Wedding bouquet ideas: close-up shot of a bouquet

While invitations are obviously our favorite wedding detail, bouquets and florals might be our second. Whether you like a big and bold moment or something more understated, wedding florals tie the day together. From lush, cascading bouquets to minimalist greenery, these stunning wedding bouquets are sure to get you inspired and excited for your own wedding flowers.

Without further ado, keep scrolling for some seriously breathtaking bouquet inspiration as we share our favorite wedding bouquet ideas, trends, and flower pairings.

14 Stunning Wedding Bouquet Ideas and Trends

Wedding bouquet ideas: Soft Floral Bouquet Invitation

Design: Jessica Williams

Matching invitation: Soft Floral Bouquet Invitation

When it comes to wedding bouquet ideas, the best place to start is considering which trends you find most compelling. That’s why we’ve brought together some of our favorite on-trend and classic wedding bouquet ideas that you can adapt for your chosen wedding color palette.

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1. Local 

We love florists who are passionate about sourcing local florals and greenery — it can lead to some of the most gorgeous bouquets that stay true to the life you and your beloved have built together. This organic, natural style is the perfect complement to your surroundings and location, and beautifully reflects the way flora interacts in the wild.

2. Lush

Wedding bouquet ideas: woman holding a bouquet of flowers

Luscious pops of rich jewel tones create a stunning addition to your wedding ensemble, and can really bring another level to a romantic wedding theme. This works beautifully for a highly ornate wedding with lots of rich colors, or for when you want to add some drama to an otherwise soft color palette.

3. Tropical

Palms, ferns, banana leaves, lilies, birds-of-paradise — there is so much tropical flora and greenery that can make for a truly gorgeous bridal bouquet. Whether you opt to go heavier on florals or focus on luscious tropical greenery, you can use your bouquet to accent any destination wedding or tropical party theme.

4. Colorful

From brilliant, bright-hued florals with cascading ribbons, to an eye-catching rainbow ombre, we love couples who play with color for their bouquets. The contrast of magenta, canary yellow, or amethyst against a white dress makes for an absolutely stunning scene.

5. Greenery

Wedding bouquet ideas: bouquet of white roses

Greenery is often the unsung hero of the wedding bouquet, but we are all for show-stopping bouquets that let the greenery be the star. For a boho wedding vibe mix eucalyptus, blue thistle, and succulents, or create a more contemporary feel with ferns, trailing amaranth, and Clematis Vine. As an added bonus for going all-in on greenery, you’ll save some cash as floral bouquets tend to carry a hefty price tag.

6. Minimalist

Single stems or just a select few of your favorite florals are a gorgeous bouquet option for the minimalist couple. Whether complementing an overall minimalist wedding aesthetic or simply allowing your attire to be the focal point, opting for the “less is more” mentality is a chic and increasingly popular alternative to the larger bouquets.

7. Cascading

Perhaps the opposite of the minimalist bouquet is the exquisite and luxurious cascading bouquet. Featuring loose florals, trailing greenery, ribbons, and ferns, this bouquet style is notably romantic and whimsical. Depending on the types of flowers and greenery, the cascading style can offer an unruly and natural mountain flair, a royal elegance, or a modern romance.

8. All-White Flowers

Bride holding a bouquet of flowers

If big colors aren’t your thing or you want to make a statement without color, we love the idea of going for a white bouquet. This works beautifully with traditional blooms like white roses or baby’s breath, or you could mix in a few sprigs of greenery for a hint of depth. Choose this to match an all-white wedding, a sophisticated ceremony, or to complement a non-traditional wedding dress or suit.

9. Subtle Stems

As you’re considering different wedding bouquet ideas, you might decide you don’t want a large and lavish bouquet after all. If that’s true for you, swap to carrying a handful of handpicked stems instead. This is a fun idea for a large bloom like sunflowers for a fall wedding or dahlias for a winter wedding, but you could also carry a sweet selection of daisies or baby’s breath for a more romantic spring wedding or summer wedding.

10. Fragrant Herbs

Wedding bouquets are usually all about the flowers, but for a fun way to create interest try focusing on the texture and scent instead by adding in fragrant herbs. Lavender, thyme, rosemary, and sage all add something unique to a bride’s bouquet for bridesmaid bouquets.

11. Pastel Rainbow

Pastel-colored bouquet

Pastel tones are wonderful for whimsical weddings and romantic ceremonies, but they work for just about any type of wedding day. Swap bold hues for subtle pinks, purples, yellows, blues, and oranges for a sweeter wedding bouquet filled with pastel petals.

12. All Roses

Roses are always popular for wedding bouquets and it’s easy to see why — they’re stunning, readily available, versatile, and work for so many different styles and themes. Celebrate the timeless beauty of roses by making your wedding bouquet all about them and nothing else.

13. Wildflowers

Combine your favorite wildflowers together for a bouquet that feels completely at home for a rustic wedding or boho wedding. Thistle, ranunculus, zinnias, and baby’s breath work together to create a look that feels homemade, cozy, and interesting.

14. Big and Bold

Bride holding a big wedding bouquet

In true opposite fashion to the subtle stems and minimalist trends, big bouquets are also back in style. Take the opportunity to craft an incredible wedding bouquet filled with a maximalist mix of large blooms, small stems, and greenery that’s almost too heavy to carry down the aisle alone.

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Flower Combinations

Woman arranging various flowers

Wedding flower bouquet trends are a great way to understand what you like or don’t like about floral arrangements so you can start figuring out what you want your own to look like. When it comes to the flower arrangement details though, knowing which combinations work well together can help you (or your florist) put together a bouquet that feels cohesive and on-theme.

Some of the most gorgeous wedding flower combinations include:

  • Orchids and dahlias
  • Hydrangeas and roses
  • Tulips and sweet pea
  • Peonies, garden roses, and ranunculus
  • Dahlias and thistle
  • Tulips, poppies, and ranunculus
  • Hydrangeas and spray roses
  • Sweet pea and lilac
  • Amaranthus, astilbe, peonies, and protea
  • Anemones and peonies
  • Roses and orchids
  • Daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, and peonies
  • Anemone, peonies, eucalyptus, and ruscus
  • Delphinium, sweet pea, and astilbe
  • Calla lilies and tulips
  • Peonies, snapdragon, and scabiosa
  • Ranunculus, hyacinth, and sweet peas
  • Peonies and daisies
  • Lilac and roses
  • Garden roses, lisianthus, and king protea
  • Anthurium, sweet pea, and roses
  • Ranunculus and peonies
  • Lily of the valley and sweet William

Whether you’re working with a florist or going the DIY route, try one of these pairings to shortcut your way to a wedding bouquet idea that not only matches your color scheme but has a stunning mix of size, texture, and shape.

Create Your Ideal Bouquet with These Wedding Flower Ideas

Make your wedding posies and floral design stand out for all the right reasons on your big day with these wedding bouquet ideas. Whether you want something more understated and classic or more bold and trendsetting, there’s a perfect wedding bouquet out there for you! 

Once you’ve found your favorite flower trend and color scheme, let this inspire other elements of your wedding day — including your wedding stationery. Our collection of customizable floral thank you notes is the perfect way to continue sharing your love for all things floral beyond the big day.