bowling party invitations: Ready, Set, Bowl!

We have a theory about why bowling isn’t an Olympic sport: It’s impossible to decide whether it should go in the summer or winter games. Bowling is a game for all seasons. Rain or shine, the weather is always fine inside a bowling alley. 

Unlike a summertime pool party, your bowling party won’t have to be canceled because of bad weather. And for a wintertime baby shower, you can keep the mama-to-be warm and cozy inside the bowling alley.

While bowling is a classic activity for adults’ and kids’ birthdays, this versatile event can suit any celebration — with the right invite. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite bowling party invitations for a variety of events. Pick your favorite and customize the text to match your party and personality. 

Classic Bowling Party Invitations 

If you’re looking for an invite that says, “HEY! THIS IS BOWLING NIGHT!,” take a look at these classic invitation designs. Decked out with bowling balls and pins, these invites let guests know to show up ready to roll. 

While all of these designs make for adorable bowling birthday party invitations, we’ve included a few other event ideas, plus matching thank you cards to send out after the big day. 

1. Strike Invitation 

Strike Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

This retro-inspired design reminds us of the bowling alleys of yesteryear — a simpler time when real-live humans had to reset your pins and retrieve your ball. Wait … that doesn’t sound simple at all. Still, this design is simply adorable. 

It’s perfect for a theme party — invite your friends to bowl in their 50s-era poodle skirts — and ideal for a recently-engaged retro-loving couple or a party at your town’s vintage bowling alley. It even reminds everyone to bring their own socks. (So thoughtful!) 

Best for: Adult birthday parties, engagement parties, baby showers, just because get-togethers

Matching thank you card: Stick with the vintage theme and send out these Vintage Stickers thank you cards.

2. Bowling Time Invitation 

bowling party invitations: Bowling Time Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Owl and Toad

This bold invite adds modern glamour to your bowling night with gold foil font and a marble bowling ball. The marble pattern on the ball matches the envelope liner, giving this design style to spare. 

Choose from three rich color combos — navy and red, green and gold, or magenta and teal. We especially love the magenta for a girl’s birthday invite or a bachelorette bash. 

Best for: Adults’ and kids’ birthday parties, bachelorette celebrations, and bridal showers 

Matching thank you card: This Bowling Time thank you note was literally made for this invite. 

3. Let’s Bowl Invitation

Let's Bowl Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Claudia Owen

If you’re looking for something more fun than a square piece of cardstock, this cut-out design is shaped like a giant bowling ball accompanied by two matching bowling pins. (If only this was the real ball-to-pin ratio, we might be willing to bowl without bumpers.)

The classic white envelope on this design is accompanied by a polkadot, peek-a-boo liner that comes in four different colors — red, green, purple, and blue. Pro tip: you can also work with a designer to customize this card with your favorite colors or your school colors.

Best for: Adult’s and kid’s parties, family reunions, and graduation parties 

Matching thank you card: We love the way the playful cursive fonts on this thank you note mirror the font on the Let’s Bowl invite. Since the colors are customizable, you can use the same colors on your thank you card as you did on your bowling party invite to create a cohesive look. 

4. Bowling Party Invitation 

Bowling Party Invitations by Greenvelope

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

We love the simplicity of this bowling party invitation. The bowling pins neatly frame the main text, and the event details stand out in white font on the black bowling ball. 

Partially because of its simplicity, this invite is also incredibly flexible. It’s available in a second template that you can personalize with a photo of your guest (or guests) of honor. 

Best for: Birthday parties, graduation parties, and engagement parties — especially if you select the photo template

Matching thank you card: This thank you card is made to match the fun invite.

Disco Bowling Party Invitations 

Anyone who’s been to the bowling alley after 9 p.m. knows that things get lit! Literally. With lots of bowling alleys breaking out disco balls and black lights, you and your crew can boogie and bowl the night away. 

Add glow sticks to your list of party supplies, ask your guests to wear white T-shirts, or hand out shirts that say “Happy Birthday!” or ”Bridal Crew” or the guest of honor’s name in white font. Not only will they make great party favors, the font will glow in the black lights and look great on social media. 

