Twin baby shower ideas: Dive With Two twin baby shower invitation

Whether you’re the parent-to-be or the host with the most, throwing a baby shower for twins is bound to be twice as nice. But while double the babies means double the fun, it doesn’t have to mean double the stress. With these twin baby shower ideas, you’ll find fun themes to celebrate the joyful new arrivals. From tea for two to nautical motifs, here are some of our favorite twin baby shower ideas.

7 Two-tally Awesome Twin Baby Shower Ideas

Twin baby shower ideas: baby twins lying on a bed

When planning a twin baby shower, it’s important to consider the timing. Many twin parents deliver their babies early. To be safe, experts recommend hosting the baby shower around the five-month mark of a twin pregnancy. That’s earlier than most baby showers, but it avoids any potential timing issues. Talk to the parents-to-be and figure out a date that works best for them.

You’ll also want to determine if it will be a gender reveal or gender neutral baby shower. Whether you choose to follow traditional boy baby or baby girl colors or would rather bypass it completely, you have plenty of options for your celebration. Here are some of the cutest twin baby shower ideas including baby shower party themes, party games, and decor.

1. Tea (or Coffee) for Two

Twin baby shower ideas: Brewing Invitation

Design: Loree Mayer Design

Invitation Inspiration: Brewing Invitation

Tea parties are incredibly popular when it comes to cute baby shower ideas, especially when celebrating twin girls. Set up a long table and cover it with a tablecloth and lace doilies. Add flowers as centerpieces, set out the fine china, and choose metallic servingware (rose gold, perhaps?) for a glamorous look. 

Serve classic afternoon tea staples like finger sandwiches and pastries and offer several types of tea, including caffeine-free options. For a summer baby shower, you might also offer iced tea for a refreshing twist. If you’re not a fan of tea, simply swap it out for different coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Mini cupcakes make the perfect dessert.

For a fitting twin baby shower game, play “spill the tea.” Print out sheets of paper with questions about the expectant parents to see who answers the most correctly. Fun questions can range from “Who do you think will be the more nervous parent?” to “Who will take the most baby photos?” to “Who will sing better lullabies?”

2. Perfect Pair

Twin baby shower ideas: Twin Onesies Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Invitation Inspiration: Twin Onesies Invitation

Oh, babies! It’s time for a party celebrating the perfect pair and that means twice the fun with this party theme. It works for baby boy and baby girl showers as well as gender-neutral events. 

Here, two of everything is key. Try selecting two main colors and using them throughout the party decorations. For instance, choose two shades of green or yellow for identical twins or opt for two distinct colors for fraternal twins. For party favors, you can hand out Wrigley’s famous Doublemint chewing gum.

Serve food that follows the “perfect pair” theme — chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, sliders and fries, milk and cookies. When it comes to game time, do a 180 on the theme and have fun with “double trouble.” Ask guests to guess which of the parents will be more strict or who got into more trouble as a child. The parents can share tales of their youth and what kind of good trouble they hope their new arrivals will get into.

3. One Fish, Two Fish

Under the Sea Invitation

Design: Cindy Reynolds Design

Invitation Inspiration: Under the Sea Invitation

This under-the-sea-themed baby shower is perfect for celebrating twin cuties — and for birthday parties too. If the babies are already born and part of the festivities, consider dressing them up in nautical onesies. For baby shower decorations, any sea creatures are a good bet. You can hang streamers vertically from the ceiling to create the look of seaweed while adorable whales, dolphins, and tropical fish all make great additions to the decor.

For a fun game, set up a diaper change relay race. Grab some stuffed animal sea creatures and put diapers on them. Set them on chairs and have each guest change the diaper as fast as they can. The winner gets a special baby shower favor like a bottle of champagne.

4. Two Peas in a Pod

Peas In A Pod Invitation

Design: Design Swift

Invitation Inspiration: Peas in a Pod Invitation

It doesn’t get sweeter than two peas in a pod. For this theme, you can’t go wrong with a green color palette for your party decor (and it also works for a wonderful garden party setting). At the entryway, have a sign that says “Congrats on your sweet little peas!”

For the menu, consider serving various dishes featuring peas like pasta primavera, fresh garden salad, and pea puree crostini. When it comes time for dessert, consider a green and white cake or cupcakes with adorable twin baby cake toppers.

5. Noah’s Ark

Baby Sloths Invitation

Design: Cindy Reynolds Design

Invitation Inspiration: Baby Sloths Invitation

Noah’s Ark is a natural theme for twin baby showers. After all, the story goes that Noah boarded two of each species on the ark. Set up a balloon arch in pretty pastel colors for a gender-neutral shower. You could also incorporate elements of a jungle-themed party and decorate the space with zebras, elephants, and giraffes. Add plenty of greenery or pampas grass for a safari feel.

For games, have guests guess how many animal figurines (or animals cookies) are in a jar, set up a crafts table for animal cookie decorating, and let guests run wild on an animal scavenger hunt. To fuel up, consider a buffet of animal-friendly vegan party snacks.

6. Taco Twosday

Holy Guacamole! Invitation

Design: Robinson Creative House

Invitation Inspiration: Holy Guacamole! Invitation

Celebrate the joy of two new little babies with a taco “twosday” fiesta. Naturally, you’ll want to serve up tacos along with other tasty Mexican delights like quesadillas, guacamole, chips and salsa, queso, and grilled corn. For dessert, serve dulce de leche cupcakes or a variety of pan dulce (Mexican pastries).

This fun twin theme is also easy when it comes to party decor. Choose brightly-colored hues like reds, greens, and yellows. Hang streamers, balloons, and papel picado for a festive look and use colorful serapes as tablecloths. Don’t forget the pinata for a fun post-prandial activity.  

7. Holy Ship! We’re Having Twins

Whale of a Time Invitation

Design: Hudson Meet Rose

Invitation Inspiration: Whale of a Time Invitation

This twin baby shower theme is a fun way to make a splash. Focus on nautical decor such as white and blue hues, fun underwater creatures like seals and dolphins, and nautical elements like ropes, anchors, and lighthouses.

Seafood dishes are a natural fit for this twin baby shower idea. Think clam chowder in bread bowls, oysters on the half shell, and fish tacos. Lobster and crab rolls are also good options for East Coast-inspired celebrations. 

For baby shower games, consider printable games from sites like Amazon and Etsy. You can also play “guess the baby” on the invitation and ask guests to bring along a picture of themselves as a baby. Display the images on a wall or table and ask guests to guess who each baby is.

It’s Time to Celebrate the Arrival of Twins

With all of these twin baby shower ideas, you’ll surely find a theme to suit your celebration. At Greenvelope, it’s easy to create and send online baby shower invitations. From sweet and formal to silly and fun, there’s a design you can customize to make it your own. For even more party planning ideas, don’t miss our baby shower checklist to ensure you pull off the perfect party.