High school graduation party ideas: Confetti On Fleek Invitation

Graduating high school is one of life’s biggest accomplishments. It’s a time for teens to feel proud and reflect on where they’ve been and where they’re going. To celebrate your special grad’s next chapter, we’re sharing high school graduation party ideas for a memorable bash.

The 13 Best High School Graduation Party Ideas

High school graduation party ideas: graduates walking together

Whether you’re a student planning your own graduation party or a parent looking for ways to celebrate your smart cookie, this list was made for you. Featuring 13 unique high school graduation party ideas from games and food to decor, here’s how to plan this epic celebration.

1. Choose a Venue

The first thing you need to decide is where you’ll host the event. You can plan a backyard graduation party for a budget-friendly venue that keeps things familiar and casual. Alternatively, you can rent out a space like a pavilion at a botanical garden or snag a spot alongside a lakeshore.

Wherever you choose to celebrate, have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate — especially if you’re planning an outdoor graduation. You can rent a rain-proof tent or have a backup indoor space you can retreat to.

2. Capture Memories With a Graduation Photo Booth

Graduating high school is a fun experience, but it’s also a time when many friends have to say goodbye as they head to different colleges and cities. Capture those special high school memories by setting up a photo booth at your graduation party. Include festive props like graduation caps, gowns, and silly mustaches for a fun vibe.

3. Deck Out the Party Decor in School Colors

Pick out graduation party decorations like balloons, streamers, stickers, and confetti in school colors. You can choose the graduate’s high school colors or celebrate their next adventure by selecting the school colors of the college they’ll be attending. Have someone dress up as the school mascot or order mini plush versions to incorporate into the decor.

4. Craft Table Centerpieces

For a fancier party, create table centerpieces that guests can admire when they sit down for a meal. 

Some decoration ideas include:

  • Glass vases filled with large, summery flowers like sunflowers and daisies
  • Flower vases in the colors of the graduate’s school
  • Polaroid photos displayed across the tables
  • Large photo Mason jars featuring different snaps of the graduate over the years
  • LED balloons 
  • Wooden graduation cap cutouts 

5. Make a Chalkboard Sign

Your grad put in a lot of work to reach this milestone. Shout the exciting news from the rooftops — or just at your backyard party — with a fun DIY chalkboard sign. You can add a photo of the graduate or just quickly write out a special message like: “Daniel’s Done. Let’s celebrate our smart cookie as he heads to MIT!”

6. Decorate With Graduation Caps

Grad caps are a must-have decoration at graduation parties. Honor the big day by adding graduation caps to your centerpieces or using them as props with your photo booth.You can also decorate with balloons, tablecloths, and napkins featuring the special caps.

7. Provide a Graduation Gift Table

Many guests will want to bring along something special for the grad. Share gift ideas with loved ones before the big day if you know something specific your child may need or want. For the day of the party, set out a table where guests can drop off their gifts. Decide if you want to open the gifts while guests are present or after they leave. Don’t forget to send graduation thank you cards to show your appreciation.

8. Don’t Forget the Graduation Guest Book

One great item to include on the graduation gift table is a guest book. As family members and friends arrive, they can write in the guest book and include well wishes or advice for the grad’s next chapter in life. This book will serve as a sweet keepsake your child can keep for years to come.

9. Play Games

While you can keep the party freestyle without anything on the “syllabus,” having a few graduation party games are a fun way for guests to let loose. Some easy grad party ideas for entertainment include outdoor games like cornhole, frisbee, and horseshoes.

10. Proudly Display the Graduation Year

Make a statement and display the guest of honor’s graduation year as part of the party decor. Use numeric balloons or create a photo backdrop using stencils to write the year on a large piece of butcher paper. Add glitter or add metallic balloons for a glamorous touch.

11. Give Guests Themed Party Favors

Thank party guests for attending the big bash by sending them home with a little something extra. For graduation party favors, order custom cookies from a local bakery or fill Mason jars with snacks and candy. If many of the guests are your child’s friends, you can also choose swag — like water bottles, hats, and tote bags featuring the school’s name or their high school colors.

12. Have Fun With Food

Take your graduation party up a notch by serving themed foods. Serve veggies and snack platters featuring the school’s colors. If that’s too difficult, turn your food displays into a representation of your child’s accomplishments. 

For example, if they’re going to art school, arrange veggies on a tray to look like a painter’s palette. If your child is headed to medical school, grab a large skeleton, set it on the buffet table, and arrange the food plates around it. For a grad who’s going to play sports, incorporate the sports theme into the mix — like a football-shaped cheese ball.

13. Set Out Sweets

Celebrate the sweet victory of earning that diploma with tasty treats. Set up a dessert table where guests can pick from graduation cake slices, cupcakes, and pastries. Decorate with cupcake toppers featuring grad caps or the graduation year. You can also arrange a candy bar or ice cream bar where guests can make their own candied concoctions.

Graduation Party Invitations: 5 Designs You’ll Love

High school graduation party ideas: graduates throwing their caps up in the air

Once you’ve nailed down the details for your graduation party, it’s time to select high school graduation party invitations. Here are some of our favorite designs that you can customize and send to your guest list in a matter of minutes.

1. Celebrating the Grad Invitation

High school graduation party ideas: Celebrating the Grad Invitation

Design: Jen Montgomery

Invite family members to celebrate your child’s latest accomplishment with this fun graduation card. Featuring a hand-lettered graduation cap and squiggly streamers, it’s perfect for a laid-back celebration.

2. School Colors Invitation

School Colors Invitation

Design: Owl and Toad

Invite guests to celebrate the special day with this colorful graduation invitation. Customize the design to include the graduate’s school colors and upload a photo of the honoree.

3. Formal Gold Frame Invitation

Formal Gold Frame Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC (photo courtesy of Julia Kinnunen Photography)

Hosting a formal graduation party? This elegant invite design is the perfect solution. Featuring a gold foil frame and large photo slot, it’s a sophisticated design that puts the graduate front and center.

4. Flourished Pen Grad Invitation

Flourished Pen Grad Invitation

Design: Jessica Williams

Add whimsy to your celebration with this delightful graduation invitation. Calligraphy lettering adds a touch of elegance while a fun snap of the graduate can make the invite more festive.

5. Hat Toss invitation

Hat Toss Invitation

Design: Jamie Alexander

No graduation is complete without a celebratory hat toss. This invite draws inspiration from that special moment of a graduation. Featuring three photo slots and gold foil tassels, it’s perfect for both formal and informal celebrations.

Plan a Graduation Celebration They’ll Always Remember

Throw the best graduation party ever with these high school graduation party ideas. From food and decor to invitation inspiration, you’ll have what you need to create the perfect bash. 

Whether your party planning involves a casual or formal celebration, Greenvelope’s digital invitations allow you to customize any design to suit your event. Best of all, you can send your graduation party invitations within minutes (either by email or text) and easily track RSVPs. It’s just one less thing to worry about so you can stay focused on your special grad and their accomplishment. Here’s to the next chapter!