Planning Tips for Engagement Party

Pop a bottle (or two) because you’re engaged! These days, good news travels fairly quickly (we’re looking at you, Facebook). But that doesn’t mean your engagement shouldn’t be properly celebrated. Below are some tips to plan a perfect, pre-wedding soirée that truly represents you as a couple.

1. Pick a Date 

Decide on a date that’s not too long after the actual proposal (between one to two months is recommended). This will allow enough time for planning, but not too much that the occasion begins to fade.

2. Decide on a Host

Though it’s not uncommon for the bride’s parents to take the lead, there’s no reason you can’t host your engagement party yourself (or ask a friend!)

3. Create a Guest List

The more, the merrier! Keep in mind that many of your friends and family from all corners of your life will want to celebrate this joyous occasion. It’s the perfect opportunity for your guests to get to know each other before the wedding.

4. Pick a Location

There are so many possibilities when it comes the venue. Whether you envision having your party at a private room in a restaurant, at a winery for brunch, or in a backyard for some barbecue, anything goes. Be sure to keep in mind that your venue options will also depend on the size of your guest list.

5. Decorations 

Along with the venue, decor and color accents can help set the tone and feel of your engagement party. Think about details like floral arrangements or celebratory decorations that will blend cohesively and compliment your overall theme or color palette.

6. Send Digital Invitations

More and more brides are going digital because it’s both chic and practical. Keep in mind that your invitation is the first communication that your guests will receive about your party. The design you select will set the tone for what is to come, so make sure your overall theme and color palette is reflected. You’ll want to send your invitations three to four weeks before your party. Keep in mind that managing your event will be dramatically easier by going digital, especially when it comes to tracking RSVPs. It’s a win-win!

7. Music

Depending on your venue, music might add a nice touch to your party. If you opt for a playlist, make sure you have the right wiring and speaker equipment for your venue.

8. Activity

If your engagement party will blend two families, brainstorm an activity that will help break the ice and bring your guests together.

9. Plan a Menu

Your menu will depend a lot on the venue you select. If you opt for an outdoor location, you’ll want to consider your guest list to determine how much food to purchase and cook. If you’re planning to have a caterer, be sure to provide an accurate guest count in advance so that no one leaves hungry. If a restaurant is more your style, you might have a prix fixe menu with a couple options for each course. Regardless of the location, make sure you have some bubbly for impromptu toasts and get ready to clink and drink!

10. Clean up Crew

Don’t wait until the big day to recruit for clean up. Round up a few helpers in advance so you’re not left alone with a huge mess.

Planning Tips for Engagement Party

Our most important tip? Remember that this party is about your engagement. Consider details that best reflect you as a couple and don’t hesitate to add a touch of personalization. We can help you choose a style, customize a design, and start collecting RSVPs. Browse a bunch of fresh invitation designs here.