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Congratulations, newlyweds! Now that you’re back from your elopement, chances are you want to get together with loved ones to celebrate. And you know what that means — it’s time to throw a fabulous post-elopement party!

Here, we’ll share everything you need to know about post-elopement parties along with some of our favorite ideas for planning and hosting your celebration.

What’s a Post-Elopement Party?

Also called an elopement party, a post-elopement party is just what it sounds like — a party you have once your actual wedding is over. For many couples, it’s a lovely way to toast their marriage and have fun with those who weren’t part of the wedding day. It’s also perfect for those who didn’t want a traditional ceremony but still want a big wedding reception. Post-elopement parties are also a fantastic way to gather with loved ones after a destination elopement.

Think of a post-elopement party as a wedding reception minus the ceremony. Like a traditional wedding reception, it’s a chance to celebrate your newlywed status with your closest friends and family members.

14 Creative Ideas for Your Post-Elopement Party

Post elopement party: senior man giving a speech to the newlyweds

Planning a post-elopement party can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You can host an intimate, laid-back backyard party or plan a large and luxurious party to rival a celebrity celebration. Heck, you can even wear your wedding dress or tux if you want to relive the moment of your big day! Really, it’s up to you as a couple to decide what type of party you want. Here are 14 ideas to inspire your post-nuptial bash. 

1. Send an Elopement Announcement

Post elopement party: Couldn't Wait Announcement

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Before you jump into sending a post-elopement party invite, first make sure your guests have received an elopement announcement. This way, you can share your happy news in advance to ensure nobody is surprised when they get an invitation to your party.

Explore our collection of elopement announcement cards and choose one that suits the two of you. Make it your own by changing the layout, adding an engagement or wedding photo, and a few lines about your elopement day. For instance, you can use the reverse side of this Couldn’t Wait announcement to share your elopement story.

2. Choose a Theme or Style

The beauty of a post-elopement party is that you can style it however you like. Host a traditional wedding-style reception, a boho-inspired brunch with romantically eclectic decor, or a tropical-themed pool party if that’s your thing. Consider quirky wedding themes for your reception or or keep it casual yet festive by hosting a taco party.

3. Pick Your Ideal Venue

Like your theme, choose a venue that speaks to you. While you could splurge on a big wedding reception thanks to the money you saved on your elopement, you might want to try something a little more creative or unexpected. Perhaps you could charter a boat or host an outdoor movie night at a family member’s backyard — with a premiere of your elopement video!

4. Send Elopement Party Invitations

Swirled Ink Strokes Announcement

Design: Paper Raven Co. (photo courtesy of Patrick Nied)

Sending themed post-elopement party invitations — like this Swirled Ink Strokes elopement party invite — is the perfect way to get your guests excited about what’s to come.

Choose your favorite design from our selection of wedding invitations or explore our entertaining invitations for something less traditional. Once you choose a design, make sure to send it at least six weeks in advance to give everyone on your guest list enough notice. 

The good news is that with digital invitations, you not only save time and money, but you can also easily track RSVPs without any paper waste or mail delays.

5. Showcase Your Elopement Photos

Your wedding after-party is the perfect moment to show your loved ones what your ceremony looked like. Work with your elopement photographer to bring your story to life with a selection of photos from your big day.

If you plan to create a slideshow of your wedding day photos or use them for your post-elopement party invitations, talk with your photographer in advance to ensure you have what you want for your party.

6. Hire an Event Photographer

It’s common to hire a wedding photographer for your special day, so why not hire one for your post-elopement reception too?

Having a professional photographer means you’ll get high-quality photos to keep as mementos, and you get to enjoy more time with your guests instead of trying to snap photos yourself. Since you won’t need a photographer for the entire day, you’ll often find your investment in photography will be smaller than with a traditional wedding.

7. Feature Some of Your Favorite Wedding Traditions

Just because you had an intimate wedding ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of your favorite wedding traditions to your post-elopement get-together.

Set up a dancefloor where everyone can watch your “first dance” together as newlyweds, read poems, or recreate a mini ceremony if you like. One of the best wedding traditions to have at your after-party is a cake-cutting moment — so get thinking about what your dream cake will look like!

8. Wear What You Love

Couple smiling at the camera

You’ve worn your wedding attire once for your big day, and it’s completely up to you whether you’ll wear it again for your post-elopement party or showcase a different look.

You could go formal with suits or wedding dresses or keep it casual. Another popular option for brides is to wear a white dress for a touch of tradition; meanwhile, grooms can opt for a sport jacket, button-down shirt, and trousers. Or a T-shirt, board shorts, and flip-flops! There’s really no right or wrong.

Just remember that whatever you decide, include a dress code on your invitations so your guests won’t feel awkward showing up overdressed or too casual.

9. Hire a DJ or Live Band

Ready to amp up your post-elopement celebration? Well, you can’t go wrong with a dancefloor led by a professional DJ or a live band. Ask around locally to find the best performers in your hometown, or ask a friend with impressive skills to DJ your party. If this isn’t an option, rent some big speakers and create a party playlist to entertain your guests.

10. Make a Toast

Getting married is worthy of a toast, so take a moment to get everyone’s attention, and ask them to raise a glass. You could toast your newlywed partner, your friends, family members, or anyone who has shared in your journey. Use this as an opportunity to reflect on all that you love and appreciate in life.

11. Embrace Casual Dining

Many couples feel pressured to present a top-notch dining experience on their wedding day even if that’s not their first choice. Forget that pressure at your elopement after-party and opt for casual dining.

Host a backyard BBQ, invite loved ones to bring a dish for a potluck party, serve a brunch buffet, or hire a food truck to cater your event. These are all delicious options that don’t require a huge investment of your time or money. Plus, they allow for a more relaxed atmosphere.

12. Plan Games and Activities

While you have everyone together and in a great mood, it’s the perfect time to play. See who’s competitive, work together in teams, or simply relax with classic lawn games.

Outdoor party games are always a hit if you have the space for them. For a more relaxed vibe or if you fancy a challenge, break out a few board games or host a crafting session. If you love video gaming, invite your friends to a few rounds of your favorite video game.

13. Extend the Celebration

Post-elopement parties typically have a relaxed atmosphere, so why not extend that feeling with a days-long post-wedding celebration?

Turn your after-party into a weekend getaway with a hiking or camping trip, or camp out in your backyard instead. Invite a handful of friends and escape to your favorite city together, or rent a luxury home with a great pool that you and your loved ones can enjoy for the weekend.

14. Send a Thank You Card

Kind Words Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Even if you extend your after-party, it can’t last forever. Once your guests have returned home and you’ve basked in that post-party glow for a few days, it’s time to send thank you cards.

Browse our collection of digital thank you cards to find one that matches your style — like this lovely Kind Words card. Update the layout, colors, and fonts, then add your own wording to highlight how much you appreciate their presence.

Plan Your Dream Post-Elopement Party

Your post-elopement party can be anything you want it to be. From extravagant soirees to modest get-togethers with friends and family members, these post-elopement party ideas are sure to inspire your planning process so you can come up with your dream celebration.

Once you’ve finalized your plans, let your guests know all about your upcoming party with the help of our digital invitations. You’ll be one step closer to making your post-nuptial celebration a reality.