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Wedding Ceremony Timing

Megan Clark Clutch Events Owner

Wedding planning is all about the details, so we’re thrilled to share some expert advice from Megan Clark, the owner of Clutch Events here in Seattle! One of her top tips is all about timing. While it certainly won’t be the most fun aspect of wedding planning (hello, cake tasting!), it very well could be the most important. According to Megan, “Your ceremony start time is a key decision that will impact timing for the rest your wedding.”

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Destination Wedding: What Not to Do


Someone once said to me that the main reason why a couple chooses to have a destination wedding is to keep the wedding small without having to compromise on the guest list. Whether or not you agree with that, here are six things not to do when planning a destination wedding:

1. Inviting people you dislike: Since your guests will be spending money and time to fly to your wedding, they will most likely also turn the trip into their own personal vacation and stay longer than the actual wedding.  So before you send your ex an invite, ask yourself if you really want to see him for more than a day.

2. Sending invitations at the last minute: If you want anyone to show up, you need to send out invitations, or at least save the dates, as soon as possible so your guests can plan ahead. Digital invitations can save you a lot of time!

3. Forgetting to the check the weather: The last thing you want is a hurricane to ruin your wedding day.

4. Forgetting to take care of your guests: Did Sally fly to the wrong airport or Marcus get a sunburn because he forgot to pack sunscreen?  Remember to provide important transportation information on Greenvelope’s details page and welcome baskets with essentials for your guests.

5. Not asking for help:  Planning a wedding at a distance can become overwhelming. Hire a destination wedding planner to help shoulder some of the burden.

6. Underestimating costs: It’s easy to forget to factor in expenses such as welcome bags, unexpected activities, and travel costs.

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Five Tips to Asking the Father

One day you will have children of your own, perhaps even a daughter. You’re going to love and provide for her during her formative years. But you know that the day will come, when a strapping young man whisks her away from you. That’s definitely a big deal, and you wouldn’t want to mess it up for any father in the world. So without further ado, Greenvelope gives you 5 tips to asking the father for his daughters hand in marriage. (And yes, you definitely have to ask.)

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A Man’s Guide to Proposing (Part Two: Tips from a Woman)

Love makes anything and everything suddenly possible. When a woman is truly in love, the thought of marrying and spending the rest of her life with her significant other is only a kneel away. Ideas of when and how he will propose starts flashing inside her mind.  This means that she is ready and waiting to see how you will pop the question.

1. Down Memory lane

As Cliff mentioned in Part One, waiting for the right time and finding the right place is very important.  A time and place with sentimental value is much more important than the size of the rock (for most women).  Find out ahead of time if her schedule is free or wait till your next anniversary and propose at the place where you first met or shared your first kiss. If you met in a city different than the one you are currently residing in, surprise her with plane tickets! Or if there was another moment in time that both of you are very fond of, take her there and recreate the experience. read more…

A Man’s Guide To Proposing: 5 Essential Tips

If you’re reading this, congratulations, it seems like you have found the one! While ultimately we do believe that your significant other already has his or her mind made up, we here at Greenvelope are here to offer some advice to make sure your proposal goes smoothly!

1. Be as sure as you can that she’ll say yes!

Nothings more awkward than a proposal gone wrong, for the proposer or the proposee. Make sure you bring it up in conversation beforehand, when you propose it’s not only about knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with her, but also knowing that she would like to spend it with you.

2. Talking to the Parents.

As old fashioned as it seems, it is crucial to ask the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage, or at least inform him of it. The reality is, your future wife was their little girl for a large part of her life, and the least you can do is state your intention to them. After all, eventually you’re going to want to be given the same courtesy when it comes to your future daughter.
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Trimming Your Guest List

On this season’s Castle, Detective Beckett and Castle find themselves with a 300+ guest list for their wedding. When Beckett comments on a particular celebrity guest who Castle invited despite not liking the guy, Castle’s response was that he didn’t want to offend anyone by not inviting them. Sound familiar?

Sometimes the best way to stay under that budget is to be really picky about the guest list. How do you choose who to invite? Well this TV couple has an answer for you: ditch your current guest list, sit down with a blank piece of paper, and write the names that come to mind first.

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Online Wedding Invitation Etiquette Guide


We are learning that online wedding invitations are moving into the 21st century and finding a place in modern etiquette rules.

We can learn quickly (within minutes thanks to Facebook) of a friend’s engagement. Sending invitations through the mail can create a margin for a delayed response if people move, or the invitation is returned to sender. Delays can make it difficult to have time for the guests to make travel plans with seat availability, price of tickets, requesting time off work, etc.

Since many of us are online throughout the day, it is unlikely to miss critical information. There seems to be a misguided assumption that online communication is exclusively for informal contact/events. On the contrary, beautiful sophisticated invitations are at your fingertips without delay, postage costs and a high price tag.

Check out the new online etiquette-pedia (, to reflect what is appropriate for online wedding mailings.

Online invitations are not the way of the future, they are the now!!

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When Shall I Send My Wedding Invitations?

In this day and age, it seems like traditional etiquette is not followed until a large formal event requires it. However, formal or not,  we encourage you to follow wedding invitation mailing etiquette! Following a mailing schedule will help ensure that all your loved ones can prepare to attend your event and provide any required information in advance of your big day.


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