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As a new homeowner, you’re probably itching to share the excitement of your move with close friends and family — or the whole block! A housewarming party is a great way to do just that. It’s a friendly icebreaker to get to know your new neighbors and you can share your new space with old friends. With these housewarming party ideas, you’ll find everything you need to pull off the perfect shindig, whether you want a big bash or something more intimate and sweet.

How to Host a Housewarming Party

The first step in hosting a housewarming party is choosing what type of event you’d like to have. This means thinking about your budget and what’s important to you. Having everyone you know at the event may be key for some new homeowners while others may prefer to only share their new space with their closest friends and relatives.

 Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding on the best housewarming party for your style:

  • How big or small do you want the event to be?
  • Is your home already decorated or do you want guests to play a role in sprucing it up?
  • Do you want to cater the party or have a potluck to make things easier?
  • Would you like to show off your style with a party theme?

Once you’ve considered the type of event you want to host, it’s time to plan the fun stuff — party food, decor, games, and activities. Read on to discover fun housewarming party ideas to share the joy of your new house.

10 Housewarming Party Ideas to Celebrate Your New Abode

Housewarming party ideas: woman happily holding plates of food

When hosting a housewarming party, there’s really no right or wrong answer. If you opt for a particular theme, it might make the party planning a little easier since you can match all the event elements like decorations and food to the theme. That said, no theme is necessary. Consider the following housewarming party ideas ranging from intimate soirees to big bashes. And for even more inspiration, don’t miss these housewarming party invitations.

1. Potluck

Housewarming party ideas: Cheese Board Dream Invitation

Design: frau brandt

Invitation inspiration: Cheese Board Dream Invitation

A potluck is an easy way to host a get-together without all the stress of planning and coordinating vendors. On your invitation, ask guests to bring something to share. Popular items guests can bring include charcuterie, finger foods, and various appetizers. You can ask guests to bring a specific item, like cupcakes or crudite, to ensure you have a wide array of options.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Housewarming party ideas: Playful Block Party Invitation

Design: Ashley DeMeyere Design

Invitation inspiration: Playful Block Party Invitation

Want an upbeat and lively housewarming event? Think about throwing a scavenger hunt party. Print out a DIY list of household items and have guests search the property for them. 

Alternatively, you can use a printable scavenger hunt list from sites like Quick Hunts. You can have them look for a live oak tree, kitchen items, or a special piece of artwork. The team or person that finds the items the fastest can take home a special prize.

3. Succulent Planting

Housewarming party ideas: Sweet Hanging Plant Invitation

Design: Make and Tell

Invitation inspiration: Sweet Hanging Plant Invitation

Want the guests to help decorate your new home or take home a small gift that reminds them of your big move? Plan a succulent planning party as your housewarming event. Grab plenty of supplies — small pots, succulents, and decorative elements such as burlap, ribbon, and paint. Your guests can then design succulent planters — one for themselves and one for you. At the end of the celebration, you’ll have a beautiful succulent garden created by your loved ones and they’ll have a lovely party favor that serves as a memento of your time together.

4. Unpacking Party

Housewarming party ideas: Colorful Keys Invitation

Design: Bonjour Berry

Invitation inspiration: Colorful Keys Invitation

Want to put your friends and family to work? Have an unpacking party! Sure, it’s a bit of a chore, but it’ll help you settle in your new place and you’ll make memories to last a lifetime. To pull off this party, make sure you’re upfront about expecting guests to help. To show your appreciation, order in some tasty takeout and send each helper home with their own gift. You could also make the unpacking a lot more fun with some cocktails and a lively playlist to keep you going.

5. Seasonal Theme

Summer Sunset Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Invitation inspiration: Summer Sunset Invitation

Celebrate the season with this housewarming party idea. A white winter event is perfect for highlighting a modern, chic abode while a fall event is ideal for celebrating a cozy, comfy home. The seasonal housewarming party theme makes decor and food selections easy as well. For a summer soiree, consider having a BBQ backyard party if you have the space. For a springtime celebration, an indoor brunch is a lovely idea.

6. Beer Tasting Event

Cheers & Beers Invitation

Design: Clementine Creative

Invitation inspiration: Cheers & Beers Invitation

Raise a pint to your new digs with a beer tasting celebration. You can opt to have the evening catered or prepare a small assortment of food that pairs well with brews. Have a variety of options, from lagers to pale ales and even sour beers, to tantalize different taste buds.

7. Decorating Party

Lights and Lanterns Invitation

Design: Clementine Creative

Invitation inspiration: Lights and Lanterns Invitation

Like an unpacking party, a decorating party is an easy way to have guests pitch in while still making the event fun and memorable. Plus, you’ll get unique decorating ideas from friends with different styles and personalities. You can choose to have guests design a piece of decor for your home or help hang and arrange pieces of your own choosing.

8. Dinner Party

Seafood Soirée Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Invitation inspiration: Seafood Soiree Invitation

Host a dinner party and home tour to show off your new abode to friends and family. Cook up a yummy meal or bring in food from your favorite restaurant for a fuss-free event. Ask guests to bring along their favorite drink so everyone can enjoy a variety of beverages. For housewarming party games, pull out classic board games like Pictionary and Clue or go for modern favorites like Exploding Kittens and Monikers.

9. Open House Mimosa Bar

Full Bar Can't Lose Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Invitation inspiration: Full Bar Can’t Lose Invitation

Want to have an open door policy for your housewarming party? Think about hosting an open house mimosa bar. You can set up a mimosa station with several types of fresh juice, champagne, and fruits like pineapple, mango, and berries. Guests can make their own drinks and mingle with new neighbors and old friends.

10. Garden Brunch

Housewarming Bouquet Invitation

Design: Becky Nimoy Stationery

Invitation inspiration: Housewarming Bouquet Invitation

Celebrate your sweet home with an enchanting garden brunch. This housewarming party idea is a great way to highlight a home that has a beautiful outdoor space. Host a fun tea party and enjoy DIY teacup painting for a relaxing yet creative activity.

Find the Perfect Housewarming Party Invitations

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Now that you’ve nailed down the housewarming party ideas, it’s time to send out invites to everyone on your guest list. At Greenvelope, you’ll find incredible housewarming invitations for every type of party. From laid-back beer tastings to upscale evening soirees, there’s something for every style of celebration. With customizable designs, your housewarming party guests will be counting down the days to your home reveal.