If you’re reading this, congratulations, it seems like you have found the one! While ultimately we do believe that your significant other already has his or her mind made up, we here at Greenvelope are here to offer some advice to make sure your proposal goes smoothly!

1. Be as sure as you can that she’ll say yes!

Nothings more awkward than a proposal gone wrong, for the proposer or the proposee. Make sure you bring it up in conversation beforehand, when you propose it’s not only about knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with her, but also knowing that she would like to spend it with you.

2. Talking to the Parents.

As old fashioned as it seems, it is crucial to ask the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage, or at least inform him of it. The reality is, your future wife was their little girl for a large part of her life, and the least you can do is state your intention to them. After all, eventually you’re going to want to be given the same courtesy when it comes to your future daughter.

3. Pick the right setting!

This is (hopefully) only going to happen once, so you want to make sure you’re proposing at the perfect time, and in the perfect place. Believe it or not, not all women want to be proposed to with the whole “ring in champagne glass” spiel that has been made popular with the movies. Instead, why don’t you pick something sentimental, like the place of your first date, etc. Timing is also important as well! You wouldn’t want to propose on her mother’s birthday, or when she has a huge deadline coming up at work. This is going to be your special day for years to come, don’t let it be overshadowed by something else!

4. Have a Good Speech Prepared.

If you’re serious about spending your lives together, you better have a great speech prepared as to why. It shouldn’t be hard, just make sure to eloquently tell her why, and how you know that she is the one for you. Remember to make it clear and obvious, one suggestion would be to always end the speech with “Will you marry me?” just so no one gets sidetracked. This speech is a big deal, and will obviously be nerve-wracking, so make sure you practice a couple times in front of a mirror!

5. Be both classic and unique.

As much as they choose to deny it, most women have been thinking about this moment their entire lives. While you want to avoid cliches, some actions, such as kneeling down and slipping down the ring can not (and should not) be avoided. So remember, while you want to make this a special unique moment for the two of you, be sure to adhere to some of the conventional aspects of proposing as well!

Finally, just know that this is a moment you’ll want to remember forever. Regardless of whether or not you take these tips into consideration, just remember to make this moment for the two of you, and nobody else. Once again, we at Greenvelope want to congratulate you on this momentous occasion, and remind you to make it your own.