Baby Shower Brunch invitation cards

Two of our favorite b-words are “brunch” and “baby-to-be.” Mention either and we get giddy with anticipation. So, when it comes to celebrating the baby-to-be (and their expectant family), a baby shower brunch is the best thing ever.

With all the yummy brunch food — from waffles to avocado toast — that little one will be doing cartwheels in the tummy. And the expectant parents will be just as excited to have one last brunch before they get really busy.

Brunch has benefits for the baby shower’s host too. Breakfast food is some of the simplest and tastiest food you can prepare (or purchase) for a crowd, so this baby shower theme is easy to plan.

We’ll help you put together your own baby shower brunch with ideas for your invites, menu items, and more. It’s time to introduce this baby to the good things in life — starting with brunch!

5 Baby Shower Brunch Invitations

Start planning your baby shower brunch by finding an invite perfect for the occasion. All of these designs are digital invitations, so they make party planning easy. Simply add your party details to the editable template and send it to guests’ inboxes in a matter of minutes. Your guests can RSVP online so you know exactly how many folks to expect.

1. Brunch Blooms Invitations

Baby shower brunch: Brunch Blooms Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

The hand-painted watercolor design on this invite highlights the best parts of brunch — waffles and cocktails (or mocktails for the mom-to-be). The rich pink tones are perfect for a girls baby shower, and the elegant design will let everyone know that this is a classy affair. Pinkies up!

2. Brunch in Blue Invitations

Baby shower brunch: Brunch in Blue Invitation

Design: frau brandt

Another watercolor design, this sweet little invite is rich in blue hues, so it’s perfect for welcoming a baby boy (or for using as a red herring — or in this case a blue herring — at a gender reveal party). Customize the card with your shower info and send it on its way.

3. Floral Pattern Border Invitations

Baby shower brunch: Floral Pattern Border Invitation

Design: Jen Owens Illustration

This fresh and fun baby shower invite is available in three different color palettes to match your guest of honor’s personality. The illustrated border puts your party details front and center, and there’s plenty of room for you to elaborate on the day’s plans or link to a gift registry.

4. Brunch and Bubbly Invitations

Brunch and Bubbly Invitation

Design: Robinson Creative House

Encourage everyone to raise a glass to the parents and baby-to-be with this light and bright invitation. This design makes your event sparkle with a glass of bubbly in the center, surrounded by illustrated flowers and fresh citrus for a summery feel.

5. But First, Brunch Invitations

But First Brunch Invitation

Design: Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop

Honor your favorite family of foodies with this brunch invitation that celebrates their baby-to-be in scrumptious fashion. Your party details will be surrounded by mod-inspired illustrations of all the best brunch foods. It’s ideal for a modern shower with retro flare.

10 Baby Shower Brunch Menu Ideas

Varieties of food on a table

You’re hosting a baby shower brunch, so the food will take center stage at your soiree, which is ideal. Baby shower games are fun and all, but everyone’s favorite party activity is eating. Give guests something to sink their teeth into with these easy baby shower food ideas.

  1. Mimosa bar: For your baby shower drinks, set up a DIY mimosa station with Prosecco and a variety of juices from orange to cranberry to watermelon juice. Don’t forget to include a non-alcoholic sparkler, like sparkling tea or even non-alcoholic wine for the parent-to-be.
  2. Avocado toast bar: Don’t leave out the trendiest brunch food. With an avocado toast bar, you can simply put out toast, smashed avocado with lemon and salt, and your favorite toast toppings. Think tomatoes, onions, bacon, roasted corn, cotija cheese, and crema.
  3. Waffle or pancake station: Making fresh waffles and pancakes for all your guests is a big ask. But let guests make their own, and you have an activity everyone will love. All you have to do is mix up some batter and put out a waffle maker or electric griddle. Add toppings and your work is done! Just make sure the batter is used within two to three hours.
  4. French toast casserole: This is one of our favorite brunch recipes because you can make your French toast casserole the previous night. Pop it in the oven the morning of the party, and you have a buffet-worthy brunch item that’ll have everyone going back for seconds.
  5. Quiche: Another excellent make-ahead item, you can prep both the pie crust and the custard for your quiche the day before. In the morning, pour the custard into the crust, and stick it in the oven. (Or go even simpler with store-bought quiche.) It’s also easy to provide variety by offering a quiche lorraine for meat-lovers and a veggie quiche for vegetarians.
  6. Bagel bar: If you prefer to buy brunch rather than make it, call your favorite bagel shop. They can typically put together a party platter with a variety of bagels, cream cheese, lox, sliced tomato, onions, capers, and all your favorite toppings.
  7. Donut display: Another item that’s easy to buy from your favorite local shop, donuts make for a pretty display on a table or even hanging from a peg board. Set them out and watch them disappear.
  8. Baked goods: Brunch and baked goods go together like Prosecco and orange juice. Scones, croissants, cinnamon rolls, and even cupcakes are ideal additions to your baby shower brunch. If you’re a baker, you can make your own goodies (puff pastry and all!). But this party task is also easy to outsource — just place an order with your favorite local bakery.
  9. Charcuterie board: Don’t forget the appetizers! A display of meats, cheese, and crackers not only looks lovely on your favorite cutting board, but it’s the ideal finger food to hold guests over until the main course comes out of the oven.
  10. Fruit platter: Fresh fruit is the ultimate side dish to accompany your brunch fare. It can also serve as a topping for pancakes or waffles, and a fresh strawberry, raspberry, or watermelon slice can garnish your guest’s mimosas.

3 Finishing Touches for Your Baby Brunch

Gifts and decorations for a baby shower

An adorable invitation, good food, and a few of your favorite people is all it takes to make for a great baby shower party. But if you want to go above and beyond, you can add a few of these finishing touches to make the day more festive and fun.

  1. Baby shower decorations: For a brunch theme, keep the decorations simple and classic. Choose a color scheme based on the expectant parents’ favorite colors or baby-to-be’s nursery colors. Then add balloons, a congratulatory banner, and some centerpieces to match.
  2. Baby shower games: If you think your guests will need a little extra entertainment, add in a few baby shower games. You can have guests try to guess the baby’s gender based on pregnancy symptoms. Or you can make a list of celebrity baby names and have guests try to match the baby name to the famous parents.
  3. Baby shower favors: Send your guests home with a party favor to help them remember the day. For a brunch shower, mini bottles of Prosecco, a baked good like a scone, or a spatula or egg timer are perfect on-theme gifts.

Cheers to a Bumpin’ Baby Brunch

Group of people having a toast

When you host a baby shower brunch, you’re introducing that baby-to-be to one of the best things in life, so lean into all of the things that make brunch amazing. Add an avocado toast bar, hang donuts from a peg board, and hand out mimosas to everyone who walks through the door.

Your baby shower brunch is sure to be bumpin’. But if you need even more ideas to make your celebration feel complete, check out these cute baby shower ideas and these fun baby shower themes. Happy planning!