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There’s nothing more exciting than sharing the news that you’re engaged. While you may feel like shouting the big news from the rooftops — or quickly posting on Instagram — it’s important to think about how you announce the happy news. Even if you’re not into traditional wedding etiquette, it’s useful to know the ins and outs of engagement announcements. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you share your engagement announcement in a way you’ll fondly remember forever.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Engagement Announcements

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As with most things wedding-related, there are a few loose rules to abide by when sending out invites and announcements. Check out these do’s and don’ts and then enjoy some of our top ideas to choose the best announcement design for you.

Do Tell Close Family First

Before you go crazy on social media sharing photos from the proposal or announcing the happy details, it’s important to let close family — like your parents, siblings, and closest friends — know first. This way you can avoid hurt feelings that may arise if your immediate family finds out on Facebook at the same time as everyone else. It’s always nice to make the announcement in person if possible, but if you can’t, give your loved ones a call or hop on video chat to tell them. 

You get to decide who finds out first. The list may include your bestie and your aunts and uncles or you can choose to limit the early announcements to your parents only. For an easy rule of thumb, the people on your list should be the same ones you’d expect to let you know first if they got engaged.

Do Share on Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to stay connected. Naturally, most couples announce their upcoming nuptials on a social site — usually accompanied by a selfie with the new ring and a fun hashtag or a picture of the moment when they said “Yes!” 

Of course, you can choose what information you share and how personal you want the post to be. But while it can be tempting to share important details — like where you’ll host your dream wedding — it’s best to keep actual wedding day details to a minimum. After all, you’re probably not inviting everyone on your friends’ list to the big event. 

Plus, these details may change and if you share too much right away, it may cause confusion. Instead, keep the post focused on the way your partner proposed and share the actual wedding details in the wedding invitation or on your wedding website. And don’t forget to update your relationship status!

Don’t Forget to Send Formal Announcements

Once you’ve notified immediate family and shared the news with other friends and loved ones, it’s time to send out formal engagement announcements. You can do this by sending traditional paper cards or by using a digital engagement announcement from sites like Greenvelope. With online announcements, you don’t have to worry about going to the post office. Plus, with a full wedding stationery suite, it’s easier than ever to track RSVPs when you send out your wedding invites.

With digital engagement announcements, you can even include footage from the proposal. This offers a unique and personal way to share the exciting news with the people who mean the most to you. You can also choose an engagement announcement template that features a few pics from your engagement photoshoot. 

Distinguish Between Engagement Announcement and Invitations

While they’re often discussed together, engagement announcements and engagement party invitations are two different things. You may send an engagement announcement to hundreds of friends and family members, but only a small portion of those people will receive a wedding invitation or an invite to the engagement party

That’s why it’s important to keep wedding date details to a minimum on your engagement announcement. Don’t list any wedding or engagement gift registries and don’t include a dress code or specific details about the big day.

Engagement party invitation wording is also different from an engagement announcement. An engagement announcement is simply a formal notification that a couple is getting married. On the other hand, an engagement party invitation is more detailed. It should include the type of engagement ceremony or event — like a BBQ, brunch, dinner party, or black-tie cocktail hour — along with the date, time, and location. 

Invites include phrasing like “we request the pleasure of your company” that you won’t find in engagement announcements. Engagement invite wording tends to be less formal since mostly close friends and family are invited to engagement parties. 

Tips for Engagement Announcement Wording

engagement announcement: woman showing her ring

Like save the date wording, what you say in your engagement announcement and engagement celebration invite is up to you. In general, the formal written announcement is given by someone other than the couple. This is usually done by the parents of the engaged couple, a close relative, or a friend. Sometimes the announcement is sent only by the bride’s parents or just by the groom’s parents depending on family dynamics and preferences. You’re also free to send out your own wedding announcement. 

Engagement announcements and party invites can be formal or casual. If you’re sticking to tradition and etiquette, you’ll want to send out a formal announcement. For these, use the full names and titles of recipients. For example, if the recipient has a doctorate degree, you’ll want to address the announcement to Dr. John Doe — not simply Mr. Doe.

Here are some formal phrases you can use for an engagement announcement:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Arsene Jackson are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Nia Imani Jackson, to Izaac Tyrone Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Williams. A fall wedding is planned in the Napa Valley region.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arsene Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Williams are delighted to announce the engagement of Nia Imani Jackson to Izaac Tyrone Williams. The wedding will take place in August at the local community chapel.

Here are some wording examples for a casual engagement announcement:

  • I said yes and she did too! As we look forward to a lifetime of love, we’re happy to announce our engagement – Nia and Izaac
  • Nia Jackson and Izaac Williams are happy to share that they are now engaged! They will celebrate with a small ceremony in the Blue Mountains next spring.

Sometimes the announcement is sent on behalf of a single parent. For these types of announcements, you don’t need to mention the other parent if he or she isn’t involved in your life. If one single parent is hosting the engagement party or wedding and you want to include the other parent, you can write something like this: “Jane Smith is happy to announce the engagement of her daughter Jackie Tan to Peter Thompson.” At the end of the announcement, include a line that says “Ms. Smith is also the daughter of John Smith.” 

Remember to include inclusive pronouns if they apply to your situation — for instance, instead of Mr. or Mrs., you may want to use Mx or no pronouns at all. 

In addition to the basic announcement including the host and happy couple’s names, you’ll want to include some wedding information. This is usually very brief. It can include something like “the wedding shall be hosted in summer” or it can list a specific date if you already have one set in stone. You should also include the wedding location or region if possible.

Engagement Announcement Inspiration

Congrats! It’s now time to pick the perfect design. Here are some of the best engagement announcements that offer creative ways to announce your love. Whether you’re sending out a formal note or more creative engagement announcement idea, it’s sure to be a joyous hit. 

1. Eager Love Announcement

engagement announcement: Eager Love Announcement

Design: Signature Greenvelope

This engagement announcement photo card is the perfect way to announce a recent engagement or as a wedding announcement after an elopement or short and sweet ceremony. Choose a photo from your engagement photoshoot or the day of the proposal. You can also use a close-up photo of the ring or your favorite couple snap to keep the focus on you and the announcement of your special day.

2. Love and Light Announcement

Love and Light Announcement

Design: Maria Hilas Louie Design

This sweet engagement announcement is the perfect way to announce the special day. The soft layout and uplifting rainbow are perfect for modern unions and those who love contemporary design.

3. Big Yes! Announcement

Big Yes! Announcement

Design: Bonjour Berry

This engagement announcement says it all. Pair it with the cutest couple photo you can find and write a few sentences announcing the happy moment. The card can be completely personalized by adjusting the background colors and font so you can make it all about your unique love story.

4. Simple Spotlight Announcement

Simple Spotlight Announcement

Design: Ashley Ottinger (photo courtesy of Julia Kinnunen Photography)

Declare the future Mr. and Mrs. with this simple announcement card that shines the light on the happy couple. The classic lines and modern typography lend a contemporary and simple feel to this announcement. It’s the perfect blend of formal and casual, making it ideal for all types of engagement announcements.

Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams

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Need help with the wording when it comes to all your wedding announcements and invites? Find more must-have tips on our Stationers blog, which offers everything from an interactive wedding invitation wording tool to bachelorette party tips and more.