clients obtain highest open rate in the industry, receiving a 68% average for announcements and invitation mailings across industries.

Greenvelope designer invitations offer a 68 percent open rate

Does your company send invitations? How about announcements? Do you know how many of those are being opened, engaged with, or responded to? With Greenvelope Business Memberships, it has never been easier to send and track event invitations, announcements, and outreach that actually get opened.

From universities to corporations, businesses and nonprofits alike are receiving an open rate average of 68% or higher when using Greenvelope. That is more than double what similar digital outreach and event management services published earlier this year. offers businesses + nonprofits the highest open rates in the industry

With thousands of event hosts across a wide range of industries, we were able to analyze the open rates of millions of invitations sent through Our results looked specifically at events ranging from guest lists of 100 to 65,000 people.’s CEO and founder, Sam Franklin, explains that, “the Greenvelope proprietary platform optimizes delivery, and the design-centric interface makes invitations and announcements always appear personal. We also provide businesses with the opportunity to tap into company key learnings and resources by connecting with our marketing and event consultants. Consultants are there to advise on optimal time of day, influential subject lines, and customization so that every mailing not only strategically lands in the recipient’s inbox but is also opened and read.”

Greenvelope is by no means the first platform to offer companies digital invitations and announcements, but the data doesn’t lie; it has the potential to double company open rates for a percentage of the price. To learn more about what Greenvelope can do to increase your visibility and efficiency, visit our business page or just give us a call at 1-888-505-2588.

85% open rate to C-level employees was unheard of before Greenvelope. – Paige Hamp, Allscripts

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