decor, the palette you pick will literally imbue almost every aspect of your celebration. But not all blue hues are the same. Take a look at some of our all-time favorite blue wedding color ideas to see which one sparks joy in you.

1. Pastel Blue

If you’ve always wanted a soft and sweet look or a dreamy fairytale wedding, then a soft baby blue could be perfect. This light blue tone is ideal for pastel lovers and is easy to style either alone or with other colors — plus it’s a stunning hue for florals like the ever-popular hydrangeas.

2. Royal Blue

Royal blue is one of our favorite shades if you’re looking for something bright. It’s a bold blue hue that really stands out — perfect for featuring on a centerpiece, show-stopping wedding cake, or even your wedding attire. For flowers, bright delphiniums and roses look incredible in this hue.

3. Navy Blue

Blue wedding: couple holding champagne glasses

Navy blue has long been a popular color for weddings — especially for a fall wedding or winter wedding. This stately shade stands alone and is ideal for traditional ceremonies. That said, it also works well alongside a variety of other tones, including soft pinks, peach, or delicate pastel blues, to create an elegant wedding vibe.

4. White and Blue

White and blue is a winning color combination, and one that you can style in many different ways. Keep your decor sleek and minimal for a contemporary look, or add in lots of textures and natural fabrics for a more rustic wedding or boho vibe.

5. Shades of Blue

If you can’t decide on one blue shade, why not have them all? Opting for a multi-tonal approach is a brilliant idea and makes it easy for you to showcase trends like ombre or terrazzo across your wedding decor. Choose blue shades that complement each other for your linens, table decor, wedding bouquets, and wedding stationery.

6. Blue and Blush Pink

For a romantic and contemporary vibe, blue and blush pink is one of our go-to wedding color schemes. This color combo shines beautifully with hints of rose gold or gold, and is equally as good for a chic boho feel or a sophisticated celebration.

7. Blue and Yellow

We love the bright and sunny color combination of blue and yellow. With the right styling, it can transport you to a warm European country, or remind you of a happy garden party. (It’s also the perfect color combo for a summertime backyard wedding.) 

Add a delightful pop of color to your flower arrangements with sunflowers or dahlias, style your tables with brightly colored linens, and add a hint of yellow to your wedding party accessories.

8. Dusty Blue

For a more boho look and feel, a pale dusty blue is one of our go-to wedding color choices. Choose blue flowers in this muted tone for a more relaxed vibe, and match it with dusty pinks and soft peaches to complete the rustic atmosphere.

9. Teal and Metallic

Blue wedding: portrait of a blue wedding cake

Lean towards the greener side with a gorgeous teal color scheme for your blue wedding. While it’s perfect on its own, you can pair it with metallic accents in yellow gold, rose gold, or silver for a truly eye-catching and modern aesthetic. This fan favorite works beautifully for an elegant wedding but it’s also easy to style with bright colors for a tropical celebration or beach wedding.

10. Blue and Black

Some say you shouldn’t mix black and blue, but we disagree — these two hues can look stunning when paired together at a wedding. Use this color trend to create a dramatic wedding cake, or mix and match your wedding attire or wedding party outfits to showcase the beauty of these timeless hues.

8 Blue Wedding Style Ideas for a Stunning Celebration

Table setting with blue candles and blue flowers

Once you have an idea of what color schemes you like, it’s time to think about other aspects of your wedding. Explore some of our favorite styling ideas to help you create the blue wedding of your dreams.

1. Match Your Color Palette to the Season

The beauty of blue is that it works well in any season. For a spring wedding, delicate pastel blues or powder blues are our favorite option. For a summer wedding, pair sky blue with bright yellows or oranges. For a fall wedding, try a deeper, richer tone of blue like sapphire or indigo. For a winter wedding, you can’t go wrong with navy.

2. Choose Wedding Invitations in Your Favorite Shade of Blue

Enthralled Invitation

Design: Itsy Belle Studio

With your color palette in mind, you’ll want wedding invitations to match. Greenvelope’s digital invitations are available in a vast range of styles and colors — including designs perfect for a blue wedding.

Explore our collection of over 400 blue wedding invitations and find one that suits your celebration. You’ll find everything from watercolor designs for an elegant wedding to invites with rich tones — like this stunning hand-painted invitation with gold foil.

3. Feature Blue in Your Wedding Outfits

Bride and bridesmaids holding 3 bouquets

Your chosen color palette gives you the ideal opportunity to wear “something blue.” Swap a traditional black suit or white wedding dress for a navy suit or blue wedding dress with tulle. Choose wedding party outfits or bridesmaid dresses in a range of blue hues, or accessorize with a bright blue shoe or tie instead.

4. Use Blue Dinnerware or Glassware

One area where you can highlight your color scheme is in your table decor. Use this moment to showcase stunning tableware and glassware in gorgeous blue tones. If you have a striking wedding cake, choose subtly-colored blue plates to let the drama and impact of your wedding cake shine through.

5. Style with Greenery

We love mixing blue with green to create interest and atmosphere. Whether you’re going for a boho wedding feel or a more sophisticated vibe, this is a great way to add some natural touches to your big event. Mix blue flowers into garlands as table decor, style cacti in blue glass pots, and look for ways to bring these colors together.

6. Serve Blue-Hued Drinks

Blue cocktail with mint and blueberries

Many couples choose to have a signature drink or cocktail for their big day, and this is a perfect opportunity to continue your theme. Ask your venue or mixologist to help you come up with a blue drink that not only looks great, but tastes amazing too. Consider these bold and beautiful blue cocktails for some sip-spiration.

7. Create a Styled Wedding Arch

Flowers are an ideal place to showcase your much-loved wedding color scheme, so go big and style a wedding arch. Feature fresh florals that match those in your bridal bouquet and boutonnieres to continue the theme across your outfits and venue styling.

8. Send Blue-Toned Thank You Cards

Lasting Love Thank You Note

Design: Claudia Owen

After your big day, take some time to write heartfelt thank you cards to your guests. Browse our collection of wedding thank you notes to find your favorite, choose it in your go-to blue hue, and send them to your loved ones. We love this elegant wedding thank you note in dusty blue.

Plan an Incredible Blue Wedding Celebration

Your wedding day is the perfect moment to showcase a timeless hue like blue. Whether you choose a sophisticated navy with rose gold, or something more lively like a royal blue and bright orange, this color is easy to adapt to your personal style.

Once you’ve selected a specific blue hue for your special day, choose your favorite blue wedding invitations to send to your guests. You can even use our wedding invitation wording generator to help you find the right words.