Already married reception invitations:

Already tied the knot and ready to announce the big news with an invitation to a fun party? “Already married” reception invitations are a great way to share your joyous announcement. Whether you had a minimony due to social distancing or simply chose to elope, an already married reception allows you to share a special day with loved ones and friends that you didn’t celebrate with on your wedding day. 

If you’re looking for ways to invite friends to your reception after you’ve already gotten hitched, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find tips on what to say in your already married reception invitations and discover inspirational designs. Whether you prefer a fun and lively invite or a more glamorous and formal invitation, get ready to find the perfect match. (Well, you already did that. But you get the idea.)

What’s An Already Married Reception?

Already married reception invitations: groom holding his bride's hand

An already married reception is an event hosted after the couple has already said their “I do’s.” This type of reception is often hosted by couples who’ve eloped, had a destination wedding, or hosted a small, private ceremony — such as a micro wedding. An already married reception may also be hosted by couples who’ve recently had a vow renewal.

This type of reception can be on the same day of the wedding or several days, weeks, or months later. Traditionally, wedding etiquette requires couples to invite all guests who attend the wedding ceremony to the reception as well. However, many couples today invite additional guests to the wedding reception who aren’t invited to the actual ceremony itself.

This option allows couples to host a bigger reception party and manage guest list expectations at the wedding itself. For example, a couple may host an intimate wedding at a small venue and then host a large reception outside at a nearby lake or park. An already married reception can also be used as a marriage announcement party after eloping or having a courthouse wedding.

What to Say in Already Married Reception Invitations

Groom placing a ring on the bride's finger

The key to writing already married reception invitations is to clearly state it’s for the post-wedding celebration. While some guests might be invited to both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception, you might invite others only to the reception. (Again, the already married reception might occur days or even months after the actual ceremony.)

To stick to invitation etiquette, you may want to keep two guest lists: one for guests invited to both events and one for guests only invited to the post-nuptial celebration. 

Aside from making it crystal-clear that guests are invited to the reception only, there are a few must-have pieces of information to include:

  • Reception location
  • Time and date of the reception
  • RSVP card or date
  • Dress code

Make sure to include any additional information guests will need, such as your wedding website address, gift registry, and parking or driving directions. 

Once you’ve provided the basics, you can have fun with the reception and wedding invitation wording. Here are some fun and formal ways to word your already married reception invitations:

  • They’re already married! The honor of your presence is requested at the wedding reception of Mr. and Mrs. Martinez.
  • We are pleased to announce we got married. Join us at a formal celebration on the winery grounds.
  • Love is patient, but we weren’t! Come celebrate our marriage and dance the night away with us.
  • We tied the knot! Our ceremony was small, but our love isn’t and neither is our desire to share the joy with you. Come celebrate with a big bash honoring our love.

Already Married Reception Invitations

Now that you know what to say, it’s time to find the perfect already married reception invitation. From floral and formal to funny and festive, there’s an invite for everyone. 

At Greenvelope, we offer a full suite of wedding stationery, including stunning wedding invitations, wedding announcements, and save the dates. All of our invites are digital so you don’t have to worry about postal delays or things getting lost in the shuffle. With just a few clicks, you can customize, design, and send a unique invite to everyone on your reception list.

Here are some of our favorite wedding reception invitations that you can customize and personalize to suit your wedding theme and preferences.

1. Golden Harmony Invitation

Already married reception invitations: Golden Harmony Invitation

Design: Inspired by Luly Yang

This eye-catching wedding invitation can be used to invite guests to the wedding ceremony or just the reception afterward. It comes in several color suites and features contemporary styling, making it perfect for both elegant and simple affairs.

2. Touch of Eucalyptus Invitation 

Touch of Eucalyptus Invitation

Design: frau brandt

This boho wedding reception invitation features watercolor greenery and a touch of gold glamour. It’s perfect for inviting guests to an already married reception or as a part of a full wedding suite.

3. Northern Woods Invitation

Already married reception invitations: Northern Woods Invitation

Design: Ashley Ottinger

This woodsy reception card is the perfect way to announce your happily ever after. The wood grain design is ideal for an elopement reception BBQ, a formal garden party reception, and other wedding events such as bridal showers. The invitation suite also features thank you cards and save the dates for larger weddings.

4. Husband and Husband Announcement

Already married reception invitations: Husband and Husband Announcement

Design: Claudia Owen (photo courtesy of Carina Skrobecki)

Put the newlyweds front and center with this gorgeous reception party invitation. Upload your favorite photo from the wedding day and include an invite to a reception to be held at a later date. It’s a stylish way to share your special moment and also get guests excited to celebrate your marriage.

5. Peacock Frame Invitation

Peacock Frame Invitation

Design: Elizabeth Silver

This colorful invitation features vibrant peacock feathers and a large text block where you can share the details of your already married reception. Use it to invite immediate family to a small reception after a destination wedding or send it to a large group of family and friends for a bigger wedding celebration.

6. Metallic Brush Stroke Invitation

Already married reception invitations: Metallic Brush Stroke Invitation

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

This elegant invitation features a modern metallic accent and crisp font, making it a perfectly chic backdrop for inviting guests to your wedding reception. It’s ideal for destination weddings as well as formal celebrations.

7. Terrazzo Invitation

Terrazzo Invitation

Design: Jackie Crawford

Stylish and contemporary, this reception invitation will have guests anxiously awaiting the celebration of your nuptials. It features classic font and a terrazzo tile background that would be ideal for modern couples. 

Celebrate Life and All Its Special Moments

Whether you’re looking to host an event with nothing fancy or frilly or want to don your wedding dress again and go all out, an already married reception gives you the opportunity to celebrate how you want to. With these already married reception invitations, you’re sure to have a memorable party honoring your nuptials.

Need more help when it comes to wedding planning and party planning? Continue browsing our Stationers blog where we cover everything from wedding etiquette and ceremony ideas to tips for hosting parties celebrating all of life’s best moments. Best of all, you’ll find digital invitation designs for every event so you can make memorable moments all year long.