Mother's Day Card Messages

Wishing your mom a Happy Mother’s Day is great, but what if you want to say something more? With this guide to Mother’s Day card messages, you’ll find the perfect words to tell your mom, grandma, or other mother figures just how much you care. And if you’re a parent or partner to a mom, you’ll also find some wording ideas that speak to your special relationship. 

How to Write the Perfect Mother’s Day Card Message

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Every mom is different. Some love a hilarious Mother’s Day card, while others want to hear your sweet words telling them how special they are. Here’s how to figure out what to say inside your greeting card.

Think About What She Likes 

Your mom or the mother figure in your life should be front and center when thinking about your Mother’s Day card greeting. Consider what she likes, her personality, and her sense of humor. 

If she loves a good joke and would find it funny, make a joke about how awful you’ve been or how her life lessons weren’t always the most helpful. These funny Mother’s Day messages aren’t for everyone, but you’ll know best if she’d prefer something a bit sassy or sweet. 

Recount a Story or Memory

There’s nobody who knows your mom like you. You have unique shared experiences, and a Mother’s day card is the perfect place to share a memory or story from your childhood. 

Reflect on how your mom always helped you with your grazed knees, or about how supportive she was when you were going through a hard time. It’s moments like these that bring us together and help us remember how truly wonderful our moms are. 

Personalize a Greeting 

Sometimes you’ll know exactly what to say in your Mother’s Day card. Other times you’ll want a helping hand from some Mother’s Day quotes or greetings that you can personalize. 

Take a simple, sweet greeting and make it your own by adding a personal story alongside it. It’s easy to transform “Mom, you’re amazing!” into something heartfelt by following it up with examples of moments where you felt especially loved. 

If you’re planning a special celebration for Mom or the mother-like figure in your life, you can also sprinkle a mention of how fantastic she is in your online invitations, which are perfect for events like a Mother’s Day brunch

Our Favorite Mother’s Day Greetings

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To help you find the right words for your Mother’s Day card messages, we’ve brought together some of our favorite Mother’s Day greetings. You’ll find the perfect message in here somewhere — or the start of a wonderful greeting that you can personalize and make your own. 

Mother’s Day Card Messages for Moms

Whether you speak to your mom every day or keep in touch from afar, now’s the time to let her know how much you care. Celebrate your mom with one of these sweet Mother’s Day sayings

  • Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the universe! 
  • Thank you for always being a wonderful mother to us kids. There’s no one else like you!
  • There’s no single day where you’re more of a mom than any other, but here’s a moment to celebrate you all the same.
  • Mom, thank you for being my best friend.
  • I can’t imagine walking through life without you. 
  • Thank you for raising me and teaching me what it is to be a mom myself. 
  • I love you to the moon and back. 
  • You’ve always been a great mom. Thank you for being there for me!
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Wishing you a day filled with love, smiles, and laughter. 
  • You’re the best mom in the whole world! 
  • Hope you have a special Mother’s Day, mom! 
  • I’m the luckiest person in the world to have a mom like you. 
  • I know I’ve been a handful, but I love you so much Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Card Messages for Mother-In-Laws

She hasn’t raised you personally, but she did give birth to your wonderful significant other. Honor your mother-in-law or partner’s mom with these lovely messages inside a beautiful Mother’s Day card

  • ​You’re the best mother-in-law anyone could wish for. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • [Name], you’re the most caring and amazing mom to [Partner’s Name]. Thank you so much! 
  • Happy Mother’s Day, [Name]! You’re such a wonderful mother-in-law and grandma to our kids.
  • It’s an honor having you in my life, [Name]. Happy Mother’s Day. 
  • There’s always something to smile about with you around, [Name]. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Thank you for everything, [Name]. I’m so glad [Partner’s Name] brought you into my life. 
  • I’m so grateful for every moment we share together, [Name]. Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom-in-law ever. 

Mother’s Day Wishes for Grandmas

There’s a special place in your heart for your grandma. Let her know how grateful you are for everything she does with a thoughtful greeting. 

  • I love you so much, Grandma. You deserve every happiness. Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • Thank you for raising my incredible mother. Happy Mother’s Day, Nana! 
  • I know bringing up Mom must’ve been hard work, but thank you for persevering, Gran! 
  • Thank you for always sneaking me some candy when Mom said no. Thanks for spoiling us grandkids! 
  • A mother’s love is well documented, but I think the love of a grandma is just as beautiful. 
  • Thank you for always being there for me, Grandma. 
  • There’s nothing more wonderful than a Nana like you! 

Mother’s Day Card Messages for Someone Who’s Like a Mom

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Not every mom is a mom by name. Celebrate someone in your life who’s like a mom to you with a from-the-heart message on Mother’s Day. 

  • [Name], you’re one in a million. Hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day.
  • Sending you lots of love on this special day and always.
  • I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for being the best “mom” to me! 
  • You’ll always have a special place in our family, [Name]!
  • I’ve always loved having you in my life, [Name]. Thank you for everything. 
  • Thank you for being a calming presence in my life, [Name]. 
  • Things wouldn’t be the same without you! Happy Mother’s Day. 

Sweet Mother’s Day Messages for New Moms

Every mom’s first Mother’s Day is something truly special. Make the moment count with thoughtful, personalized well wishes for the new mom. 

  • Happy first Mother’s Day, [Name]! 
  • I know that [Baby’s Name] is the best Mother’s Day Gift in the world. Have a wonderful day! 
  • You’re going to be the best mom ever, [Name]. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to the best new mom in the whole world.
  • [Baby’s Name] thinks you’re the most wonderful mom already! 
  • It’s the first of many, and we’re going to make this one extra special. Happy Mother’s Day! 

Mother’s Day Words From the Kids

If they’re old enough, letting the kids write their own message is a wonderful idea. When they’re not yet big enough to master words, here are some ways to help express their love for Mama.

  • Happy Mother’s Day to the best mommy ever! 
  • Lots of love from your little treasures this Mother’s Day.
  • We love you so, so much Mama! 
  • Thanks for thinking we’re the cutest, even when we’re not! 
  • I can’t write yet so [Daddy/Mommy] helped me out … Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day, Mama. We love you lots! 

Happy Mother’s Day Greetings From a Partner

Moms do so much for their kids and families, and recognizing how much your partner does is a thoughtful thing to do on Mother’s Day. Here are a few ways to show your appreciation for this amazing woman in your life. 

  • Happy Mother’s Day [Name], I love you.
  • There’s nothing more special than watching you be a mom, [Name].
  • Thank you for always being an amazing role model for our kids. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • There’s nobody else in the world I’d entertain parenting with than you.
  • Today’s your day, [Name]. Thanks for everything you do. 
  • You’re such a good mom to our kids. Let us spoil you this Mother’s Day!
  • There’s no better mother than you. Happy Mother’s Day from me and the kids.

Mother’s Day Card Messages to Make Your Mom Smile

Mother's Day

Bring out the most beautiful smile on your mom’s face this Mother’s Day with a sweet, heartfelt greeting. With Greenvelope, it’s easy to find the perfect Mother’s Day card that suits her personality and your own special relationship. Look through our message ideas and choose one that you can personalize and send with love.