Cute baby shower ideas: happy women toasting a baby shower

With a new baby on the way, it’s time to start thinking about one of our favorite events — the baby shower. With so many cute baby shower ideas around it’s a blast to choose a theme and plan your event, and we’re here to help.

Let’s take a look at some of these super cute baby shower ideas. We’ve brought together some of our favorite ideas on themes, decor, food, and favors — plus adorable baby shower invites to send to your best friends. 

Adorable Baby Shower Themes

A baby shower is one event where you can really have fun and get creative with your theme and styling. There are so many lovely gender-neutral baby shower themes out there. Here are some of our most loved themes to help you find the perfect baby shower party ideas and online invitations for your get-together. 

Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Cute baby shower ideas: Wood Charm Invitation

Matching design: Woodland Charm by frau brandt

Treat your guests to an adventure in the forest with a woodland-themed baby shower. Decorate your space with lots of gorgeous greenery, and add in natural touches like wood circles and fresh floral displays. We love the idea of a woodland-themed tea party with finger sandwiches and tiny cakes and printable baby shower games to play together after eating. 

Floral Themed Baby Shower

Cute baby shower ideas: Garden Celebration Invitation

Matching design: Garden Celebration by Make and Tell

If you want to add even more blooms to your baby shower bash, a floral-themed party is the way to go. What’s great about this is you can choose any color scheme you like — from pastels to brights — and match your flower arrangements to it. Add a giant floral backdrop as the perfect place to snap photos or display your cake in front of, and sprinkle dried petals on your table as confetti. Whether you go for rustic boho or sophisticated chic, a floral baby shower is always beautiful. 

Honey Bee Themed Baby Shower

Bee Our Guest Invitation

Matching design: Bee Our Guest by Claudia Owen

For a super bright, colorful, and charming baby shower theme, take inspiration from honey bees. Set the scene with plenty of yellow balloons, banners, and party decorations, then add in some touches of black for depth and some greenery to freshen things up. Serve up a menu that features delicious honey-infused dishes, with an adorable honey bee-themed cake topper for the little one’s showstopper cake. 

Duck Themed Baby Shower

Cute baby shower ideas: Bubble Bath Invitation

Matching design: Bubble Bath by Snow + Ivy

Tiny babies and rubber ducks are two things that go so well together, so start things off early with a duck-themed baby shower. We think the yellow, blue, and white color palette is the cutest for a baby shower — and you can even use lots of white balloons to recreate bubbles. Add rubber ducks throughout your decor and styling — like in your centerpiece, diaper cake, and table decorations. You can be really playful with this theme, which makes it a great option for a lively event. 

Space Themed Baby Shower

Cute baby shower ideas: Over the Moon Invitation

Matching design: Over the Moon by Signature Greenvelope

Celebrating the soon-to-be arrival of a little star means that a space-themed event can be just the right choice. Create a mini solar system centerpiece, add in figurines of astronauts, and sprinkle tiny stars throughout your decor. This is also a cute baby shower idea if you don’t want something too bright. You can instead opt for a darker, moodier theme, with gorgeous navy, charcoal, and hints of gold to create a really luxurious atmosphere. 

Fun Party Styling Ideas for Your Baby Shower

Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can start thinking about those all-important baby shower decorations. Take inspiration from these cute baby shower ideas to help you put together a list for your trip to the party supplies store. 

Styled Bar Cart

There’s something really glamorous about a styled bar cart. Not only does it look great against a backdrop, but it’s also a practical way to serve drinks to your guests. Add mini bottles of juice or wine to your bar cart, or serve them in a dispenser instead, with glasses stacked alongside. Next, style it up with a plant or flowers, fresh fruit, and baby blocks or a cute stuffed animal that relates to your party theme. 

Themed Photo Booth

Your baby shower will be filled with heartwarming moments that you’ll want to keep forever as soon-to-be new parents. Make that super easy by adding a photo booth or photo area to your event. This is one of those cute baby shower ideas that’s timeless and works for any theme. Set up an area with a backdrop and some photo props, or bring in a professional with a retro photo booth to capture those images. 

Fun Floral Arrangements

One of the quickest and most impactful ways to bring your theme to life is to add fresh or faux flowers. They’re a great way to add color, interest, and depth to your tablescapes and background baby shower decor. Look for seasonal blooms to keep it affordable, or use faux flowers that you can reuse in baby’s nursery decor. For another cute baby shower idea, ask a florist to create a special arrangement and have it dried afterward as a keepsake.

Statement Backdrops

A statement backdrop is a wonderful way to bring attention to something special at your baby shower. Maybe it’s your gorgeous handmade cake, your ice cream bar, or the location of your photo area. Create a statement backdrop that matches your baby shower theme using balloon garlands, faux flowers, streamers, and DIY paper fans in your event colors. 

