40th birthday wishes: Getting Older Card and a happy birthday card

Reaching the big 4-0 is cause for celebration! Whether you’re thrilled for your best friend, another loved one, or a colleague, sharing celebratory sentiments is a great way to kick off this milestone moment. 

Here, you’ll find heartfelt and thoughtful 40th birthday wishes — as well as some funny greetings for your favorite 40-year-old. If you’re planning a party, you’ll also discover fabulous birthday cards and invitation designs that you can customize and send in minutes!

What to Say in a 40th Birthday Card

40th birthday wishes: friends celebrating a birthday

If you want to send 40th birthday wishes to someone, but aren’t sure what to say, you’re not alone. Finding the right words to say in a birthday card can be tricky. You want to express something meaningful yet you want to steer clear of cliche phrases. Here are a few helpful tips to craft a special birthday message.

Make It Personal

To make your card stand out, reference personal stories you share with the birthday honoree. You can use inside jokes or reference memories of time spent together. By simply sharing these memories in your own words, your card will mean more than a grocery store card with a generic message.

Pay Attention to Tone

It’s not just the words you use — it’s also about the tone of your message. For instance, if you’re writing to a close loved one with a great sense of humor, you might poke fun or use a playful tone. Use puns, jokes, and funny language to make them smile when they read your 40th birthday wishes. 

For colleagues, acquaintances, or those who aren’t your closest friends or family members, you may want to choose a more straightforward approach. Look for quotes that offer words of encouragement about their next chapter or warm wishes for a lovely birthday .

40th Birthday Wishes to Share with Loved Ones

40th birthday wishes: cupcakes with the number 40 as its icing

Turning 40 is certainly a special milestone birthday. To mark the moment, consider using these ideas to craft your own message. From funny 40th birthday wishes to reflective sentiments, here’s how to share your thoughts with the ones you love.

  • We’ve celebrated so many of life’s milestones together. From graduating preschool to getting married and having kids, we’ve been right by each other’s sides. I’m so happy to celebrate another big moment with you. Wishing you the most wonderful day for your 40th birthday.
  • Oh lordy, you’re forty! It’s a good thing you know how to live life to the fullest. (Otherwise, we’d all be bored.) Here’s to another year of shenanigans, fun, and living vicariously through you!
  • Dear friend, 40 years of life sure is something to celebrate! Thinking of you on this milestone birthday. You’re an amazing person and I wish only wonderful things for you.
  • Happy birthday! Reaching middle age means you have 40 years of experience. What’s your secret to success?
  • You’re more fun than two 20-year-olds — and a heck of a lot smarter! I hope this next year is full of awesomeness and is as wonderful as you are.
  • Maturing doesn’t have to be boring, and you certainly aren’t. Thanks for filling my life with 40 years of fun. I hope you have a blast celebrating your big day.
  • Wishing you a very happy 40th birthday. I hope you’re surrounded by good friends, wonderful family members, and terrific colleagues. 
  • They say life begins at 40, but I think you’ve been living it up since you were born. Can’t wait to see how 40 and fabulous looks on you. Cheers to your special day and can’t wait to celebrate on our international adventure later this month!
  • As you enter this new decade, just know you are aged to perfection. In fact, you’re the coolest 40-year-old I know. Can’t wait to celebrate!
  • Cheers to 40 years! I hope your special day is filled with fine wine, a sweet birthday cake, and top-notch friends.
  • Congrats on the big 4-0! Wishing you the best years ahead and a wonderful celebration.
  • I can’t believe you’re 40! Sending you happy birthday wishes for this new chapter in your life.
  • Wishing the best birthday celebration for the most wonderful person I know. I hope today and every day in the year ahead is as special as you are.

40th Birthday Quotes to Express Your Sentiments

40th birthday wishes: women holding 2 lighted candles

Even with inspiration from these 40th birthday wishes, you may find yourself feeling like you have writer’s block. That’s OK! Use birthday sayings or birthday quotes to fill your card with sweet words or funny phrases instead.

Here are some ideas for a timeless message:

  • “As you get older, three things happen: The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two.” — Norman Wisdom
  • At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment. — Benjamin Franklin
  • “Life begins at forty.” — Walter Pitkin
  • “Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift.” — Aretha Franklin
  • “Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.” — Sammy Hagar
  • “The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary on it”- Arthur Schopenhauer
  • “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age”- Victor Hugo

40th Birthday Invitations for Your Festivities

Planning a birthday celebration for someone who’s reaching their 40th milestone? Send stunning invitations with Greenvelope’s digital designs. Here are some of our favorite 40th birthday invitations and cards to celebrate this special occasion.

1. 40th Circlet Invitation

40th Circlet Invitation

Design: Jessica Williams

Host a memorable 40th birthday party with this modern invitation. Featuring five artist-curated color palettes, this shimmery design matches any birthday theme.

2. Forty and Fab Invitation

Forty and Fab Invitation

Design: Luckybug Designs

Celebrating a friend who’s 40 and fabulous? This eye-catching invite is the perfect way to get guests geared up for the special event. Featuring a bold gold-foil banner, it’s a real stunner — just like your sweet friend.

3. Geo 40 Invitation

Geo 40 Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Invite guests to a big birthday bash, birthday happy hour, or birthday brunch with this geometric invitation. The bold 40 typography and retro color palette are sure to make a memorable impression.

4. Happy Bday Frame Card

Happy Bday Frame Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Send best wishes with this photo birthday card that’s perfect for any milestone moment. Upload your favorite snap of the birthday honoree and include a short birthday message on the front.

5. 40th Milestone Collage Invitation

40 Milestone Collage Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Send birthday greetings with this photo-forward invitation that also doubles as a birthday card. With 19 photo slots, there’s tons of room for all your fave photos of the birthday honoree. The supported backside offers plenty of space to write the event details or to share sweet sentiments if you’re using it as a birthday greeting card.

Celebrate 40 Fabulous Years

With these happy 40th birthday wishes, your loved one is sure to feel special and celebrated as they kick off the next decade. Whether you’re sending a birthday card or party invitation, Greenvelope has you covered.

Browse our selection of birthday stationery to choose stunning designs for any theme. From sweet and sentimental to colorful and silly, you’ll find a style you love. Each design is entirely customizable so you can update the typography, change the color palette, and add elements like music for a unique touch.

Continue browsing our Stationers blog for more birthday party ideas. From food and games to birthday themes and 40th birthday ideas, you’ll have just what you need to celebrate the moment.