Rustic wedding ideas: rustic themed reception

There’s something so gorgeous about a rustic themed wedding. The combination of natural touches, warm atmosphere, and stunning backdrops make it a wedding trend that’s firmly here to stay. Let’s explore some of our favorite rustic wedding ideas to inspire your own wedding day, including everything from dazzling decor ideas to delectable menu options. 

1. Choose a Rustic Color Palette

Rustic wedding ideas: Wispy Palm Leaves Invitation

Design: Owl and Toad

Rustic weddings often have a distinct color palette that exudes a somewhat nostalgic, cozy feeling no matter which season you’re in. To create a rustic look, opt for natural hues. Think subtle or dark shades of green, rose, terracotta, and soft, warm neutrals. Use these wedding colors across your decor, invitations, and other elements to set the tone for your big day. 

2. Host an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Rustic style beckons for an outdoor ceremony, whether you’re saying “I do” during the springtime or hosting a fall wedding. When planning your nuptials, look for a wedding venue that can offer you a beautiful outdoor area to personalize and transform into the ultimate rustic ceremony space. 

3. Have a Barn Wedding Reception

Celebrate your boho-modern or country wedding in style with a rustic barn wedding reception. We love the idea of booking an authentic farmhouse or barn, or a wedding venue that’s styled to look like the real thing. Add some hay bales, burlap bunting, wood barrels, wooden crates (or pallets) as part of your rustic wedding decorations and you have a reception venue that’s homespun yet elegant. 

4. Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Rustic wedding ideas: Rustic Twinkle Invitation

Design: Jessica Williams

One of the best things about rustic weddings is that they have that warm, cozy, family feel. Often that’s thanks to the natural fabrics and warm color scheme, but it’s also about the lighting and other decorative elements. Hire a talented local guitar player for an intimate wedding or create a DIY playlist of modern country hits — no DJ required! Don’t forget to provide soft plaid blankets for guests to snuggle under if the weather calls for it. 

5. Commission Hand-Drawn Wedding Signs

Some of the best rustic wedding ideas involve handmade elements, and you can’t go wrong with some beautifully handwritten wedding signs. Ask a talented local artist to create chalkboard signs using calligraphy, and bring in natural motifs like succulents or eucalyptus leaves to enhance the rustic wedding theme. You can also download handwritten fonts for your welcome sign, place cards, photo booth sign, and more for seamless visuals across your celebration. 

6. Use Wood Slices as Centerpieces and Decor

You might not usually consider tree stumps as decor in your home, but they’re a beautiful accompaniment to your rustic wedding decor. Tree stumps, wood slices, and logs look amazing as centerpieces, table decorations, or even as a sweet mini keepsake for your guests to take home. Ask a local artist to create something special, or find lots of great designs on marketplaces like Etsy

7. Add Gorgeous Rustic Table Linens

For a thoroughly rustic touch, add some beautiful linens to your tables. Whether you opt for full tablecloths or a table runner, look for something in a high-quality neutral fabric that suits your wedding theme. Keep the linen casual, choose something with a patterned border, or go all out with a fabric table runner decorated in seasonal floral embroideries. 

8. Showcase Dried Flowers in Table Arrangements

Rustic wedding ideas: Minimalist Leaves Invitation

Design: Kelly Schmidt Design

Fresh flowers are always stunning for a wedding, but you can create an interesting focal point with dried flowers too. Look for flowers and grasses that look beautiful when dried — like pampas grass, eucalyptus, roses, and baby’s breath. Create your own mix or ask a florist to come up with something special to play a role in your rustic wedding decorations. 

9. Use Table Numbers (or Names) in Mason Jars

Your guests need to know where to sit during the reception, which makes table numbers or names almost a necessity. Dress them up for your rustic wedding theme by standing them in Mason jars. Find old canning jars in thrift stores or rent some from an events company, then add twine and dried flowers to complete the look. 

10. Add Lots of Warm Lighting

One of our favorite rustic wedding ideas has to be warm lighting. Create a cozy glow with the help of warm string lights, chandeliers, or candles. Choose bulbs that give off the kind of light you’d find in a rustic barn or country getaway (like Edison bulbs), or mix pillar candles with tea lights in styled lanterns for a super homey rustic atmosphere. 