Fun Baby Shower Food and Drink Ideas

All the best parties have delicious food and drink to go along with them. Take a look through these cute baby shower ideas to help you treat your guests to something incredible while you celebrate and laugh. 

Pizza Making Experience

For a fun twist on baby shower catering, host a pizza-making experience. Ask your guests to join you in creating their own pizza, with a whole host of toppings to choose from. Pop them in the oven or rent an authentic pizza oven for a special experience. 

Candy and Dessert Buffet

Your baby shower menu doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep things sweet and simple with a decadent dessert table instead of a sit-down meal. This works great for a mid-afternoon event or where you want something lighter. Be inspired by your theme and color scheme to put together a table filled with cakes, pies, candy, ice cream, waffles, doughnuts, and whichever sweet treats take your fancy. 

Potluck Style Catering

One of the best baby shower ideas for food and drink is to go for a potluck-style meal. Cook up your favorite dish and sides and ask your loved ones to bring something along so you can all share together. This is a super way to learn new recipes and discover new tastes, and it works well with the theme of celebrating love and joy. 

Colorful Themed Drinks

When it comes to the drinks, we love the idea of matching them to your theme. Think bright blue, bubbly punch for your duck-themed shower, or a lavender-colored floral drink for a boho chic event. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look through this list of brightly colored non-alcoholic drinks and find something that matches your party color scheme. 

Thoughtful Baby Shower Party Favors

There are so many cute baby shower ideas for how to decorate and enjoy your time together, and the same goes for party favors. Take a look at these fun baby shower favors to find something that works perfectly for your special day. 

Mini Pamper Set

Send your loved ones and closest friends off with a little pampering treat to thank them for celebrating with you. This is a baby shower gift that works so well for a relaxed shower or for a duck-themed baby shower. Create a mini hamper or fill a favor bag with miniature bubble bath, shower gel, bath bombs, and more, and encourage your friends to take a well-earned break. 

Themed Candy Jars

Continue your candy theme beyond the party with a themed candy jar as a thank you gift. Look for candy in colors to match your party, grab some glass jars, and start prepping them. Add some sweet ribbon or twine to the jar, along with a personalized label so they can remember the day. 

Personalized Packet of Seeds

If you love gardening or want something more sentimental, try a packet of seeds as a party favor. This is a really cute baby shower idea — especially if your party is full of natural touches or you love the outdoors. Not only do your party guests get an adorable favor, but also a lasting memory of this lovely moment before the new baby arrives. 

Cute Cookie Cutter

Baked goods are always a hit, and you can give your loved ones the gift of making their next batch of cookies even sweeter with a themed cookie cutter. Look for a design that matches your party theme — like an elephant, car, star, or leaf — and package it up with a handmade tag and note to say thank you. 

Our Favorite Cute Baby Shower Invitations

We love matching baby shower invitations to your party theme — it’s such a cute way to tie everything together. Take a look at some of our most loved baby shower invitations and find one that matches your dream party. From there, you can customize your design’s color and wording to create something that feels unique to your baby shower. 

Little Pumpkin Baby Shower Invitation

Cute baby shower ideas: Little Pumpkin Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

There’s something so sweet about the adorable pastel touches on this little pumpkin invitation. It’s perfect for a baby shower in the fall, an event inspired by your favorite season, or if you simply love the phrasing. 

Iridescent Balloon Baby Shower Invitation

Cute baby shower ideas: Iridescent Balloon Invitation

Design: Laura Bolter Design

Let your joy shine through with this iridescent balloon invitation. We love how it stands out so much among other digital invites. The combination of soft pastels with glittery gold accents gives you a fun way to spread the word about your baby shower event. 

Animal Friends Baby Shower Invitation

Animal Friends Invitation

Design: Milk and Marrow

This animal friends invitation is perfect if you’re hosting a baby animal themed shower. The little animals are so sweet, and combined with the cute fonts and soft colors, you’re left with a really lovely invite. 

Antique Book Cover Baby Shower Invitation

Antique Book Cover Invitation

Design: Becky Nimoy Stationery

For something a little different, try this antique book cover invitation. We’re big fans of how luxe this design looks, thanks to the detailed borders, watercolor effect, and antique gold accents. It’s perfect for a sophisticated baby shower, or a fairytale story-themed celebration. 

Create a Special Moment with These Cute Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are some of the most lovely events out there. With your loved ones gathered around you to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of someone special, it’s a joyful moment. Take inspiration from these best baby shower ideas to create a moment you’ll love. Choose a theme then plan your decor, food, favors, and more — then get everyone excited with a themed baby shower invite