Sprinkle baby shower: baby shower invitations, a baby top, and a pair of baby shoes

Want to skip the over-the-top baby shower but still want to celebrate? Enter the baby sprinkle. This toned-down celebration is ideal for those who already have infant gear from a firstborn and for families who want to keep things low-key. Here, we’ll show you everything you need to know about hosting a sprinkle baby shower.

What’s a Sprinkle Baby Shower?

Sprinkle baby shower: women happily drinking and eating at a baby shower

A sprinkle baby shower is a simplified baby shower. It’s becoming more common for families who are having a second baby and already have most of the necessary items from their first baby. Instead of building an extensive baby shower registry for big-ticket items like a bassinet, high chair, crib, and stroller, a baby sprinkle focuses on requests for everyday items like diapers, wipes, toiletries, bibs, and blankets. 

When it comes to gift ideas, some expecting parents might also ask for updated items that need to be replaced — like a car seat. Gift cards and new clothing like onesies, sweater sets, and comfy PJs also make great gifts for a baby sprinkle.

Baby Sprinkle Ideas for Games, Themes, and Decor 

Sprinkle baby shower: baby shower decorations

Whether you’re hosting a gender-neutral shower or planning for a baby girl or baby boy, a baby sprinkle is much like a traditional baby shower — just less complicated. You can choose a party theme, hang up decorations, and plan fun food and games to keep guests entertained. Here are some baby sprinkle ideas for hosting this special event.

Baby Sprinkle Themes

Traditional baby shower themes work well for baby sprinkles. You can’t go wrong with themes featuring woodland animals, boho chic styles, and ideas from nursery rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You can also choose a theme that centers on sprinkles and confetti or opt for a rainy theme with fluffy clouds, raindrops, and starry accents.

Baby Sprinkle Decorations

If you’re using a theme, decor is easy. Just match your balloons, streamers, and other party decorations to the color scheme of your theme. If you’ve decided to skip a theme, use these party supplies in classic pastel colors like pink and blue if you’re announcing a gender or green and yellow if you want a gender-neutral baby shower.

Create (or order) a large balloon garland to hang over a dessert table or greet guests with a large banner featuring the baby’s name. A photo booth is another great decor element and it means you’ll have great memories to cherish from the big day. Get the older sibling in on the fun by having them wear a cute outfit with sayings like “I’m being promoted” or “I’m about to be a big brother/sister.”

Baby Sprinkle Food Ideas

Since this is a mellow baby shower, you don’t have to go all out on food. Make things easy by inviting close friends and family members over for a casual brunch. Set out croissants, bagels, mini quiches, or charcuterie boards for guests to help themselves. There’s also nothing wrong with simply ordering pizza, sandwiches, or other fuss-free foods. Most baby sprinkles are intimate affairs, so there’s no need to splash out on a swanky spread.

That said, don’t forget the drinks and sweets! You can keep it booze-free with mocktails and flavored sparkling water. Or if you’d like to offer guests the option, you could simply set up a table with some bottles of bubbly and beer. For dessert, order cupcakes with on-theme toppers or set out a spread of mini donuts. No matter what motif you choose for your party, consider incorporating sprinkles with a colorful confetti cake or a dessert bar with sprinkle toppings in different flavors.

Baby Sprinkle Games

Keep in mind that sprinkle baby showers aren’t as long or involved as traditional showers. Instead of planning for a three-hour-long shower, most baby sprinkles last about two hours. That means you’ll spend most of the time chatting, opening a few baby sprinkle gifts, and enjoying a quick snack. 

That said, having a toned-down shower doesn’t mean you can’t have a ton of fun. If you really want to play baby shower games, pick one or two to include as part of the event. Spend 15 minutes playing baby trivia or have guests jot down their best parenting tips — even though you’re a seasoned pro, you might learn something new!

Baby Shower Favors

Say thanks to your guests by sending them home with a sweet gift. You can make DIY party favors or buy personalized tokens from sites like Etsy. Sprinkle bath bombs, colorful parasols, and customized candles will have your guests feeling sprinkled with love.

6 Baby Sprinkle Invitations

Sprinkle baby shower: friends happily attending a baby shower

Now that you know how to decorate and plan for a baby sprinkle party, it’s time to choose your digital invitation. At Greenvelope, you’ll find stunning baby shower invites from simple and classic color palettes to fun and creative designs that will suit your celebration. Here are some of our favorite baby sprinkle invitations.

1. Sprinkled With Love Invitation

Sprinkle baby shower: Sprinkled With Love Invitation

Design: Hudson Meet Rose

Celebrate the arrival of a new baby with this adorable sprinkle invite. Featuring two cheerful and fluffy clouds, it’s the perfect way to celebrate a rainy theme.

2. Baby Sprinkle Invitation

Baby Sprinkle Invitation

Design: Sandra Picco Design LLC

Invite everyone on your guest list to come celebrate the mom-to-be with this modern invite. Featuring a trendy font and a splash of dotted sprinkles, it’s perfect for welcoming a new baby to the family. It also comes in several neutral colorways, making it ideal for gender-neutral celebrations.

3. Baby Sprinkle Frame Invitation

Baby Sprinkle Frame Invitation

Design: Hooray Creative

Shower the parents-to-be with love using this sweet sprinkle invite. The festive sprinkles create a beautiful frame around the text box where you can include info about the big day. Be sure to include the date, time, and location of the event as well as a link to a pared-down baby registry.

4. Dainty Sprinkle Invitation

Dainty Sprinkle Invitation

Design: Carmia Jordaan

Asks guests to shower the new addition with love using this sprinkle baby shower invite. The design features falling leaves and flowers, making it ideal for seasonal celebrations in spring and fall. Use it for a sprinkle shower or for a birthday party for your first child.

5. Sprinkle Arch Invitation

Sprinkle Arch Invitation

Design: Sunny July

This fun yet soothing design features an arch made of colorful sprinkles and whimsical text. Use it to celebrate first-time parents or to invite guests to a sprinkle shower for a second child.

6. Sprinkle Confetti Invitation

Sprinkle Confetti Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, llc

Planning a magical celebration? This charming invite is the perfect way to invite guests to a celebratory day. It features colorful confetti sprinkled on a vibrant border. Use it for birthday parties, baby sprinkles, and other cheerful celebrations.

Plan the Perfect Baby Sprinkle

With these sprinkle baby shower party ideas, you’re sure to have a low-key yet fun celebration. Once you have the party date and theme in mind, choose an online baby shower invitation that you can customize by switching up the typography, message, and color scheme. You can also add fun elements like wax seals or music to make the invite more memorable. When your guests open their invite, they’ll be counting down the days to the little one’s celebration.

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