Here are our favorite invitations to kick off a glow bowling party. 

5. Neon Bowling Invitation 

 Neon Bowling Invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Laura Bolter Design

The neon bowling balls, pins, and lettering on these bowling party invitations perfectly frame your event details. All the essential info stands out in white font on a dark backdrop, and you can choose from four background colors — black, dark blue, purple, or burgundy — all framed with a dramatic vignette effect. 

We love this invite for an 80s theme party. Ask your guests to wear their best neon outfit and do a little turn on the approach. 

Best for: Birthday parties, bachelorette parties, just-because celebrations

Matching thank you card: We love the way the colorful metallic shimmer on this thank you card matches the envelope liner on the Neon Bowling invitation. 

6. Glow Sticks Invitation 

bowling party invitations: Glow Sticks Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Make sure all your guests are ready to glow with this Glow Sticks invitation. This design puts the neon disco part of your glow party first, but you can make bowling a bigger feature of the invite by updating the text to say “Get ready to bowl!” 

With this editable invitation card, you can change the text, fonts, font sizes, and more. But since GLOW and BOWL are conveniently the same number of letters (and nearly the same letters), you won’t have to worry about the word swap messing up the layout of your design. 

Best for: Girl’s birthday parties, bachelorettes, bridal showers 

Matching thank you: The bright neons and black background on this thank you note will mirror the coloring of your bowling party invite. 

One-of-a-Kind Bowling Party Invitations 

These invites aren’t specific to bowling parties, but with a few tweaks to the wording, you can turn them into personalized invites that are unique to your event. And unlike other DIY invitations, these designs don’t require you to cut cardstock or break out the glitter — and they only take a few minutes to customize.

7. Dancin’ Shoes Invitation 

Dancin' Shoes Invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Loree Mayer Designs

Work with a designer to change the wording on this wedding invitation from “Just love, booze, & dancin’ shoes” to “Just love, booze, & bowling shoes.” Ta-da! You now have a perfect invite for an engagement party or anniversary.

Because of the white background and shimmery white font, this design is also great for a winter party. Make one more adjustment so the text reads “Just joy, booze, & bowling shoes,” and now it’s a holiday party invite.

Best for: Engagement parties, anniversary parties, holiday parties 

​Matching thank you card: The “love & thanks” text on this matching thank you note is fit for any occasion.

8. In the Spotlight Invitation 

bowling party invitations: In The Spotlight Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen (photo courtesy of Patrick Nied)

Sometimes, love strikes in a bowling alley. If a certain recently engaged couple met in a bowling league or bonded over this favorite hobby, you can personalize this engagement invitation with a picture of them at the alley. 

We love the way the round frame encircling the photo subtly mirrors the shape of a bowling ball. Although the current invitation wording is formal, you can update it to something more playful, like “Join us at the alley before we walk down the aisle!” For an anniversary party, try something like, “10 years later, and we still haven’t split!” 

While his invite was originally intended for engagement parties, it also works for anniversaries, graduations, milestone birthdays, and any other event where you want to spotlight the guest of honor. 

Best for: Engagement parties, anniversaries, graduations, and milestone birthdays

Matching thank you card: The white background and simple, modern font on this thank you note reflect the design of your original invitation. There’s even space for a second photo so you can include a favorite pic from the event. 

Keep the Ball Rolling 

If you’ve found the perfect bowling party invitations for your event, it’s time to start personalizing them. All our templates are editable and customizable. Plus, if you have someone on your guest list who loves a paper copy, they’re also printable. Anyone you send the email invite to can download a PDF of the printable invitations.

After you send out your online invites, our RSVP tracking system will update you as guests respond. You can log in anytime to see how many people are coming and who still needs to RSVP. 

Digital invitations make planning your bowling party so easy you might be able to take the bumpers down. (Disclaimer: Although our invites make party planning easier, they don’t actually make bowling any easier.) Check out more invitations to find a design you love.