Unexpected Wedding Invitations

While there’s nothing wrong with classic wedding invitation styles, we absolutely love how unique renditions are trending. From contemporary color palettes and abstract design to bold graphics and unique materiality, creative wedding invitations are perfect for any modern couple wanting to make a bold, beautiful statement. Keep scrolling to see 15 of our most unique wedding invitation designs!


Ideal for couples who love an added touch of creativity, non-paper mediums like iridescent acrylic are becoming more and more popular. We love how something unique as acrylic can generate a stunning first impression.

Modern Geo by WonderWed

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Bold Graphics

First impressions are everything, so why not consider an invitation with a bold graphic (sunflowers, anyone?) This style is perfect for couples looking to make a statement (or hint at an overarching wedding theme!)

Elegant Sunflowers by Nicole Winn

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Hometown Illustrations

This invitation style is perfect for couples who want to see their hometown come to life. Whether “home” is best described through rolling countryside hills or a sleek city skyline, opting for a hand-drawn invitation that depicts your hometown’s charm is nothing short of special.

Brooklyn Bridge by Jennifer Rozbruch Design

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Vibrant Color

For the colorful at heart, we love the idea of incorporating bright, vibrant hues into a wedding invitation. Lively, playful, and so fun, why not kick your wedding off on a bright note?

Painterly Strokes by Mansi Verma Design | Lovephool by Kiss by Kohl

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Outdoor-Inspired Designs

If you’re planning a wedding in the great outdoors (or if nature is just close to your heart),  consider incorporating an outdoor-inspired invitation. From rustic national parks to urban recreation areas, there’s an outdoorsy invite that’s perfect for you.

Yosemite by National Park Foundation

Unexpected Wedding Invitations  

Calendar Designs

Just circle the date—it’s as simple as that! Both fun and functional, we love the idea of incorporating a calendar into your invitation design (and your guests will too!)

Mark the Calendar by Shiny Penny

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Boarding Pass Designs

Ideal for travel lovers, this boarding pass wedding invitation will set the tone for any destination wedding. From the moment the envelope is opened, your guests will be ready to pack their bags!

First Class by Clementine Creative

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Deckled-Edge Designs

Delicate, elegant, and strikingly beautiful, there’s just something about a deckled-edge design. Paired with colorful strokes of watercolor, this style of invitation design is sure to leave your guests in awe.

Watercolor Waves by Colin Cowie

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Postcard Designs

A postcard wedding invitation seems especially fitting for adventurous couples embarking on their journey toward happily ever after. Complete with a touch of nostalgia (and a sweet little stamp!), postcard designs are a fun way to kick off your special day.

Great Smoky Mountains by National Park Foundation

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Polaroid Designs

The best thing about a polaroid wedding invitation? The most special part of the design (your personalized photo!) is framed front and center.

Polaroid Frame by Signature Greenvelope

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Die-Cut Stacked Paper Design

For couples who love elevated design accents, a traditional stacked-paper effect is sure to set the stage for any wedding celebration with a special, unique touch.

Winter Wood by Signature Greenvelope

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Classic Die-Cut Design

Classic doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when it comes to die-cut designs. If intricate elegance happens to be your style, a classic die-cut design is the perfect choice.

French Bloom by Luly Yang

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Blind Letterpress Designs

Rather than relying on ink to create a visually compelling pattern, this style boasts a clean and stylish stamped effect that is traditionally achieved on paper through pressure. Blind letterpress wedding invitations are perfect for couples who appreciate artful shadowing and applied textures.

Pressed Palms by WonderWed

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Two-Sided Invitations

For couples hoping to add any well wishes or additional event details, a two-sided wedding invitation (like this stunning floral design!) is ideal.

Bold Botanical by Signature Greenvelope

Unexpected Wedding Invitations

Train Ticket Designs

This train ticket invitation design is perfect for couples who love a unique touch of enchantment.

Enchanted Train Ticket by Signature Greenvelope

Unexpected Wedding Invitations


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