Valentine messages for friends: pink Valentin's Day cards

The Beatles famously sang “all you need is love,” and there’s no time this sentiment is more apparent than on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re hosting an epic celebration or simply sending a card to a loved one, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate romance and that warm fuzzy feeling. 

Valentine’s Day cards aren’t just for your partner or secret crush, though. You can share the love with your BFF and other special people in your life. Use this guide to craft the perfect Valentine messages for friends.

4 Sweet Reasons to Send Your Friends a Valentine Message

Valentine messages for friends: Teeny Hearts Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

You love your good friends and family members all year round, but Valentine’s Day helps you hone in on that love, joy, and gratitude. If you’re wondering whether to send Valentine’s cards to your pals this year, here are a handful of reasons to do it.

1. Express Gratitude

There are so many times of year that remind us to be thankful. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day are all ideal times to reflect on what we’re grateful for. Use this Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to share some of that gratitude and love with your best friends. 

Send them a Valentine’s card all about friendship and love, or leave them a sweet note on their social media page. There are lots of great ways to share those warm, fuzzy feelings with your closest friends. Center your message around being thankful for having them in your life, or reflect on a moment that you’ve enjoyed together for a sweet expression of your gratitude.

2. Make Them Smile

Valentine’s Day can be tough for some. Maybe your friend has just gone through a breakup or they’re missing a love lost too soon. It might also simply be a challenging time for them in general. Take a moment to cheer them up and bring some warmth with an uplifting Valentine message. 

If you know your friend will find this holiday difficult for any reason, give them a new reason to find joy in it. Personalize a digital card and fill it with heartfelt words about how much they mean to you, or keep it simple with a short text message to say they’re in your thoughts. What matters most isn’t the medium or the length of your wording — it’s that you’re there to support them.

3. Celebrate Your Singleness Together

February 14th can feel like a painful or awkward date if you’re not cozied up to a partner or new love. Whether or not your pal is happy about being single, consider this an opportunity to declare all the amazing benefits of not having a love interest right now — and celebrate together! 

You don’t need to have a romantic Valentine’s Day for it to count. Turn it into Galentine’s Day and treat your best friend to a day of shopping, relaxing, delicious food, and cocktails. Surprise them with a Valentine’s card with an upbeat message all about the benefits of being single and how you’ll always be a “true love” for each other. 

4. Share the Joy of Love

While the spotlight is on romantic love during Valentine’s Day, that’s not the only kind of love out there. Writing Valentine messages for friends is an ultra-fun way to celebrate the official day of love and all that it means for you.

Plan and host a Valentine’s Day party and invite your closest friends or customize and send out Valentine’s cards filled with your favorite Valentine’s Day quotes. However you celebrate, it’s a beautiful day for sharing joy with those who matter most.

Cute and Funny Valentine Messages for Friends You Can Steal

Valentine messages for friends: 4-Ever Love Card

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There are so many wonderful ways to show your friends you care and that you’re thinking about them. Consider these kind, sweet, and funny Valentine’s Day messages for your besties and loved ones. 

Sweet and Simple Valentine Messages for Friends

Want to send your bestie or a close friend a sweet message for Valentine’s Day? Here are a handful of lovely messages that won’t take up too much space on your Valentine’s Day card. 

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the best friend in the whole world. 
  • Love you, bestie! 
  • Happy love day! Thanks for being a great friend. 
  • Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day [Name].
  • You’re a fab bestie! Happy Valentine’s Day! 
  • Happy love day to my one true great Valentine. 
  • Thanks for always being a lovely friend. 
  • I’ve never known true friendship like yours before. Happy Valentine’s Day! 
  • Love you for being an awesome friend, [Name].
  • Wishing you the best Valentine’s Day ever! 

Heartfelt Valentine Messages for Friends

Sometimes you want to send a message that’s a little longer or more heartfelt. Here are some thoughtful Valentine’s Day wishes for your best friends — whether they’re new to your life or you’ve known them forever. 

  • Thank you for always being a true friend to me, [Name]. You’re an incredibly precious part of my world. 
  • Forever my sweet friend. Thanks for always being you and having my back! 
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear friend. You are my ride or die and I love you.
  • You’re such a special friend to me. There’s no adventure in life I’d want to go on without you. Have a beautiful day, [Name]!
  • Hugs and kisses for the best galentine ever!
  • Sending you lots of love this Valentine’s Day, [Name]. Hope you know you’ll always have a special place in my heart. 
  • Warm wishes and heartfelt snuggles on this super cozy Valentine’s Day. 

Funny Valentine’s Day Messages for Friends

You can celebrate love and friendship and still make space for a laugh-out-loud moment. If humor is more your style, here are some witty wording ideas for your funny Valentine’s Day cards for friends.

  • Valentine’s, Schmalentines … let’s hit the bar! 
  • Congrats on surviving another Valentine’s Day as my partner in crime! 
  • You’re slightly more bearable than other people. Happy Valentine’s Day! 
  • Let’s stay weird together forever. Happy Valentine’s Day, BFF!
  • Can’t believe we’re not sick of each other yet. Happy Valentine’s Day, bestie!
  • It’s a special day for you — you get to spend it with me! 
  • Thanks for tolerating me, [Name]. Best friends forever!
  • You’re lucky I’m your Valentine.

Dress Up Your Message with these Fun Valentine’s Day Cards

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine cards, we’ve got you covered. Take a look through a handful of our most loved online greeting cards to inspire your own Valentine or Galentine’s Day cards this year.

XOXO Balloons Card

XOXO Balloons Card

Design: Laura Bolter Design (photo courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography)

We adore this super sweet XOXO balloons card and so will your bestie. It’s a lovely way to wish your friend a Happy Valentine’s Day from you and your family, or you can customize it to feature a photo of the two of you together. 

Watercolor Hearts Card

Watercolor Hearts Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Delight your friend with this gorgeous watercolor design. The front is beautifully simple, with plenty of room on the back for your epic tales of friendship and love.

You Light Up My Life Card

You Light Up My Life Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

If you want something a little different from the usual pinks, reds, and hearts, this lovely Valentine card is perfect. The cozy colors give off a warm, fuzzy vibe — ideal for celebrating your best friend and all that they mean to you.

Mushy Love Card

Valentine messages for friends: Mushy Love Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

How adorable is this mushy love card? It’s a super-cute way to declare your love for your closest friends, and there’s plenty of space on the back for you to add your own puns or funny Valentine’s Day message too.

Sweet Friend Card

Valentine messages for friends: Sweet Friend Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Go for a more vintage vibe with this sweet friend card. It’s a lovely way to send a heartfelt greeting to your best friend or someone you care about this Valentine’s Day.

Craft Epic Valentine Messages for Friends this February

Don’t let Valentine’s Day pass by without telling your closest friends just how much they mean to you. Whether you send a heartfelt text message, social media comment, or digital card, it’s the perfect time of year to express gratitude and make them smile. 

Browse through our vast collection of Valentine’s Day cards to find a design that matches your style and suits your friendship. You can personalize the colors and wording so your Valentine’s Day greeting is as unique as you are.