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Wedding Ceremony Script to Write the Next Chapter of Your Love Story

Wedding ceremony script template

Your special day is fast approaching, and you’re mentally running through your pre-wedding checklist. Send save the dates? Check. Block off accommodations? Check. Decide on colors, wedding invitations, and menus? Check, check, and check.

You’re flying through your list like a trained pilot, yet something seems amiss. And that’s when you palm-to-forehead realize, oh right, what about the actual ceremony? What will you do? Where do people stand? And most important — what will people say?

And that’s when you decide, you need to draft a wedding ceremony script to coordinate all the moving parts (and players).

You were so transfixed on every detail leading up to your special day, you forgot about the main event. Sure, you scheduled a rehearsal dinner under the assumption you’d do a ceremony scrimmage. But here you are, just weeks before the big day, and you forgot to construct your playbook.

Below, we’re offering three sample wedding ceremony script templates to use on your wedding day. While you’ll certainly want to modify these drafts to fit your unique style, we hope you’ll find the words to write the next chapter of your love story.
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Save the Date Wording: How to Announce Your Big Day

Save the date wording: three cards and a pen

One of the most magical things about weddings is seeing all your family, friends, and other loved ones gathered together in one place. To ensure your favorite humans are standing with you on your big day, you want to get your save the dates out as early as possible. So what’s the next step on your soon-to-be-wed to-do list? Determine your save the date wording, and get the calendars of your loved ones blocked off — stat.

A save the date card is your opportunity to give your wedding guests a heads up about your upcoming nuptials. Sent months before your big day, a save the date card gives your guests ample time to request off work, make the necessary travel plans and lodging arrangements, and ensure they don’t overextend themselves with other plans. It also helps you, the happy couple, to ensure everyone you love is standing with you on your big day.

If you’re deciding on what to say on your save the date, here’s the golden rule: Short really is sweet. Below, we’ll explain what information to cover and give some sample language to use on your save the date cards, but first, some etiquette.
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When to Send Wedding Invitations, Save the Dates, and RSVPs

When to send wedding invitations: Guest's hold up their glasses to cheers at a wedding reception

Your big day is fast approaching. You’ve taken your engagement photos and set a date. Now you just want everyone you love to block that day off on their calendar. But how soon should you send out save the date cards? What about invitations to your bridal shower? And what about the actual invites — do you know when to send wedding invitations?

All these questions (and more) are about to be answered. We’ll help you construct the perfect wedding day timeline to give your guests enough notice with save the dates, wedding invites, and RSVP deadlines. You’ll also learn suggested time frames on when to send out invitations to bachelor and bachelorette parties, and the rehearsal dinner, and we’ll cover what deadline to set for RSVPs.

So grab your white wedding planner or open up your Google calendar because we have a special timeline to construct. At the end of this virtual wedding planning session, you’ll know exactly when to notify your guests about your big day.
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Invites 101: How to Address Wedding Invitations

How to address wedding invitations: A wedding couple gets confetti thrown at them by their guests

It’s just two months until the big day. The bridal party is chosen, the menu selected, and the cake taste-tested. Now is the time to send out the invitations — but how does one address wedding invitations? Don’t worry — this is our territory.

There is a formal way to address wedding invitations, and we’re happy to walk you through it. The questions may already be bubbling up in your own mind: Whose name should you write first? How do you tell single guests whether they’re welcome to bring a plus one? How do you invite a whole family?

All of these questions — and probably a few others — are about to be answered. But before you write the addresses for each person on your guest list, let’s talk about envelopes.
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When to Send Save the Dates: A Couple’s Guide

When to send save the dates: a bride and groom in the back of an antique truck

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is an exciting time in your life. You’ve done all the fun stuff — shared the news with loved ones, taken engagement photos, and put together your dream wedding Pinterest board. Once you set the wedding date, though, the real work begins. It’s time to dive into the logistics of wedding planning, including sending save the dates. Picking the right design for your wedding save the date is enough of a task. But you also need to figure out when to send save the dates.

Wedding etiquette changes as the times change, and the rules are not the same as when your grandparents were getting married. These days, wedding invitations are becoming more informal, online invitations are more common, and even save the dates are a fairly recent addition to the wedding suite. So it’s only natural to have a lot of questions. We’re going to get into the nitty-gritty of when to send your save the dates and other save the date etiquette.
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What Your Wedding Guests Need to Know

What Your Wedding Guests Need to Know_

As you envision the morning of your wedding day, your mind probably races from matching floral robes and bottles of bubbly to last-minute vow edits and treasured moments with your closest family and friends. What might not cross your mind are all the possible text messages and phone calls you could get from confused guests. If you want to avoid any interruptions on your special day, make sure you keep your guests in the loop by providing the necessary information in advance. Keep scrolling to find out exactly what your wedding guests need to know!

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Wedding Gift Etiquette

wedding gift what to buy

So you have a date, a dress-code-approved outfit, and a fierce craving for bubbly. The last thing left on your to-do list is probably figuring out a wedding gift. If you find yourself struggling, we have some ideas and answers for all your gift-related questions below!

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The Most Common (and Some Uncommon) Wedding Dress Codes Explained

What to Wear Wedding Guest Attire

Are you a guest who was recently invited to a wedding and wondering what “festive attire” means? Or perhaps you’re a couple wondering what invitation verbiage will best indicate that your venue is more of a “suit jacket” affair? Well, you came to the right place.

A common question we get from couples putting together their invites is about attire, so we’ve outlined a list of the most common (and some less common) guest attire descriptors. That said, as with every detail of your wedding, do what feels right to you as a couple and don’t get too hung up on tradition.

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When Should I Send my Wedding Invitations?

They asked; you said “yes!”—and once you’ve called loved ones and spread the news on social media, the planning process can officially begin! Deciding when to send your wedding invitations or begin communicating with guests can be intimidating, especially when you consider all of the different stationery components. From engagement party invitations to save-the-dates, we’ve compiled a recommended timeline of when to send your wedding invitations and all of your other wedding-related events. Check out the infographic below (or in plain-text for easy copy/pasting if you prefer!) to find out where to start when considering a timeline for your wedding mailings:

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Sending Save The Dates

how to send save the dates

Newly engaged couples often have questions when it comes to their save the dates (and rightfully so—there’s a lot to it!) With digital save the dates, you can make life a little easier. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice style in the process!

Below are some common questions that we hear about sending wedding save the dates, that will hopefully make the process that much smoother.

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