11. Feature Flowers in Your Hair

Stunning white, off-white, and rose pink flowers are everywhere at rustic weddings — including bridal hairstyles. Ask your hairstylist to add a few blooms to your hairstyle, or your bridesmaids, for a sweet nod to your wedding style. If you really love the idea of wearing flowers, add a few blooms to your wedding dress — whether you’re pinning them on or have floral embroidery. 

12. Add Seasonal Flowers to Your Rustic Bouquet

Rustic wedding ideas: Radiant Sunflowers Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

When it comes to planning your wedding flowers, seasonal blooms are always a big hit. Not only are they more affordable, but it’s a lovely way to celebrate the season of your nuptials. Take a look through this guide to seasonal flowers and request your ideal rustic flowers from your florist. 

13. Provide Outdoor Party Games

If your reception takes place somewhere with lots of outdoor space, take advantage of this and plan some lawn party games. (Yes, it’s OK to have games at your wedding!) This is one of those rustic wedding ideas that’s great for a warm evening and encourages everyone to participate. Consider these fun outdoor party games and give them a rustic twist with elements such as chalkboard signs, wood slices, and decorative candles. 

14. Set Up a Rustic Drink Cart or Outdoor Bar

Whether your ceremony and reception take place indoors or outside, your guests will want to stay hydrated. Make things easy, fun, and on theme by adding a rustic-style drink cart or outdoor bar. Offer up chilled bottled drinks, fresh lemonade in a dispenser, and a signature cocktail or mocktail with flavors you love. 

15. Add Greenery to Your Wedding Cake

We love the concept of a “naked” cake that’s iced simply for a sophisticated, rustic effect. To make your seemingly simple cake stand out, dress it with a touch of greenery — either faux flower stems or leaves, or with edible floral decorations. This rustic wedding cake look is ideal if you don’t want something fussy or overcomplicated but still want to tie it into your wedding theme. 

16. Fire Up a Pizza Oven

Rustic wedding ideas: Fall Foliage Invitation

Design: Clementine Creative

Some couples love the idea of planning a sit-down, five-course meal for wedding guests. If that doesn’t feel like you, opt for a more casual alternative with a rustic touch — wood-fired pizzas. Ask a caterer to prepare, cook, and serve fresh pizza to your guests. Create a set menu or let guests make their own DIY creations with a variety of toppings. 

17. Create a Warm Dessert Stand

Rustic weddings can take place in any season, but if you’re hosting a fall or winter wedding, this is a delicious way to keep your guests snug and warm. Set up a table and serve a selection of warm desserts — think fresh-from-the-oven pies, fruit tarts, and sweet crepes. Provide an assortment of sauces and toppings so guests can customize their treats. 

18. Offer Local Preserves as Wedding Favors

Rustic wedding ideas often incorporate elements of the local area — it’s part of this theme’s charm. Instead of the usual wedding favors like picture frames or candles, surprise your guests with local preserves or honey as take-home gifts. Better yet, if you have the time (and ability), you could make your own wedding preserves for your loved ones to enjoy. Add a monogram label or a bow of rustic twine, and you have a beautiful wedding favor that matches your theme wonderfully. 

Beautiful Rustic-Themed Wedding Invitations

Rustic Bouquet Invitation

Design: Shiny Penny Studio

When you’re putting this much care and love into planning your wedding, you’ve got to have rustic wedding invitations that are just as beautiful. Here are some of our most-loved options to complement your rustic wedding. Best of all, because these are online invitations, you can easily personalize them and send them off with a few clicks on your computer. 

Rustic Vines Wedding Invitation

Rustic Vines Invitation

Design: Shiny Penny Studio

There’s something so charming about this rustic vines invitation. The gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations and welcoming fonts combine to make this invite stand out with simple beauty. 

Sequoia Wedding Invitation

Sequoia Invitation

Design: National Park Foundation

Go gorgeously rustic with this sequoia wedding invitation. It’s a lovely way to respect the beauty of the trees that so many of us love, and let your guests know they’re sure to find plenty of nods to nature at your wedding. 

Vintage Charm Invitation

Vintage Charm Invitation

Design: Molly My

If you’re looking for a design with more florals, this vintage charm invitation could be the one for you. We love the deep, striking tones and bold fonts that make this design feel suitably rustic yet decidedly sophisticated. 

Plan Your Dream Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings can be among the most visually stunning celebrations. With the right wedding inspiration, you can create an event that feels welcoming, warm, and perfectly you. We hope these ideas give you plenty of inspiration to put together the most unforgettable day that signals the beginning of the rest of your lives.